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Isaidno Sun 11-Jan-09 18:22:23

New thread starts here!

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Isaidno Sun 11-Jan-09 18:28:11

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.
We went bowling, then to Frankie and Benny's for lunch. Poppy was really good chomping on garlic bread, green beans, carrots and a chip!
I am also pleased to say I found the first definite proof of food getting down in her nappy - 2 raisins from a hot cross bun.

On the subject of clothes she is nearly in 6-9 mths - the real nappies take up alot of space!! I find M and S clothes are huge - she has some 0-6 mth tights from them with 3 inches of leg space still available.

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Libralovesbiscuits1975 Sun 11-Jan-09 18:30:04


purplejennyrose Sun 11-Jan-09 20:11:19

Florence is definitely in 6-9 mth clothes but then she is a big girlie.

Yesterday and today she has done the most incredible poo nappies - evidence of quite a lot of food being eaten! Rather vile smelling and up to her armpits too!!

On that subject, dd1 has made a start on toilet training - she takes herself off to do wees on toilet tho still has to have a nappy back on for a poo hmm

So now have two of them doing vile poos!!Hurrah.

RiaParkinson Sun 11-Jan-09 20:14:54

hello all just checking in for future reference

N loves his food and is still on 4 b/f's a day <groan>

he is my smallest height baby 50th centile

25th centile for weight which you would not believe if tiy saw him he is very very round!

Last night he slept 8.30 - 10 am !!!! wow - apart from the fact dp woke me snoring and i was awake half the night!

JODIEhadtoomanymincepies Sun 11-Jan-09 20:42:25

Evening all.

Had a good weekend, went to meet BIL and his GF for lunch yesterday and then dinner with friends last night. Then today DH went to the dry ski place andthe boys and I watched him and had some lunch, couldn't quite believe how much toast Sam got down his neck!!!! He's doing very well with food now and tried green red and yellow peppers today, he's not so keen on the green ones, but munched away at the red ones!!! He also had a bit of our pasta at dinner and sucked away on the bol. sauce lovely! He's still on 5-6 feeds a day too! And his poo's are horrid!

Sams still in 3-6 month clothes, although some are getting tight and some are still baggy, I find Asda and Next quite big.

Bebe Sorry to hear about the MS, but glad to hear that you've finally got a diagnosis and can get something done now!

Libralady are you still about? How's work going? Any luck looking for something else?

TINSELJuice Sun 11-Jan-09 20:45:52

hi all

had such a grim day today. a little dinner with friends turned into a drinking session and stumbled into bed at 2. this morning i woke up with my eyes glued together and my tights still on, came into the living room to see elodie shaking maracas while dh was lying next to her with a blanket over his head.
he was such a star, gave her the dummy once in the night and fed her at 7am as usual. and i was just bad mum . . .

she's definitely just waking for the dummy now so i am going to cold turkey it again. much nicer for her to be off it so she can settle herself back to sleep in the night (obviously for me too).

was just reading the wonder weeks book - she seems nowhere near ready to crawl - still only one-way rolling but sitting very sturdily now.

sweetkitty Sun 11-Jan-09 21:32:19

yey new thread grin

I do love those new food faces, shall have to get a camera out

Oh and the nappies are getting very interesting, I actually threw a vest in the bin today 3 washes and still cannot get the poo stain out.

We measured B on the WiiFit tonight grin and she was 16lbs, will get her done properly soon though, she's quite long too and has chubby legs but still looks quite little as she has a very dainty girly face, she's growing out 3-6 month babygros too, will have to get some 6-9 month ones now.

Tjuice - am envy of your night out but not of your hangover

purplejenny - aww the joys of toilet training, you will quickly become knowledgeable of the location of every public loo wherever you go and so will DD, my DDs love the parent and child double loo in John Lewis and the little red one at toddlers they cannot pass it. At least nappy poo is better than free fall poo.

pigley - sad about the hungry baby milk, B doesn't go any longer than 3 hours at night maybe 4 at a push, I believe some babies just cannot do it, they have sleep cycles and wake every 3-4 hours or more and cannot settle themselves back down without help.

