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August 2007 - new thread as I can't find one!

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shrinkingsagpuss Fri 13-Mar-09 12:26:17

Hi all,

VERY VERY long time no see..... just had a little catch up - my goodness, HOW MANY of you are preggers??? Gosh- NOT ME!
Can't believe our beautiful babies are talking walking noisy toddlers.
Evie is still a monster - always has been , always will be. She talks constantly, and is now stringing words together, like " I'll do it" - usually in relation to feeding herself, or getting dressed.. and usually accompanied by a small tantrum.
She does finally sleep through the night.. after a fashion- is up between 5.30 and 6.15 - still a shock after Billy who slept 7-7 from 4 months.
But - she does eat anything which is fab (compared to Billy), and she is happy to walk, or go in the pushchair, so its easy to take her out - unlike Billy who always wanted to walk no matter how long it took.
She has a passion for dolls (oh crumbs), handbags, and hats - she is SOOOO not related to me!
Take care all, can't say when I'll visit next - good luck with the births!!

Knickers0nMaHead Fri 13-Mar-09 20:07:18

Hiya SS, long time no see. How clever is E stringing words together!

Went into dd's room this morning and she was saying quack quack and reading a duck book so I asked her what do ducks do, and she said quack quack again. grin

Hope eveyone is ok.

helibee Sun 15-Mar-09 03:31:34

hiya Shrinkingsagpuss, lovely to hear from you and Evie sounds very clever

knickers-your dd always sounds soooo sute and very intelligent. Callum's newest word is doorhmm and he signs plwase and thankyou nearly all the time and says "ease" and "oooo" for thank yougrin. He's also learnt to sign sorry and earlier he hit me with a roll of wrapping paper (accidently) so dh said to him say sorry to mummy, so Callum came running over and signed sorry on my chestgrinhmmgrin

He's so much better now and back to his usual self. MIL and I took him out for lunch the other day and he sat so beautifully on a chair, eating with a knofe and fork and drinking from a glass that when an old lady asked how old he was i said 18 months she nearly fell over-she thought he was 3yrs oldhmm He now gives a royal wave to everyone he meets which is hilarious and all the old people think it's delightful, i think he's being a rascal and loves being the centre of attention! grin

What are all your lo's eating atm?

lizziemum-hope everything is ok and that baby no.3 comes very soon, sending you big hugs.

GillL Sun 15-Mar-09 07:01:10

Hi all. Thanks for the well wishes. I've got my consultation with my manager and an HR rep on Tuesday. I'm not holding my breath but I'm hoping they'll be able to find a job for me.

ds hasn't been well this week. He's not eaten much which is definitely not like him. He was sick all over my mum 3 times in town on Wednesday and then had some really awful nappies. He's much better now though.

Dd had her party yesterday. There were 8 3 and 4 year olds and it was chaos. Fortunately most of the mums stayed so that made it easier. Most of them didn't want to play any of the games though, except for pass the parcel of course. Ds spent most of the day at my nan's with my mum, otherwise he would have been mithering me to pick him up the whole time. He was apparently good as gold when my nan passed out for 10 minutes. She's in hospital now with a low heart rate but otherwise ok.

SS good to hear from you. Glad Evie is sleeping well.

Knickers - For ds, all animals say quack quack. He says it with a big grin on his face so I'm sure he's just being cheeky smile

helibee - ds eats anything and everything.

Good luck with the labour and birth lizzie.

GillL Sun 15-Mar-09 07:02:05

btw, I thought I was up early helibee (wide awake at 5:45).

My2 Sun 15-Mar-09 21:06:47

hi all

shrinking - lovely to hear from you

gill - will keep fingers and toes crossed for you on tuesday. your poor nan - bet that gave her and your mum a fright!

helibee - thank you for the girls books (picked them up from the post office yesterday). very kind of you. i think callum is going to be a right wee charmer and have all the girls running after him when he gets older!

dd2 will eat nearly anything - apart from brussel sprouts and cauliflower.

she was sitting eating a packet of fruit flakes (yoghurt covered pices of fruit) the other morning when she turned and said 'nose' - i thought she meant her nose was running so gave it a wee wipe - she looked at me as if i was completely stupid, shook her head and said 'no, mama, NOSE' - which was when i realised that there was a fruit flake stuck up her right nostril ! grin hmm fortunately i manged to squeeze from the top' to get it out.

helibee Mon 16-Mar-09 23:30:33

my2-dd2 sounds so funny, a real wee monkey and reminds me so much of Callum grin that is hilarious about the fruit flake up her nose (although not if an a&e trip was neededwink

gill-we'll be thinkning of you tomorrow, i couldn't sleep on sat night, dh's company are losing a lot of people atm but thankfully not him. My knees were really sore thats why i was up.

