JUNE 2008- tantrums, shrieking and lashings of Gin (and that's just the mums!)

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pureeandpearls Wed 18-Mar-09 07:21:28

Thread number 123 or something like thatgrin

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abdnhiker Wed 18-Mar-09 07:35:18

Continued from old thread - neenz and Amber, yes, they definitely understand no (or at least Fraser does). He's not really starting the whole tantrum phase yet but it does happen early. As soon as they realize they can...

Fraser seems better today and ate a whole banana for breakfast. He's currently screeching on the floor, he wants to be held all the time though and I hurt my back doing it yesterday so he's going to have to amuse himself a bit today...

neenztwinz Wed 18-Mar-09 08:10:47

Good luck with that Abdn! I am really going to have to stop coming on the laptop this early, I just 'have a little look before the twins' breakfast' - it is not good! It draws you in the for the rest of the day then (yesterday I was on here almost all day blush)

Yes puree, students are looking very young these days! I found some old photos from sixth form/uni when we were clearing out the garage the other day and I can't believe how young I look on them!

E definitely understands no, cos she used to play with the plug in the bath but after a few days of saying no and pulling her away she just looks at it now and then looks at me to see if I am watching grin.

MIL is taking them this afternoon grin, gives me a break.

Hope your sister gets a miracle today Amber.

Rolf Wed 18-Mar-09 08:14:05

Well done Puree!

DD1 started the day by asking if she could keep me company in the shower if she promised not to make remarks about my big bottom grin

abdnhiker Wed 18-Mar-09 08:21:08

rolf your DD1 is hilarious... children are so cruel aren't they?

systemsaddict Wed 18-Mar-09 08:58:05

Fantastic thread title puree!!

Up from 3-6 here - with dp!! shock He has a very nasty throat infection, he's scoring his pain at 7 and 8, can't talk and keeps spasming up in pain. Gave him Paracodol at 6 (earliest he could take it after paracetamol in the night), knocked him out fortunately. Will keep him dosed up and nurofen in between the paracodol, and ice water to drink. He's had this before a few times, it's vile but nothing can be done about it really, we'll assume it's viral unless it hangs around. Worst thing is it's his week's holiday - his one week all year to rest on his own after the most stressful parts of his year - what a waste.

Of course he is a terrible patient and being an arse too! but I am trying to be understanding.

systemsaddict Wed 18-Mar-09 08:59:48

Thinking of your sister today Amber. Just heard my SIL had a miscarriage last week, my brother is gutted sad but she doesn't want to talk about it - in fact I'm sure she would rather my mum hadn't told me, so I can't really contact her. They have a little girl but she is in her early 40s and they desperately want another. sad

Essie3 Wed 18-Mar-09 09:21:06

Oooh, new thread! That last one moved fast - Iestyn was nine months on Monday. And today I put him in his first 6-9 month old clothes. They're too big... blush

Also love the title - particularly (and I've said this before!) because it doesn't rhyme. That really annoys me, those terrible rhyming threads. And another thing which annoys me is that annoying dancing girl advert on this page - I keep sliding my mouse accidentally across it and it starts blaring out music.

Anyhow... feeling much better today, just had my little treat for the day which is hanging out the washing - sad really, but I love doing it, because on a nice day like today I can hear the birds, and see Snowdonia. It's really peaceful.

Now I need to get off mumsnet and do some work. I have a counselling session at lunchtime, and I need to do some work on some films but the machine isn't available, so angry but I intend to Finish A Lot of Things today.

Will log on later to check Amber's news about her SIL. Really, really hope it's not the end for her.

neenztwinz Wed 18-Mar-09 10:07:19

Me too Essie, I really need to get off MN and do some stuff around the house but I am feeling a bit tired today so can't be bothered. E slept through but T was awake from 12 to 12.30, not bad I know but I hadn't got to sleep before so have only had seven hours blush. Not enough for me! I also hate that dancing girl ad.

Good luck with the counselling.

Rolf, your DD is funny!

Systems, sounds terrible! Could it be the stress of work causing him to be ill? My DH always gets a shingles rash when he is rundown.

T can now crawl, kind of commando style, he just pulls himself along with his hands and brings his knees up behind. But he can go forwards at last. E can actually too but not as effectively just yet. It's weird cos I thought crawling would be some momentous thing but they are taking so long about it it is getting a bit boring now!

Right I am turning this computer off now!

DebInAustria Wed 18-Mar-09 10:21:31

Rolf - Tristan made some lovely remarks to me the other week about how my pants were far too small for my bottom!

Amber - any news?

Essie -I love hanging out washing too - sad eh?

Systems - hope dp is beter soon

Rolf Wed 18-Mar-09 10:39:28

Your poor dp Systems. Hope he's feeling better soon.

I am ashamed to say that I came across Boris Johnson's article yesterday about rote-learning poetry, and agreed with him <cringe>. So I made the boys learn a poem each before they could go on the xbox last night blush. The thing is, DS2 learnt his really quickly and was very proud of himself when he performed it for DH. DS1 found it much more difficult and gave up.

Essie3 Wed 18-Mar-09 11:42:03

Deb I think you go one better than me though because you like ironing, right? wink

Rolf what was that on learning poetry? Sounds interesting. I'm big on poetry but the medieval stuff, and I think it's really important.

systemsaddict Wed 18-Mar-09 11:51:36

I would love to know more poetry by heart!

