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October 2007 These Little Piggies chased the easter bunny..and stole the eggs pt ll

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TheLadyEvenstar Wed 25-Mar-09 09:21:38

ok lets try here ladies!!!

LisaLessLumpy Wed 25-Mar-09 09:31:00

I did email Mumsnet Towers and they have fixed it, but we may aswell carry on in here now you have done it :-)

Dalrymps Wed 25-Mar-09 11:05:31

Ah, nice fresh thread smile

LLL - So glad you finally got some sleep!

Muppet - Doing ok thanks. Just having a break from my parents, i'm not gonna ring them at the moment, not sure what i'll do if they call me hmm, they probably won't as we've been 'naughty'.

I'm concentrating on dh's birthday (tomorrow)and baby making anyway so not really thinking about them much!

How is your back at the moment?

muppetgirl Wed 25-Mar-09 11:10:51

hiya, just posting so I can find you xx

alicet Wed 25-Mar-09 13:26:35

Lisa glad you had a better nights sleep - I can really sympathise - its somehow worse when they sleep but you can't! I had a night like that on Monday and it was very frustrating. Good luck getting Ben more settled.

Dal hope you have a lovely day with dh tomorrow. Think not speaking to parents at the mo is probably a good move. Good luck!

I'm still full of cold but def feeling better which is a good thing as being ill with 2 boys to look after is definately pants. Loads to do though while they sleep so will head off now and try and sort my life out! smile Clearly will be back here soon as a much better option but there you go!

NeedCoffee Wed 25-Mar-09 17:49:04

hi all!!

Dal-naughty? tut tut, at least you get a bit of peace from them

strawberrylace Wed 25-Mar-09 20:26:38

hello everyone
glad it wasn't just me that the old thread had gone wierd on. Anyway, a nice new one now

LLL = hope the sleeping/not sleeping resolves itself - as you say, not much fun if you're awake when the LOs are not
Alicet - hope the cold gets better soon - i thought i was coming down with something, but its not come out properly yet...
Dal - hope you are having fun with the babymaking

Hello to Tles and NC and Muppet and everyone else!

Working full time (and some) this week - I am so tired! and missing my boy. thank god today is the cusp of the week.

Think my boy is self weaning - not interested in bf really the last couple of days, seems to prefer a cup of milk in the morning and at night. he is growing up - not a baby anymore sad

FloriaTosca Wed 25-Mar-09 20:46:01

posting mainly to find you all and thank everyone for the birthday wishes..I had a lovely day and was somewhat spoiltblush

Dal; happy birthday to your Dh for tomorrow...enjoy the peace from your parents and especially enjoy the baby making wink

Alice; glad you are a bit better I hope you throw it off quickly

we are back in the land of the teething nightmare sad so if I'm not around I'm trying to catch up on sleep hmm

love to all xxxx

alicet Thu 26-Mar-09 07:47:56

Hello all - just a quicky...

Latest on the house is our buyers want to exchange tomorrow BUT....

The valuation on the one we're buying has come up at less than we offered. This could work in our advantage if the builders are sensible about it. Apparently all lenders work to the same formula so anyone else would be likely to get the same valuation and therefore if they don't sell to us at the reduced amount would need to find a cash buyer to sell which isn't going to be that common in this market. its been on the market too for over 6 months (since we started looking and presumably a bit before) and hasn't sold so touch wood they'll accept our ammended offer, take our money and suck it up.

If however they don't then we are back to the drawing board looking for a house. Watch this space...

Anyone else watch the Apprentice last night?

Mine Thu 26-Mar-09 08:16:05

fingers crossed for you alicet. The house looks amazing!!!

FT - i sympathise with the teething nightmare. We're in the same boat. Eren has one good day and 10,000 bad days at the moment!

Dal - you have a lot more patience than i would with your situation. I would have cut contact a long time ago. I hope you resolve it in any way that makes YOU and your family happy.

Hi to everyone (waves!)

Well, i think my interview on tuesday went ok. I won;t find out until mid april if i got the job or not. Then if i did, i have to wait another 3 weeks for security checks to go through... the process is just soooooo long.