Poledra Mon 12-Jan-09 00:30:01

Oh yes, SK, I know what you mean about the John Lewis parent and child loos. Asked DD2 if she needed the loo one day and got 'No mummy'. Took her into the double loo and I swear the whole shop floor got a view of her bum as she dropped her trousers in her hurry to use the little loo grin. I couldn't get the door shut fast enough!

DH was 40 today but no real celebrations. We hadn't had time to organise much then DD1 was ill at the beginning of last week and O has been ill since Thurs. Had to phone emergency GP today to get the nod to continue giving Calpol for more than 3 days in a row. Luckily, it was one of the GPs from our own practice who was on call, so we just had a little chat about O's symptoms (she's got a filthy cold) then he told me to go right on doing as I was and to bring her into surgery tomorrow if she gets any worse and he'll fit her in. Don't think we'll need it though, it's just a bad cold. Has meant very little sleep for me and O, and also we have given up on solids for the moment. She just wants to bfeed, and even that's an effort as her nose is so blocked. We'll get back to it once she's better. And DH is going to have an 'official' birthday in the spring smile

Anyway, best go get some sleep. That's made sure the thread is marked for me. Thanks for starting it, isaidno wink

Libralovesbiscuits1975 Mon 12-Jan-09 07:22:24

Morning all, A is going into nursery for 3 hours today but it does mean I'll get to the gym . Also properly starting the routine I gave the nursery to follow so that we are in sync (that sounds so wanky sorry), I just thought it would be better if the days structure he follows at the nursery is mimiced at home to make him feel more settled when he starts nursery properly.

Since starting to get up at 6:45/7:00ish A has been much easier to get to nap at 9am, his lunch time nap still has to be achieved by pushing around in his buggy until he falls asleep and his afternoon nap is non-existent but I hope I am getting there, the last two nights he has only woken once between 10:30pm and 6:30pm

I have one worry about the nursery and BLW and that is they won't keep a close enough eye on him whilst he is eating for choking. PFB I know.

Anyway sorry, me me me.

Poledra I hope O feels better soon and you manage to get some sleep.

Jodie - red peppers are a hit here too, but the overwhelming favourite at the moment is avocado! Which I am quite impressed with, I didn't like the taste until I was 30!

TJuice - sorry I did LOL at the image of E shaking her maracas need your hungover DH head. She was probably thinking silly daddy at the same time grin. What are wonder week books?

SK - I love the chubby legs and also their sweet breath, I don't want A to get teeth, I know that sounds strange but I their gummy mouths are just so adorable.

mama2leah Mon 12-Jan-09 08:56:43

who was it who made the who gets pregnant test? wel i guess u were rite...


still in shock...

JODIEhadtoomanymincepies Mon 12-Jan-09 09:03:43

Wow M2L - Congratulations!!! When are you due! (September? I got my BFP with DS1 on 24th Jan and he was due 22nd Sept) I'm abit shock thats one of us has caught so soon, but nothing wrong with that!!!!! I;m so happy for you! grin grin grin

mama2leah Mon 12-Jan-09 09:10:40


no idea jus did the test, but says im 3 weeks past conciving...

i only had 2 period....havent had one for months...

wil i stil b able to bf
i stil hv baby fat to lose...

Isaidno Mon 12-Jan-09 09:23:06

WOW!!! M2L! I was right!!!!
yes you will still be able to bf (although towards the end of the pregnancy the milk changes so often the baby self weans), and even when the new baby is born you can feed them both.
Also worry about the fat next year! Not good to diet when pg, also you need to keep your body healthy as 2 pgs close together can be a strain.

Horrid wet weather here today. I've got the dentist, just to look at some x rays and hope my teeth are not too buggered. He mentioned caps and crowns last time. Anyone got any of those?

Blw - today's nappy revealed some carrot; getting oddly excited by this development!

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JODIEhadtoomanymincepies Mon 12-Jan-09 09:23:59

Forget the baby fat for now!! As for BF I think just carry on as normal, I'm no expert but I've heard of people 'tandem' feeding before, by the time new baby is here your DD (Probably) won't be BF anyway. I don't know how long you were planning on BF for?

