Dec 08 - Nanny Anne's Apprentices.

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daisydora Fri 06-Mar-09 17:15:47

Thread started - hope i've done it right!!

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kayzr Fri 06-Mar-09 17:28:38

Thanks for the new thread Daisy

daisydora Fri 06-Mar-09 18:46:11

thanks for the link - that was a bridge too far for me grin

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artichokes Fri 06-Mar-09 18:59:04

Lovely thread title. My lovely mum wascan Anne too. If only she had lived long enough to be a Nanny Anne.

artichokes Fri 06-Mar-09 19:01:11

That should have read "was an Anne". Very hard to type well on an iPhone while lying in bed.

EffiePerine Fri 06-Mar-09 19:54:16

How's the mastitis Artichokes? Glad you've managed to get to bed

Who was asking about cradle cap <befuddled>? I rub almond oil into DS2's scalp and then shampoo it out - olive oil would be good as well. Seems to work.

SybilFaulty Fri 06-Mar-09 19:59:17

just boolmarking for later.

Love the thread title - a wonderful idea.

Get well soon Arti - mastitis such is a bitch.

Turniphead1 Fri 06-Mar-09 20:26:07

bookmarking too.

I remember that your Mum is a much-missed Anne too, Arti. When Nanny Anne says "this too will pass", I always use it as an aid to get through the tough times and a reminder to savour the good times, esp with children as they get so big so fast (although actually it can be very annoying having people tell you that in the middle of the sleepless nights phase...)

I have posted a picture of our thread guardian on my pictures.

Off for a pre-feed kip to try and muster enough energy to get the five of us on a 9am flight to Dublin. Arti hope you get well soon.

Turniphead1 Fri 06-Mar-09 20:27:46

oh and Effie - I use Aveeno Lotion for DD's excema, Daktacort on face (this works on cradle cap but is quite hard core) and Balneum bath oil. Can buy Aveeno in chemists but tis spensive.

hattyyellow Fri 06-Mar-09 20:31:18

Oh no, I feel so behind the thread now - I have no idea who Nanny Anne is!

Just popping in to say hi, I briefly read the thread a few days ago.

Wanted to send huge hugs to verso and cat, I'm so sorry things are so tough.

Cat, I will hold my hand up and admit to "earplugs anonymous" membership too. DD3 is so so noisy and earplugs muffle the squeaks etc beautifully but mean I can still hear any cries.

I've never slept so badly as when listening to any of my DD's through a baby monitor, its one of my least favourite things.

DD3 is doing beautifully, I think she is a wise old thing and has realised that she has to fit in to survive! She sits with wide eyes cooing at her sisters and is sleeping well, which I think is a big relief after the exhaustion of twins last time around!

Hugs and waves to everyone else, will catch up properly soon but did want to drop in and say hi.

lal07 Fri 06-Mar-09 20:48:47

Lovely title. Am so sorry you have to do all this without your mums. Must be really hard.

Arti have you tried phytolacca for the mastitis? Is absolutely brilliant. I had terrible mastitis with DS - was in and out of hospital and on IV antibiotics and breast consultant recommended homeopathy hmm but good on him - it really worked. I have stashes of it in the house so will post you some if you email me your address. Otherwise you can get it from neal's yard and other hippie places.

Trace you are beautiful (and I know because I've seen you in real life grin) and in no way tubby or short! Agree you should just hand over nappies in 'you're doing me a favour' kind of way. I've found one of unexpected lovely things about babies and children is the way people just give you stuff - I personally wouldn't ever be offended (and have just off-loaded a bundle of nappies that my little chubster has grown out of).

Effie/veggie I know you have Thomas fans in your house. Have you been to Thomasland? We're trying to think of an activity thing that DS might like and am a bit worried that we might trawl all the way there and it's crap. As had completely hippie childhood we never went to theme parks etc (sniff) so am perversely really excited about prospect of years of legoland/eurodisney etc.

Wg on cradle cap similar to effie although I am a mug so bought scalp oil from waitrose. You just gently rub the oil in their head and leave for a few hours. Then put a bit of baby shampoo in a bowl with some warm water and use that with a baby brush to sort of brush it out of their hair.

Sybil I think ages ago you mentioned giving stuff to a women's refuge. The one I was going to give things to locally doesn't want my cast off maternity clothes - am I right in thinking that the one you knew did? If so can you let me know where it is? We're in your neck of the woods tomorrow seeing my cousin so I'll try and drop off. Feel a bit sad getting rid of all my maternity stuff but after being so sick last time I'm really not doing it again. And thought it would be easier to get rid of everything now.

Cat and Verso am thinking of you.

