August 2008: Parenting Geniuses and World Famous Cooks

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TwilightSurfer Fri 06-Feb-09 18:48:48

LOL smile

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Sibh Fri 06-Feb-09 18:54:55

For visiting pedants:
Geniuses and genii are both acceptable plurals for genius in modern English. grin

Steaknife Fri 06-Feb-09 19:00:07

Oh I have a good one - octopusses is the plural of octopus, not octopi that lots of people think.

Hold on, better go and double check or I'll look stoopid.

Steaknife Fri 06-Feb-09 19:01:49

oh bums you can have octopi and you can also have octopodes. Oh and octopuses shouldn't have as many ss as I said.

I am in fact stoopid.

Steaknife Fri 06-Feb-09 19:02:26

<reverses bulldozer out of thread>

Buckets Fri 06-Feb-09 19:04:31

ooh I'm actually on the first page of a new thread for once.

VG Codeine is actually an opiate so yeah, I'd be a bit sus toohmm. Mind you I took Co-codamol for migraines when pg...

shock DS1 locked himself in the bathroom tonight with the bath running and had climbed in. "In a minute..." he kept saying. Luckily he is big enough to get out again and unlatch the door and luckily it wasn't DH who was running the bath as he refuses to put cold in firstangry. Heart went giddyup like crazy but stayed v cool and not cross with him and ended up sharing the bath with him because I was so relieved he was ok. Think I will be removing the latch this weekend.

oopsacoconut Fri 06-Feb-09 19:11:59

Just marking my territory grin

TwilightSurfer Fri 06-Feb-09 19:13:26

Mind the yellow snow. Oops has marked her spot.

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dizzydixies Fri 06-Feb-09 19:17:57

getting it on my list smile

hope all well

AnnVan Fri 06-Feb-09 19:18:12

Gah! - just got home looking like the frikkin abominable snowman. oooooh am so cold.
It was raining when I set out, within a couple of minutes there was snow in with the rain, and within five minutes was snowing heavily.

TwilightSurfer Fri 06-Feb-09 19:18:40

ladies, the flooring lady is here measuring and measuring and measuring and measuring. i'm not sure what's she's measuring for as i'm not needing a whole new house. the last time we had this done the guy took a walk through, jotted down a few numbers and was done. she's had her level out and some light gadget and she's got a laptop. i'm scared.hmm

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TwilightSurfer Fri 06-Feb-09 19:39:10

<whew> she's gone. goodness she measured every cranny.

Ann your snow experience sounds like what we had here (at my house) before we drove north and got buggered down in the bad stuff. It wasn't nice either place because of all the ice. Snow I can handle. Ice I can not.

Buckets I'd have been FREAKED out. DD1 locked herself in a restroom one time and I remember telling myself "JUST BREATH" then "honey (all smiles), on honey would you mind every so kindly unlocking the door" PRAYING she didn't say "but I can''s stuck."

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TwilightSurfer Fri 06-Feb-09 19:43:18

temp outside is now 14C.
it was -11C just two days ago.
it's expected to reach 18C tomorrow (maybe higher).

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oopsacoconut Fri 06-Feb-09 19:46:52

Just booking my flight TS

TwilightSurfer Fri 06-Feb-09 19:47:42

<<twilight runs off to clear out the guest room>>

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cyteen Fri 06-Feb-09 19:49:09

Goodness me TS shock Measuring every cranny? Getting buggered in the snow? Methinks you have been hanging out with that Buckets a bit too much wink

Hello all, thanks for your kindness as ever. Am much improved now as spent most of the day with NCT buddies, all of whom have been going as stir crazy as me during this snowy snap. Babies had lovely play together, Joe much happier too. Now he is in bed, DP and I have home made pizza in the oven, I have wine, smiles are in abundance

I did read everything on the last thread but can only remember lots of gin and hugs for VG and snuggly health vibes for her poor wee DS2.

Miamla Fri 06-Feb-09 19:52:22

did someone say "gin"?

AnnVan Fri 06-Feb-09 19:53:46

oooh TS can I come too?

cyteen Fri 06-Feb-09 19:55:45

Ha ha, look at that, I can't even remember what I've read on this thread blush Buckets so glad your boy was ok...I'm still scared of getting locked in bathrooms and I'm 33 blush

alittlebitshy Fri 06-Feb-09 19:58:11

marking MY spot now...

SazzlesA Fri 06-Feb-09 20:01:59

Message withdrawn

Buckets Fri 06-Feb-09 20:03:21

Cyteen Methinks someone else has sex on the brain tonight perhaps?grin And you Miamla, don't think I didn't notice you seeking smut where there was none earlier!

SazzlesA Fri 06-Feb-09 20:04:01

Message withdrawn

oopsacoconut Fri 06-Feb-09 20:04:36

oooh who said Gin???

oopsacoconut Fri 06-Feb-09 20:09:35

Crumble in the oven. Will pop over to Hotmamas in a mo.

Now here is a question I couldn't ask anyone else except you guys.....

Does it make me a bad mummy to put DD in her cot awake and happy to play whilst her Papa and I play grownup games??

DD now sleeping she went down awake with a little feed, she just wasn't that hungry after her guzzle fest at 6.

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