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October 04 babies - 6 months already!!

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rickman Sun 24-Apr-05 22:14:43

Message withdrawn

rickman Sun 24-Apr-05 22:18:53

Message withdrawn

cazzybabs Sun 24-Apr-05 22:32:03

I know - I looked at dd2 in the pushchair today and thought how big and grown up she is. I can't wait for her to start talking and running round and playing with dd1 because I just can't imagine what she'll be like and how she'll sound; but equally I want my tiny new born baby back and that pre-birth excitment and how when you are pregnant you feel really special. I worry she will be my last - dp doesn't really want anymore and I get worried about decling fetility (although I hear 34 is the perfewct age for the 1st baby - and I have a way to go before I am 34!) - sigh...although I do keep "forgetting" to get my presciption for the pill !!!!

rickman Sun 24-Apr-05 22:42:44

Message withdrawn

bibiboo Mon 25-Apr-05 08:51:15

Florence, yes, you are right, she does wake at $30am and stays awake until 10ish. She'll sleep again in the afternoon, if i['m luck for an hour or more, but then nothing until 7:30ish when she's beyond tired. I've tried wearing her out (gets her too excited for sleep and then I get a screaming baby for hours because she doesn't know what to do - SLEEP!), I've tried putting her down in her quiet room to see if she just goes off on her own (she just bangs her dummy/toy/whatever on the cot bars until I come) and I've tried taking ehr to bed with me mid-afternoon in the hope she'll get the message, but she just kicks me in the face and pulls my hair. I'm making her out to be a right nightmare aren't i?
Best equal things out ... she's also a very smiley, happy, funny, loving, clever baby who eats well, laughs at almost anyone and charms the woolly hats off old ladies.

Bean lol at lil Bean being "half". I'd love to come to one of these meet ups - do BMI do flights from Cardiff to London?

KathH Mon 25-Apr-05 20:34:08

Wish me luck, am starting a diy version if controlled crying tonite. I am a bit confused tho, when he was about 3 mths ds2 slept like a log but over the past 6 wks or so has been a nightmare, only sleeps for a couple of hrs at a time and then wakes up screaming but its a really tired cry and whatever we do he doesnt stop crying until he falls back to sleep - for a couple of hrs and then wakes up again etc etc! Think it may well be my own fault tho, as he's got reflux i started rocking him to sleep so that he wouldnt be sick . So tonite i get tough! Well, probably for about 10 mins.

Bellie Mon 25-Apr-05 21:23:21

lol a the half bean - but may well start saying that dd will be half on Saturday!
Where has the time gone??
Good luck with the cc tonight Kath will be thinking of you.
DD slept from 8 - 6.30 last night and hopefully will do the same tonight. Whilst I love being with her it was nice to have an evening with dh - feel that we can leave her with a babysitter now and have an evening out

biglips Mon 25-Apr-05 22:24:06

everyone - can you pls refer to the old thread before this one as i cant be bothered typing it all out again!!!..

baba had been sleeping thru the nites for the past week as ive topped up her foods so why dont you all try and top up your foods and see what happened?

biglips Mon 25-Apr-05 22:25:49

plus ill be having one more baba (in about 3 yrs time) as my baba is my first

jbadgirl Tue 26-Apr-05 12:12:20

Hello!!! We are doing ok at the moment, ds was 6months a week ago and solids are going ok, still a bit hit and miss but we shall battle on.

Going back to work next week hope ill get on ok and ds will enjoy the nursery.

Sent the dla form back on the 11th April and have recieved our first payment today (havent yet had a letter to say we qualify!) but what a result!

KathH Tue 26-Apr-05 18:42:09

well, last night went well but today ds2 has decided to catch ruddy chickenpox and is a bit spotty!

florenceuk Tue 26-Apr-05 20:50:24

Thanks rickman for the new thread - yes time goes by doesn't it?? Was cuddling DD as she had her 10.30pm feed and stroking her fuzzy head and thinking - aw, last time for this (although will be very glad if and when she sleeps through). I went back to work today - all very uneventful - like I'd never left actually!

