Jan 09' Dribbling, drooling, swaying and babbling...thats just the mamas....

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stripeywoollenhat Sun 12-Apr-09 11:51:52

New thread grin

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TheDOGmamma Sun 12-Apr-09 11:57:30

Message withdrawn

treedelivery Sun 12-Apr-09 12:22:20

Yay strpey.

Did anyone watch battlestar galatica? I want to shout 'jump' when we do that.


I'll get mi coat.

stripeywoollenhat Sun 12-Apr-09 12:34:29

had to get dp to do link blush

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treedelivery Sun 12-Apr-09 12:43:56

I didn't dare do it incase I blew us into cyber space.

Star netting across the universe.....

booksgalore Sun 12-Apr-09 12:44:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tinkhaseatentoomanyeastereggs Sun 12-Apr-09 13:03:09


ye 4 new thread grin grin

moosemama Sun 12-Apr-09 18:59:52

Evenin' all,

Back from ILs with a huge box of black magic to add to my chocolate mountain! Boys have an obscene amount of sweets and choc as well.

DD was an angel yet again and universally loved by all.

Good news, DD finally seems to have shifted onto a 3hr feeding schedule (3 days now) - took her time but got there in the end.

rrrayray Sun 12-Apr-09 20:00:42

yay for new thread. Hope all had nice day.

pleased to report inlaws not TOO bad!

Books Did you make a decision to take LO out of Swaddle? Did you just put up with interupted nights while he transfered to grobag? Any tips!? Shes still in Swaddle. is now 11 weeks, am too nervous of having a horrific night to take her out. We've progressed to 1 arm out for daytime naps. Might try her swaddle-less for day time naps tomorrow. Strange thing is, sleeps peacefully for her full 2 hour lunch time nap if in pram, even when its not moving, no jerking or anything. Does anyone know when moro reflex calms down? is it around 3 months?

Tomorrow is a big day for our little family. oh is playing old club, and its massive to us that they win... be a bit of a ** you to the chairman of the old club who dealt with the whole caboodle very badly, and we were pretty much forced into moving- with VERY heavy hearts. So some crossed fingers could be REALLY appreciated ladies!


treedelivery Sun 12-Apr-09 20:03:06



Had a wailing thread last night so if anyone saw it you will kmow this is great. Been to out of hours with her too, I lost my nerve. I started thinking colic was in fact some aful bowel obstuction that I was letting happen.

Lack of sleep affecting sense of reason perhaps. Though it never does at work so it must have been stress, But that never does at work either [my work involves being stressed and knackered as the job description]. Must be my milky boobs then. Baby ate brain whilst pregnant, now milk has drowned whatever was left.


Books using a bit of fleece as its so soft on bum, dipped in Chamomile tea with few drops of olive oil in.

Moose - congrats on 3 hours! Am very envy but very pleased for you!

stripeywoollenhat Sun 12-Apr-09 20:17:24

tree, v pleased that h is asleep - she is about 11 weeks, yes? colic won't last much longer - isn't 4 months the absolute longest it can last? have my fingers crossed that she'll be one of those 12 weeks on the nose kids...

moose, also envy of 3 hour schedule, c still hovering under two - though this is much better than it was.

ray, hope the footie goes your way tomorrow

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treedelivery Sun 12-Apr-09 20:23:21

So, who does your hubbs play for ray. Does everyone know but me?

Or are we keeping a discreet silence to avoid putting Ray on the spot...

@ @ @ @ <<tumbleweed>> @ @ @ @ @

Oh right. I got mi coat earlier so I'll def call cab now.

Good look Mr Ray, I'd say break a leg but my limited football knowledge tells me this would not be ideal.

treedelivery Sun 12-Apr-09 20:24:23

Actually you probably really don't want to say do you Ray. Sorry blush

rrrayray Sun 12-Apr-09 20:31:44

No breaking leg would not be at all ideal.
But, the banana got his 10th Yellow of the season yesterday, so although thank GOD isn't banned tomorrow is banned for the last 2 of the remaining 3 games! Donught.

