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December 2007 "The one where babies walk the walk... and talk the talk"

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Arcadie Sun 05-Apr-09 21:03:55

I'm sorry - I couldn't last out. Welcome to the new thread.

Arcadie Sun 05-Apr-09 21:06:20


PrammyMammy Sun 05-Apr-09 21:38:15

:D lol fun.
Well i know now.
Bouncing yeah that is me.

Caz10 Sun 05-Apr-09 21:41:37


Arcadie Sun 05-Apr-09 22:42:57

Prammy Just read through your AIBU post! <rapturous applause>. Well done you! You go girl! (and other encouraging noises). If you're going to be a regular on this thread (and I hope you are after that performance) can you keep us posted on what else happenes in the "garden of doom?"

PrammyMammy Sun 05-Apr-09 23:12:10

Hah Arcadie, thank you :P Dp came home from work tonight and i sent him out for the washing because i expected the oldies to come out and say something, but they didn't :O, so hopefully all is sorted and they know the rules now.
I moved in when i was 8 months pg so these past few months since ds has become active are the first he has actually had run of the garden, all the toys are new so i guess it was just a bit too exciting for their gcs. But not my problem really. I'm sure if anything else goes on mumsnet will be the first to hear of it. :D

BouncingTurtle Mon 06-Apr-09 07:46:34


I'm with Arcadie - let us know if your neighbours give you bother... we'll turn up en masse and turn the sprogs on their garden grin

I'm going to miss the bunnies!

buzzybee Mon 06-Apr-09 09:45:52

Welcome Prammy. Your DS and my DD are "twins" both born 30 Dec 07!

insywinsyspider Mon 06-Apr-09 10:42:32

hello all, nice new thread you built arcadie

hi prammy post a link to your thread I'm now intriged to find out what its all about!

missed all your chatter from the weekend as been camping - not exactly as planned, ds2 too sick to go so dh stayed at home with him and I took ds1, fantastic day on Sat and some brilliant 1:1 time with him (so understanding why people have bigger age gaps smile) slept really well, well ds1 did I was a bit more like a beached whale on my air bed, fine once on but getting up and out of sleeping bag was a challenge grin and then ds1 was sick in the morning - turns out he's gone down with same sick bug as ds2 but still a great trial run, took them both for walk down canal yesterday so at least we got out in the sunshine

Took ds1 to childrens farm on Sat and got scared my all the waning signs about lambing and being pregnant so wouldn't let ds near anything that vaguely looked like a sheep, scarey words like 'spontaneous miscarriage' everywhere AFTER I'd paid and gone in, grr, had such good day tho that I let the man on the desk off and didn't have a hormonal rant at him, the sunshine certainly helps me be a nicer person grin

claireybeeinmyeasterbonnet Mon 06-Apr-09 13:02:09


BT thanks for the birthday pressie, if only it was real grin

Arcadie how do you feel about a husband swap?? That way your dh and I get more babies and you and my dh stick at two wink

Had good weekend, my parents and a couple of fiends came over on saturday afternoon for cake then dh went and got me takeaway from the Italian restaurant-yum! Then yesterday we went to the beach, ds tried to go in the sea and dd built lots of sandcastles. Then we came home and had a bbq (am sure our neighbours must think we are nuts with our year round braai habit!).

After saying I thought ds was fick a couple of weeks ago he is now learning tons of new words and copies everything dd says (not clearly yet!), yesterdays favourite word was pirouette and todays is disaster grin Obviously he doesn't actually know what they mean but he is getting good practice with all the different sounds.

claireybeeinmyeasterbonnet Mon 06-Apr-09 13:03:37

Er friends, I'm not buffy grin

Prammy I saw your thread, what a cheek! Just going to pop back now and see what you did

PrammyMammy Mon 06-Apr-09 18:31:18

Oo twins, so they are. That was my due date too, and i never expected to go in on that day, gutted i missed the big fat quiz of the year lol.
thread lol my nightmare neighbours. No one got to play out today though, the weather has been shocking!

