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Jan '07 part 30: where some of us are postnatal, some are antenatal and the rest are plain ANTInatal!

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2Happy Thu 29-Jan-09 14:33:20

Wilkie - congrats on the blue

Shimmer - glad you're enjoying it, sounds totally exhausting

Raisin/eandh - ditto on sleep deprivation. Am shattered. And have so much less patience when shattered sad

Who was asking about milk? I don't intend to swap mine over to semi skimmed any time soon TBH. I admit I am totally anal about what they eat and drink, but as far as milk is concerned, I feel they are 2 healthy and very active kids in no danger of obesity. I think at this age they need calories, especially since I'm so anal about what they eat otherwise hmm!

We had a burst water main here, which was a PITA as these things are. The whole mains pipe is rusted to hell. But the complete donkey who had the house before us built an extension over the water main, so if we decided to replace the whole pipe to prevent more bursts (or if we don't replace it and wait until it does burst again) we would have to dig up the floor and remove half of the kitchen to reach it angry. This is the same twat as did DIY plumbing and electrics which left us with an enormous leak in an unearthed house angryangry

Lizzzombie Thu 29-Jan-09 17:06:03

Nightmare plumping scenario for you 2Happy. (or should that be not2happy?)...sorry.

eandh Thu 29-Jan-09 17:55:06

plumping lizz I don't think she mentioned any cushion trouble wink (sorry shouldnt say anything as my typing is shite)

Well we went out for an hours bike ride and then the girls played in the garden for another 1.5 hours Hattie has the reddest nose but refused to come in till peppa pig came on! They scoffed their teas (cous cous and chicken shock) and are looking like they are ready for bed! I have been cooking today and we have stuffed chicken wrapped in pancetta ham that has been slow cooked in a sauce plus stuffing, spring onion & cabbage mash and babycorns and sugar snap, I am starving and so looking forward to eating it grin

raisingrrrl Thu 29-Jan-09 17:58:46

OMG EandH that sounds divine - please come and cook and clean for me! grin Me and Z are having chicken in breadcrumbs and (homemade) potato wedges with sweetcorn and baked beans, because what I really want is a KFC but the nearest KFC is a 30 minute drive away! hmm

eandh Thu 29-Jan-09 18:06:53

Raisan - of course I'll come and cook for you especially in your pregnant condition wink the chicken didnt actually take that long to do the stuffing/wrapping and sauce took about 30mins to prepare, mash is easy normal mash but with creme freche and then add finely chopped onion/cabbage that has been lightly steamed.

Talking to friend on msn earlier and shesgoing to kfc and I really fancied that but am looking forward to dinner now, I had forgotton how much I love cooking and try and do one really nice meal in the week and on saturday I am cooking for me and dh when the girls have gone to bed (no tv night apparently!!) think I may do a steak in sauce thing but need to get all my reciepes out to have a look.

How was your afternoon with your friend (and nom nom I love potato wedges)

Meant to say in previous post 2 happy that sounds a nightmare - can you claim on your home insurance (think ours has pipe cover)

Reggiee Thu 29-Jan-09 19:19:54

Good thread title 2H grin. Not so good re the house. Even more of a pita is that presumably there's sweet fa you can do about it.

Plumping pmsl Lizz. I had visions of flat cushions too.

Eah sounds like a far too active evening! I've just made my signature lasagne dish which is cooking as we speak. Got back late from work though so no much play time with P.

Raisin how are the BH? And has (d)h lifted a finger yet?

Problem with a new thread is I can never remember what's just been posted....

Wilkie lotsa lotsa congrats on the good scan and blue flavour grin. Another one for the golf course! And I hope a ready made playmate for my lo too.

Shimmer good to hear from you - sounds like things are v hectic. Can you recommend (and sell me?) a good book to start reading to Pip re new baby coming?

Vino will be well up for a meet up v soon. Any dates in mind? Talking of which I still need to email you 2H.

Hello everyone else...

