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August 2007 - new thread as I can't find one!

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shrinkingsagpuss Fri 13-Mar-09 12:26:17

Hi all,

VERY VERY long time no see..... just had a little catch up - my goodness, HOW MANY of you are preggers??? Gosh- NOT ME!
Can't believe our beautiful babies are talking walking noisy toddlers.
Evie is still a monster - always has been , always will be. She talks constantly, and is now stringing words together, like " I'll do it" - usually in relation to feeding herself, or getting dressed.. and usually accompanied by a small tantrum.
She does finally sleep through the night.. after a fashion- is up between 5.30 and 6.15 - still a shock after Billy who slept 7-7 from 4 months.
But - she does eat anything which is fab (compared to Billy), and she is happy to walk, or go in the pushchair, so its easy to take her out - unlike Billy who always wanted to walk no matter how long it took.
She has a passion for dolls (oh crumbs), handbags, and hats - she is SOOOO not related to me!
Take care all, can't say when I'll visit next - good luck with the births!!

Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted in ages but not much to tell here, James still isn't talking.

Congratulations on the new babies, glad you're all ok. x

Hersetta Wed 27-May-09 14:29:16

Hi James - glad you are OK as I wondered the other day how you were.

Sorry to hear James still isn't talking - we have the opposite problem as we can't shut the little blighter up. Can be cute though as her new game is to sit at the top of her slide and yell 'Mummy' and when I say ' yes sweetheart' she says 'I love you'. Melts your heart. New words in the last couple of days include 'another one' (which is a step up from the 'more' she has been spouting for a while now and usually preceeds the word biscuit or beepbit as she says), plus 'put it on', and 'this way' I'm beginning to think we have a parrott rather than a DD now.

Hope everyone is well - i've recently finished 5 weeks of working 14 hour plus days for my company's financial year end (my first at this new job) and it went better than I had ever dreamed it would. I introduced lots of new processes and systems and got huge praise from our auditors so very happy at the moment - only bad thing was not seeing DD at all during the week which was very tough on me, her and DH.

They are growing up so fast6 - can't call her a baby anymore - she is definitely a little girl now. (as her addiction to shoes bares testament to!).

Yeah, I don't know what to think about it to be honest. I veer between thinking maybe there's something wrong to being convinced that nothing's wrong (his hearing is perfect, he knows what everything is when you ask where things are, he knows his colours etc)

The only thing he says is yeah ("eh!") and when he babbles mamama or anything else that sounds vaguely like a word I try to encourage him to turn it into the proper word and he just clams up. It feels like he's being stubborn! I do talk to him and ask him questions - I don't know how else to encourage him to talk.

He's having tantrums now and smacking us a lot - we are thinking about introducing a time out area to kerb his behaviour before it becomes a habit. Anyone else's dc having tantrums?

He'll be starting a playgroup for 2 yr olds in september (just a couple of hours a day, up to 3 days a week) but he'll be there on his own which is a pretty big thing as I still haven't left him with anyone!

I've almost finished my garden now and he loves playing out there all the time which is nice, I chuck him outside with a stick of chalk and he has a whale of a time scribbling all over the place.

Hersetta Thu 28-May-09 08:55:45

I definitely wouldn't worry james-I've heard a lot of late talkers who say nothing until they are two or more suddenly just click and they'll be chattering away like mad. If he knows what things around him are and his colours etc then he sounds like he's doing OK - I bet he'll surprise you one day by blurting our something momentous!

Caitlin is still expasterting me with her colours - everything is still 'yellow' at the moment and if i say no it's green (for example) she repeats green and so i say what colour is it? and she says 'yellow'. It sometimes turns into a shouting match which I'm sure she finds funny with her saying 'yellow'. I say 'no, red' she shout's 'yellow', I say 'it's red' she shouts 'yellow'...repeat ad nauseum.

Yes we definitely have tantrums here as well - at least 2/3 meltdowns a week. (last week's major one was because my DH wouldn't let her have the whole bowl of breadsticks at a toddler group that they had put out for the children). It's more difficult when you are out and about but at home we have used the naughty step a couple of times and to her credit she had stayed put and sobbed her heart out whilst sitting there - after the required couple of minutes we call to her that she can come in again now and the crying stops immediately and she slinks in and wants cuddles (and usually gives her Dad the evil eye as he is the one you puts her on the naughty step). I know her childminder has put her in the naughty corner once as well when she bit a little boy.

