July 2008 - Anyone tried dressing an Octopuss?

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JODIEwantsanewname Mon 30-Mar-09 14:36:18

New thread here.

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JODIEwantsanewname Mon 30-Mar-09 14:37:25

Have I spelt it right?

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ponto Mon 30-Mar-09 14:47:56

No, but you have saved us all from losing each other! Thanks. Actually, Bryony is mre like an eel than an octopus as she is so wriggly, but she does have an amazing ability to reach stuff that I thought was miles away from her - so quite like Mr Tickle in that respect

Poledra Mon 30-Mar-09 16:21:05

Hello all
Just a message to get this into my Threads I'm on. Busy making fairy cakes with DD2 to take to the playschool fun day tomorrow - she is now energetically licking the spoon (and has been asking to do it since we started!).

Isaidno Mon 30-Mar-09 16:41:20

been to an easter party today and Poppy wouldn't wear the bonnet I'd lovingly made angry but ds2 won 1st prize for his grin.

Poppy now has the edge of tooth 2 coming through.

My dh finally went back to work properly today (after 7 weeks off sick and 1 week part time) so I have been able to get back into my routine - hoorah!

Jodie - I will sponsor you later; just waiting for my ebay listings to end, then I will have some cash in my paypal account. I have been knackered after our night out - told you it was past my bedtime!! Fell asleep on the sofa before 10pm last night - and if you consider the clock change that was only really 9pm!!

Rumpel Mon 30-Mar-09 20:28:33


disneystar Mon 30-Mar-09 21:13:46

oh i feel so mean now and upset my dd just asked me to borrow £500
but i know she wont be able to pay it back so had to say no....sad
she needs the money to get her other house but we have given both her and her brother £500 in the past for deposits and never got it back
now with samuel being ill we need it as my dh wont be paid when he goes in for his operation,and we need our money
i feel so mean though i could cry, my dh is more practical and says she will never learn if we always give them money

libralady Mon 30-Mar-09 21:55:15

OK I know I haven't been on in ages. Thanks for missing me Jodie. Can anyone give me a precis of what's happened?
Luke has got his 4th tooth and has been covered in spots for the past week. Apparently it's a virus but he's been really miserable and clingy with it which is not like him.
BTW, one of the June girls is interested in coming over to us as she is finding the June thread more and more clicky and wished she'd come with us initially. Must admit, I've been slightly put off MN because of it too. Does anyone mind, I said I'd put in a good word for her

I will try and catch up but it's finding the time!

libralady Mon 30-Mar-09 21:57:42

Disney thanks for the invite on Facebook. Whereabouts are you? We're near Poole in Dorset and if we can sort things out we'll be there.

And don't stress about not lending your DD money. I know you feel bad, but like you have said, you need it for yourselves. This bloody credit crunch. It's getting to everyone isn't it?

sweetkitty Mon 30-Mar-09 22:21:49

So no one likes the thread I started then, I thought you all liked me (SK sobs and wanders off in rejection)

Anyhoo - this crawling thing is mad, must put up gate between dining room and kitchen, she is getting so fast, tonight she was at at the bottom of the stairs and DD1 threw a teddy down them (could have been worse).

I can't dress or change her as she flips over onto the front as soon as I put her on her back, I have to sing to her or pretend to eat her.

Isaidno - I fell asleep on the sofa last night as well, DP woke me up and told me to get up to bed and it was only 10pm (9pm) too, I am constantly knackered right now sad

disney - don't worry about not lending your DD money plenty of kids don't have parents to ask. Forgot to ask you how did you get on at the GP?

libralady - hiya nice to see you, how's the job situation?

Jodie - sorry missed you on FB had to put DDs to bed

disneystar Mon 30-Mar-09 22:26:27

sk did you start a thread? did i miss something...............?

sweetkitty Mon 30-Mar-09 22:27:17

Yes disney I think Jodie and I started one each, I couldn't get a link to mine though.

I'm not really bothered though grin

JODIEwantsanewname Mon 30-Mar-09 22:33:43

Sorry SK, didn't mean to tread on your toes, I didn't realise you'd started one too blush

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Momma23 Mon 30-Mar-09 22:35:44

Love the thread name grin

You are doing the right thing in not giving your DD the cash. Even though you may feel like the worst mum in the world. It a lesson in life we all have to learn.