Had a visit with yet another consultant at the hospital today who repeated that with a VBAC I have to have continual monitoring. So I repeated that I want to move around, and we're still in deadlock. Back in 8 weeks for final discussion. And I'm anaemic but pleased that that explains my recent feelings of extreme tiredness. Got some iron tablets so looking forward to limited toilet visits from now on....
PCF how's things going with you?

Right, off to eat lasagne.

Wilkiepedia Thu 29-Jan-09 21:12:56

Reg - think that is shite about your VBAC. Two of my friends have had nice normal VBACs which usual monitoring etc. Think he is being difficult.

Yes, our blue ones will be able to play together. J will continue in his mission to 'pull' P or E. Meet up with Vino and you sounds good, Thursday's are a pain for me, Fri, Sat, Sun are best days but I know Vin works Fri/Sat am.

EAH - nom nom dinner. Can I come?

Raisin - that is what DH's are for....send him out for KFC

2Happy - what an absolute mare!

Lizz - want your opinion on a buggy here. I want something LIGHT, cosy that I can lay Little Lion back in, can attach a buggy board to, and easy to put up, take down, not too expensive. Any recommendations? We also need new 1st stage carseat. HELP!!!!!!! I HATE HATE HATE buggy shopping and HATE my SilverCross Sport thing that we are selling...

Lizzzombie Fri 30-Jan-09 07:08:51

Doh re plumping. I hadn't realised that at all!

Can I ask a really divvy question...what is a VBAC?
Eah - well done for cooking all that yummy food. You should apply for 'Come Dine With Me' on Ch4. I love that programme!
UD - I reckon you should dispatch your DP to KFC when gets home as part of his "I am pregnant - look after me" duties. If he takes Z with him, then they'll be gone long enough for you to MN have a bath & relax for a bit!
We've been on freezer food this week. Thank goodness its payday today thats all I am saying!

Wilkie - IMO Chiccos are ok. (said in small letters) They are not as robust as a Maclaren, but they are fairly good value for money as obv the cosey toes come too. IMO they are a little bit cheap - the fabric is not so nice etc. Also, I have a thing about the wheels. If you look at the front wheels, they look like they are a weak point as they are at an angle. In fact I have had one Chicco (liteway - not London) brought back with front wheel issues. The price of buggies is about to go through the roof. My main advice is to urge you to open a Baby Plan with MC if you want to buy one from there. As it secures your buggy at a lower price and if the prices drops even more you can alter it in store. You have 6 months to pay it off, all you need to do is pay £10 admin fee and 10% on opening the plan. Or, what about ebay/sellers corner on here? One of my mates on here is selling her Jane. Which is lovely. (In fact I think she is selling her 1st stage car seat with it.....) Will investigate if you are interested.

Lizzzombie Fri 30-Jan-09 07:13:27

This one looks good too.

Just realised the prices have gone up now. Its mad.
Maclaren Techno XLR was £185 now £245!!!!! Apparently Maclaren have put prices up across all retailers, so MC have decided to always keep at least Maclaren on offer. I can't believe the jump in prices though.

Lizzzombie Fri 30-Jan-09 07:16:32

Am obsessed now....
This one comes with a buggy board! (Am a bit in love with Jane buggies) - I don't think this is my mate, but her buggy is just like this.

vinorouge Fri 30-Jan-09 08:33:55

Starting work later today so still at home.

Wilkie - you can borrow my britax first stage car seat if you want cos I'll have finished with it. Won't be offended if you'd rather not though. I cam meet up with you and Rgee any Sat aft and if we plan in advance I can take the morning off work no probs, sundays ok am usually free til early aft.

2happy - how shite about the water pipe

Shimmer - hiya nice to hear from you, glad freddie likes his baths now!

catch up more later got to get the bus

vinorouge Fri 30-Jan-09 08:34:55

thst was meant to say that if i took a sat morning off work I would be free all day! Shall me & rgee descend on you for a day??