Dp feeling marginally better but still v. poorly - yes, he's very run down, both from work and from 2 1/2 years of small children! Does explain why he was so especially useless at the weekend though, although I refuse to feel guilty about complaining grin. abdn ROFL at the thing about Fraser puking on the bed - think that counts as passive aggressive!!

The dancing girls ad is particularly dangerous for those of us who MN constantly on the odd occasion at work, blaring out CBeebies music suddenly is a bit of a giveaway.

I am very shock at being 36 too. Went on a training day yesterday and was amazed to realise I was one of the most senior people there - I still think of myself as a beginner!

Rolf Wed 18-Mar-09 12:36:03

This is the poetry article: www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/borisjohnson/5004215/Heres-a-really-Right-wing-idea-learn-poe try.html

I actually do agree with what he says about the joys of knowing poems by heart. I still remember poems I learned when I was at primary school and I love them. And the Dylan Thomas I did at secondary school still finds its way into my thoughts. The ones I gave the boys to learn were very easy ones: On the Ning Nang Nong for DS2 and "by far the naughtiest children I know" (can't remember what it's called) for DS1.

Essie3 Wed 18-Mar-09 13:37:45

That's a wonderful article, so well written. I almost commented, though:
'But no other nation has ever produced so much high-quality poetry' - wrong, the Welsh have. More of it, and of the highest quality since the 6th century!

Amber posted on the other thread so I've copied it across in case it gets missed!

BDQ - congrats on your first day. My best thing was that the man that gives out the free city newspaper with all the stocks and shares gave one to me when he had always ignored me before (thinking I was a mummy who wouldn't be interested) so I must be back to my high flying executive best then wink!

Well what news. My sis had her scan today and would you believe it she still has both twins alive and well! It's a miracle. They couldn't explain it but said that she may well be one of these people who has a heavy 'period' every month (that I didn't believe existed TBH). She is now on the extreme high risk list though and has been told to wrap herself in cotton wool so i'm hoping Sponge can donate some. Totally unexpected but excellent news even in my sleep deprived state!

systemsaddict Wed 18-Mar-09 14:06:14

FANTASTIC news Amber!!

DebInAustria Wed 18-Mar-09 14:27:33

Brilliant news Amber - virtual cotton wool coming your sisters way.
Was your night any better?

DebInAustria Wed 18-Mar-09 14:28:23

Essie - lmao - like ironing, I don't think so! Just a necessary evil of my job

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Wed 18-Mar-09 14:59:09

Fab news about your sister Amber*

shock at you already planning number three for next year grin .

spongebrainbigpants Wed 18-Mar-09 16:19:03

viva, I'm extremely offended that you didn't say that I didn't look 36 either! grin wink

Yes, we have talked about number three already - time waits for no woman!

Btw, Neenz, fertility doesn't really start to decline until after 35 (and that is not meant to worry those over that age blush - it's not a catastrophic drop more a slope smile) so you have got plenty of time if you want a gap.

Amber, that is absolutely amazing - sending some cotton wool your sister's way grin! I didn't want to give false hope yesterday but I had a massive bleed at 12 wks and similarly thought all was over, but Alex is proof that the human body is a weird and wonderful thing. What a rollercoaster.

BDQ, great news that your first day back went ok.

I also have some news on the work front - I HAVE MY MATERNITY PAY!! They have asked me for one week's unpaid annual leave to make up for the gap in service and they will give me my money!! grin New car here we come!

Hello to everyone else. Better go and socialise with the olds grin.

Rolf Wed 18-Mar-09 16:44:21

Wow Amber what fantastic news smile.

neenztwinz Wed 18-Mar-09 16:47:21

Sponge, that is great news about your mat pay - just goes to show how important unions are! Everyone should join one wink

Amber I am absolutely made up for your sister!!! Wow! To be so sure it was all over and then to be told they are both OK, it is amazing, she must be thrilled (understatement!) So how many weeks now? Is she kind of in the clear?

Essie, lol at Welsh poetry, I love it that you are so patriotic. I don't really get poetry unfortunately, to me it's a bit like Shakespeare, I just don't understand it at all. I need things spelling out to me eally clear, I don't get all the imagery and stuff blush. DH often has to explain films and stuff to me too if it is a bit vague and arty, but that is also cos I lose concentration after about an hour and start thinking of something else.

Well I stayed off MN all day grin. I wrote some thank you notes for the twins' baptism and mowed the lawn. That was not fun. But it was pretty bad cos first time I did it this year so now it should be easier if we stay on top of it.

Whenever I hang washing out it rains sad. But think I will do it tomorrow!

vivaGlasvegas Wed 18-Mar-09 17:00:10

sponge But I haven't met you in RL. I'm sure if I did you too wouldn't look 36. in fact, I'm sure you all look years younger than you are. All of you! grin

amber how wonderful for your sister, what a fantastic result today - her emotions must be shot to bits though. Tell her that we're all sending her cotton wool from here!

poetry I always loved learning it by heart, I can still recite screads of Jabberwocky and some awful poem about Darius the Mead that we had to learn in English for a performance piece!

Rolf Wed 18-Mar-09 18:16:53

Thanks Viva. You're looking very youthful too - love your hair grin

abdnhiker Wed 18-Mar-09 18:39:05

Amber hugs to your sister! wrap her up well

sponge congrats on the mat pay!

I like the idea of learning poetry too - I did in school. But am LOL at essie's correction

systemsaddict hope your DP is feeling better soon.

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