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June 07 - Tinsel and baubles all over the floor.........mummy is seething; she can't take any more

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TheTwelveDAISYOfChristmas Sat 13-Dec-08 20:47:57

hello smile

TheButterflyEffect Sat 13-Dec-08 20:53:41

Message withdrawn

NattyFeelsChristmassy Sat 13-Dec-08 20:59:09

lol daisy good title!

TheTwelveDAISYOfChristmas Sat 13-Dec-08 21:19:10

Butterfly's last post from the old thread.....please answer her question smile

"our spare room was full of poundland bags gifts and so last night i sorted most of them out.

i'll have enough for next christmas too by the looks of things.

i don't want to give them it all at once - it may be mostly from poundland but they don't know that.

i am thinking 8 stocking fillers, two medium presents (ie lego) and one big one each.

does that sound right?

and save the rest for rainy days, birthdays and next christmas, as well as toilet training treats. i wonder when ds1 will actually be toilet-trained."

NattyFeelsChristmassy Sat 13-Dec-08 21:22:09

i think that sounds about right, have you bought all the presents for ur DC's Friends for christmas?

TheTwelveDAISYOfChristmas Sat 13-Dec-08 21:26:07

yes we did, i stuffed a towel down the back of the mattress to shiove it over so it;s hard against our mattress. I'm going to get a kingsize flat sheet tomorrow to tuck in and make a seamless gap iyswim, but all the pics of sidecar cots on t'interweb just have them next to each other with a potential gap. I think maybe I'm being a bit of a worry wart.

Pressies sound right mhc. Ours (the two older ones anyway!) are getting one big present, a couple of medium sized presents, some books and a few stocking fillers and a tube of jelly tots each as well as their apple, satsuma and a "penny" from Santa. (and I bought a Wii blush but that is a joint/family present)

We also got each DC a wee present from the other two, but DS1 wants to wrap up his Duplo lego which is in the loft and give that to DD, which suits me as it's a really nice gesture, and saves money as well as stops us from filling the house with more tat.

NattyFeelsChristmassy Sat 13-Dec-08 21:31:56

daisy i dont think you are being a worry wart at all, i wondered the same thing and also took steps to reduce the risk.
mind you i was thinking of the baby falling to the floor more then getting stuck between them.
let me know how u get on so i can do the same for my new baby

TheButterflyEffect Sat 13-Dec-08 21:33:00

Message withdrawn

NattyFeelsChristmassy Sat 13-Dec-08 21:35:26

ah well i suppose u could put the spare presents away for birthday presents? later in the year for classmates birthdays?

TheButterflyEffect Sat 13-Dec-08 21:37:31

Message withdrawn

TheTwelveDAISYOfChristmas Sat 13-Dec-08 21:41:42

night's my turn to let DS suck on my finger and to let DH do his pootering and go to the loo!!

NattyFeelsChristmassy Sat 13-Dec-08 21:44:40

ah of course cos they are home schooled.. x post sorry, didnt see it x

TheButterflyEffect Sat 13-Dec-08 21:47:55

Message withdrawn

NattyTurkeyAndEggnog Sat 13-Dec-08 21:53:34

thanks for sticking up for me butterfly btw xx

TheButterflyEffect Sat 13-Dec-08 22:05:45

Message withdrawn

NattyTurkeyAndEggnog Sat 13-Dec-08 22:07:44

TheButterflyEffect Sat 13-Dec-08 22:11:13

Message withdrawn

GloooooooooooooooooooRia Sat 13-Dec-08 22:12:59

I am christmassysmile

I am going to buy Charlie & Lola DVD on Amazon for me DS2. Mine are getting several small presents, and then smaller ones in their stockings. DH & I are having stocking this year too. The DCs gifts are mostly books (DS1 has the Sam Stern he hasn't got and a wartime cookery book! DS2 is getting a cookbook too - if they're going to be like DH I might as well encourage them to be the besthmm

NattyTurkeyAndEggnog Sat 13-Dec-08 22:15:49

hello ria how you been? i can see ur feeling christmasy

TheButterflyEffect Sat 13-Dec-08 22:18:51

Message withdrawn

NattyTurkeyAndEggnog Sat 13-Dec-08 22:19:13

oh she should!

GloooooooooooooooooooRia Sat 13-Dec-08 22:26:12

sorry to be dim, but where is the comp?

NattyTurkeyAndEggnog Sat 13-Dec-08 22:31:00


NattyTurkeyAndEggnog Sat 13-Dec-08 22:34:20

ah they already picked the shortlist

NattyTurkeyAndEggnog Sat 13-Dec-08 22:37:21

ooo before i forget. thank you to my mystery santa my mum dropped of the parcel today.. deperate to open it but DH has hidden it from me

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