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June 08 - New Year same old sleepless nights

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hedgehog1979 Sun 04-Jan-09 10:22:37

Bit bored so thought I would start the new thread

bitofasnowqueen Sun 04-Jan-09 11:11:26

Morning hedgehog. Thanks for starting new thread. Have just been reading the last thread, but its all gone straight out of my head. Was at a party last night so a little delicate this morning.. So thanks to anyone who sent some comments my way - I did read and appreciate them.

We've had a couple of nights of better sleep here finally, so fingers crossed it stays like that. On Friday night, S was crying for ages, but he was crying in his sleep IYSWIM, so after spending an hour or two trying to comfort him (he didn't seem in pain, ill, or hungry or anything) we decided to turn the baby monitor off blush. His room is very near ours though, so we can hear him if he cries. Anyway, we got 4 hours unbroken sleep which helped ease any guilt grin. He was pretty good last night in the early hours too so praying that this is a new phase...

So, new year, new thread - do we have any new year resolutions? Mine are:

- to do something about the baby weight finally (I even bought some scales for the first time in my life - I never, ever, ever weigh myself)
- be a bit more organised about the house so we can have more quality time together as a family
- develop some discipline about studying
- not spend every spare 5 minutes on mumsnet!

bitofasnowqueen Sun 04-Jan-09 11:22:44

Just been checking out the weaning threads - its very heavily populated by the June 08 people at the moment. Yay! My thread is not taking off though sad.

Must go and make S's lunch and get dressed. Oh, and change back to non festive name. The tree is coming down today so time for the christmas name to go!

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Sun 04-Jan-09 11:51:47

BDQ, my resoulions are the smae as your except the studying bit. Going to join the gym next week and hopefully go to!

hedgehog1979 Sun 04-Jan-09 12:15:45

made a new years resolution in Tesco when I realised I have so many reusable bags I would need to spend several hundred pounds on shopping to fill them - NO more reusable bags

sybiltherednosedreindeer Sun 04-Jan-09 12:21:30

Same old sleepless nights here certainly! Thanks for the new thread HH!

Neenz - Jamie has refused to bfeed while awake since he was 8 weeks old. If I tried to feed him he would scream the place down and get really upset, which was also very upsetting to me. After numerous hv and breast feeding counsellors washing their hands of him I simple had to spend the last 21 weeks feeding him only when he was asleep. This basically means I have been tied to the house for all this time, as when he drops off I have to drop everything and latch him on quickly otherwise we miss the very brief window in which bfeeding is possible. This is obviously frowned upon in tescos etc! Over xmas however, he has started having a few feeds (not all sadly) while awake and without screaming. He has even pulled at my top to get to the milk, which is a huge step forward as previously he would go 6 hours plus without feeding rather than do so awake. I am thrilled by it all even if it is a small step forward as it has been a very long and stressful 21 weeks. Now all I need to do is get the little bugger to eat actual food!

systemsaddict Sun 04-Jan-09 12:32:48

Sybil you are amazing, that must have been incredibly hard, I depend on my breaks when mine are asleep for sanity and get v. upset if they get disturbed, I take my hat off to you.

Hedgehog it's bicarb that removes smells, if you put them in a sealed bag with some bicarb for a few days it should 'draw' the smell out. You could also try washing them with some distilled vinegar and drying outside (when it's warmer!).

Neenz it is great to hear your leaving them to cry has worked. I spent a horrid evening last night going back and forth to Caitlin as she screamed to come downstairs after bedtime. I have only just decided she isn't allowed to do that any more (was the easiest option while she was little but I NEED my evenings back now) and it was awful, but I need to hear positive stories to keep it going! Though she is back to sleeping in her cot now rather than in our bed so I must remember this is big progress from a week ago.

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Sun 04-Jan-09 13:02:19

Sybil That does sound really hard, you have really done well to perservere!

bitofadramaqueen Sun 04-Jan-09 13:23:50

goingtohaveagoodnightsleep - is that going43? I think I missed any name changes in the last thread.

