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August 2007 - new thread as I can't find one!

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shrinkingsagpuss Fri 13-Mar-09 12:26:17

Hi all,

VERY VERY long time no see..... just had a little catch up - my goodness, HOW MANY of you are preggers??? Gosh- NOT ME!
Can't believe our beautiful babies are talking walking noisy toddlers.
Evie is still a monster - always has been , always will be. She talks constantly, and is now stringing words together, like " I'll do it" - usually in relation to feeding herself, or getting dressed.. and usually accompanied by a small tantrum.
She does finally sleep through the night.. after a fashion- is up between 5.30 and 6.15 - still a shock after Billy who slept 7-7 from 4 months.
But - she does eat anything which is fab (compared to Billy), and she is happy to walk, or go in the pushchair, so its easy to take her out - unlike Billy who always wanted to walk no matter how long it took.
She has a passion for dolls (oh crumbs), handbags, and hats - she is SOOOO not related to me!
Take care all, can't say when I'll visit next - good luck with the births!!

My2 Thu 16-Apr-09 19:59:59

i took them to palacerigg today - fred the donkey e o'd and gave them both a fright grin

we've got a few softplays near us - it was cadwinkles (off grahams road in falkirk) that we went to this time. there's also playzar (falkirk), cheeky monkeys (at grangemouth sports complex), motor musuem at bo'ness, playbugs (linlithgow), tumblezone (livingston), time zone (sighthill, edinburgh) that are all within 20mins or so - though some might be a bit far for you to travel.

there's also the falkirk wheel - which has a good play park that my2 like and it's fenced in.

have you started all the supposed labour inducing stuff - fresh pineapple, long walks, raspberry tea etc?

fingers crossed you won't be overdue again.

so where is everyone else?

gill - have you started your new job?

lizziemun Thu 16-Apr-09 20:25:41

I'm Here grin.

Good luck conker, hope you don't go to far overdue.

conkertree Thu 16-Apr-09 22:08:40

thanks my2 and lizziemum - have had some possible mild contractions today or painful BH at least, so you never know - might happen this week sometime. trying some of the self inducing methods but am fairly hmm about most of them. lots of walking though when pelvis isnt too painful.

sounds like lots of soft plays to try out. will need to persuade dh to leave the car here sometimes when he's at work and we can explore.

We've had a couple of viewers for our house this week suddenly after months of nothing, so need to start looking for somewhere to move to (hopefully).

lizziemum - how are you getting on with 3?

lizziemun Fri 17-Apr-09 12:37:41

Don't ask, I would stop at 2 if i was you grin.

Will be better next week when Lizzie back at school and i can get into a routine. This is week dh has been back at work as he had 3 weeks off. Although it has taken me that long to recover.

My2 Tue 21-Apr-09 20:40:40

i think 2 is a nice number!

conker - any progress???

conkertree Thu 23-Apr-09 02:43:59

well my2 after several days of on/off bh etc, i now have contraction master on with painful ones so am reeeaaaalllyy hoping this is it.

mum is staying for a few days so would be great timing. just hope ds stays asleep unlike the last few nights.

lizziemun Thu 23-Apr-09 06:26:26

I hope it was the real 'thing' and you have your new baby in your arms.

Hersetta Thu 23-Apr-09 08:40:25

ooh good luck Conker !

Hope everyone is well. How are you coping with 3 Lizzie?? we are all fine and Caitlin is doing well and is very talkative - i have just taught her how to say I love you which is too cute for words. I am also trying to teach her colours and fruits at the moment without much success as everything i point to is either 'yellow' or a 'narna'.Counting is coming on well exept she always says 6 straight after 4 and forgets about 5 all the time. She's had all 4 incisors come through in the last week which explains why she has been very bitey and has nipped everyone including her grandparents.

lizziemun Thu 23-Apr-09 09:35:59

If you see a headless chicken running around that's me grin.

It's getting better now DH & Lizzie are now back at work & school so i'm getting to a routine.

I have found it easier going from 2 to 3 then i did with going from 1 to 2.

helibee Fri 24-Apr-09 02:00:01


conker-hope your new wee one has arrived safely, it's so exciting

my2-good to hear that your 2 wee monkeys are doing well

lizzie-it's so much easier to get into a routine on your own isn't it, dh was only off for a week and C's routine went out the window grin and now he's not well but hey we keep smiling (and pulling our hair out at the same timegrin)

hersetta-Caitlin really does sound so advanced, that is very cute with the love you thing. C just signs it and he also now wants to say grace or pray before EVERYTHING we do hmm but he puts his hands together and babbles away about 'sus (Jesus) which is very cute.

loler Fri 24-Apr-09 21:59:40

oh conker - what's happened?! How exciting!

Lizzie - I'm also that chicken! It doesn't get any easier (sorry!) - was talking to a friend with 3 and we decided it should be easier when the youngest gets to about 17/18 and is capable of looking after themself or goes to Uni.

Ds2 is really trying to talk, he's mainly interested in cars so mostly it's related to them "look car", "see car", "my car". "daddy car" (this is both for dh car and my car as he calls me daddy too?). He also loves narna's.

lizziemun Sat 25-Apr-09 06:33:23

17/18 oh no i'm making them join the forces at 16yrs grin.

Whenever we out Lexie spends her time scaring the local wildlife by shouting 'DAT' 'HIRD' aand 'OG' then followed by her lifting her hands and saying 'where gone'hmm.