KathH hope your DS is OK. I kept hoping DS would have chicken pox before DD born but no luck - as he is at nursery now it must be soon???

huppa Tue 26-Apr-05 21:08:02

jbadgirl - well done with the dla payment -that really was quick.

Rickman - you´re ds looks like a real sweetite.

biglips - how´s the room looking?

KathH - hope yóur ds isn´t suffering too badly.

Well things are pretty uneventful here. Weaning is going o.k. but ds is still waking up twice in the night. I really think it´s habit, so he´s got another couple of weeks before I start controlled crying.
DD took a couple of months before she learnt to blow raspberries with a mouthful of food, but ds has perfected the trick within a couple of days. Any tips for getting carrot stains out of clothes would be greatly appreciated. Which reminds me - did the capol stain ever come out?

wanda Tue 26-Apr-05 21:18:17

Huppa, I know you are going to say no way but trust me. Hang the outfit on the washing line in direct sunlight for as long as you can. I promise you it will be gone, like magic, Also works for tomato stains. Never known to fail !!!!

Bellie Tue 26-Apr-05 21:25:20

Huppa - napisan works if you leave the offending article to soak in cold water and the napisan - then wash as normal in your washing machine - if really bad put napisan in the machine too! Works for carrot, sweet potato, broccoli, courgette and everything even calpol!!

huppa Tue 26-Apr-05 21:40:34

Wow - thanks for the quick replies. I´ll try the sunlight first and if that doesn´t work try to find the German equivalent of Napisan.

biglips Tue 26-Apr-05 22:15:26

hi there... was feeling pissed off today as mum not here as she gone to France today for 2 weeks to sort out her unfinished house.. so ive must've of been holding it all in since she came home on 11 march and today DP had a cross word with me and i burst out crying as i needed to get it all out, now feeling much better as went to my BSL sign lang class tonite and had a laugh (with DP too as we are both learning)... (just one of them days where i feel abit down) but tmrw im back to normal

Kath - awwww hope DS2 get well soon - giving u the get well {{{{{{vibes}}}}}}

jbad - happy 4 u getting DLA (i get low rate DLA cos im deaf but its not easy getting DLA as one of my deaf friend who is more deaf than me and she been turned down numerous of times and gave up)

Maisiemog Tue 26-Apr-05 22:55:16

The Calpol didn't come out yet - my favourite dinosaur outfit, ruined! I'm going to try the sunshine thing - when there is some sun... Friday I think?
Pog has been a bit hit and miss with the eating, but is still having one and a fraction (not sure what fraction...1/4?) meals a day. He's loving that boiled ghastly dried apricot (uck!) mixed in with his healthy quinoa. Nnnnrrrh and Ummmm! He now says.
And he puts his hand in it and wipes it on his head/chair/clothes/mummy etc...
He's a little lamb. Maaaaa.
I am supposed to go back to work the first week of May, but I'm going to use up my hols and probably can manage a month unpaid, as I had a windfall. Yippeee.

docket Wed 27-Apr-05 17:02:26

Hi everyone

Can't believe we are at six months already, there have been times when I've felt like I've been stuck in the same moment forever but now I can't believe how the time has flown.

DS is an absolute diamond, great fun and a bit different every day now. Have been weaning for about 3 weeks and that's going well - big thumbs up for courgette and banana (together!) today, a strangely tasty combination!

On the downside he won't take a bottle which is a real pain. We are going to a wedding this weekend and unless a miracle happens between now and then I'm going to be having to leave the reception to feed him, grrrr. Very soon drastic measures are going to have to be taken.

Good luck with the return to work JBG and hope the chickenpox wasn't/isn't too bad Kath H. Must be doing the rounds at the moment as several toddlers I know have it at the moment.

docket Wed 27-Apr-05 17:03:05

ps Maisie, what do you do with quinoa? Is that the stuff Dr Gillian always raves on about?!