That bicarb tip very handy systemaddict. Must make a note of it. Sorry to hear that Caitlin is playing up though. I suspect you've tried most things, but have you tried staying with her upstairs till she falls asleep for a few nights until she gets used to not coming back downstairs?

My other new years resolution - try and get S to sleep for longer than 20 mins in the day - got to run!!!

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Sun 04-Jan-09 13:44:56

BDQ Yes it's me Goingfor3, decided that as that happened a while ago now it was time to change my name!

neenztwinz Sun 04-Jan-09 13:47:33

No new year's resolutions for me... altho the one about staying off MN (and FB) could be a good one to adopt!

Sybil, Wow... I am just stunned by your story, to say it has been stressful must be an understatement. Well done for persevering. Hopefully this is the start of a real improvement. How old is he now? Is he just starting solids or just not keen?

Systems, we had to do the same thing with the DTs at six months old cos they were always coming downstairs after bedtime. We just got really tough and once they were in their cots at 7pm they didn't come downstairs again. The first night was awful, the second was better, the third was better again and the fourth they went down without a murmur. It has worked a bit quicker this time (just two nights of crying and not even too much crying) - I think they kind of knew what was happening cos I'd done CC before.

I have done the sitting next to the cot thing and it does work sometimes and feels less cruel! Sometimes tho they just cry anyway even tho you are sat there, But at least they haven't been abandoned. Unfortunately I can't do that with twins tho when they sleep in different rooms!

neenztwinz Sun 04-Jan-09 13:48:50

G43 - that's a shame as I have known you for ages as G43! But I suppose it is not so relevant now. Maybe you could change to GotMyThree grin

neenztwinz Sun 04-Jan-09 14:39:56

Has anyone been following this Moldies stuff? It passed me by a bit as I was not on MN over Christmas but I am shock at what has gone on and how much it has annoyed everyone! Apparently Twiglett (never heard of her) started a new (closed) forum and invited a select few MNers to join, then they all suggested other MNers who might want to join and voted on whether they should be invited or not! Those who were rejected are not very happy. I am not happy as I wasn't even considered grin. Well, I don't know that i wasn't but I assume not as it was all the 'old-timers' who are 'bored' of all us newbies talking about babies and weaning and nappies etc. How dare we on a parenting forum!

I have always wondered how 'well-known' I am on MN... I think not at all really but then I do post quite a lot so who knows.

neenztwinz Sun 04-Jan-09 14:41:17

BDQ, have you tried giving your LO rice cakes to much on while you are preparing/tidying rather than sandwiches? The DTs can be amused for ages with a bit of rice cake!

sybiltherednosedreindeer Sun 04-Jan-09 15:54:54

I'm really touched by how pleased people are for me and my bfeeding breakthrough, thank you!

Neenz, he has been on the solids for 3+ weeks he just doesn't like them and refuses to eat. His sister was similar and eventually got used to the idea so I'm not too worried yet. He is obviously ab baby with very strong opinions on what goes into his tummy!

systemsaddict Sun 04-Jan-09 16:11:26

New Years resolution: this is going to be the year I see what happens if I stop criticising myself and try and assume I'm basically doing a good job. Surprisingly hard actually, I keep catching myself comparing myself negatively to other people, I hadn't realised how constant a running commentary it was in my head!

Evening sleeping: I can't work out if it's better to stay in with her or not. If she's left on her own, she just gets really, really worked up. But if I stay in with her, she doesn't calm down until I pick her up, or get her in bed and feed her; my presence alone just seems to upset her more if I'm not doing what she wants.

bitofadramaqueen Sun 04-Jan-09 16:21:43

Afternoon all, just having a quick break from my cookathon. Have made my own stock for first time ever so feeling rather domestic goddess like.

Neenz I will be giving S rice cakes, but just looking for nice wide range of things. The preparing/tidying thing is a bit tongue in cheek really - more looking for different ideas for finger foods etc for him to explore.

sybil sorry, didn't have time to comment earlier - you've done an amazing job with the feeding. So glad you've got a bit of a breakthrough.

goingto... hello you with the new name!

