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July 2006 - We love to party, toddler style!

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spinspinsugar Tue 24-Feb-09 09:57:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thefortbuilder Tue 24-Feb-09 10:13:27

thanks spin smile

yes HC there is a real risk that Dh will lose his job - he will get some payout but it will be really difficult finding another partner position and psychologically moving down the ladder again after working so hard to get to this level will be a real problem for him.

he admitted to nearly just sitting on the tube last night and bursting into tears sad

they are having to decide who to lose in their group in order that his level and further up will keep their jobs - it's a real "if it's not them it could be us" situation which is just horrible.

the only good thing is that jacob and sam are young enough not to be in school yet and if we did have to move to NZ if dh lost his job they would not be leaving friends etc.

HK is pretty much out at least for a good couple of years - Asia is being hit as hard as the UK in terms of financial markets, and they are lagging behind by about 12 months, so they have much more time ahead of them in dire straits tbh. there is a possibility of going to the middle east which although not my ideal situation, if it means he stays in a job, then that's what we do.

yes it's pretty depressing in the flick household at the moment and sorry for bringing you all down at the start of our brand new thread!

note to self not to open bottle of wine tonight grin it's too expensive!!!

spinspinsugar Tue 24-Feb-09 10:23:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ceebee74 Tue 24-Feb-09 10:27:22

Thanks for the new thread Spin smile

Poor Roshi - no wonder your heart is breaking - I can't imagine how awful that must be as Josh has always settled really well at nursery (the one advantage of going from such an early age I guess). Your plan sounds like a good one.

Flick - so sorry for what you and your family are going through - must be really awful for you and your DH - to work so hard and then potentially lose it all sad And thanks for the kind words about Josh wink - I packed him off to nursery today with the words 'good luck' to the staff grin

I really messed up last night (or rather in the early hours of this morning) with him and he ended up in my bed. Was lovely though - I was ignoring him as he would not settle in his own bed so I just went to mine and pretended to be asleep so he came in the room, climbed into bed and just snuggled himself up against my back - it was so hard not to turn around and just give him a big kiss and a cuddle - and then when I did turn around once I thought he was asleep, he opened his eyes, said 'mummy' in a really cute way and then snuggled even closer - I do wonder why I am so bothered about him not sleeping in our bed - would be so much easier and we would all sleep better!

HC - Josh was back in nappies yesterday - I thought I would try and if he protested, run with the potty training but he didn't argue/complain so nappies it is again for a while. I really don't think I am in the right frame of mind to go 'cold turkey' blush

Right, need to go and feed Mr Grumpy Sam smile

HumphreysCorner Tue 24-Feb-09 11:09:49

Ah, lovely new thread. smile

spin-am really dreading sending Sophie to nursery but it has to be done in September so she gets a year in before school. Emma went at 2 and for ages she used to be sat on her own when I collected her and seemed to be ignored by the staff. Was PG with Sophie at the time so perhaps it made me more sad than normal and being the wuss I am it took me ages to build up any courage to say anything but by that time she seemed to suddenly bond with her team leader. Phew. It was heartwrenching and I'm sure I'll be posting on here later in the year about Sophie.

flick-you know you can have a glass of wine at night but just not the whole bottle. We are hearing to listen so do tell whatever you need to. smile

Going to have a look at a soft padded toilet seat so that Sophie can't complain about it hurting her bottom.

Have made pancake mix as it is one of the things I can eat so making the most of Pancake Day. grin FIL still here (well, next door) but wish he would go so I can relax being as though I am child free today.

Love to all.


spinspinsugar Tue 24-Feb-09 11:14:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HumphreysCorner Tue 24-Feb-09 11:42:25

spin, you can always take her out and send her to preschool at 3. smile Sophie won't be starting nursery until then. Our school doesn't have a preschool so it is nursery only. You both need to be happy and life is too short to be fretting and sad.


spinspinsugar Tue 24-Feb-09 11:49:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HumphreysCorner Tue 24-Feb-09 11:58:30

I see, Emma only did 1 full day and 1 morning right up to starting school at 4 and she was fine. Sophie will only go 2 mornings a week until she starts school next year. Great that you can hold them back until 6 in Oz. smile 'Tis a right dilemma and not one I am looking forward to. Need to do a trip to the nursery to get the phone number as I can't find it in the Yellow Pages. There might be a waiting list so better get her name down.


AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Tue 24-Feb-09 14:11:34

Hi Ladies, Just a quickie to sign into the new thread.
Spin sorry to hear you are in such a dilemma over the nursery, it's so hard isn't it. Do you think it's still early days though, she's only been going a couple of weeks? First week -novelty, second week - realisation that This Is It!, third week - settled? Though it took Mimi the whole first term to settle in her one morning a week.
Obviously you know her best and if she is really unhappy, then you can pull her out.

HC How are you feeling missus? Enjoy your pancakes tonight!! I wonder if DH realises it's Pancake day while he's doing the Sainsbury's shop... We have a padded seat on the toilet too, from Mothercare, with handles as well. You'll need a step too though.

Flick, sorry to hear the doom and gloom of the economy is getting to you and your DH, it must be very worrying. Hang on it there though, someone of his qualifications will always be in demand.

Mimi seems to have taken her potty training in hand too! Even when she's wearing her nappy she announces she needs a poo or a wee, and does it on the potty. However if we let her run around in knickers (pink fairy ones, obviously) then she just wees whereever she is... Last night, she was in bed, and we were watching Corrie telly and we saw her peeping sheepishly round the door! DH went to get her and she said she needed a wee, so she did it on the potty. Then this morning, at 5 am, she called me in to her room and said she needed a poo, so I took her to the potty and taa-daah!. She wouldn't go back to sleep though... She gets a malteaser every time she goes on the potty, so that seems to be working. And she knows how to pick up the potty and empty it in the toilet too, saying 'ooh a poo!' or 'ooh, it stinks!'...

Aside from that, I've still been feeling crap. I dunno if I'm run down, or over-tired (how could that be?!) or just full of cold and cough or all of the above, but it's really making me irritable and not nice to be around. I've booked to see the doctor next Monday, to renew my pill prescription, so I might just mention that I'm a grumpy miserable ole bat as well whose kids hate her.

Right so, Quickie, my arse.

thefortbuilder Tue 24-Feb-09 16:14:46

thanks ladies!

spin in my self wallowing i totally forgot about poor roshi at nursery blush it may take her a while to hang on in there - jacob certainly took a few weeks but now jumps out of the buggy and goes in to say hello to all his friends! if you're not happy though you should def have a word with the staff.

HC yes i am thinking about just the one glass but i do find it dreadfully difficult! that's why i have a no drinking til lfriday policy (normally!)

dh did say that he has been talking to one of the more senior guys in their area today and everything is a bit more in perspective so fingers crossed there, but we'll see. fingers and toes crossed for the moment in the flick household.

also trying to keep my business ticking over as things are very slow at the moment - have some new ranges for babies so just trying to sort the website out as it needs to be drastically revamped! going to start working with a PR company to try and get some more editorial coverage, raise the brand awareness and build it up, that kind of thing!

aGalChangedHerName Tue 24-Feb-09 16:36:28

Afternoon all!!

Bloss you are soooo lucky. I have been here through all the kitchen ripping out and fitting. Thankfully my good mate has cooked for us all and made her washing machine available too or feck knows how we would have managed. True to form i haven't had as much as a phone call much less a text from my mum since the kitchen was ripped out 2 weeks ago.

She obv doesn't give a shit how we managed to eat etc sad Ach well her loss everyone always says lol.

Spin sad Remember it may have been a fleeting bit of upset in the whole day for Roshi? I was very very worried about dd1 starting nursery,didn't think she would cope at all. Thankfully she really blossomed after a few teething problems. Have to admit that i can't wait till dd2 starts blush she really needs it lol. If you are worried tho talk to the teachers.

HC hope the MS goes soon sad it's horrible to feel like that all the time!!

