June 08: All we want for Christmas is a good night's sleep!

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bitofasnowqueen Wed 03-Dec-08 15:03:51

New thread!

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jingleallnewjinglebells Wed 03-Dec-08 15:28:02

just marking the thread!
Hmm - good night's sleep, what was that again?

DreamingOfMincePiesInAustria Wed 03-Dec-08 15:51:41

hi new thread

aiip - test went well he said, will get result on fri

5gomad is on holiday sunning herself somewhere exotic - can't remember where though.

poppy - ethan can sit without help of brothers for more than 1 minute or so, but no rolling at all yet!

DreamingOfMincePiesInAustria Wed 03-Dec-08 15:53:48

jingle - what was the obscure dancing comment on our last thread?

jingleallnewjinglebells Wed 03-Dec-08 15:58:57

haha - I wondered why I couldn't see my posted on the SCD thread!

spongebrainbigpants Wed 03-Dec-08 16:38:28

Looks like I missed a really intesresting debate while I've been away! Sorry to disappear - busy weekend then spent the last three days in bed with a sickness bug. Dh was also ill so mum came to the rescue thank god, and has been looking after Alex.

Amber, am totally with you on loving the IT crowd - although dh always gets a hard time from me when we're watching it as I always remind him he's an IT geek! grin

BDQ, sorry to hear about S's night waking - wasn't it you who was saying that S slept through like Alex and you were hoping he wouldn't follow Alex's pattern of waking again? sad

Neenz, I will have to look up your thread again on controlled crying - I was finding it interesting some of the stuff being said. Not surprised it got heated with some of the characters involved (I recognise the names from other threads)! smile

josey, I'm horrified by what that man said to you about Olivia glad that other healthcare professionals have supported you in complaining about him.

Penguin, so sorry to hear you're feeling so low sad.

puree, I completely misread your post and thought you were asking whether it was too early to be shaving your undercarriage again!! blush. Trying for a baby, god no, go for it - I would be trying again if I didn't have to get back in shape to put myself through the hell of more f**king IVF sad.

Not much to report here - Alex is rolling like a good 'un and I'm desperate to get our building work finished so we can move into our renovated conservatory/playroom and he won't be able to get at all the cables in the lounge!

DingDongAlipalisOnAHigh Wed 03-Dec-08 17:12:05

Just marking the thread.

Deb glad the test was ok.

Penguin how did you get on at the GPs?

hollyivypoppy34 Wed 03-Dec-08 18:20:23

marking thread.. will come back later when the feeding marathon ends.

pureedchesnutsonanopenfire Wed 03-Dec-08 18:24:26

Checking in on our umpteenth thread....

hollyivypoppy34 Wed 03-Dec-08 18:37:46

sponge sorry you're poorly.

pureed you can go first then hopefully i'll follow re next one.

right rant alert (in what I expect will be an ongoign saga).. have got a nanny agency lookign for nanny (as I've said before ages away and I know I fret unduly but that is the right of a mum to pfb grin).. so far they've sent me 3 cvs (fair dos that is good goign for a week) but of these with 2 of them tehy've subesquently called/emailed to say job isnt right for nanny (one area wrong, one cos it starts after she needs job) -now I've got no issue with the reasons which sound valid, but WTF couldn't agency have done their homework before sending CV? I kind of thought I was paying them to weed out that kind of shit -after all if I put an ad on the net I wouldnt mind so much dealing with timewasters as I'm not paying an agency to deal with them for me.

sybiltherednosedreindeer Wed 03-Dec-08 18:57:54

Poppy, I agree that is poor, after all surely this is what you are paying them for?

Re: trying to conceive again. There is no good time I don't think, you have to do what seems right to you. Although having said that, I suffer really badly from morning sickness and couldn't imagine having that and the 2 hour nightly feeds, so even if I were planning to try again (which I'm not) it wouldn't be for a while yet. We have a 2.5 year gap and a 4.5 year gap. It is easier with the longer gap for me, but the older two play so well together and Jamie obviously won't have that.

hollyivypoppy34 Wed 03-Dec-08 19:02:16

thanks sybil.. and for words of advice re age gap - thing is I'm not getting any younger (are any of us except for possibly liz hurley) and given fact it took me a while to get lucky last time can't leave it to long.

spongebrainbigpants Wed 03-Dec-08 19:18:25

poppy, I'm with you on that - it's an age thing more than anything, that's my age rather than Alex's!

