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January 2008 Shiny New Year Toddlers - Toddling, tempers and tantrums

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madmouse Fri 03-Apr-09 20:54:39

ok then, thought it sounded better this way round.

hope everyone finds it!

LuckySalem Fri 03-Apr-09 20:57:40

Thankyou Madmouse grin

JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate Fri 03-Apr-09 21:09:07

Well done MM smile

(and yes i think it does too grin)

flying visit while i check on last few posts....

JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate Fri 03-Apr-09 21:18:37

Lucky - there does sound like there's more going on then. and you (& other people) actually speaking up has prompted them to action.
plus they might be concerned about how you are all feeling about being 'involved'. (hoping some HVs are lovely people!)

Simps - oh no, hope DD does sleep ok, keep offering her water i guess and have a timer set for next dose of meds!
(am bracing myself for the MMR in a couple of weeks, best make sure we have fully stocked medicine cabinets!)

LaT - more stress, oh dear sad
Glad S is making you smile even if sleep is not great right now. Once you get home maybe things will improve.
(put back on the 2lbs i supposedly lost according to the Wii, no surprise given dinner + wine + cadbury's caramel egg today blush)

Housemum - that's a good idea re trying for a wee first thing, must try and remember that for the day, one day, when i can persuade ds1 to try pants....

Madmouse - just a thought, if you have an official diagnosis, can you get some sort of 'sick note'? that might give you more time??? in fact you might even find you could get signed off if things are bad enough?

G - H's new fave food is chocolate mousse! as Dh says 'the pots make a noise once they are finished', roughly 'waaaaaaah' which is what H thinks of choc mousse running out grin
he is eating lots at the mo, and T ate lots for tea - fish fingers & oven chips <bad mummy> so they are fine, even though T had a horrid 3rd poo nappy today hmm
sorry to disappoint but i think it's going to rain tomorrow sad

Sunday is meant to be sunny though [fsmile]
lots to do this weekend....

LuckySalem Fri 03-Apr-09 21:22:19

JKS - I am hoping that. The HV that comes to group (who I think is dealing with) is a lovely woman along with the nursery nurse who is also being involved so I'm hoping that they are just trying to make sure no-one is traumatised or something.

JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate Fri 03-Apr-09 21:25:20

Or thinking that it's 'normal' & 'ok' to act the way she has?

Could be a worry for them, esp about first-time mums

LuckySalem Fri 03-Apr-09 21:30:55

Yeh could be that.
See I'd never smack aaliyah like that but I'm not saying I'd never smack aaliyah. As horrid as it sounds I know there are going to be times where she drives me insane and I may lose it but I also KNOW that I wouldn't slap her face. It'd be a smack on the bum.

JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate Fri 03-Apr-09 21:35:05

I know, i smack T on the back of his hand, and have done it both when i feel rationally it's needed, and when i've seen red.
sad to the second.

If he says, you hurt me mummy, god i feel sh*t, so i say sorry i hurt you shouldn't have done X, etc.

but cannot imagine smacking him on the face. Bum + nappies = not much of a response grin

Gingeme Fri 03-Apr-09 21:52:04

JKS thats exactly the situation I was in with Edward this afternoon .He has started spitting noe hmm and Itold him 4 times to stop and he just kept laughing and spitting so Ismacked his hand so he went loopy crying and crying as if Ihad slapped him harder so I apologised and said he shouldn't have spat because its dirty. Felt so guilty though.sad
Great thread title mm smile

LuckySalem Fri 03-Apr-09 21:56:53

Yeh, when I've done it with Aaliyah she's got upset and I immediatly felt guilty so thats why I thought this lady needed help as there didnt seem to be guilt there.

Anyways - Edward spitting? Glad I'm not the only one, aaliyah is going through a thing at the mo of drinking her juice and either letting it just pour out of her mouth down her tops or kinda spitting (but not as much force IYKWIM) I've just ignored her up till now nad take the juice off her but I dunno.
AND she's started hitting sad

Is anyone doing the grand national tomorrow?

Housemum Fri 03-Apr-09 23:43:44

Posting to keep this in "threads I'm on" grin

And I just love the bunnies...

simpson Sat 04-Apr-09 09:27:30

Morning all

Just getting on the new thread (well done Madmouse grin)

Night was not too bad...DD woke at 11pm, 1am but then slept till 8.30am....Is a bit snotty this morning though.

Hoping weather improves as we are supposed to be meeting RL friends at fun fair this afternoon <hopeful>

On the night time nappy front DS is 3.7 and they are really wet in the morning <sigh>

I might brave it and try nearer the summer so I can dry sheets etc....

JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate Sat 04-Apr-09 09:31:08

Lucky - we always used to organise a massive sweepstake for the GN at uni/work but haven't done it for years.
Seems a bit pointless with just the 2 of us!