this evening dh was watching the news and weather and Callum started copying the weatherman with huge arm movements and babbling then he took an applausehmm (thats where he differed from the BBC weather mangrinwink

He also sat in the shower earlier and was oretending he was in a car and using a travel wipes case as his steering wheel whilst saying "vroooooooom vroooooom, eep eep (beep beep)" it was so cute, i just love seeing their imaginative play. Then we went to see his wee friend across the road and she was holding her dolly by the neck so Callum told her off and held her poperly and patted the dolly on the back and then carried her around for the rest of the afternoon, thats exactly like i was ( i was the 2 year old who held all dolls properly and put them to bed in a drawer with blankets and i had to leave the drawer open so that they could breathegrin

lizziemun Tue 17-Mar-09 06:19:38

Hope it goes well today GILL.

As to what Lexie eats well all i can say is EVERYTHING she can get hold of. Unlike MY2 dd she had a mild tantrum on sunday because she had eaten all the brussells grin which sister and BIL found very funny. They think my dd's are odd because they rather have fruit and veg then sweets.

Although Lexie is a little 'mini me' version of my sister right down to the 'oose'(shoes) and 'and ags' (handbag pink & Fluffy) she has to carrying. She is deffinatly a girly girl which she has not got from me grin.

And as for DC3 still there at 41wks today. Am 3cm and had a sweep yesterday so hopefully something will start moving today.

lizziemun Thu 19-Mar-09 18:40:26

For those who asked

Saturday is EVICTION DAY horaay. I will be 40 + 12days.

loler Thu 19-Mar-09 21:29:54

Good luck for saturday - hopefully you'll both be home for Mothers day!

lizziemun Sun 22-Mar-09 18:34:14

Robert David arrived (finally 40 + 11days) yesterday at 3.25pm weighing in at only 8lb's.

Quick birth story

Got to the hospital at 8am to be induced. Given Gel at 10am when checked at 2pm was 8cm and moved to delivery suite.

And given gas & air got to 9cm when the midwives started to get concerned as baby heart rate wasn't recovering quick enough. Was rushed to theatre, where the midwives were getting the bits ready for a Ventouse delivery ready and the consultants telling us that they were going to put in an epidural, or just decide and do an emergency section when i pushed baby out. The cord was around his neck twice and he had low oxygen levels so we had to stay in so he could be checked later.

Have just one minor tear and no stitches.

Baby was back to back as well so today i feel like i have been run over by a steamroller grin.

conkertree Mon 23-Mar-09 20:09:09

congratulations lizziemum - fantastic news although sounds like the birth was a bit scary - so much for third deliveries being straight forward.

love the name too.

hope the healing doesnt take too long, and hope your girls are taking things well.

loler Tue 24-Mar-09 14:30:18

Trust a boy to be difficult - hope it's not a sign of things to come wink.

Hope you're feeling lots better and are enjoying being a family of 5. Savour every minute of it - time rushes past when you're not looking!

Conker - can't be too long for you now - good luck xo

lizziemun Tue 24-Mar-09 17:18:21

Thanks conker & Loler.

I feel fine in myself, I just have realy painfull back ache where i pulled a muscle (or 3) so i can't do much.

So i having to sit and be waited on by DH.

loler Tue 24-Mar-09 17:46:45

That's probably a good thing - enjoy it while you can. I think I started doing everything far too quickly after ds2. I felt great but it does catch up with you eventually. I think after no.2 everyone just expects you to get on with it so I didn't get much help.

Ds2 has decided he hates having his haircut - so have had a hard couple of days trying to finish off the other side. Looked like a weird 80s haircut for a bit!

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 25-Mar-09 21:07:13

Congratulations LizzieMun, cant believe that's two babies on here now grin

Hersetta Thu 26-Mar-09 09:53:44

Congratulations Lizziemum - lovely name. Hope he is settling in well and the girls aren't too jealous.

We been away for a few days in Spain which was lovely as the weather was fantastic. Spent the days on the beach and even have a nice tan (and a peeling nose!).

Caitlin is doing well - rabbiting and singing away the whole time. Very cute last night, she was watching Kipper on Nick Jnr 2 and when it finished she waved at the TV and said 'bye bye Kipper'. She did the same when we were in Spain last week when she was stoking a little dog in a bar one night. I found out the dog's name and as as we were leaving said 'say bye bye to Chico' she waved to the dog and said 'bye, bye chico' perfectly. Pround Mummy moment.

Hope everyone is well. Conker - hope you are doing well as our next expectant lady.

helibee Sat 28-Mar-09 02:16:42

huge congratulations lizziemum, thats a lovely name. Hope you're all keeping well.