Flick DH is in the fast fit business and has been given a 12% increase on last years figures. How the feck they expect him to do that in this situation is madness angry Hope things are ok for you x

Better go try and empty some boxes into my new cupboards lol.

Take care all xx

PixelHerder Tue 24-Feb-09 17:30:49

Hi Girls!

Sorry long time no post, not been v communicative lately!

Ta for new thread Spin smile Sorry to hear about Roshi, agree it must be heartbreaking to think of her crying sad Hopefully it was just a 'toddler cry' (ie just their usual way of expressing a bit of a moan wink ) rather than anything serious, and she'll settle back down. But agree that if you really don't feel happy then take her out for a bit.

Sorry too to hear of DH's worries Flick - must be v stressful for you both. Fingers crossed for you too.

Crikey Annie, how frustrating re Mimi's potty training (the pants vs nappies scenario). I guess you could go to pull-up nappies instead of pants for a bit if nappies make her use the potty? (says me, the potty training expert - not!) sad re feeling so stressed and tired, you poor thing, maybe worth talking to the doc. By pill do you mean contraceptive? If so it's deffo worth looking into as hormonal hell is not what you need! And btw you are so NOT a bad mummy!!

I have bad-tempered days as well, usually when I'm on my own with Emma and there's no break from the constant toddler-ness hmm Lovely though they are, don't underestimate how stressful it can be, especially with two.

HC - yes, enjoy your pancakes, and hope FIL has buggered off by now! What a bugger about all the sickiness, hopefully it will pass soon and be a distant memory. Don't have any advice re potty training I'm afraid, except maybe try popper vests so she can't pull the nappies off <evil> grin Though if she is genuinely getting distressed about it then that's no good.

Ceebee - bless Josh snuggling in for a wee kip smile Am with you on the cold-turkey potty training thing (more of that later!)

Bloss - sympathies - living in the same house as the parents/IL's is always stressful I reckon, especially so with your mum not being well sad Sounds like you are managing it well though. Kitchen sounds fabby, I too am v envy as ours is ancient (and no room for a dishwasher without a complete rebuild - sob). How is Toby's eye now? Oh and btw you can say to your dad that there is a sickness bug going round, Emma has been randomly vomitous twice in the last week for no apparent reason, about 4 days apart.

Impy - your Madeira pics are so beautiful!! Looks like a gorgeous place, glad you (mainly) had a good time. Sorry to hear about Ry playing up though, tis always the way isn't it, they play up just when you really don't want them to, grrrr. And they are all learning lovely new ways of expressing their dissatisfactions, aren't they!!

I have been a bit rubbish re my web studies over the past few months, but funnily enough I've done two new sites in the last week - one for DH, and one for my friend who is an author. The first one I had to copy-write, design and code myself, so it's not perfect hmm , but the other was written by my friend and designed by another friend who is a graphic designer, so all I had to do is code it, and all seems to be working well so far. I still have a LONG way to go though before I can earn a living doing it, am only working in html so far.

Anyway I'm going to post this - not caught up with everyone yet but I'll carry on a bit later as this is SO long! Will fill in with more news from here (such as it is!) later on too.

Love to all xxx

PixelHerder Tue 24-Feb-09 21:20:04

Hi Agalch - x post earlier, glad to hear your kitchen is nearly in! V odd re your mum, as you say it is her loss sad What do you think she would say if you asked her for help? (not saying you should btw)

Skay - hi to you, hope your DS is better now. As I mentioned earlier we seem to have had the vomming bug here too, lovely isn't it!

Well it's all a bit credit crunch doom and gloomy here too - DH unemployed and bugger all around (the IOW is pretty shit for jobs at teh best of times). He's got a bit of freelance work so is trying to build on that atm. We're fortunate in that we don't have a mortgage, but we're currently living off our savings that are supposed to be for doing the house up (needs some fairly major work). So stuck in limbo really.