Wilkiepedia Fri 30-Jan-09 09:01:14

Thanks Lizz - I just have no idea what to do. I really am not a buggy-aholic <<hard stare at Vino who most definitely is...>>> and why are buggies going up in price??

Vino - would you have to use holiday up if you took a Sat morning up? Feels a bit mean if so. If not, then great and yes, you would be really welcome to descend on us here - you can leave the Burberry at home as our new house is in a nice area

Right, am taking J to soft play - I asked him if he would like to go an he sais 'That sounds lovely...' arf arf! Then we are going to attempt to cook gingerbread men later

BTW - has MN changed it's look or is my internet just a bit wappy??

raisingrrrl Fri 30-Jan-09 15:47:40

Vino - very quick question. Does the Britax stage 0 you have go in your car with Isofix? If not, how the f*cking hell do you fit it with the seatbelt? We've been given one and I just cannot fit it in my car, and nor can I find the instructions online anywhere!! Argh!

eandh Sat 31-Jan-09 08:25:17

Pah another weekend and DH working.

Lizz - I love that programme (we know someone who was on it and she said she just got pissed for a week!) we're having a M&S 2 dine for £10 jobby tonight

Wilkie - I had a chicco strolelr and it was my favourite stroller (until the twonks at Gerona airport broke it) I love my zapp but tbh Hattie hasnt been in teh buggy since November

Dragonhart Sat 31-Jan-09 08:49:49

Thanks for the opinions about the milk. I swapped Luke over at 2 as he has always eaten well and has a varied diet so I thought it was best. Ruth eats as well, and sometime as much as Luke but because she is smaller than he ever was, I am hesitant to give her semi which seems a little silly. Having said that, I will have to use full fat in Aug for Rachel so suppose will just stick with full for now.

Lizz- VBAC= Vaginal Birth After Caesarian section. Thanks for the code, rang last night and they said they had no-one to look for me and to ring back on sat hmm She did sound a bit like Vikki Pollard so pos she was just a lazy cow!

Dito about the biting too. I have got to the point where if she comes anywhere near me with her mouth, I flinch. No advice though, just sympathy!

Wilkie- Congratulations. Glad you are happy and all was well. Two boys. Very exciting. My mN has gone odd too with the new design. It cant seem to save my wathing threads so I just had to trawl though searching for this one! Boots have 20% off some pushchairs here and carseats here

Urban- Did try haveing a special box of toys when I was feeding Ruth and Rachel but it lasted afew weeks before they got bored of the toys in the box. I have been trying to give them loads of attention when not feeding but they just spot that I cant get up easily when bf and take advantage. TBH I have found bf hard this time. Combination of being knackered, Rachel being a greedy little thing and wanting to feed alot and the fact that it takes so much time from Ruth and Luke. Hard work but nearly at the weaning stage so hopefully will get easier from then hmm

2happy- What a nightmare about the pipe. Is it early morinings or lots of night waking? Luke has started to wake alot at night, frightened. He has also started to lie in the day which my mum says is an important stage in his development but I hate! It is to do with imagination apparently so possibly when he is getting more frightened in the dark. Hope you get a good night soon. xxx

Rgee- I agree with Wilkie, I have a friend who was able to walk around with a VBAC. It means that the midwife has to spend more time with you though which is why she had to persuade them to let her. Hope you get it sorted in 8wks.

Sickness in the Dragon house. Luke sick all sunday night, Ruth all wed night so just waiting for us to get it now! Rachel has a cold too so it has been a fun week esp at night!

Dragonhart Sat 31-Jan-09 08:54:01

EAH- I hate it when DH has to work at weekend too. Hope you find things to do with the kids. x

eandh Sat 31-Jan-09 08:59:30

Just phoned my Dad and he is coming round for a bit at 10am (and hopefully work put what the smell is in my washing machine) and I have put HSM2 on so they are both prancing about like a pair of loonies at the moment grin

Hope you dont catch anything DH, sounds as if you ave lots to deal with without being poorly too.

vinorouge Sat 31-Jan-09 20:37:53

Raisin I can send you a copy of my instructions if you want. Mine is a britax cosytot (I think) and we got it cos we had a problem finding a car seat that fitted in the fiesta we had then as the belt was so short. It's dead easy.