Turnip have a great time in Dublin. Am envy of the guinness...and obviously all the pints we would have had if we'd been at Trinity...

jumpjockey Fri 06-Mar-09 21:02:02

Evening everyone am going to have to be rubbish and fail to catch up very much, sorry blush but have been lurking when dd lets me.

turnip Nanny Anne looks like a wonderful person to have keeping an eye on us all, can she say hello to Granny Kate please? We visited my dad last weekend and I took dd to say hello to her granny, forgot quite how much I miss my mum up until that moment. Have a fabby weekend, hope you get your £38 worth of Ryanair service for DD wink

Trace re nappies, you could also say it's a big faff to return them to the shop to swap (which is true!) and so she'd be doing you a favour by taking them.

arti hope the ABs kick in and you feel better soon, mastitis sounds so gruesome.

SuperCat sorry to hear about your nasty side effects. DH says the sleep problem is one of the most common side effects, but that once the anxiety that the ADs are prescribed for gets better, the sleep problem will also get better. But of course it's always different for everyone. Really hope whatever route you choose helps you feel better.

DD has been a bit of a pain at nights last few days, last night she was awake every hour from 11.30 onwards with windiness and general wriggling and waking herself up though it's partly my fault, if she makes noise I just drag her into bed with us so she keeps snacking and never gets a proper feed that will keep her asleep. Must learn that there are hungry noises, and sleeping baby noises! Maybe earplugs are the answer as I'm a pretty light sleeper so wouldn't get woken unless she needed comforting or feeding.

Oh and Sybil, we have James White in our hallway, with one side of the stairs done in a pale green paper with white damask type of design that matches the JW. V clarrrsy wink

Veggiemummy Fri 06-Mar-09 21:32:33

wow you guys have been busy today cant remember much of what i wanted to reply.

Lal-is that the Thomasland up here, havent been yet but have been meaning to as apparently it is amazing for them. if we are free when you are going might bring DS's along as have been meaning to go.

Lady-so far havent found any veggie sausages for me, theser bavarians love their meat, but they do some nice veggie stuff too, a yummy creamy mushroom dish with loads of different types of mushies and a wapping great dumpling in the middle.

Kayz i'm allergic to most types of make up and i know the stinginess you are experiencing its temporary but you might need to look at the makeup your using, next time ask for really really low hypoallergenic and ask if you can try it directly on your face first with the tester, its not the same on your hand. Unfortunately the hypoallergenic ones can be v. expensive.

SuperCat- i think looking after yourself would be a very good idea, but hang on to the drugs if that doesnt work, or maybe go back to GP as Trace said and see if there is something else you could try.

Effie-on the red bits around the neck you could just rub a bit of vasoline between your fingers to soften it and then rub it over the lines of red. DS2 has the same and was actually getting cracked skin on the folds in his groin felt very bad about that.

DS2 has terrible cradle cap but i havent done anything about it because he has so much hair that it is difficult to see. On the wards we used to rub cotton seed oil into it with cotton wool but that a bit labour intensive. a couple of people have recently suggested dousing the head in olive oil leaving it overnight and then combing the dry stuff out in the morning.

Kayz have fun at crofts, sorry about the cake. My nan used to say ruddy all the time so it made me have a nice little memory of her when you used that word. I used to copy her and use it too and she was always telling me not to say it as she thought my mum would kill her for saying it in front of me.

i'm sure there is more to say but must go to bed we have a busy morning of snowboard hiring then hitting the slopes tomorrow. I forgot to bring the hug-a-bub so unfortunately when we are alternating the babysitting the one watching the kids will have to carry Jordy around as i dont think the pushchair will handle the snow.

katie3677 Fri 06-Mar-09 22:46:01

Phew, just managed to catch up for the first time in days, but it is now way past my bedtime, so just a quick catch-up.
KMP DD ets put down between 7.30 and 8pm, and for the last week has slept through until 8am (sorry to those of you with sleep problems, I'm just very lucky). Her sleeps during the day are very random though and there is no real pattern to it. Last night she woke at 4am and instead of feeding her I gave her the dummy back and she went back to sleep until 8. I felt a bit cruel, but she didn't carry on crying, and I know that she can sleep through, so didn't want her to revert back to wanting a feed if possible.

For all of those thinking of going to Mamaheaven in Herefordshire (near Wales, but definitely not IN Wales), please pop in on me on your way as that's where I live. I might actually get to meet some of you one day!

Verso glad you got a bit of sleep and hope things continue to improve. Cat sorry about the side effects and hope that you find something that helps soon.

LadyT I have a home visiting hairdresser too and sheis absolutely brilliant. Does the best cut in no more than 20 minutes, at my home for less than a tenner! When in London I was a real Tony & Guy girl but can honestly say that she is better than any of their stylists, and my friends and DH always comment when I've had my haircut.

WG Bummer about your accounts, cheeky buggers, but glad you've got it sorted now. My (IT) DH is constantly berating me for having the same password for everything.
DD has bad cradlecap and I just cover her head with olive oil and a cap for a few hours (preferablyo vernight)and then use a soft toothbrush to lift it, then wash her hair and comb it out.

Effie I was given steroid cream and Diprobase for DS's eczema, I tend to avoid using the steroid cream but Diprobase is good. Also hazlenut oil in the bath was reccommended by a white witch in France,we use it now that he is bigger and we know he has no nut allergy.