DH is off for a few days so we have lots planned. I'm looking forward to going to Borough Market tomorrow and eat my way through the entire market

Have a great day everyone
Oh and happy birthday to Mr DAL !!

inzidoodle Thu 26-Mar-09 09:39:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

muppetgirl Thu 26-Mar-09 10:45:16

Hi all xx

Alice -great news on the new valuation. I think in this climate the builders would be daft to turn down the new offer especially as the sale is so nearly there... can you use rightmove to check what other people in the road paid? (not necessarily accurate as we paid way below what ours is recorded as but still gives you a rough clue) Keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx

Inzi - Well done you!! grin The bikini will be out for the summer!!

Well, it's finally hit me at nearly 25 weeks. I'm tired have tingly hands (with shooting pains) and my bump has just suddenly shot out and is quite painful at times. Carrying Henry is really tough and I had a bit of a down day yesterday wondering how on earth I'm going to manage if he doesn't walk soon. I'm getting muscle pains which I am assuming is from them stretching but it feels a bit like cramp in that it lasts for about 30 sec to a min. Going to see the midwife this afternoon and if it's the one I had with Henry she's lovely. (I haven't seen a m/w since 12 weeks as I had a consultants app at 17 weeks and I felt there wasn't any point having the 16 week m/w app. I was scanned at 20 weeks so didn't see the point of the 21 week m/w app.) Ollie's coming with me as I could only get a 3.30 app otherwise it would have been for next week.

Looking forward to going to London tomorrow with Ollie as it's his birthday and he's 5!!!!!!! OMG my baby is 5!!!
Henry is at nursery, dh has taken the day off so we're up to the NH museum then to the London eye then to have lunch at the royal festival hall (if poss) Ollie is sooooooo excited you wouldn't believe grin

We've bought him lots of Lego, camouflage clothes and star wars stuff so he's going to have a great weekend building and playing.

We were going to meet up with my brothers just discovered daughter on sat but I've had to cancel as my tutorial got moved to then which is a bummer. We've all been talking and it's going really well, my brother + SIL are being sensible as is she (my brother wasn't entirely telling the whole truth about not knowing from the beginning and he's had to work through things with sil but they seem on an even keel now) I am really happy it's all progressing as I always wanted to meet her and have contact. My Dad + other brother still don't know which is hard as Dad especially will not be happy that he didn’t know and also that I didn’t tell him but it's really not my news to tell. If he says anything I’ll just have to tell him that whenever I did tell him anything about my brother he immediately rang him and said 'what’s this your sister's been telling me...?' and that always antagonised his and mine's relationship (brother and me) I'll have to say to Dad that's what happens when you can't keep a confidence. You could say the same of me I know but generally when you share information in a family it's done from a caring not gossipy way iyswim.

Love to all

muppetgirl Thu 26-Mar-09 12:37:19

just passed my 4th assignment (out of 6) of my course so am chuffed! You need 40% from all the assignments to pass the assignments bit and I've done that so I know going into the exam I've already passed 1 half of the course.

curry tonight methinks!

FloriaTosca Thu 26-Mar-09 16:57:55

sorry, not going to respond to everyone just now I've come on to just say

I know it is nothing important, I know I'm over reacting but my dozy dipstick of a mother-in-law seems set to deliberately wind me up ....I have never liked asking her to baby sit because she is so dippy but my Mum has bercitis and cant drive up here to do her usual sitting with Alex on Weds and Thurs while I teach. Mil has agreed to have him but at her house which adds 20 mins drive each way to drop him off to the my working day ...I teach 1-4 and 5-8 the 4-5 gap being so that I can bf and cook Alexs dinner and get an hour with him before he goes to bed at 8pm...she promised yesterday to bring him back for 4pm then phones at 4.30 today to say she cant fit her car was too late for me to go and get him,Dh cant get him until 5pm..I've had to express and leave dinner on a pan and wont get to see him....its only a little thing but she seems to deliberately get things wrong...I could have fitted the car seat before I left, I could have picked him up just after 4.00 but she says she thought I wanted him between 4.30 and 5.30.....angry....

sorry just desperately needed to vent

WhiteWineAndJaffaCakes Thu 26-Mar-09 18:03:22

Dal - happy birthday to dh.

LLL - glad you're able to get some more sleep.