Where are you all on facebook would love to see pics of the little ones and share mine..

Right today was a hell of a day, had to do shopping with all 3 which was ok until i decided to go and buy 2 single beds !!!! So with 2 DD jumping on beds and me carrying 3 the poor sales man didnt know what to do with us all! Thank god it was one of them days where ya just have to laugh it off... Beds arriving tommorw and now i have to get 2 DDs into one room and sleep together!! DD1 is 3 DD2 is 2 that is going to be trickygrin

pigleychez Mon 30-Mar-09 22:42:26

Hello all.

I wrote a huge post and its gone! angry!

Anyway... Yep another wriggler here! Dressing and nappy changing can be abit of a task.

Isaidno- Yah on the winning bonnet

Disney- Dont feel bad about the money. You cant always bail them out.

Libra- Welcome back.. Tell your friend to pop on and say Hi. I hate little Clicks like that.

SK- Bethany sounds like she got the hang of the crawling now Abigail really really wants to but keeps going backwards instead.

Boring day of housework today. Working through the washing mountain before we move.

pigleychez Mon 30-Mar-09 22:47:10

X post
Momma- sounds like you had an interesting day!
Good luck with the girls in the same room. My friend did the same with her 2 at about the same age. She had many nights of midnight giggles and fights! But then the novelty wore off!

Momma23 Mon 30-Mar-09 23:26:59

God help me so, knowing my 2 they will be up half the night!!
Second you on the washing!! I managed to see the bottom of the wash basket today That never happens to often in this house hmm

DD3 is now crying just after giving her a feed but is not at all happy. DP gone to try and get her to sleep GOD I HATE NIGHT LIKE THIS!!!

ponto Tue 31-Mar-09 00:20:00

I occasionally see the bottom of the washing basket, but if I do, I can be sure that in the next hour at least one of the dds will have some kind of disaster necessitating a complete change of clothes, possibly for me too, so the basket's half full again!

Dh has returned from his conference bearing Belgian chocolates, so all is well with the world again.

Pigley, I've got a backwards crawler too, she's enough trouble like this, I can't imagine what it will be like once she's really off. Must get the stairgate put on the top of the stairs this weekend.

Momma23, hope you are now in bed asleep. I must head that way too, but I'm so comfy on the sofa, maybe I'll just close my eyes for a few minutes....

disneystar Tue 31-Mar-09 07:26:23

momma just look for me on fb im amanda mills and il add you
i have to put this on here as some of you arnt on fb
you are all invited to samuels birthday il post the details later, but its for all of us on here not just the fb mums....grin

my dd was on fb last night when i was but she ignored me
thats why i hate people asking me for money especially family as they say refusal very often offends....
just between us my dd,s partner smokes cannibas he thinks i dont know but i do
im pretty sure he does others as well
thats why they have no money....im not bailing them out for him to smoke his money away,hes 26 and should be taking care of his family
but shes a different subject altogether
shes really good with those dc,s of hers
but i say to her if she chooses to live with a man that does that i cannot keep helping it isnt fair on my own little dc,s
i help in other ways always looking after them and i take her out for a meal once a week,but if i give her money she gives it to him
even for her birthday i have to give her gift vouchers so he cant spend it.....
but shes 23 its up to her to make her choices.
but real hard to have to watch....
i even take my grandson to every trip or outing i go to
there was a time i took my grandson away for neglect i took him on a trip and refused to take him back.....he soon bucked his ideas up....but know tries to fool me....hmm

sweetkitty Tue 31-Mar-09 08:48:14

Morning all horrific night here must have been up about 6 times at least, human dummy again, she has until a year then Mummies boobs will go away at night.

Jodie - I'm only joking you didn't tread on my toes at all smile

disney - must be hard for you to watch, I dread my girls growing up and falling for some feckless b**** and making mistakes but I suppose it's their mistakes to make, I know I made some growing up, I think all you can do is be there for them, I think you already do loads with your GCs. I agree to, spend the money on them buy things instead of give her the cash.