Caitlin loves the garden too - she has a swing, a slide, a water table and a sand pit to keep her occupied plus 8 guinea pigs which never tire of her poking blades of grass through their cages. She runs out into the garden calling 'Shaun, shaun (her favourite GP) he comes running over as he know food is about to be delivered and Caitlin points and says 'there he is'. Cute.

GillL Thu 28-May-09 11:05:31

Hi James, Hersetta. I can't believe how quiet it's been on here lately. I guess it's the new babies keeping everyone busy smile

I agree with Hersetta about James' talking. I don't think there's anything you can do. He'll just start in his own time. Alex tries to copy almost everything we say. He makes us laugh sometimes - when he's done a poo he points to his bum and says 'stink'. He's always giving us hugs but sometimes when we ask for one he says 'nah' with a big grin and runs away.

Hersetta you must be shattered after those long days. Did the 14 hours include travelling? I bet you missed Caitlin terribly. Was your dh good about the pick ups and drops off etc? My dh really moans and gives me dirty looks when I ask him to pick up the kids on my days in London. It's like it's the end of the world. And wherever he has to be is always more important. If he has to be somewhere for 9 then I have to arrange to get to work late. It really makes me angry. I'm always the one who has to compromise. I'd asked him yesterday to pick the kids up and he complained that he wouldn't be able to go shopping. As it happened I was home a bit earlier so I was able to do it. He decided though that he would rather watch the Grand Prix and go shopping tonight instead hmm

We have tantrums but they don't last long fortunately. Dd is much worse, especially when she's tired, and she's 4, so be prepared for another few years of tantrums (unless you're lucky).

Alex loves the garden too. He screams and screams when we have to take him indoors.

Hersetta Thu 28-May-09 12:00:46

Hi Gill,

I was shattered by the end of it and no my 14 hrs days didn't include an hour each way travel. I was getting in each night at around 11pm, going straight to bed and then up again at 6am the next morning.

Dh was really good to be honest as he looks after DD most of the week anyway - she does 15 hours a week with a childminder whilst he works but he gets her up, feeds her, drops her off and picks her up everyday anyway. He also takes her to a couple of toodler groups, 2 x baby singing classes, soft play and messy play and he goes to coffee afternoons with all my NCT friends - although now he had made them switch to a pub with swings and slides etc in the garden - he's more of a Mum than me !!

GillL Thu 28-May-09 12:59:45

I can't believe you had to do that shock I'm glad it was successful though.

You're so lucky with your dh! Can we swap? wink Part of me wishes I could be at home more and do all those things but I think the novelty could wear off very quickly. I'm not a very sociable person so I don't think I could do all the coffee mornings and toddler groups. I'd love to find a job that fits in with school hours so I have more time with the kids in the afternoon/evening but they're very hard to come by. Would you swap your job to be a sahm?

Hersetta Thu 28-May-09 14:41:46

Would I....absolutely. I'd love to spend more time with DD as I feel I missed quite a lot of milestones (the first time she rolled over, crawled, her first word (which was mum!)but i was lucky I suppose as I saw her first steps as she thoughtfully did those on a Saturday! However, I know that that can't happen as I earn a very decent salary which my DH would never be able to acheive so these are the roles we have to live with.

I know he was a bit uncomfortable going to groups etc at the beginning and he said that no-one talked to him for at least 6 weeks, but after that he seems to have settled in quite well and he often walks down and back to some groups with 'other' Mum's.

loler Thu 28-May-09 21:21:48

banana - don't worry about him not talking. ds1 (and to some extent ds2) was a late talker. Boys are know for this in particular, going to playgroup will really help because he'll have to talk to make himself understood (he probably doesn't need to talk to you because you just know what he means) - he'll also want to get on witht he other children. DS1 can talk well now but it has been very gradual none of this talking over night! I was very hard for me as dd was a very early talker (sounds like Hersetta's dd). Remember - at his first job interview he won't be asked at what age he started talking!

Thanks loler, that was some comfort. I feel like he's never going to talk. He can make a range of different animal noises (his growly bear is adorable) but it's not really the same as hearing him talk! Maybe he's odd. grin

lizziemun Fri 29-May-09 07:20:59

See james comes back and we get all chatty grin.

James, Lizzie didn't realy speak until she was 2.5yrs. I was told that babies either learn to talk or walk.

Lizzie learnt to walk/run and climb with so much more confident then alot of her freinds who talked early. And there is nothing wrong with her in fact when she goes back to school next week she will be doing year 1 work rather then reception work.