Alice - fingers crossed for tomorrow and that you get the house for the lower amount. Recorded the apprentice but probably won't get round to watching it for a while - so if anybody mentions it 'LaLaLaLaLa (fingers in ears)'

Mine - glad interview went well. Fingers crossed for the job. Enjoy your few days with dh off.

Inzi - very impressive weight loss - you must feel fab!

Muppet - think you've done amazing so far and am not surprised that you're feeling the strain a bit. How did it go with the midwife? Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow - happy birthday Ollie! Well done on your assignments.

FT - hugs to you - boo hiss to your mil.

Well, mil's funeral tomorrow. We're not taking Anya - it's too long a day and it's not as though she'd have much fun when we were there - so she's staying with my parents for the day, which she'll love.

Have a good weekend all

LisaLessLumpy Thu 26-Mar-09 20:47:12

A good nights sleep didn't last

Last night we went out so didn't get to bed till nearly midnight. I woke up at 1.05am, 3.15am, Ben woke up at 4.40am and it took me till 5.30am to coax him back to sleep, he was just trying to climb out of his cot hmm then Sam woke up at 6am, lay in bed with me till 6.20 constantly fidgeting, so stuck him in front of TV then I went back to bed. Had just dozed off into a nice sleep and Ben woke up again at 7am. [yawn]

I am now going to go to bed. Roll on tomorrow night, I am off to my Aunties once DH gets home from work, then I am going on a girly weekend to Winchester and Oxford with my Aunt, SiL and cousin till Sunday night grin

Let DH see just how hard it is, this is the longest time he will have been left alone with either of them, without any help from his mum or a babysitter grin

Should I leave him chores to do aswell?

LisaLessLumpy Thu 26-Mar-09 20:52:04

WWAJC - I hope tomorrow goes ok for you and DH.

FT - Hope you have calmed down a bit now

Inzi - well done on the weight loss. I am fighting for every half a pound at the moment. I am now back to my wedding weight though which is good, but I want to be a stone less, as I was quite heavy when I got married

Mine - fingers crossed for you.

alicet - I hope the house gets sorted and you get a good deal.

Muppet - Happy Birthday to Ollie and I hope you don't suffer too much for the last few months, and I will keep my fingers crossed that Henry is walking soon. Oh and congrats on your results for the assignments to date, I really don't know how you manage to fit it all in.

FloriaTosca Thu 26-Mar-09 21:52:42

Hi All! sorry for venting earlier, it was nothing really but just another instance of mil being dippy and ignoring my wishes..she's really lovely but poo-poos most of the things I do with Alex (cloth nappies/potty training/babysigning/extended bfing).. and this time it got to me.

Inzi;well done sticking to that strict regime a stone is such a noticable amount and must inspire you to keep going...well done you!

Alice; fingers crossed for acceptance of your offer and a swift completion

Mine;glad the interview went well fingers crossed for you too.

WWAJC; I'll be thinking of you and Dh tomorrow...

Muppet;well done on your LLL says 'I don't know how you manage fit it all in'...I'm sure you will find 3 a doddle!I'm sorry that you are beginning to feel the strain physically and hope Hen has another of his sudden development spurts to take some of the weight off. Happy Birthday to Ollie for tomorrow, I hope you all have a fabulous day.

LLL I can't believe you want to lose more look fab!

FloriaTosca Thu 26-Mar-09 21:58:10

oops pressed send too soon
LLL have a fabulous weekend...I think a few chores like shopping, washing, ironing , cooking, cleaning and bed changing would keep Dh on his toeswink

Dalrymps Fri 27-Mar-09 13:43:58

Hi ladies,

Had a niec relaxing day yesterday with dh and ate some very bad foodgrin. He enjoyed his birthday overall and got a nice shiny new digital camera with his birthday money from several people. I got him some cool t shirts designed by artists in america, he loved themsmile

Strawberry - Sorry you're so tired this week. Hope you can relax this weekend. Sorry your boy seems to be self weaning too, must be sad for it to end before you're expecting it to itswim ((hugs))

Alicet - The builders would be crazy not to accept your ammended offer, hope everything carries on as planned. Let us know!

