April 2007 - Tis the Season to be jolly - and whingy and clingy and ill ......

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CaptainDippy Sat 13-Dec-08 09:11:57


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StealthPolarBear Sat 13-Dec-08 09:15:04


CaptainDippy Sat 13-Dec-08 09:16:07

Glad you like it!! wink

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seXMASonlegs Sat 13-Dec-08 10:47:14

grin here too!

Tickets due to be delivered between 9 and 1.... I have just seen a farkng pig fly.

Patience is a virtue.....

AngeGabriel Sat 13-Dec-08 11:13:28

grin I like it too!

Hope tickets come SOL!

Izzy all better thanks SOL. I still feel rough got a cold, cough, chest feels tight etc! Not helped by the fact that I was out clubbing on Thursday night and didn't get home until 3am shockand was then up at 7am next morning sad I'm too old for it!!
DH let me have a lie in until 10.30 this morning though bless him smile

Can't remember anything else sorry.

Off to have family photos done today!

Bye for now xx

seXMASonlegs Sat 13-Dec-08 11:36:27

They are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ridiculous, but I am crying about it!!!!!

AngeGabriel Sat 13-Dec-08 11:37:23

Fantastic SOL so pleased.Enjoy gringrin

Doobydoo Sat 13-Dec-08 11:50:57

fAB TITLE.hURRAH sol.Angeshockclubbing.
Ds1 who is 9 I repeat 9[not 20 months]pulled the christmas tree down last night[raaaar]accident but could have been avoided!
Cold here.Ds1 off to a bday party we are going to try and wrap things.Am sure M will be really helpfulhmm

Doobydoo Sat 13-Dec-08 12:01:19

The difference between the 2 boys is amazing.M I am afaid to say appears to have no conscience whereas ds1 has always been abit of a worrier.So far this morning M has riffled through recycling ansd swigged the dregs of a can of coke and yop[dairy a no no]has vacuumed[obsessed with it],pulled my bowl of mincemeat onto kitchen floor which dog ate and she is now prob drunk as it had whiskey in!
He has thrown various fooditems on floor.Given his bear some milhmmBear now in wash.Screamed,alot and is now in bed.All this before 10.30!Oh and insisted on reading the same book with horses in which he calls Hors[you know what that sounds like]I am knackered.Hope you all have a good day.grin

seXMASonlegs Sat 13-Dec-08 12:04:44

Dooby, absolutely pmsl at M's antics!! Hope the day improves

Ange, lovely to see you and glad Izzy is better. Sorry you are feeling pants though. Good on ya for clubbing. Where did you go??

It is our work xmas do tonight (without partners) and I am drinking!!!!!!!!!

Need to go, as tons to do. Off to see my Mum and Dad later

DingdongmerrilyonDOO Sat 13-Dec-08 12:04:55

Glad P is doing better Dippy.Hope you are too.Going now............

AngeGabriel Sat 13-Dec-08 12:29:22

Like you Christmas name Dooby! PMSL at M smile

SOl - hope you have a good time tonight. We went to Tiger Tiger in Gun Wharf!!

Hope you have a good time with your Mum and Dad. How is your Mum?

Right better go and get dressed I suppose blush

CaptainDippy Sat 13-Dec-08 15:59:02

So glad the tickeyts arrive SOL - when is it you are actually going to see them!! grin

Have had a lovely, but super tiring day! Took older two to see Wall-E at the cinema, followed by picking up DH and P and going to a Party at KFC for lunch, followed by looking at bikes for girls for Christmas. We are now going to finish decorating the tree. I am shattered!!


Oooooh, Pillock - Pjs arrived- they are gorgeous! Thank you! I want a pair!!!!! winkgrin

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StealthPolarBear Sat 13-Dec-08 20:46:00

Hi everyone
Our tree is up!
Lol at M Dooby
Have a good time tonight SOL

PillockOnTheChristmastree Sat 13-Dec-08 21:59:04

I want some too Dippy grin
Anyone up for the challenge? If so, Dippy and I would like some shiny pink satin Little Miss pj's please grin

We have what feels like an entire chemist's counter on the go here, J has anti-biotics for ear/throat infection (although doc asked me to take them but not use them unless J got worse so as yet unopened!), Tixylix for his cough (which after at first refusing to take it because it was blackcurrant not strawberry hmm he is now requesting!), and Calpol for the ear/throat infection if it seems to be bothering him. Dosed him up last night and sent him off to Justin's but didn't send them with him as I decided he'd be ok until he came home today. He came home coughing really badly sad so might have to start upping the dose.

