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April 2008 - the one where we have to babyproof everything!

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EllieG Sat 03-Jan-09 08:58:21

Am I first? Couldn't think of what to call it....

VS - I think she is hungrier, yes, I tried giving more milk, which helped, but then yesterday she spurned more milk for more food (I guess she can't take both) and she did sleep better last night. Woke once at 5.30 for drink water and then 6.30 properly. She is never hungry for her breakfast til about 8 though - does anyone else have this? Should I stop giving a ten o clock feed?

EllieG Sat 03-Jan-09 08:59:35

Oh and this is us -

07 March: Ashton, a fourth child for gemprincess, 5lb 13oz @ 34+6
09 March: Ted, a second DS for Daftmoo, 7lb 14oz @ 36+0
21 March: George William, a first baby for KnitterintheNW, 7lb 2.5oz @ 37+3
25 March: Olivia, a second baby for TheMaskedPoster, 7lb 2oz @ 38+4
28 March: Pablo, a third baby and first DS for vacaloca, 7lb 14oz @ 39+4
28 March: Matteo Alexander, a first baby for Gangle @ 38+0 (?)
30 March: A baby girl, a second child for PortAndLemon, 8lb 15oz @ 39+5
02 April: Jak, a baby boy for rainbowdays, 9lb @ 39+1
02 April: A baby boy, a second child for bunyanvillas, 6lb 14oz @ 37+5
02April: Struan, a baby boy for Donnabels, 6lbs 15oz
02 April: A baby boy for mummyofaprincess @39 weeks
03 April: A baby girl for PippiCalzelunghe @38+2weeks
03 April: Aeryn Daisy, a baby girl for Denny185, 9lb 8oz @ 39+3
03 April: Benjamin, a baby boy for Micegg, 8lb 3oz @ 39+4
03 April: Roelof Grové, a first DS for SalLikesCoffee, 7lb 5oz @ 38+5
03 April: A baby boy for siikibam, 6lb 8.5oz @39+1wks
04 April: Matilda, a baby girl for AprilsFoolsBaby 7lb @
05 April: Ellis, a baby girl for MadameOvary, 9lb 12oz @ 40+6
06 April: Henry Peter, a baby boy for Sheds, 7lb 130z @ 40+4
07 April: Sebastian George, a fourth DS for Peachy, 8lb 4oz @ 41+1
07 April: Jack, a first baby for ThePFJ, 7lb 5.5oz @ 41+1
07 April: Lexie Bea, a fourth baby for babywhiting, 8lb 1oz @ 39+4
08 April: Alasdair, a second DS for bunnyrabbit, 8lb 5.5oz @ 40+3
08 April: James Samuel, a third baby for honeybee10, 6lb 7oz @ 37+2
09 April: Zara Mia Martin, a first baby for V1KK1M, 7lb 10oz @ 41+0
09 April: Jasmine, a baby gilr for Niceychops
11 April: Kyran for rdk, 7lb 13oz @ 38+3weeks
11 April: Sebastian James, a second baby for Fleecy, 10lb 2oz @ 40+4
11 April: A baby girl, a first baby for CeylonSapphire, 7lb 12oz @ 41+1
11th April: Florence, a baby girl for LouMoose
12 April: Maya Alice, a first baby for egyptianprincess, 8lb 15.5oz @ 40+3
12 April: Sophia Viviana, a second DD for AussieDivaonaBreak, 6lb 12oz @ 39+3
15 April: Alexander Oliver, a third baby for VictorianSqualor, 10lb 3oz @ 41+0
16 April: Ailish, a first baby for Mollyfloss, 6lb 11oz @ 40+3
16 April: A baby girl, a second baby for elfsmummy, 7lb 13oz @ 41+1
16 April: Zoe, a baby girl, a first baby for ToastAddict, 6lb 10oz @ 39+3