Floria - Glad you had a nice birthdaysmile. Hope the teething passes quickly and as painlessly as possible, both for you and Alex! Dylan is teething at the moment, thankfully it doesn't seem to be affecting his sleep but he keeps 'shouting' and whining and dribbling all day. He also wants up on our knee's then a second later wants down again, this gets repeated many times!

Sorry your mil was inconsiderate. It might seem like only 'a little thing' not to see Alex that day but each moment with them is precious so I understand why you were so annoyed. Feel free to vent here anytimesmile

Mine - Thanks for the kind words re my parents. I don't feel so patient some times but I guess I must be cause it does take a LOT out of me dealing with my mum especially.

Hope the teething is over for you soon too...

Glad the interview went well, fingers crossed you get the job. Sorry if you've already said but what type of work is it?

Inzi - Very well done on the weight loss, you must be so pleased! grin

Wow at your shopping spree!!! I wish I could win something like that!

Muppet - Sorry you're struggling with all sorts of pains now you're getting further along in your pregnancy. Must be really hard with 2 lo's to look after too, I imagine you don't get much time to rest. Look after yourself, as much as is possible!

Hope you have a great day today for Ollie's 5th birthday smile

Well done on passing your assignment, I don't know how you do it, finding the time ad motivation must be hard without actually doing the work too.

WWAJC - Hope the funeral went ok, well, as ok as can be expected.

LLL - Sorry you had a bad night's sleep sad. Hope you have a wonderful girly weekend and dh has a new found appreciation for you when you retur grin

Well Dylan was going to have an afternoon nap but has fallen asleep in his buggy when he's supposed to be eating his lunch hmm. Guess i'll go make our lunch for now...

CrochetDiva Fri 27-Mar-09 18:14:13

Hi Ladies,

long time no post! Sorry I've been crap - I blame it all on fb! ... and I blame fb on you lot! wink

Life is mad, hope all are well - anybody able to give me a synopsis?

WhiteWineAndJaffaCakes Fri 27-Mar-09 20:18:02

LLL - hope you are enjoying your girlie weekend. And hope your dh is enjoying his time with the boys grin.

Crochet - hi, glad everything's ok, if mad.

It's been such a long day today. Funeral went really well - wasn't a bad turnout in the end, family made it just into double figures and the nursing home manager turned up with a couple of staff (that's probably protocol). It was a humanist service - very short. DH's elder brother did a speech (he's very very good at stuff like that) and it was really clever - he managed to make her sound like a nice person without lying - so lots of stuff about how 4 sons always had meals on table / clean clothes / clean house / etc but didn't say she was kind/had interesting life/good sense of humour/etc - even managed to get a couple of humourous lines in without having any anecdotes to tell.

Meal afterwards was lovely - family are quite widespread and don't get to meet up very often so that was great.

Got a chance to see dh's other dd's new extension on their house this morning - it's fab - it's their 2nd extension and the house is now about double the size that it was when they bought it. It's got dh & I thinking about doing something similar - we have a huge back garden that we could eat into. Might think through a few ideas this weekend.

Early night for me I think - am shattered now.

alicet Fri 27-Mar-09 22:01:20

Just a quickie...

WWAJC glad funeral went as well as could be expected

Happy birthdya Ollie!

LLL hope you have a fab weekend - very jealous!

Floria hope your mil listens next time and sorts it out!

Hello everyone else!

AND.... the builders have accepted our amended offer based on the valuation so thats fab news!!! Didn't exchange contracts on sale of this house today due to slight disagreements about when to complete but fingers crossed will get sorted on Monday...

alicet Fri 27-Mar-09 22:01:51

Meant to say hello crochet! Glad you're OK - been meaning to email to say hello! smile

FloriaTosca Sat 28-Mar-09 09:56:06

Hi Crochet! Glad you are back ... ignore the lure of FB! we are much more interesting.

Strawberry; I'm sorry you are going through self weaning...I sometimes wonder if we are going to stop too but then he seems to pick up interest again... if this is the end of bf for you, much as you will miss the closeness you can rest assured that you did the best you could for your lo and deserve a pat on the back for continuing for so long (((hugs)))

Alice; Brilliant news that the builders have accepted the amended offer! I've got the champers on ice ready to pop the minute you completesmile

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