Right, must get on again - have left the kitchen in an absolute tip!

pureedchesnutsonanopenfire Sun 04-Jan-09 16:41:29

Hi all- just checking in and putting this thread on my watch list. Back from internet-free hols (very odd) so off to catch up, though apologise if I don't might take up a whole thread!!!

Babyp now really moving- she got up on all fours and launched herself forward at NCT Christmas party in front of everyone and has subsequently refined the technique (looks like bodypopping said a friend;)) to help her get to anything she wants. Failing that she cries like a Dramaqueen until you poick her up. Very resourceful!

needahand Sun 04-Jan-09 17:09:45

Neen thanks for advice on fingers food I tried carrot and brocoli today. SJ gags'chokes quite a bit though which I find scary. Sorry about your sister sad

We did CC last week for two days with SJ and he has been sleeping through ever since ! grin At last... I hope the trend carried on.

Whoever it was who was suspecting that their DC has food allergy (sorry can't remember who). Watch out for potatoes, my DD was allergic to them.

sybil so glad for you.

Re moldies I was wondering what on earth that was. Now how know. How silly/cliquey/discriminatory!

Amberc Sun 04-Jan-09 17:20:03

Just posted on old thresd...

Sorry not read much until I got to Systems bit and need to post before i forget! Systems - please tell me about the hydocortisone for eczema. Luke has it everywhere - it bothers him most on his face and he scratches it so much it bleeds. What brand and can you use it on babies etc...

PS will everyone change their names back on the twelfth night?

Allnew that rash is exctly what Luke has all over his back and chest and tummy. I thought it was part of the eczema. If you find out a. what it is or b. what to do to make it go, please let me know! Luke has had it since before he was weaning so as far as I know it's not an allergy.

goingtohaveagoodnightssleep Sun 04-Jan-09 17:30:44

The moldies stuff bypassed me! I saw some threads but didn't really take any notice. It's quite common for people to set up groups after meeting on places like MN. A while ago me and a few other people set up a modelling group as some people were quite masty on here. LOL about them leaving because there was too much parenting talk!!!!

BDQ when I read the first bit of ypur post I thought it siad cockathan and thought bloody hell! Can't get it out of my head now!!!

Amberc Sun 04-Jan-09 17:30:55

Neenz - sorry to hear about your sister - mine had the same twice in a row - you feel terrible for them.

hedgehog1979 Sun 04-Jan-09 17:42:46

amber I have changed back for you already. I think it was essie who said I sounded a bit Godfather like (actually a Terry Pratchet character). Also I got some aqueous cream for Isaacs eczema, although Sudocreme is also good, coz I use that on mine.

Finger Foods I have given Isaac...Bread Sticks, cocktail sausages, spring rolls, rice cakes, rich tea biscuits, mini corn on the cob, mangetout, chips (home made). He really does have whatever we are having.

going Have had loads of comments over the holidays about Isaac and modelling - Can I be really cheeky and ask who you use/recommend?

Have sealed the 'cigarettey' toys in a carrier bag with a large amount of bicarb and will wash them next weekend prob with some vinegar like I do the nappies and hope it goes.

Right am in the middle of making stew so should really go and check it is not doing anything to unexpected

poppy34 Sun 04-Jan-09 18:44:59

markign thread -still not had time to catch up.

amber sorry re rash but think with hydrocortisone cream you need to be bit careful about facial use so best to check with doc first.
sybilgood news re feeding.

and we got a nanny - confirmed last week to start in march so am very happy

bitofadramaqueen Sun 04-Jan-09 18:55:10

Evening all - my new years resolutions dont actually start till tomorrow so am allowed to get away with lots of posts today.

<snort> at cockathon goingto...

Am glad to hear lots of people giving rice cakes - when I bought some they all said from around '7 months' - I suspect thats because that's when they think babies will start having finger foods rather than anything nutritional?

Delighted to hear about your CC success needahand. Hope you find something that works for you system*

- really sorry about your sister.

<wave at poppy> hurrah for nanny.

I read a bit of the moldies stuff over Christmas - some of it was quite unpleasant. Made me quite happy not to be a famous poster. I like it here and on the nappy threads.

Now need to go and wash up after my massive cookathon grin

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