What des DH think?

mama2leah Mon 12-Jan-09 09:31:18

i was gonna start regular exercise this week... ahhh!

dh was shocked..and jsu shocked me, probably becoz he cud see terror in my eyes... my last pregnancy was reali scary, they told me all sort of tings abt leah...i jus wana get to a yr, i did wana feed for 2 yrs...but i dumnno how possible that is gonna b now...

we decided not to tel n1..so my virtual friends ( u lot) r the only ones who knw... my in laws, will jus b at us...

started pregncare...

i knew i was pregnant, i cud feel the sickness...

this is gonna b fun...how am i gonna cope, no idea

JODIEhadtoomanymincepies Mon 12-Jan-09 09:35:41

You'll cope, you just do. Not saying it will be easy, but you'll have fantastic support whatever! You can still exercise, even if it's just walking round for an hour, and you can eat healthy stuff, not actually dieting, just keep your body healthy as Isaidno said, 2 preg. close togther can be tough on the old body!!!!

(My advice, take calcium suppliments or drink loads of milk to save your teeth! Mine are all rotting from having 2 close together aaggghhh!)

mama2leah Mon 12-Jan-09 09:40:35

yeh im gonna b more careful, coz lasttime i lived on junk...
we was plannin a holiday in summer... lol... yeh gonna look into calcium supplement...

its so strange, i feel like i jus got over my labour

i sed to dh i see my life
pregnancy, breastfeedin, nappy changing..he jus laughed...

thanx guys.

minipinkscottish Mon 12-Jan-09 09:43:38

Wow M2L many congratulations....I feel all weepy and envy....how sad am I? I had ds1 and ds2 that close together snd it was great!! You can bf normally and for as long as you and lo wantssmile....just rest lots and eat well...forget baby fat...ENJOY envy[envyenvygrin

It's so strange here this nmorning......ds1,2,3 and dd1 at school...ds4 and Abbie at childminders...practise for return to workhmm I should be using the time to catch up with cleaning etc but I'm on MNgrin

mama2leah Mon 12-Jan-09 09:48:11


Poledra Mon 12-Jan-09 09:50:09

Congratulations, M2L, how exciting. You'll cope because you just will - my mum had 4 children under 5 when my brother and I were born and she says you just get on with it. And you do all the feeding, nappies etc at once. I'm not sure I would have had any more children if I'd ever had a time when I had nobody in nappies, IYSWIM. If you want to exercise, try swimming - that is easier on your joints etc than a lot of other types of exercise.

Got 3 hours sleep last night, am dying on my feet. Off to the docs at 11am as Orlaith has pinkeye and I just want her checked out to make sure that there's nothing more serious going on. I am soooooooo tired sad.

Poledra Mon 12-Jan-09 09:54:56

Oh, forgot to say isaidno (see I told you I was tired grin), I have a gold crown fitted after DD2 - it was a relief, as I also had root canal treatment on the tooth first and was just relieved to have the pain go away! The root canal treatment was uncomfortable, but the crown itself was no problem. I think the thing that hurt my tight-fisted little heart most is that it was done 15 months after DD2's birth, so I had to pay for it myself - at least you can get yours done under your year's free treatment from the NHS wink

ponto Mon 12-Jan-09 10:37:29

Congratulations mama2leah! You'll have such a close gap between the 2 that they're bound to be really good friends. smile

Libralovesbiscuits1975 Mon 12-Jan-09 11:21:18

Congratulations mama2leah. You will cope, us women always do ;) I have told DH no more children until I get a holiday

Minipink - I am the same, A in nursery and here I am on mumsnet! Saying that I have been to the gym and am now awaiting a work call.

TINSELJuice Mon 12-Jan-09 12:13:52

congrats - you seem surprised so i guess you weren't really trying then? you will cope, one of my best friends have two very close in age and they are so close - almost like twins in some ways.
forget the baby fat - you'll definitely lose that afterwards!

i just had the coil fitted so that's me taken care of for a couple of years at least . . .

libra - how was the gym? i am thinking of joining but then i have been thinking about doing my astanga dvd during E's lunch time naps for a few months now

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