16 April: Jasmin, a baby girl, a first baby for Eggandketchup, 9lb 3oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy for paranoidmumy, 8lb 9oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy, a second son for lorisparkle, 7lb 12.5oz @ 41+6
17 April: Benedict, first baby for LadyBee 9 lb 3oz @ 41 +2
18 April: Millie Grace Jessamy, a baby girl for scorpio1 8lb 9oz @ 41
18 April: Cameron, a second baby for munchkinmum @ 39+5
19 April: Oliver Michael, first baby for bashboid, 7 lb 4 oz at 41 +3
20 April: Samuel, a first baby for Velbels. 8lb15oz at 41+1weeks.
20 April: Angharad Mai, 8lb 4oz, 40+6, first for 7monthsplus
20 April: Emilia, 7lb15oz, a first baby for SuzeM, 40+6
20 April: A baby girl for SushiMama
21 April: Eve, a second baby for OMaLittle, 8lb 4oz @ 39+3
21 April: A second DD for Monmoo
22 April: Sam, a second son for Soph73 @ 40+0
22 April: Molly, a first baby for EllieG, 8lb 8oz? @ 40+5
22 April: Daisy, second baby for AttilaTheHan @ 40 +3
22 April: Zoe Olivia, second daughter for Piccallilli2 7lb 1oz @42+1
22 April: A second DD for blinks.
23 April: Jessica Elizabeth, first baby for BabyBratt @ 40+1 7lb 12oz.
24 April: A baby girl, a second daughter for christmaspixie, 9lb 2oz @ 40+6/41+5
24 April: Miya Jade, baby girl for ShelleySare at 39+4
25 April: Amelie, a first baby for Dondons, 9lb, 41+3 (i think!)
25 April: Aisha, a second baby for Jaq39 7lb 14oz @ 41+4
26 April: Hope Olivia, a second dd for northeastmummy, 7lb 11oz at 41 .
26 April: Gabriel, a third child for Bainmarie @ 41+5
26 April: Eli Michael, a baby boy for LittleMissTurquoise, 7lb 15.5oz @ 40+5
27 April: a baby girl for Ayomi, 6lb 1oz @ 41+0
28 April: Jacob Andrew, a 2nd DS for Kaybeeand2boys, 8lb 4oz @ 41+5
29 April: Thomas Henry, a 2nd DS for TLSM, 7lb 8oz 40+3
30 April: Harry Samuel, a fourth ds for Chipmonkey, 9lb 5oz @ 39+2
30 April: Ellie, a baby girl for Annamama
30 April: A second DD for luckymummy74
01 May: Sophie May, a baby grl for Annieroo, 6lb 5oz @ 41+4
01 May: Euan George, a baby boy for Jenniejennie, 8lb @ 40+4
02 May: Robyn Olivia, a baby girl for soph28, 8lb 1oz @ 42+1
05 May: Nora Martina, a first baby for Eva07, 7lb 8oz @ 41+2
05 May: A baby boy for Beeper, 8lb 10oz @ 41+0
05 May: Gabriella Summer, a first baby for MommyHasAHeadache, 8lb 4oz @ 40+6
06 May: Wilf, 8lb 60z for bigbadmom @ 41+6
07 May: James Andrew, a second ds for Moominsmummy, 8lb 13oz @ 41+5
08 May: Ellie Isabella, a first baby for Carey87, 7 lb 8oz @ 42+1
08 May: Robin David, a 2nd baby for Woollymummy, 8lb 11 oz @ 41+3
09 May: 4 kittens for scorpio's cat!
10 May: Astrid Mary, a second dd for TheShipsCat, 8lb 8oz @ 42+0

SalLikesCoffee Sat 03-Jan-09 09:59:42

Thanks, Ellie. Like the name - unfortunately very fitting! wink

Great to hear you had a better night.

VSisFlouncing Sat 03-Jan-09 10:39:16

We don't have hunger til about 9am either but giving a large meal before bed has stopped his 4am waking completely.
If she wants the 10 feed then give her it, if she's not too into it then don't bother, let her guide you.