Maisiemog Wed 27-Apr-05 18:15:15

Hi Docket, I'm just loitering around the computer trying to find out more about the 'mamallian dive reflex' - featured on the website of one of those incredibly expensive baby swimming organisations.
Apparently, when immersed in water any mammal will conserve oxygen by slowing the heartbeat etc.. and very young babies have a shut down reflex, to stop them from breathing in water and retain the oxygen in the blood/lungs. Then, later on children learn to hold their breath instead so they then have a choice - drown or not drown.
Anyway, this article said that all babies will still drink the water, so it's best not to duck them too often or leave them in a pool to long. Anyhow at six months old Pog is past it and his breath holding reflex is dwindling - over the hill already. Poor old boy!
Oh yes, quinoa! I bought the quinoa in grain form from a health food shop and then had to find out what to do with it?
You basically cook it like rice and I have been doing that and then pureeing it. You can also grind it up before cooking ala babyrice/cereal, but I can't be bothered. I don't even know if my blender could cope with it.
So you get your grain and treat it like any cereal, cook it with whatever (I've just been using water - then adding some ebm or formula once it's done). It tastes quite nice, although I haven't tried it after adding the ebm/formula uck.
A key thing seems to be to run it under the tap in a sieve for 2 minutes. Apparently it has saponins on it, which are bitter tasting to deter animals from eating it. Seems to work.
One of my friends is now a grandad, and he phoned me yesterday to tell me how advanced his grandson is. Question, so many people tell me how advanced their children are, does this mean developmental charts are based on information gathered from terminally slow children (like mine )?
I don't think Pog has done anything at the 'right' time. I've given up even checking.

Maisiemog Wed 27-Apr-05 18:19:28

Oh right, I think it's mammalian? someone help me to spell this????

huppa Wed 27-Apr-05 18:40:10

docket - until this week ds wouldn´t take a bottle either. Having scanned the mn acives I decided to make the milk a lot warmer than I normally would - obviouslsy not too hot and to feed him when he wasn´t hungry. Previously I´d been waiting until he was hungry, thinking he would be more likely to take a bottle, but I think he was just frustrated that he couldn´t get the milk the way he normally did. So I waited until an hour after a feed, so that he wasn´t really hungry,but could still manage to drink something and it worked. Apologies if you´ve already tried this and it hasn´t worked. You could also try getting dh/dp to give the feed (although this didn´t work for us). I think beansprout also tried some different methods, so hopefully she´ll be around later.

Maisiemog Wed 27-Apr-05 18:50:53

I meant to say Docket, Pog had been fine with bottles from 2 months with ebm, but because we didn't use them very often, he forgot and stopped taking them the last few times we tried. The last time was around four weeks ago, and he screamed and shouted. Eventually he took the bottle from dp, but it was uphill.
However, I bought a boots feeding system cup thing with detachable handles, and both a bottle teat and a feeding teat - guess what? He loved it, with the feeding teat - like a feedy cup thing. He held it himself and managed to drink around 20mls himself in 5 minutes - not efficient. It might work better if I help him.

beansprout Thu 28-Apr-05 09:06:56

Can't think of much to suggest. The only other thing I have done is to start Bean on the breast and then whip the bottle in. Bean has been having bottles of ebm for a while and sometimes he is fine and other, like this week, he doesn't want to know, so it does vary. Really feel for you though Docket, it must be very frustrating.

Maisemog - don't help him, they have to learn for themselves . Also, good calpol removing weather at the weekend so good luck with the dinosaur suit.

Kath - how is ds?
Jbadgirl - good news about the DLA
FloUK - hope work is going ok.

Bean moved into his own room on Sunday. Has all gone very smoothly so far. I think we might start solids at the weekend (has to be the weekend as dp wants to witness the momentous occasion). Blimey. It's all happening.

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