Video demo here

Wilkie - its no prob to take a sat morn off as I can take flexi leave, would love to come over and can give DH a sat off!

vinorouge Sat 31-Jan-09 20:38:46

raisin I forgot to say i don't have isofix, just plain seat belt!

raisingrrrl Sun 01-Feb-09 18:35:40

Vino - my neighbour fitted it in the end, she had the same car seat for her dd, so it's all ok! smile

We were at my parents this weekend, managed to make it home without going into labour on the motorway or getting snowed in!

Reggiee Sun 01-Feb-09 18:45:04

Is the snow bad with you then Raisin? There's been a couple of flurries here but nothing major.

I'm going to London tomorrow afternoon for a big work event on Tues and am concerned that the snow may bring the UK to a standstill which will hack me off.

2H won't be able to get on here tomorrow, so a big happy birthday to our youngest Jan07 member. Have you any plans to celebrate?

Eah hope you survived the weekend. Not long until your weekend away now. Can't believe how quickly that has come round.

Dragon have you all had the evil winter vomiting bug then? It's gone round half the people in the office and am scared of catching it and having stomach cramps. Been washing my hands excessively (OCD?) to get rid of 'germs'. Hope your house is recovering.

Wilkie / Vino / 2H have emailed you.

Looking forward to tea tonight that dh is currently cooking. Another one here who loves the M&S dine in for £10. Got seabass fillets (I love!), veggies, with choc fudge pud (and a sneaky glass of wine) grin

2Happy Sun 01-Feb-09 19:11:49

Thanks Reg, spent today baking and icing a mountain of fairy cakes for playgroup tomorrow. Not sure how many of them'll be eaten, though as I only seemed to have blue and green food colourings in the cupboards so they're a bit lurid blush. Supposed to be having family over in the afternoon (dh swears he'll get off work early...) but depends ont he weather, I suppose! There's been sleet here today, but nothing major so far. Which email address did you email me on, nothing's arrived yet... Your supper sounds lush!

And right on time, ds2 appears to have entered the terrible twos. Tantrums galore! It's funny, because with ds1 he started tantrumming before 1, so bythe time he hit 2 and we could actually communicate it was easier than when he was 18m. But ds2 has always been this happy go lucky thing, it's a bit sad.

Lizz - another fan of come dine with me here, though I don't like the new 4-person format. The voiceover guy is hilarious!

Raisin - how're the pains these days? You must be over the HB threshold now though?

eandh - did your dad solve the washing machine problem?

eandh Sun 01-Feb-09 19:15:41

Survived the weekend (and the dreaded soft play party they had to go to today!)

Loads of snow here, can't see garden/paths etc and because people at work are stupid the 2 people who have keys are the ones that live the furthest away (30mins in the car on a good day) so I bet I'll get up in morning and struggle to get the girls to my Mums and then get to work to find no one turns up (and not sure what we're meant to do as I always have had keys in bad weather since I can walk into town in 25minutes hmm)

Rgee - we had M&S 2 dine for £10 last night, I wanted seabass but none left in our store so we had butter basted chicken (was gorgeous) daphenise (sp) potatos (yum) and chocolate fudge pudding, I got pinot gregio wine and lemonade and we had spritzers (in fact half bottle still in fridge) it was so yummy and healthier than our normal saturday take away blush

UD - glad you got home okay and thanks for your help re opticians yesterday smile

eandh Sun 01-Feb-09 19:18:01

I had set myself a reminder on my phone to post happy birthday to ds2 tomorrow grin
Yes Dad solved the problem the pipe that leads to the drain was blocked with a sock hmm I think it was when my old machine broke as the fin in the drum came out and I lost loads of socks he cleaned all the pipes and then got some special stuff you put through the machine on a 90 degree wash and it smells divine now smile

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