ClarissimoUsedToBePeachy Sat 03-Jan-09 11:11:57

Bas won't eat food after about 6 which doesn't help, he has a BIG feed at 6am with a few snacks

scorpio1 Sat 03-Jan-09 12:11:51

just getting this on threads im on

SalLikesCoffee Sat 03-Jan-09 13:00:12

Scorpio, how are you feeling today?

Since being ill R's routine (or the little we had anyway) seems to have gone out the window a bit, so I'm keeping an eye on yours to steal it out of interest's sake.

scorpio1 Sat 03-Jan-09 13:59:39

I'm doing ok today thanks . Sorry to dissapoint, but Mimi is still perfect wink

We needed a new washing machine - pure luck really - i went back into B&Q to get some more stickers for Mimi's room, and saw our washing machine (indesit moon - anyone got one?) for £100 off in sale! Have sent DH in his van to get one grin.

Everything seems new here! mimi's room is nearly done; carpet tuesday evening. Will post pics soon

VSisFlouncing Sat 03-Jan-09 16:54:52

Do you remember I said that lad I knew was on telly a little while ago?
He's only one of the possibilities of the new Doctorshock

ClarissimoUsedToBePeachy Sat 03-Jan-09 16:55:47

Which one VS?

VSisFlouncing Sat 03-Jan-09 16:58:40

Matt Smith, eh was in The Ruby in the Smoke

ClarissimoUsedToBePeachy Sat 03-Jan-09 17:01:44

Thay're announcing the 'winner' at 5.35 on BBC1- we'll have to see if you know someone a bit famous or ridiculously so!

VSisFlouncing Sat 03-Jan-09 17:03:52

haha, I'm on facebook to old school friends now,
'You'll never guess who is one of the possible Doctor whos'wink

ClarissimoUsedToBePeachy Sat 03-Jan-09 17:10:29

People I know don't get famous. Somerset people don't- unless it's for some pointless rural crime or something (DH's friend was in the press for going joyriding in a JCB (I should add it was in a field, nobody hurt))

ClarissimoUsedToBePeachy Sat 03-Jan-09 17:59:56

bloody hell VS!!

VSisFlouncing Sat 03-Jan-09 18:01:49

I went to school with THE DOCTOR!!!

ClarissimoUsedToBePeachy Sat 03-Jan-09 18:20:17

<<I went to school with omeone who was sectioned for thiking he was a British rail Employee>>

Nah, you win VS



Do you get to facebook him?

VSisFlouncing Sat 03-Jan-09 18:31:40

I should have added him weeks ago, he'd knwo it was because of DR. Who now won't he?grin

ClarissimoUsedToBePeachy Sat 03-Jan-09 19:27:54

well you can always add him purposely to say congratulations I guess?

scorpio1 Sat 03-Jan-09 19:52:36

Vs - wow! I don't watch Doctor Who though.

Dss has gone home; with shoes. DH is going to have a chat with her about his coat and his hair (not been cut for weeks; we would have done it but have all been ill, plus holidays etc). She didn't ring Zac for 6 days whilst he was here. I find step-parenting really hard, i really do.

chipmonkey Sat 03-Jan-09 19:54:12

VS wouldn't be so transparent, would you VS?grin

MadameOvary Sat 03-Jan-09 20:31:43

VS - Get you grin

Thanks for adding extra details Ellie.

EllieG Sat 03-Jan-09 21:19:47

Cor VS, proper claim to fame that one. I went to an all-girls school and none of them are famous or anything approaching sadly. Having said that, although I don't actually watch Dr Who, i am deeply saddened by David Tennant leaving as I think he should be in every programme. He's on my list of 'People I am Allowed to Shag if Offered the Chance'.

DH has Kylie (so predictable) and Helena Bonham Carter.

I have David Tennant and Daniel Craig. So far is two apiece but can change.

EllieG Sat 03-Jan-09 21:20:30

I didn't actually add MOvery, if being honest, I think chipmonkey did to last thread.

scorpio1 Sat 03-Jan-09 21:37:24

My DH has Helena too Ellie grin and Rihanna.

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