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anon786 Mon 12-Jan-09 11:40:49

What would people recommend in the "seats-that-attach-to-the-buggy" line of things. I have seen several very different ideas on this and I have no idea which ones work or don't.

DC2 is due soon and it would be for 2 year old DC1 to ride along. I currently have a Jane Carrera Pro and would want to use it with this.

Any advice ?

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laumiere Mon 12-Jan-09 14:42:42

We're getting a Revelo Smorph as DS1 has SN and can't walk yet. The Revelo was recommended by our physio, it's about £80 off Amazon.

NattyPlus2andAHalf Mon 12-Jan-09 14:46:00

i have a smorph, it fits on my chicco trio 4 me just fine. my 2.5 year old goes in it, expecting out new baby in july, and his sister (will be 2 then) will be going in it and he will be walking.
not brill for LONG journeys cos they cant sleep in it really, no support. but i just switch my 2 round as they are old enough. i would say make sure u carry a sling just in case your DC1 needs a nap whilst out. then u can fold the smorph up and put him/her in the pushchair.

anon786 Mon 12-Jan-09 17:44:29


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