Caz10 Mon 06-Apr-09 20:15:51

lol to buffy claireybee, and hello to prammy mammy! We've had a nice day here, lots of outside playing, beach, swings etc, sghe'd bloody better sleep tonight now!!!

On that note - Clairey/BT do we still officially have the worst sleepers here? zzzzzzzzzzzz and sad

I was up for an hour last night dealing with teeth related crying and then a massive attack of the runs (her, not me!). YUCK. But she has been a wee angel today so much fun, I am enjoying this age!

Arcadie Mon 06-Apr-09 20:18:09

Insy how lovely to go away with just you and DS1. I'm so going to do that one weekend. Know what you mean about sleeping on an airbed - tried a week's camping holiday at 6 months pg and have never been so uncomfortable. Night time wee stops and having nowhere to stretch out... gives me the shudders. Otherwise a lovely holiday grin

The lamb thing isn't too much to worry about. Apparently the trick is not to get any of the sheep's placenta on you - it's that which does you the harm . Need to google to find out why in my sad medical nerdery kind of way....

And glad you like the thread. Took me a while to build.

Clairey I'm more than a little bit envy about the pirouette and general chatting. DD can say mummy, daddy, woof , thank you and amen. Everything else is communicated through scream. sigh How about a child swap instead....?

Arcadie Mon 06-Apr-09 20:22:35

BT finally replied to your FB message. Sorry for rubbishness..... You'll see for yourself my total lack of organisation very soon....

Caz10 Mon 06-Apr-09 20:32:49

Don't worry Arcadie, we are at woof woof and mum too. Dad is Bap Bap for some inexplicable reason but I do find it cute. Oh and of course NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Also ball - Baaaa
Bath - Baaaaaaaaf
Bang - BAA!
Bye Bye - Baa Baa
(note the subtle differences grin)

cazzybabs Mon 06-Apr-09 22:39:25

Insy ... you would have been fine to see the lambs. I read up as I visited farms when I was pregnant with dd2 and 3. You just can't/shouldn't touch the lambs and/or any afterbirth...however most have been vaccinated against it anyway and so it really is just to prevent you sueing them on the minute off chance.

insywinsyspider Tue 07-Apr-09 07:21:30


glad I didn't have a rant at man at farm then blush smile it was something I hadn't even considered, not been near a farm or lamb last two pregnancies - no real reason too when preg with ds1 and wrong time of year for ds2 but those posters were very scarey, oh well best to be cautious, I think its prob one of the only guidelines I've followed to the letter this time round blush
arcadie got visions of avoiding flying placenta when you said trick is not to get any on you grin

caz how is dd sleeping? toby varies, this week is a non sleeping week, this am he was up at 5am, boys are in same room for first time, ds1 woke up and said 'toby you too noisy' and then prompty rolled over and went back to sleep grin

prammy read (most) of thread, complete cheek of neighbours, glad everyone agreed with you and you managed to get it sorted

claraquack Tue 07-Apr-09 09:37:15

insy - I was at the farm park when just pregnant with dd2, and dutifully avoiding the lambing sheep (which is why I was particularly glad to see one being born this time as I had missed out on it two years ago). Anyway I bumped into a (then) very pregnant friend of mine who was so overdue she was considering going in with the sheep and hoping it would encourage her dd to arrive. I couldn't hide the fact that I was avoiding the lambing so ended up havign to tell her I was pregnant. It's like that around here - I rarely go anywhere that I don't bump into someone I know (I guess we all go to the same places - farm park, soft play, dr's surgery!).

caz - we've mastered B's in a Big way too!! Dd1's first word was dada but almost everything dd2 says begins with b - baa, baa baa etc can mean variously ball, boot, blue chair, poo poo etc. And daddy is gaga....

clairey - very impressed with your ds's speech - actually, pirouette is pretty good for your dd too! In fact i don't think I can even say it, (let alone spell it!).

arcadie thanks for new thread. It's very well constructed but I was thinking perhaps we would put some colour on it? I am torn between those stickeround stickers or a bit of paint. What do you think?

prammymammy welcome to the thread - I had a look at your AIBU thread but didn't get very far. You are definitely not being U and in fact sound like a very patient person. I would have lost it with the kids the first time the stepped into my garden!!

claireybeeinmyeasterbonnet Tue 07-Apr-09 11:30:43

Clara pirouette comes from her peppa pig pants that say it on them!