Is anyone else child covered in bruises. Lexie's legs are covered in bruises, scatches and grazesgrin I hate it when they learn to run but not how to stop.

lol lizzie, the very fact that I'm so chatty is what confuses me about the boy, I mean he doesn't even babble very much. I wonder if I'm letting him get a word in edgewise... lol

Yeah, he's very steady on his feet, loves running and climbing and stuff so maybe you're right. Thanks for the supportive messages, feel better now.

Oh and his legs are always covered in bruises- he's such a typical boy, he came in from playing out yesterday covered in mud and wet from the hosepipe, covered in bruises and scratches, chuffed to bits cos he'd found a stick in the garden (which he's now brough in to whack things with) hmm

Off to south wales now so sorry it isn't a very long message, got to go I'm being frowned at... grin Have a nice weekend everyone!

GillL Fri 29-May-09 14:11:11

Dd is always covered in grazes and bruises. ds doesn't have many but he's always falling over. Also, his cousins and sister forget that his balance isn't as good as theirs and they barge past him and knock him over quite regularly.

It's such a nice day. It's a shame to be indoors working but at least I'm at home and I can have the windows open. It was really stuffy in the office yesterday. It's good to be able to get the washing done and out on the line though, instead of having to do it in the evenings and dry it on the clothes airer or tumble dryer.

GillL Fri 29-May-09 16:28:51

Posts crossed James. Have a lovely weekend away. Should be good weather!

Hersetta Fri 29-May-09 16:56:32

Yep - another bruise and graze covered child here - Caitlin has so many her legs look dirty!

She tripped over last weekemd and scraped her knee - it has scabbed over nicely and she doesn't notice it at all except for when she can see it and then gets all distressed about it. She normally points at it and says oww, oww.

Have a good weekend all - enjoy the sunshine.

Uki Mon 01-Jun-09 12:55:47


I was lying in bed with LL, and I suddenly remembered you all. I have been terribly absent, so nice to read what other Augies are up to, sounds oh so familiar.

Lizzie- BIG BELATED CONGRAT'S on the little bundle of blue, to join your girls grin hope you are settled and enjoying all three now.

I'll be there soon too,my number 3 is due in 8 weeks, and my oldest doesn't even start school till 2011!!!!

CONKER-BIG CONGRATULATIONS [Grin]on little Angus- gorgeous name. how are you going now?

someone was asking what other toddlers are eating, well LL, eats everything in sight, even spicy food, loads of fruit, cheese , rice. I keep joking I'll need a second job to pay to feed him, he eats double what my almost 4 year old eats.

James- don't worry too much about the talking, you'll probably be suprised how one day soon it will all just start up.

LL tries to talk alot, but I don't always understand what he says. he is very affectionate with kisses and cuddles which is lovely, not so much into rough and tumble stuff like ds1.
thankfully my ds1 has enough tantrums for the both of them, couldn't cope with any more.

Think i'm absolutely mad having number 3, it's hard enough with 2, but 8 weeks to go, and already suffering enough tiredness, sickness and soreness, so can't wait to meet her now.
looking forward to some pink in the house too winkJust need a name but that was harder than I thought it would be.

any plans for 2nd birthday's LL is into 'the night garden' so I might be making some ninky nonk,toddly,bubbly boo... whatever cake hmm

GillL Tue 02-Jun-09 13:38:25

Hi uki. Nice to hear from you. Can't believe you only have 8 weeks left. Time has flown by. Sorry to hear you're suffering. Have you shortlisted any names yet?

Mamamila must be due around the same time. I wonder how she's doing.

No plans for ds' birthday yet. Probably another party in the garden with his sister and cousins. He won't care as long as there's food and toys. Hopefully the weather will be better this year and they can have the paddling pool out.

lizziemun Tue 02-Jun-09 21:08:58

Thanks UKI

Robert is 10 wks shock already, I don't know where the times gone. I have to say i have found it much easier going from 2 to 3 children.

I hope everyone enjoying the sunshine, and dc are behaving themselves wink grin.

Uki Wed 03-Jun-09 13:17:20

Hi again

Lizzie thanks for the re-assurance, about 2 to 3- I need it. any tips?