Emma's generally v good, though certainly has her moments! They are definitely at the boundary pushing stage now aren't they hmm

Still not remotely interested in potty training - she quite enjoys 'playing' at using the potty, pulling trousers up and down etc, but the moment it the conversation turns to actually producing anything she freaks out and goes 'no!! nappy change!! (or 'pappy pinge' as she pronounces it). She'll also sit on the loo on her padded seat, but not for long, and definitely with an air of humouring me. If you put her in pants or leave the nappy off altogether she gets really upset when she wets herself, so difficult to know how hard to push it. I think we'll leave it for now, don't want her to have weeing ishoos.

She definitely lives in a fantasy world, playing with her farm animals, dolls etc, (she calls them her 'friends', bless) - it's very cute. But also quite demanding, she likes you to join in!

Hi to anyone I've forgotten - am bound to have as it's been so long since I've been on! xx

TheGoddessBlossom Wed 25-Feb-09 11:03:25

Hi To all,

Hi Pix, lovely to hear from you, sorry work for DH has dried up. Emma sounds very sweet. My niece (same age) does the pulling up and down troos too, and she is potty trained! Must be a girl thing.

FLick - sorry too about your worries, it is sooooo stressful. I am very head in the sand about most stuff like that, but the when almost everyone you know is affected it is hard to ignore. People losing houses jobs etc, all very scary. I really hope things solidify for your DH and I am sure they will, he sounds like a whizz!

Annie - hope you feel a bit more chipper soon, and your kids DO NOT hate you. THey luuuuuuuuuuuurve their mammy.

Spin sad at Roshi crying, are you sure your friend got it right? I expect you have now visialised it as her booing for an hour on her own, but the reality might have been quite different? Just playing the democrat here. I am sure she will settle, but it is hard when you hear stuff like that, no-one wants to hear their baby has been crying!

H got bitten really hard on the back the other day at nursery. They don't tell you which kid does it but as soon as you ask him he says "Finn bit me!" in front of everyone which I thought was hilarious!

My sister stayed at M&Ds with me last night with her two little girls, don't think she got much sleep, as her 2 year old was in bed with her. It was nice to have her there too, particularly as mum spent a large proportion of the evening silently weeping after Dad bit her head off over something random. sad God know what life is like there when they are on their own.

The kitchen gets delivered today! grin I went home yesterday afternoon and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, and still think I am going to have to strip the sofa covers and wash them. Think DH will be staying at home from now on to work into the evenings, or that's his excuse anyway! He thinks we should be able to move back in NEXT Thursday!

Algach - my sympathies with you having to live through it all being done, I think that might have sent me over the edge. Living at M&Ds has it's own challenges but at least there is no dust filth, and we have hot water and cooking etc.

Have just been told I have to present to the board (again) in 2 weeks on how I aim to achieve my forecasted numbers. I am crap at numbers and that sort of thing so will now be stressing about that for 2 weeks.

Have great days, sorry to whom I have missed.



thefortbuilder Wed 25-Feb-09 17:48:41

well got through last night without opening the wine grin might try and be a one glass girl tonight though hmm

unfortunately it looks ever increasingly like dh's whole team will be got rid of as the market for their work has pretty much completely dried up, and is one of those areas that when we're in boom times is really busy but not in a downturn / recession / depression.... and as we're unlikely to get back to the excesses of the last few years for a while it looks like work will pretty much be gone. and of course there'll be loads just like him chasing anything going. he's going out to dinner with some friends tomorrow evening - one lost his job months ago, one lost it about 8 weeks ago, dh is faced with that prospect and the other one lives in the middle east after almost losing his job here at the start of the credit crunch - nice happy bunch they'll be grin

I have book club tomorrow night - we're doing "the reader" which I can recommend as a good easy read.

TheGoddessBlossom Wed 25-Feb-09 19:28:46

oh Flick, it does sound gloomy so sorry. sad

Shall we have a shit day contest?

Kitchen turned up 8 hours late minus worktops (out of stock) and oven casing. DH moody as hell.

My client cancelled at the last minute so schlepped to London for no reason.