Momma23 - we are about to move DD1 and 2 in together too, we are getting bunks to free up more space as DD1 is older so can go on the top bunk. Dreading it too.

pigley - second you on the washing, I had it all ironed yesterday, 2 loads drying on the line, nothing in the basket. DD1 comes home from nursery changed so I had all her clothes to wash, 2 changes for B plus all the other stuff need to put washing on again today and the ironing basket is half full again, neverending.

Right better get off here we are going to an Easter party today at toddlers, DD1 is coming too as it's DD2's last day today before she goes to nursery so that means we don't have to rush off. Better go find the bunny ears.......

JODIEwantsanewname Tue 31-Mar-09 09:06:40

Morning all, and isn't it just a lovely morning!!! grin I love it when the sun is shining grin

Disney Don't feel bad about your DD, it's her problem, I know how hard it must be to say no though! sad

m23 I will be putting my 2 in together when Sam's old enough, so good luck!

SK and rumpel and Isaid Thanks for sponsering me grin

I seem to have a never ending basket too, I can't beleive how much extra washing one more (small) person generates!!! I've alsways got one load drying somewhere and one load in, I haven't a tumble dryer so our house looks like a chinese laundry on wet days!!! hmm

Right I better go and get dressed I have a Tesco delivery coming before 11.


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JODIEwantsanewname Tue 31-Mar-09 10:41:34

Just had a quick look on FB, Bebe your christening photos are lovely and Pigley that video is so cute. Abigail is really clever, I reckon she's been here before grin

momma23 I'm Jodie Ward, we have a FB group called July 2008 Mumsnet Babies, we are all on there (I think) so add yourself and have a look!

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Rumpel Tue 31-Mar-09 10:59:29

Just a quickie am off in a wee while to the Nm meet-up wish me luck smile

Will catch up later but LIBRA - tell her to pop over - this place can be so nasty [grr] don't know why people feel the need to be cruel. We are going to disagree - normal - but there is no need to be horrible to people, even if you think they are trolling - some people do it because they need attention so they should be helped not degraded! We me and the 2 littlies have had that rash for 2 weeks now - I am still getting spots - red ones that look like bites? Just gives you a sore throat and makes you tired/listless/hot?

bebejones Tue 31-Mar-09 12:14:17

Hope everyone is ok, have had a quick skim over weekend posts, but I'm not feeling too clever so I can't really remeber what was said blush Think all the driving and excitement has worn me out, feel very achey & hand is very numb.

Had a lovely time at P's christening, didn't get as many pics of people as I wanted as wasn't in control of the camera!

P is definately an octopus, changing nappies is a nightmare as she has got into the habit of sticking her hand right in it!!! She hates sleeves & will scream the house down when you try & put her arms through them, have taken to sitting her in her bumbo & distracting her with the tv in order to put her top on!! [bad mummy emoticon]

Poledra Tue 31-Mar-09 13:14:52

Oh god, what a morning. DDs 1 and 2 have still not got used to the clock change, so didn't go to sleep tille late last night then were impossible to get up this am. Then, having cajoled, begged, ordered and shouted them into submission, as they put their shoes on to leave the house, Orlaith pooed down the legof her trousers - aaaargh! Only saving grace was that she managed to miss her vest (how, HOW??) so I only needed to change her bottom half. And mine, as she has got it on my jeans.

Deep breath, need to go face Tesco's now as haven't done an online shop this week, and need to keep the shopping to a minimum as we're off to Scotland for the first week of the holidays. Still got to pack for that sigh. Am bloodt knackered as O has had a bad cold again and I'm awake 5-6 times a night (though she's still up 2-3 times on a good night anyway - she's Bethany's sleep twin, SK*).

having suffered on a smaller scale with joint pain recently, you have extra sympathy from me for your numb/painful hands.

Libra tell your friend to come over here. I can't understand why people can't see that the ante-post natal threads are support for everyone and anyone at the same stage in their child's life.

disney how hard for you to watch your DD and her partner. FWIW, I think you're doing the right thing - you cannot always be giving her money when you know it's not be used for the right things.

Right off to the shops!
<Pol trails off, wishing she didn't have to>

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