Hersetta-Caitlin is so sute and very intelligent, glad you had a great time in Spain

Callum said some new words "day" "cheese" "teddy" "down" and they all appeared in his vocabulary in one day, he must have been practising in his sleep grin

His wee friend is a screamer when she doesn't get her own way and C has started copying hmm so i told him that if he screams or whinges he wont get anything, he is learning VERY quickly winkgrin He also keeps getting please and thankyou muddles up which is very cute but he is getting good at saying it.

Did everyone have a good mothers day? I had a violent sickness bug and everytime i was sick in the bowl, C spat into the other side of it (for sympathyhmmgrin) and then wiped my mouth, it's the only time i can hinestly say i've laughed whilst being sick, watching C run from the other side of the room just so he didn't miss trying to pretend to be sick with me grin

GillL Sat 28-Mar-09 22:16:12

Congratulations Lizzie. Hope you're feeling well and still getting lots of help from your dh.

Sorry to hear about your awful mother's day helibee. Kids always seem to know how to make you feel better. For mother's day I got a tea bag in a tea cup card and a fun size Kit Kat. Dd took one of the fingers and I had to share the other one with ds hmm Dh told me he had intended to get me some flowers but forgot.

I went to my interview on Tuesday and it went very well. He said to me 'can you start tomorrow'! I got back to work and phoned my HR rep. I was then told that I will need to attend an assessment for the role, which made me relax thinking I had a bit more time to finish things up in my current job. I got another call yesterday telling me they had great news that I can start the job on Monday. I don't think my manager will think that's great news. I still have some things to work out but it's looking hopeful. The only problem is that it means travelling to London every day so I will have to reduce my hours. I'm hoping that won't be a problem for them.

conkertree Tue 31-Mar-09 21:10:24

hi everyone - thats very cute of callum helibee when you were being sick. just a shame you were sick in the first place. thanks for the text - sorry didnt reply - ds has been a bit unwell the last few days and other things have slipped a bit.

think he might have chickenpox. very high temp last night and then a rash appeared today - didnt look totally like chickenpox but will see what happens tomorrow.

anyway - three and a half weeks till d day for me - feeling great. loads of energy and finally the house feels like its getting organised so am getting a little excited about the new arrival.

struan is getting new words every day like all the other los although is also working on his naughty streak - latest one is throwing stones so need to nip that in the bud if we can. trying to not react to too many naughty things so that he doesnt learn that he gets a big reaction to them. will see how that approach goes.

conkertree Tue 31-Mar-09 21:11:15

oh meant to say thats great about the job Gill although a longer commute. but great after the worry you've had about things.

loler Fri 10-Apr-09 13:13:53

Blimey it's a bit dead on here - popped on to see if there were any more baby announcements.

I'm suffering with the toddler from hell - hoping it's a stage he will very quickly grow out of. Hope everyone else is fairing better xo

conkertree Tue 14-Apr-09 07:11:37

i know loler - i was thinking the same about it being quiet.

What aspect of the toddler from hell have you got? Ds is doing a lot of throwing things just now and hitting other children, but then others his age are doing the same so am not too worried about him being a candidate for Borstal just yet grin but I am finding it harder not to get frustrated by him.

Am determined to try and stay calm as much as possible so he doesnt know he gets a rise out of me for bad behaviour, but I think the closer he gets to 2, the more we will have to rethink how we handle things.

My2 Tue 14-Apr-09 20:34:34

my goodness, i thought that i was going to have to spend ages catching up....where is everyone?

conker - how are you? you must be due very very soon? how are finding running after struan when heavily pregnant?

i've got to say i do love this age, so cheeky and mischievious - though i don't remember enjoying it as much with dd1, she was more of the stroppy, tantruming toddler. distraction works really well (atm) with dd2 if it looks like she is going into meltdown. if i threaten her with a timeout she takes herself off to the bottom step and smiles at me with a wee twinkle in her eye hmm

dd2 is absolutely fearless - had the 2 of them at soft play today and i hardly saw dd2(only when she came back to the table for a drink and something to eat). tried and failed miserably to keep her in the under 5's play area - she much prefered the blue bumpy chute and the twisty tunnel chute...

conkertree Wed 15-Apr-09 07:43:19

Hi My2 - due next Friday. Was hoping I might be a bit early this time, but no convincing signs yet. Was 6 days over with Struan, so hoping it wont be any more than that this time.

Have had some good days out with ds recently - Summerlee Industrial Life Museum, Palacerigg Country Park and Almond Valley farm in Livingstone, so has been nice to have lots of time with him before the baby arrives, but am pretty uncomfortable now - pelvis really hurts.

Which soft play did you go to? Havent been to one since the one in Glasgow but am thinking it would be a good thing to stock up on locations for so that Struan can run about while I feed a baby.

Anyway - sounds like you are having lots of fun with your dds. Struan is also at quite a cheeky age - and I love the new words emerging every day. He gets sooooo frustrated if I cant work out what he is saying though and we have to sit there for however long it takes for me to get the word right grin.

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