I have been done for speeding (89 in a 70 blush with kids in the car blush blush) and have a court summons. If I lose my license I am totally screwed, fact.

Sorry, I know this in no way compares to the possibility of your DH losing his job Flick, but I have had better days.

AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Thu 26-Feb-09 09:17:38

Oh crappity crap day Bloss. If I had known you were in London Baby with nobody to meet I could have met you for a glass of some fine stuff. I finished at lunchtime yesterday and was torn between saying nothing to DH and going shopping/lunching/drinking on my own and going home early and meeting him in the pub. I did the latter, though immediately after we left the pub (after only one glass) we had a bicker about drinking again so I was in a foul mood all evening again... He drinks as much as me and as often (ie the same!) yet he claims I have the problem cos I can't go without. I only want one or two of an evening. When he gets going he doesn't want to stop. Anyway, that's a whole other ishooo.

Flick, it does sound gloomy but hopefully it will pick up again soon.

All alone at home today with the kids. Let's see how the day pans out. They are now off to Church and The North Pole in their bedroom... hmm


AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Thu 26-Feb-09 09:25:00

PS thanks Pixel for your lovely words. Yes I do mean contraceptive pill, just that I've run out! I've been on the same one forever (apart from the obvious J+M-making) and it's always been fine. In fact since Mimi, my AFs have been very light, just a tad of PMT...
Mimi is running round today nappy-less, so far so good, and I've started putting pull-ups on her when we go out. It's just when she gets involved in play that she forgets she needs go...

They're back from the North Pole! The polar bears scared the babies (dolls) so they're all getting cuddles...

I think I better go.

thefortbuilder Thu 26-Feb-09 09:31:02

sounds like fun annie!

bloss yes totally crap day - you must let us know if you're in london as i'm always up for a coffee / bucket of wine! Dh appealed a speeding fine a while back and got let off - no way you can do that is there?

some slightly positive news here - apparently it's likely to be second half of the year when things happen so we will at least get a few more months, then with our plan for dh to look for something for 3 months before we move to NZ at least it means i get a couple more shows for the business and a few more months to get it going better. my mum doesn't know it yet but if we have to move she's going to be the distribution end in the UK!

O'h and a potential regular wholesale order from dublin might be on the cards - small but a start.

it's not all bad news in the flick household! although i did get through a couple of large glasses of wine last night, and book club tonight so will probably drink then.

I feel for you annie re the bickering with dh over drinking - dh here is pretty much the same...

HumphreysCorner Thu 26-Feb-09 10:44:37

Bloss-now that is crap but unlikely you'll lose your licence under 90. Don't know why the court summons though. When DH & I were clocked doing that on the bike the police said any higher then it would be a court case. Should be a fine and 3 points. Poor you-another thing hanging over your head.

Annie-well, he shouldn't meet you in a pub if he has an issue about drinking. Men <tut>
Sophie is sat it pants, already wet one pair, she won't sit on the potty. Bought a padded Fifi toilet seat with handles yesterday which thankfully she will sit on but nothing done yet. Keep switching the TV off when she either wets or refuses the potty. Also refusing her drinks until she does a wee in the potty-am I cruel?

flick-does sound slightly more positive. Hope things keep looking up for you.

spin-how is Roshi getting on now?

Hi to everyone else.


HumphreysCorner Thu 26-Feb-09 11:02:53

Bloss-this confirms the 90mph and above bit.


spinspinsugar Thu 26-Feb-09 12:30:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HumphreysCorner Sat 28-Feb-09 09:05:04

Have you all emigrated?

Hope all OK.


aGalChangedHerName Sat 28-Feb-09 13:44:01

Hi all

Have waited in all day for the plasterer to come and plaster ceiling and walls in preperation for the tiler coming on Wednesday, and he hasn't bothered his arse to come angry

Claimed to DH that he drove all the way here, couldn't find the house so of course drove all the way home again hmm This sespite having DH's mobile number and the house phone number arrggghhh!!!!

HC hope you are feeling ok xx

Hello everyone else,have a good weekend all xxx

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