Arcadie definitely up for a baby swap-Hooray! A full nights sleep! Hooray! A pretty little girl to dress up! Hooray! No panicking ds is about to fall and kill himself from wherever he has climbed....Yep, a swap is looking good to me grin Arcaaaadie, Arcaaaadie, where've you gone? I thought we were about to hand over the babies...

We also have b word favouritism. And d, so potty is dotty and granny is danny. Don't be too jealous of his words, he is just a good parrot so very good at mimicking the sounds big sister makes without actually knowing they ae words iyswim.

Caz ds was going til 5am most nights but the clock change has somehow made him start waking at 4.30 even though you'd expect it to be the other way. He then doesn't settle again so am still knackered!

EasterBunnysWizzskas Tue 07-Apr-09 12:27:29

Hello everyone. Hi Prammy, saw your other thread too and love the way you handled it.

DS is still quite limited with his words. He does an oo oo sound for woof, and quacks for every other animal, including horses. It makes me laugh but I do try to correct him. He says mum mum but I still can't work it out if he's referring to me.

Joy of joys, DS has a sicky bug and is teething in a very big way. Red hot cheeks and lots of dribble. He was very sick last night and this morning. I thought it might be tooth related until I realised I've got the runs. sad

BouncingTurtle Tue 07-Apr-09 20:55:42

Very quick one from me before I hit the grindstone again! Am envy at all this talking, ds is still mainly babbling, but very cute babbles!

claireybeeinmyeasterbonnet Wed 08-Apr-09 12:00:36

Wizz sorry ds is ill, poor boy. Sick bugs are awful sad

House is in a right state so have joined the slatterns thread, was dubious as thought that the reporting back to cross things off the list would make me sit on my bum and mn more but actually I've stayed pretty motivated today. Am at the worse before it looks better stage now though, heaps of stuff everywhere.

Doctorskidaddle Wed 08-Apr-09 13:18:00

ooh link to slatterns thread please clairey - I was just thinking this morning about posting to see how often other people hoover/clean their loos/ dust their skirting boards (last one never for me) etc. I know that is tragic and boring but I am genuinely interested

arcadie I can't believe I actually read through all your one word posts - I was just worried there might actually be something important in amongst themn (should have known better wink)! And you should definitely surrender to your DH's advances - three lovely babies - what could be better?

I'm trying to stop BF and I am sooo rubbish at it! DH is now putting DS to bed every night so that is that one sorted but he always asks for the morning feed and I am so ridiculous it only takes a couple of minutes of moaning and i give in. Does anyone have any tips (apart from stop being such a wuss)?

Hi prammy - love you name!

claraquack Wed 08-Apr-09 13:37:19

Skid - just think of it in the same was as all those things that you probably DON'T give in on. Eg if he was moaning for a piece of chocolate would you give it to him? Or for your mobile which you have taken off him after he "accidentally" dialed 999? Or if he wanted to pull your dd's hair, and moaned because you put him out of arms reach, would you give in? I'm sure you have your ways of dealing with these problems - distraction, give him a breadstick etc - so just do the same if he asks for a breastfeed (easier said than done I am sure, just looking at it from the outside in....).

On housework - I was starting to get really stressed about this as I find it impossible to get certain tasks done now that I always have one of the dd's with me (usually both). So I drew up a list of things which would each take about 10mins each and dh and I agreed to do one each a day and two at weekends. This includes cleaning bathrooms (we have four, including two toilets!), cleaning kitchen floor, hoovering etc. I would probably leave it longer but dh is a clean freak so it does sort of get done. Although it all falls to pieces when we are away over a weekend as that is when most of it gets done!

So in answer to your question, about once a week but never dust skirting boards.

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