Tree i havent actually mentioned OH's team, & wont spell it out, But i'm sure people could work it out if so inclined- but would imagine you are all as disinterested in football as i am! :-) I support OH, not the team. ha! Fantastic to hear you LO is asleep. Bless. Am hoping all the problems iron themselves out soon. your doing fantastically!!

Another sunny day here- RESULT!

Better go, guests arriving tomorrow now doubled in numbers. Got 5 staying now.... hmm

moosemama Sun 12-Apr-09 20:32:10

Thanks Tree, glad H is sleeping and you are both finally getting some respite.

Stripey Not completely sure if the 3 hourly thing will last, but am praying it does. How old is C now? God I'm so forgetful!) Elizabeth is 12 weeks 3 days.

I got myself in a bit of a pickle about her feeding over the last couple of days, what with her having a large expressed bottle while we were out two days in a row. I thought she was starting to go longer, but wasn't sure and then panicked that she wasn't feeding enough times in 24hrs and would either start to drop off her centile OR start feeding back to back to make up for it. Then I noticed I could express 9oz at night before bed, which is almost double what I had been getting at the same time and the penny dropped that my milk must've upped so she is getting more at each feed than before and is therefore able to go longer in between.

She seems to have had a sudden growth spurt as well though and has gone from all her 0-3m being too big last weekend to them only just fitting this weekend. shock

Am now perusing ebay searching for one funky outfit for a friends 40th party (her kids always look super cool and funky) and one extra pretty outfit for Grandad's 65th party, both of which are in May and she is unlikely to fit into the outfits I had planned she would wear.

treedelivery Sun 12-Apr-09 20:37:18

<<clouts self over head and takes foot out of gob>>

rrrayray Sun 12-Apr-09 20:44:27

Tree Don't be so silly.

rrrayray Sun 12-Apr-09 20:46:04

moose Esme has too had a length growth spurt. Shes a long little thing.... and ALOT of it is legs! lucky girl!

Did anyone else have their babies adult Age estimated when their height was measured at first lot of jabs? Esme is estimated to grow to 5ft 8. Which is prob about right, same height as me & her daddy is 6ft 2.

stripeywoollenhat Sun 12-Apr-09 20:49:03

moose, c is 12 weeks today and i'm feeling pretty sanguine about the feeding actually, as a week and a half ago she would only sleep on me and now she is upstairs asleep in her cot and will probably stay that way till about three in the morning if last night is anything to go by.... frequent feeding is pretty small fry compared to never being able to put the baby down smile we are going to try leaving her in her cot tonight - she has been co-sleeping with us but for the last few nights was feeding two-hourly, which i don't mind in the day but is a killer at night, and i suspect it's only snacking because she can smell me, iyswim. v. impressed by 9oz expressing - i have never managed to express more than 1.5oz in one go, though i guess i must have more milk than that or poor c would be wraith-like.

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treedelivery Sun 12-Apr-09 20:50:16

Ta Ray grin

tinkhaseatentoomanyeastereggs Sun 12-Apr-09 20:50:30


sounds like peope had gd days
we have had a gd day @ my parents tom

stripeywoollenhat Sun 12-Apr-09 20:51:05

ray - c has grown about 3cm in the last 3 weeks. despite this little spurt, i think she might be going to be short like me, though...

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moosemama Sun 12-Apr-09 20:58:23

Ray DD is just the same, all legs. She gets that from her daddy's family, mine all have long bodies and short legs. blush

There is a page in the red book on how to calculate predicted adult heights. DD is predicted to be 5ft 4 ish. I'm 5ft 7 and DH is 5ft 9. DH's Mum is only 4ft 11 though and my paternal grandmother was only 4'10 - I was taller than my Dad who was only 5ft 2!

stripeywoollenhat Sun 12-Apr-09 21:02:12

moose - what's the red book?

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stripeywoollenhat Sun 12-Apr-09 21:14:12

dp posted an album of photos of c here
if anybody wants a look...

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