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September 08 Remember what we were doing this time last year?[wink]

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Debs75goldrings Wed 03-Dec-08 13:18:15

So what were we all doing this time last year?

becaroodolf Wed 03-Dec-08 13:32:14

I was pregnant...sadly lost that brother had just got married, I was working P/T as a medical secretary AND I WAS A SIZE 10!!!

StarlightWonderStarlightBright Wed 03-Dec-08 13:39:35

I was peeing on ov sticks to name but one thing!

Debs Use the next size up nappy for overnights!

digitalgirl Wed 03-Dec-08 13:50:15

I was booking a holiday to Zanzibar to test sod's law in the hope that I'd get pregnant and have to cancel. (we went to Mauritius instead - no malaria)

carrieon Wed 03-Dec-08 14:18:14

I was feeling very proud of dd who had just started to pull herself up to standing. And I was starting to think about christmas shopping. And I came to the end of my maternity leave and started being an 'official' SAHM. I'm sure there was something else....
...having lots of sex TTC! grin

ninjinglebells Wed 03-Dec-08 14:29:53

Debs I use washables overnight with no problem - I use microfibre nappies as they're nice and soft and they're often on for 11 hours.

Last year I was jsut thinking - ooops we didn't use a condom, does that mean DH is ready to start trying for a baby?

Also - S**t I haven't bought any Christmas Pressies yet

LittleDonkeyCarrieMary Wed 03-Dec-08 14:30:38

Just testing my new name. Thanks Starlight for having a level of imagination I can only dream of!

Just ordered a photo mug for dh's christmas present with pics of the kids on. He never used to drink coffee at work but since having 2 dcs he's changed his ways!

LittleDonkeyCarrieMary Wed 03-Dec-08 14:31:34

ninja what microfibre washables do you use that don't soak through overnight? ds soaks through a bamboozle if he's not changed at his 4am feed.

StarlightWonderStarlightBright Wed 03-Dec-08 14:58:20



, digitalgirl, Meglet and hopefully


ninjinglebells Wed 03-Dec-08 15:01:48

Carrie - I use bambinex teddies (think it's bambimeo) with a airflow wrap. I think more of it evaporates from a microfibre so might be worth a go.

Sassyfrassy Wed 03-Dec-08 15:12:44

Poor Katie has a chest infection so we're fairly miserable. She cough and coughs until she is choking and has gone off her food. Gp has prescribed antibiotics so I'm hoping they'll kick in quickly. At least it's not as bad as for my friend who has twins that were born in october. They've both got bronchiolotis and have to sleep in oxygen tents =(

Anyways, I'll get the poo baby massage routine sent out as soon as Katie is better.

jinglejenpets Wed 03-Dec-08 15:24:48

Well, DS1 and I have spent the afternoon up to our elbows in bicarb & flour dough - thanks starlight - the boiler is currently covered in small stars, moons, xmas trees etc - and did Sams foot & hand - a very productive afternoon!
This time last year I was thinking.."hmm, would be lovely, but maybe after Xmas, then I don't have to abstain from alcohol.." blush

StarlightWonderStarlightBright Wed 03-Dec-08 15:27:54

LOL Jenpet We have glitter EVERYWHERE, and some on the stars and little feet.

Have you remembered to poke holes in the ones you want for tree decorations?

jinglejenpets Wed 03-Dec-08 15:35:49

Am looking forward to the glitter bit. Takes me back to my pre-DS's gay club nights out lol. Yep, holes in correct places...not sure who has enjoyed all this most blush

DebitheScot Wed 03-Dec-08 15:38:33

just checking in to get thread on my list.

DS2 had 2nd lot of jabs today, he was not amused but is ok now.

Poor Katie sassy, hope she gets better soon.

I'm planning on making dough things tomorrow too with ds1, sounds fun. Also planning on making cakes, better not get the mixtures muddled up.

SunflowerNeedsSunshine Wed 03-Dec-08 16:07:07


and a year ago was thinking, didn't work, probably will take ages as we were so lucky with dc1.... smile

hopefully Wed 03-Dec-08 16:40:18

OMG, starlight, well done on finding that thread! This time a year ago DP and I were just on our way back from paris, having decided (after several beers and a trip to look at the cute clothes in petit bateau on the champs elysees) that perhaps we might give TTC a shot, thinking it would take a good few months. BFP appeared pretty much exactly 4 weeks later! I was also a size 10...

I can't think of a festive name sad

StarlightWonderStarlightBright Wed 03-Dec-08 16:44:53

TisTheSeaseonToHopefully, fa la la....

mysnowmanhasMelTed Wed 03-Dec-08 16:52:01

Just checking in

Kagey Wed 03-Dec-08 16:55:32

Oh this is depressing - last year was a nice size 10, looking forward to a merry christmas with lots of work parties and going up to Manchester for my friend's 30th birthday (which was probably about the time that Erin was created grin). Never did I think it would happen so soon.

Now have a lovely overhang but a goregous baby so shall count my blessings!

Will be getting our tree at the weekend, as my neighbours have put theirs up and it looks fab!

Kagey Wed 03-Dec-08 16:57:34

Sorry forgot to say I hope Katie gets better soon!

StarlightWonderStarlightBright Wed 03-Dec-08 17:04:29

Fab name MelT!

ninjinglebells Wed 03-Dec-08 17:05:43

So .... what size are you all now? I'm 2 sizes bigger on top (but I have a fab cleavage!) and about half a size bigger on the bottom, but a completely different shape.

hopefully Wed 03-Dec-08 17:08:05

Gahhhhh I'm a 12 on top (although if it was a fitted shirt I'd probably be a 14 due to vast boobs) and easily a 14 on the bottom half, probably a 16 somewhere like Topshop.
I have cut down the snacks slightly! Am going to have to start being a little more practive about it at some point though - I hate being bigger than normal.

StarlightWonderStarlightBright Wed 03-Dec-08 17:08:14

Dunno! I was never any particular size, still not but definately bigger!

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