May get a list of all the runners and draw them out of a hat to share out amongst the 4 of us and see who wins...grin

mixedmamameansbusiness Sat 04-Apr-09 11:20:12

we always do the natonal... my dad normally does it for us, only £1 or something... will see what happens.

i think that once we are back on our feet we will get a bank account each where we can each have some money that we dont have to account for IYSWIM maybe for gifts and if i want to buy 6 books (cos i cant go into waterstones without getting at least 3 books)then i dont have to explain.

BTW great news DH has declared that he is no longer giving up smoking more that he is now a non-smoker. Very proud of him as he as done it completely without any patches etc andit has been relatively painless, just a few moody bouts.

Lucky - really hope they help her. my cousin works in a nursery and one of the children is on the at risk register, but more because the parents are very young and sort of make mistakes and things as they dont have a support network etc but arent actively abusing IYSWIM and she said the mum said it is awful cos even when DC falls over like a normal child if they go to the drs to get checked out they have socila workers round making them feel like criminals... and that is quite sad. I think the system sometimes doesnt have enough compassion, but equally i guess if being this way means that you catch one person who IS abusing etc then ot has to be worth it.

Am off to the gym in a minute ran 2k on Tuesday on the treadmill and aiming for 2.5 =today dont think i could manage 3k yet, need to get to 5k before May and then got loads of sorting out to do, my wardrobe is such a disgusting mess I disgust myself sometimes blush

MM - angry on your behalf about the training. Seems there is no way out of it tho, hope it doesnt stress you out further esp if you concentration is affected by the PTSD. Saw your status aout running, i am the same even tho i am getting better.

Simps - my pennies worth for the night time is that DS1 just fell aslepp without a nappy and then woke in the morning for a wee, this was in the first week of potty training and wasnt my intention as i was going to carry on with nappies for nighttime, so i guess biting the bullet and just leaving it off. Having said that since having DS2 I have realised that everything has been relatively staight forward and dare i say it easy ith DS1 (sleeping, weaning etc) but completely different wth DS2 and everything much more of a struggle so i suspect that DS1 is just easier in this regard. That prob didnt help.

Hello to everyone else... i know i have forgotten loads so soooorrryyy

My cousins are coming round tomorrow so excited about that, havent seen them since Feb.

LaTrucha Sat 04-Apr-09 12:32:17

Ooo is it National day today? I always put £5 on and have won an impressive number of times! May have to get onto William Hill website. grin

These bunnies are fab. Especially hmm this one.

Well, I've persuaded DH to stay for another couple fo months but we've got a definite departure time. Surprised it was me persuading him? It's just that my Spanish is really improving here and I've been 6 years without it improving much in Britain (with occasional trips here). We're coming back at the beginning of June.

My favourite SIL is here for the weekend. She's the one who feels most like a firend. It makes me realise how much I miss having friends around, but it's nice too.

O, Madmouse, I really don't knwo if this is useful, but I have to have problems with extremely light sleep during a period of extreme stress. I was recommended these minerals as s supplement and they did really help me to sleep better. Might not be your thing, but it also might help a bit. It's called PPMP which just stands for Potassium phosphate / magnesium phosphate. Local health food stores should have it.

madmouse Sat 04-Apr-09 13:36:48

lol Nathan is nothing if not ambitious. He is sitting in his bumbo pulling his socks off and then trying to put them ON again. Singlehandedly...bless him grin

LuckySalem Sat 04-Apr-09 13:49:06

I'm just popping on as I need to get away from aaliyah for 2 mins before I scream sad

I've put 3 bets on 50p each way for all 3.
Butlers Cabin
Snowy Morning
Cloudy Lane.

Housemum Sat 04-Apr-09 14:08:49

We've picked

Big Fella Thanks
Hear The Echo
Rambling Minister
State of Play

simpson Sat 04-Apr-09 14:12:00

DD has slept for over 2hrs today shock

She has just woken up and is in her walker eating fish fingers and potato wedges grin

Tis a very late lunch for her....

Off to fun fair soon <excited>

LuckySalem Sat 04-Apr-09 16:13:57

DD just picked out the grey as her horse!! wink

JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate Sat 04-Apr-09 16:33:09

Well H had the first 3 in his pile of 10 grin
(he's in bed though so not really that appreciative!)

T had the most left still in the race (8/10) but he's not too bothered either.

LuckySalem Sat 04-Apr-09 17:03:12

Poor HearTheEcho sad

madmouse Sat 04-Apr-09 17:11:02

<confused looking foreigner>

glad it makes sense to you guys!

JustKeepSwimmingInChocolate Sat 04-Apr-09 17:11:28

{bsad] - it's why i'm always torn between watching it and running away from it.

madmouse Sat 04-Apr-09 17:23:58

ah, dead horse

don't like dead horses. dead horses usually mean horses that have been pushed too hard by the people who are meant to look after them.

I love horses, not races!

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