Gill- Hi again, yes mamamila, is on the same ante natal thread as me, due in august, which is nice. i think there is like 59 others on our thread, HUGE

LL started talking some more today, said 'I choose' when offered a biscuit, and told daddy 'I want juice'

he just loves food, he's favourite place is the fridge (very annoying), and he was sooo excited when i brought home the food shopping

GillL Thu 04-Jun-09 13:28:48

Wow - 10 weeks already Lizzie! I bet Lizzie and Lexie love having a little brother.

uki - LL is so clever putting 3 words together. Alex sometimes says 2 words together but not very often. He seems to know enough words to make himself understood most of the time so he's happy. His favourite thing to do is shout 'Grandad' at my dad all the time. He thinks it's hilarious. He's also very particular about things that belongs to people. Fil's partner was not allowed to sit in mine or dh's chair in the living room on Saturday. He got quite cross with her smile

Can you pass a message on to mamamila to pop in and say hi and let us know how she's doing please uki?

conkertree Thu 04-Jun-09 20:32:01

hi everyone.

thanks uki - cant believe how close you are now. dont know about you, but i found the second (or third for you) pregnancy felt like it went on a lot longer than the first.

angus is 4 1/2 weeks now and getting more alert every day. he sleeps much more than Struan ever did.

Struan is chatting away lots - we tend to get the same statement over and over - still doing the daddy, landrover, noise statement ad nauseum.

helibee - thank you very much for the book and outfit - very kind of you. Struan sat down to read the book straight away, and the outfit is very cute.

my2 - I tried the Falkirk soft play today - liked it and Struan did btoo, although he kept climbing up the big one and then having to come down the same way as he was too wee for the big chute.

i seem to have missed mamamila being pg - unless its pg/new baby brain and i just cant remember.

conkertree Thu 04-Jun-09 20:36:27

meant to say - good to see you back James. thought i'd posted since, bvut I see I havent.

agree with the others - lots of toddlers seem to not really speak for ages then suddenly come out with lots of words all at once.

loler Fri 05-Jun-09 09:30:06

Wow I can't believe it only 8 weeks until August. That seems to have come around quickly!

Uki my tip for 3 is let your standards drop - tv won't emotionally scar them and jam sandwiches for tea for a week won't kill them! Enjoy every minute of the baby because you realise they don't stay that way for very long. In fact I'm still enjoying ds3 at the stage he is rather than looking for the next one as I know he's my last. It also took me having 3 to become a bit selfish - I used to try to keep everyone happy (friends family etc) now I just please myself and have noticed that no-one else really minds.

Gill - how are the headaches?

I'm feeling ready to join the real world again now - have been to weight watchers and now have a half decent body back (will ignore the stretched saggy tummy - the down side of have 3 huge babies) and we have just found a babysitter so had the first night out with dh since ds2 was born, not feeling quite so tired. Will now find I have a surprise no4!

GillL Fri 05-Jun-09 13:15:26


A teaching assistant and the lady from the office at dd's new school came round this morning (reception teacher is on mat leave). She was hiding under the table when they got there and didn't say a word to them the whole time. She's really worried about going to school sad She still seems so young. Found out there are 2 other children from our street going which dd found quite exciting.

conker - hope you and Angus are doing well. How has Struan taken to being a big brother?

Hi loler. My headaches come and go. I went through a patch of having to take the full dose of paracetamol again recently but I think that was stress related. I'm going to have my eyes tested tomorrow just to rule that out. Annoyingly I am waking up with a bad headache every day again.

I'm in 2 minds about when to have my next baby. Even though we can't consider it until I have a permanent job again, I do think about it a lot. I keep switching between being really broody and wanting to be pg asap, and wanting to wait a bit until ds is a bit older. I just can't decide.

tokentotty Fri 05-Jun-09 21:31:23

blush blush blush


Ladies, how are you all? I know it's been forever since I came on here and am typing blind in so far as I haven't read any posts yet so please forgive me if I've missed some show-stopping news be it good or bad.

What can I say? To be honest have no idea. All is fine. Imogen (known universally as Mimi thanks to Paddy, not sure if I ever mentioned it?) is 'challenging'.... She is SO not like Paddy was as a baby that its untrue. Hard work is also probably an understatement! She's five months now (just realised its five months today!!) and has a smile and chuckle that can draw crowds, but at times is possibly the devil incarnate blush. How are you others that had two so stupidly close together getting on?

Paddy thankfully is a true delight. A bugger at times obviously, but he wouldn't be normal otherwise. His talking never fails to amuse and his loving nature, especially to his sister, is unbelievable. I thought his adoration for her wouldn't last two weeks, but here we are, five months on and she is STILL his first waking thought. When he wakes up in the morning, I go down to his cot and am greeted with an excited cry of "Mum Mum". Always followed by a questioning "Mimi ??".

Ok, have bored myself with the length of this post and am off to check out the rest of this thread in an attempt to catch up. Hope to hear from some of you soon and for those of you still reading, a meet up would be lovely!!!

Lots of love, a very blush TT xx

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