Do you think I could hibernate for all of December every year? For the years until J was born, M was ill every December. Now J has taken on the task of making the month a nightmare!

Still, I have my fabbo April Girls created christmas tree up on the wall which had me smiling and crying all over again blush, and finally have the cheque for my car so can pay it to my gran who bought the new one for me. Hardly seems like a year ago (next Saturday) that I had the accident. Will be feeling very lucky again when 7.30pm comes around next week, and might just leave the car alone that day, just in case grin

elkiedee Sat 13-Dec-08 23:40:30

Just posting on the new thread so I can find it, can't remember enough to respond or think of anything interesting to say, just sitting around feeling sorry for myself!

Sorry to hear J's feeling ill, though perhaps his enjoyment of the Tixylix is a good sign? Hope SOL's having a good time.

RudolphtherEDDASnosedreindeer Sun 14-Dec-08 07:40:54

<<<<<creeps in sheepishly>>>>>

Hi everyone, sorry it's been so longblush I read the thread a lot and really think i've been posting sometimesblushgrin

So, how is everyone? I see j is still ill potcsad hope he picks up soon. SOL yay to tickets turing up hope you have a fab time, dh would be envy

Not much going on round here. DD had her last day at pre-schoolsad it was so cute. She now has a month with no school or pre-school, that'll be fun wink

and it's the dc's last day at nursery on friday gringrin Good job or they'd be getting an earful as they never seem to get my invoice right and i'm beginning to get very annoyed with it. Apparently it wasn't the ladys fault that nov's invoice was wrong and there was an adj in dec(i told them nov was wrong) oh no guess who's it was.........the computershmm jeeeeeeeez what a rubbish excuse!

Has anyone or their dc had something called an eruption cyst when their teeth are coming through? I think ds has one. I noticed it last night after he'd eaten dinner. At first I thought it was a bit of foodgrin but it stayed there. After some mn investigation I think it may be an eruption cyst. I'm not sure what to do about it. ds doesn't seem fussed by it but it looks quite freaky! I haven't taken him anywhere to look at it yet but I will do tomorrow. Do you think doctor or dentist hmm doubt i'd get him into the dentist anytime son so may plump for the docs?

I'll stop waffling now, dd is on about needing breakfast anyway <<sigh>>

Back soon x

seXMASonlegs Sun 14-Dec-08 09:34:16


Eddas, lovely to see you. Never heard of an eruption cyst. Hope ds is ok.

POTC, poor J, hope he picks up soon. I often wish Christas didn't fall in the month of December grin

Hi Elkie and SPB.

Hi Dippy.

All ok here. Had a great time last night even though I didn't really feel like going. I went to see Mum and Dad yesterday afternoon and I always feel so down afterwards. Mum is so frail, and has lost a stone and a half in weight. I feel so sad when I see her.

Anyway, last night was a good pick-me-up and tonight we are off to see Coldpay - hence my stressing over the tickets Dippy - they were cutting it a bit fine for my liking!

Anyway, hope everyone is ok. Need to get on as loads to do before we head off.
Love to all xx

StealthPolarBear Sun 14-Dec-08 12:33:45

So sorry that your mum is looking frail SOL, once her treatment is over she will need to start building up her strength again.
enjoy tonight

DingdongmerrilyonDOO Sun 14-Dec-08 13:29:25

So sorry about your mum SOL.
I hope you enjoy Coldplay.
Off out later to village party.
M won't go into his cot at night anymore[grrr]
Hope things ok with you POTC.
Hi to all.

CaptainDippy Sun 14-Dec-08 15:28:41

Oh, P has just woken up - so will be very brief!! Hope all's ok for everyone. smile

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jingleoooggs Sun 14-Dec-08 20:58:28

wow not much activity lately!!!

DingdongmerrilyonDOO Sun 14-Dec-08 20:59:18

I know!Blimmin antisocial lotgrinHope you ok?
I can keep up with the thread when it's like thisgrin

StealthPolarBear Sun 14-Dec-08 21:00:49


StealthPolarBear Sun 14-Dec-08 21:01:13

I know, we used to fill a thread every day, now look at us sad

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