Totally agree with you on the agency - they sound crap. Are there other agencies you could approach?

bitofasnowqueen Wed 03-Dec-08 19:28:20

Evening all - glad your back Sponge and yes it was me on the night time wakings sad The last two nights have been a bit better so hoping it was just a bit of a phase. At the moment I'd just be happy if he'd go back to the waking up for his dummy and then going back to sleep straight after. Fingers crossed.

RE: second babies - I think we'll be a one child family here. Don't get me wrong I love S to bits and he's a much wanted baby but I don't think I could go through all of the heartache we went through to get him again.

Age/finance is also a factor, though. Having 2 in nursery at the same time would be crippling and I'll be 40 by the time S goes to school. I know lots of people have kids at that age but I can't see it appealling to me.

I wish all of you who are thinking about trying again soon all the best of luck with it though, and hope you are all blessed with beautiful siblings for your DC's.

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DreamingOfMincePiesInAustria Wed 03-Dec-08 19:29:23

Puree - go for it, if you're considering it then it's the right thing to do but enjoy some pate, cheese and wine over Christmas first eh?

Poppy - agency don't sound great, like you say they should have checked with the nanny's before sending the cv's to you. What does the cv sound like that you received?
Ethan also feeds for about 45 minutes before bed .

Penguin - how are you? Hoep you find us and report back from the Drs

Sponge - sorry you've been poorly but glad Mum came to the rescue. Nothing worse than looking after children when you're feeling rough.

Lol Jingle - could be dangerous writing your comments on the wrong thread!!

DreamingOfMincePiesInAustria Wed 03-Dec-08 19:31:59

Snowqueen - sounds like you've given the idea of more children lots of thought, I'm an only child and it's never been a problem for me.

hollyivypoppy34 Wed 03-Dec-08 20:40:48

snowqueen - I can see where you're coming from ( had a lot of angst myself re conceiving etc)... but would give it a go - as we're going the nanny route (eye watering as it is) there is a sort of saving there.

deb the one that looks ok is good - she has a lot of experience, lives locally and is 40 plus - know that sounds daft but what I want is someone who is intuitive/kind and experienced ( I know they are out there as my friend has someone just like that) rather than got all the right qualifications. Only drawback on this one (and its minor) is I'll need to do teh admin to get her offsted registered.

Glad its not me that thinks its crap - I had a bit of angst about agencies anyway (some of them seem a right rip off for what they do) so will give this one a bit longer then maybe look around for another/do it myself.

hollyivypoppy34 Wed 03-Dec-08 20:41:30

and also good to hear re being an only child deb - given my issues and those of others (who oddly seem to have more troubel conceiving no 2) I'm not counting my chickens re no 2.

pureedchesnutsonanopenfire Wed 03-Dec-08 20:57:09

Me neither poppy- very grateful to have the one I've got after the trials of getting her, but also wonder whether the old thing about capitalising on your fertility has a grain of truth. Either that or it takes another three years and I'd better get cracking sharpish.

Though I do have six months supply of Clomid in the cupboard......

Can also confirm that agencies are crap, and I say this from the other side. When I was a nanny I was regularly put forward for jobs that weren't suited. I always wondered what they did to earn their fee, and now I know!!!

hollyivypoppy34 Wed 03-Dec-08 21:03:10

pureed that is heartening to hear. I'm beginnign to think that all the folk who said put a direct ad in are right - I know that I'd not use an agency to get a job so dunno why I thought this would be any different. I think its cos it such an emotive thing when it involves your children.

well we can try to get lucky together (ifyswim) -second time around hopefully easier for us

Anyone else watching i'm a celeb? or is it just me who is sad

DreamingOfMincePiesInAustria Wed 03-Dec-08 21:16:07

Took me 6 months to conceive Stefan and I know I was very lucky and that its a very short amount of time for most women but then with Tristan and Ethan I conceived in the 1st month.

I definitely won't be having any more so it would be lovely to have some newborn photos to gaze at next year!

pureedchesnutsonanopenfire Wed 03-Dec-08 21:17:10

I'll see what I can do Debsgrin

hollyivypoppy34 Wed 03-Dec-08 21:17:50

if I get lucky i'm relying on the likes of you /5go mad to support me deb

getting lots of help on nanny thread - that is quite helpful unlike weaning one.

hollyivypoppy34 Wed 03-Dec-08 21:18:17

pureed you shouldn't be hanging around on m/n then wink

bitofasnowqueen Wed 03-Dec-08 21:20:12

Thanks Deb - that's reassuring to know. It is something I've thought about a lot. People in RL have been very opinionated about it - you'd think an only child was akin to murder or something! grin.

DH and I have said never say never, but we're about 95% no at the moment!

IT's a very good point about fertility though poppy and puree - there's no guarantees at all. I hope you both lucky though when the time comes!

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