Dec 2008 - RFH meet up II

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lal07 Mon 23-Mar-09 11:27:19

Thought I'd start it. Am hopeless at remembering which day is better for everyone. How does Weds 8 April sound? Shout if another would be better.

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SybilFaulty Mon 23-Mar-09 13:49:11

Thanks Lal for getting this underway.

Wed 8th April would be lovely for us. I can only really do Mon and Wed because I have the others the rest of the week with preschool run etc so I'm game on for this as it's one of "my" days.

Only thing is that Wed 8th is school hols so RFH might be very busy. Shall we see how many people are up for it and then decide on venue? We could always do a picnic in one of the central london parks if it looks like good weather.

poisondwarf Mon 23-Mar-09 15:27:49

Thanks lal.

May be able to make 8 April but not sure- am going up North and will be coming back around then. Probably can't do before that though so if the date does get changed I vote for later rather than earlier.

rosmerta Tue 24-Mar-09 08:33:21

As of April I can only do Thurs & Fri. Ds starts nursery 3 mornings so wouldn't be able to get there & back in time.

rosmerta Tue 24-Mar-09 08:33:50

As of April I can only do Thurs & Fri. Ds starts nursery 3 mornings so wouldn't be able to get there & back in time.

rosmerta Tue 24-Mar-09 08:34:05

oops, sorry

LadyThompson Wed 25-Mar-09 10:27:00

Wed 8 isn't ideal but may be possible - am off to Bilbao on Thurs 9th so that Thurs and Fri impossible. Any other time good!

EffiePerine Fri 27-Mar-09 08:23:30

8th would be fine for me: school hols means my regular playgroup won't be on so we'll be doing something. Will have both DSs, so RFH or park a good idea.

MomOrMum Fri 27-Mar-09 09:03:19

Hi. I am keen to come and meet everyone for the first time. 8th April would be fine for me. I'm much more flexible than those trying to juggle two or more DC!

waitinggirl Fri 27-Mar-09 09:47:23

hi - will try to make it whether in rfh or elsewhere (regents park if gpood weather? it is so gorgeous)

thx lal

jumpjockey Fri 27-Mar-09 16:41:16

8th sounds good to us, would be lovely to have a picnic in the park! [drifts off into fanstasy of babies playing together on a big rug while the mothers quaff copious quantities of lunchtime cheerfulness embroider and laugh tinklingly.

pmk1 Fri 27-Mar-09 20:29:34

8th fine for me - or later if people prefer. what do people think re: venue?

pmk1 Fri 27-Mar-09 20:30:59

JJ park and cheerfulness sounds delightful!

lal07 Sat 28-Mar-09 21:51:10

I think the park is a lovely idea. Maybe we should meet in a cafe in either Regent's or Hyde Park and then could go for picnic if it's nice or not if not. Or Inn the Park in St James'?

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Veggiemummy Sat 28-Mar-09 23:17:05

Helloo from the midlands I'm in London on the 8th so count me in Regents Park would be lovely though don't know of any cafes. Hyde park equally nice and there is that peter pan play area if anyone also has big 'ens like my ds1 to bring as well.

Verso Sun 29-Mar-09 08:20:05

I have noted the 8th in my diary and will do my best to come

EffiePerine Sun 29-Mar-09 14:00:52

Hyde Park easier for me - can get the bus there

pmk1 Sun 29-Mar-09 19:19:29

Hyde park or St James I can get to, but Regents is a bit of a mission I think.
Inn the park at St james looks nice looks nice lal

artichokes Tue 31-Mar-09 16:11:55

8th works for me.
happy to meet wherever.

LadyThompson Tue 31-Mar-09 23:32:46

Ok, even though it's the day before I go away I have told DP I am coming. Could mean a hectic Wednesday evening but what the hey. Hyde Park has great nostalgia value for me but happy to come any old where.

Turniphead1 Wed 01-Apr-09 20:48:47

Alas I can't come because of Easter school hols - taking the children to Odds Farm. But can someone email me so I can transfer the £40 left over from last time for use for buns, coffee or even cheerfulness on your meet up.

lal07 Thu 02-Apr-09 18:33:20

Sorry about that Turnip. Think if we're dragging you away from packing LadyT the least we can offer is nostalgia. Cafe next to the Serpentine in Hyde Park then? Not the lido one but the bigger one at the Park Lane end of the Serpentine - it's nearer the tube and there's a bit more space. If it's nice we could decamp to the grass. What time do you reckon is best? I can't remember when we met at RFH but that seemed ok.
And Ros sorry that Weds is no good - maybe we should do the next one on a Thurs/Fri.
My number is 07904 732 463 if anyone needs it

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MomOrMum Thu 02-Apr-09 18:47:58

Sounds great and let's hope for weather like we've had today. Had DS out in the garden kicking away on the grass for the first time. So nice!

LadyThompson Thu 02-Apr-09 21:25:32

Will miss you dear Turnip but yay for Hyde Park.

waitinggirl Thu 02-Apr-09 22:32:55

we met at 12 last time. i think. am going to try to come, but have osteo booked for then.

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