Jolly I got my first postnatal period this week and also couldn't move. After DS it was the same but then periods got much lighter and less painful than before pregnancy, so hope the same happens this time.

Trace maybe offer her the nappies first to see if she wants them. I'm sure she won't take it the wrong way.

On the interior design front, my new kitchen is being started tomorrow. Unfortunately it is being done by my brother in law, on DH's insistence and DH and I are already falling out about it. BIL is notoriously unreliable and as it is an insurance job I wanted to get it done properly, but 'have to support the family' even though it is going to take twice as long and probably not be as good a job, even though he is a professional. Will probably be on here alot moaning about it in the coming weeks.

Does anyone else's DH/DP constantly walk out on them when they are speaking. It's driving me mad. I know DH hates confrontation, but every time things get a bit heated he just walks out so nothing ever gets resolved. I am currently being very childish and ignoring him completely in return. Shame as I was looking forward to a nice weekend, but he has really pissed me off this week. Think I need a night out, but as I've given up the cheerfulness for Lent, I'd better wait until after Easter. Come to think of it, maybe giving up drinking and smoking accountsfor my bad mood...on that note, off to bed. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

katie3677 Fri 06-Mar-09 22:48:01

Apologies for bad typing, spacebar not working properly and tired and cross!

Kimberly1979 Fri 06-Mar-09 22:54:56

Oh my goodness... I'm so far behind. I have lots of catching up to do!

Arti hope you are feeling better soon. I agree with turnip to try a hot water bottle or you can take a sock and fill it with rice and microwave it.

WG That stinks someone hacked into your accounts! I'm glad that you've resolved it now though.

Verso Sending massive hugs your way. Hope you can get some much needed rest.

turnip hope you enjoy your trip to Dublin! I didn't know you were an interior designer!! I need to pick your brain about a few things when you have a minute. Maybe I can email you about that.

trace I would definitely pass on the nappies. I don't think it would be seen as feeling sorry for her. I recently gave some to a friend who was in a similar situation and told her that Judah had grown out of them and I hated to see them go to waste and that if she thought she could use them, she was more than welcome to have them.

kayz sorry to hear you had a reaction to your new makeup. Benedryl (antihistamine) works really well for stuff like that. Can you return the makeup since you can't use it?

kmp totally jealous of your trip to the US! Hope you had a good time while you were there.

Judah was running a fever this morning though. Hope he's not getting the crud that Charles and I have had.

Everything else seems to be going okay here. We are totally switched over to formula now! Am very happy about that, but do miss bfing in a way.

waitinggirl Sat 07-Mar-09 06:09:25

i've been up with insomnia since dd's feed at 3.45 - where's the justice???

kim - i got some info from my friend in leytonstone for you but can't find your email address - do you want to put it on here, or cat me and i'll send it to you.

don't even know whether it's worth attempting to go back to bed. really missing being able to read in bed as we've got madam in the moses basket in there.

waitinggirl Sat 07-Mar-09 06:09:26

i've been up with insomnia since dd's feed at 3.45 - where's the justice???

kim - i got some info from my friend in leytonstone for you but can't find your email address - do you want to put it on here, or cat me and i'll send it to you.

don't even know whether it's worth attempting to go back to bed. really missing being able to read in bed as we've got madam in the moses basket in there.

waitinggirl Sat 07-Mar-09 06:09:55

why does that happen?

artichokes Sat 07-Mar-09 07:31:18

D2 (she is not a DD right now) had her worst night ever last night. Having posted about her great sleeping she decided to prove me wrong and wake every 2-3 hours and be hard to settle. I was running a fever and just wanted sleep. Feel even worse this morning.
Please let this be only a one night blip. DD1 started as a good sleeper and was then a nightmare from 3-7 months...

Thanks for the homeopathy tip Lal, I will send DH out this morning. I take my hat off to you for continuing BF if you had recurrent severe mastitis last time.

CatDean Sat 07-Mar-09 08:01:48

Message withdrawn

EffiePerine Sat 07-Mar-09 08:03:23

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, have ordered some oilatum from the chemist and have dug out the E45 - redness has gone down so hopefully this will help .

LadyT: hv is not compulsary, I haven't taken DS2 since his 6 wk check and no-one bats an eyelid.

Lal: no idea about Thomasland, but we took DS1 to the Nene Valley railway where they have a Thomas steam train, he was a bit spooked tbh.

We had an unsettled night too, think yet anothe cold is looming

EffiePerine Sat 07-Mar-09 08:07:09

Arti: sorry you've had a bad night, they seem to know when we need our sleep the most. Can your DH take over and let you get some rest?

EffiePerine Sat 07-Mar-09 08:08:17

Cat: hope the kalms work . No idea about wesuits, but if you're doing the baby swimming classes they have the water x warm.

JamInMyWellies Sat 07-Mar-09 08:29:56

hi all popping onto get you on my thread list. Busy couple of days here will catch up later.

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