She is so much more vocal then Lizzie every was at the same age.

conkertree Tue 28-Apr-09 17:28:57

hi folks - well that wasnt it last week - have had so many false starts, i was starting to go a bit crazy so stayed off mn for a few days so i could stop obsessing.

had sweep today and am 3cm dilated so at least all the bh/contractions are doing something. had a few aches and pains since so am hoping it will lead to more over the next day or so. booked for induction next thursday anyway but mw doubted i would need it.

struan is being a very good boy but i'm sure he knows something is up and is playing up from time to time.

his granny was down all last week and he learned lots from her - 'dont scratch' was his favourite and he has been saying it to everyone he meets since.

he's trying the counting too - very good at two, three and nine grin. i find the speech development thing really interesting cause he doesnt so much string words together as ideas - he will say 'daddy' then i repeat it, then 'landrover' then makes a face to say he doesnt like it, then 'noise' - cause he doesnt like the noise of daddy's landrover.

sure its the same for everyone but i think i expected him to put two words together, then three etc but i suppose any way of getting your meaning across is what communication is all about.

My2 Tue 28-Apr-09 20:20:11

oh conker - sending you lots of 'labour vibes'. sounds like things are progressing though - fingers crossed (and don't leave it too long to get to hospital when you think things are properly in motion). have you got someone on standby to look after struan?

i was actually going to send you a text to ask how things were but thought i'd pop on here first to see if there was an update.

i love this speach thing with them - dd2 has really come on leaps and bounds. she talks all the time! if i go out the room or when she wakes in the morning her favourite is to say (and then shout if you don't answer quickly enough) 'mama, where are you' she's started recognising and saying the name of noises 'ooooh, noise, car' or plane or train.

i had a bit of an embarassing (and bad mummy) moment when picking dd1 up from a party. have always told dd1 that when the ice cream van plays it's tune, it is to say that it's run out of ice cream grin. i overheard dd1 telling several of her friends this, and them all telling her not to be daft, then they all asked their mums/dads blush so now i've had to tell her the truth...

hope everyone else is well?

conkertree Wed 29-Apr-09 07:32:09

lol my2 - these stories always catch up with you in the end grin

few contractions last night but pretty much one an hour so a bit pathetic really - but all progress in the right direction.

my sil is on standby (till my mum gets down) although she has two los of her own but she says she is up for it. mil is not too far away either so hopefully should be fine. does make me slightly nervous how fast a lot of second labours seem to go.

dh just went up and got struan after a full nights sleep - we always worry now when he does it cause it happens so rarely but he just giggled when dh went into his room grin.

lizziemun Wed 29-Apr-09 09:57:37

Conker - i hope still going grin.

I know what you mean about worring when they sleep through. I used to make DH go and check on Lizzie.

loler Fri 01-May-09 18:25:44

Any news?

My ds1 was 4 on wednesday - good day to be born!

conkertree Fri 01-May-09 20:22:46

nah still here. (If you were asking about me - might be asking about general news blush)

have had loads of show - sorry if tmi but getting into the pre-birth no point in having any dignity for the next week or so, and on/off contractions for days but not getting stronger or more regular.

just nervous cause my mum had pretty much no painful contractions with two of her three babies, and ds wasnt a particularly painful one - eg managed fine on gas and air and tens, and didnt really full the contractions with the pushing - just had to be told when to, so am nervous it could come fast.

anyway sorry - am waffling and very me me me post but i am going just a little crazy with this waiting. struan was 6 days over and i am now a week over with this one, and just naively assumed it would be here by now.

hope everyone else is fine grin

conkertree Tue 05-May-09 16:51:43

well that was wishful thinking - hoping it would come fast.

contractions started tea time on sat - Angus Andrew arrived 8.04pm Sunday. long birth - shorter pushing stage than with Struan but possibly more intense - certainly not the easier second birth i was hoping for but overall not bad.

so far ds2 is being very calm and feeding well. struan is being great - cuddling him etc - hope it lasts.

Hersetta Tue 05-May-09 20:12:58

Well done Conker and welcome to Angus - he certainly made you wait !!

lizziemun Wed 06-May-09 13:52:05

Congrates Conker.

loler Thu 07-May-09 17:46:15

Wow a boy - I had in my head that you were expecting a girl. Congratulations and glad that things are going well so far!

My2 Thu 07-May-09 20:03:29

Congratulations! welcome to Angus. hope you are all doing well and getting to know the new arrival.

helibee Thu 07-May-09 22:33:23

congratulations conker for Angus, can't wait to see the pics and hope that you are enjoying your two wee boys

GillL Fri 08-May-09 00:01:03

Congratulations conker. Hope you're recovering well.

Sorry I haven't been on for a while. For some reason it takes at least 10 minutes to load each page on mn at work and I just don't get the chance to post at home most of the time.

I started my new job on Tuesday. It's not the same one as I told you about before. That didn't work out. This new one is only a temporary assignment for 6 months so I'm still at risk of redundancy at the end of it but it buys me some extra time. I'll be able to work from home 3 or 4 days per week when I get my laptop so that will be good and I'll be able to do the school run most days at least for the first 2 months that dd is at school.

Dd got into our favourite school. We'd put the closest as first choice but we're really pleased that she's got into the smaller school. She's not amused that she won't be going to the same one as her cousins but I'm sure she'll get over it.

Dd and ds are not sleeping well at the moment (as you can tell from the time I'm posting). Dd still falls asleep in the car but most of the time she is waking up a few hours later. Ds is teething and has had a cold so he can take hours to get to sleep some nights. Hopefully they'll both get into a better routine soon - we're so tired all the time.

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