May 07.The one where the toddlers try to eat the wrapping paper and climb the Christmas tree!

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TheGreatScootini Tue 25-Nov-08 18:14:00

New thread..we-ell it is nearly December and I like to start the festivities early doors grin

You are not miserable CM..You are going through a horrible time.
Tis a bit tumbleweedy on 't thread these last few days though..

Tell DH I have ALOT of jobs for him to do Mrs JB.I am so sick of the sight of this ruddy shiny wall paper!

Girls back tonight.I am looking forward to seeing them but I cant pretend it hasnt been nice to have some peace smile

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Themasterandmargaritas Tue 25-Nov-08 18:28:12

Those participating in Secret Santa, please check your emails smile Let me know if you haven't received one.

MmeJaffa1ofyour5aday Tue 25-Nov-08 18:41:59

Good title scoot!! You are not the great for no reason.

So, I'll stick Dh on a plane, I'll have him back by x-mas! He'll be great with the girls too ya know. wink

TheGreatScootini Tue 25-Nov-08 18:49:30

I give him two days.He will be begging to come back.grin

Here is what I should do before they get back;stip the beds and put clean sheets on.Hoover.Make a nutritious meal for the girls to take to cm tomorrow.
Here is what I will actually do;drink some wine.Finish my chocolates.Watch Telly.Get frozen chicken dinner out of freezer to defrost for the girls tomorrow.I am lazy slattern.I dont care.
Anyone want a Lindor?>>proffers chocolates around<<

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anneme Tue 25-Nov-08 19:03:19

hey - make the most of it Scoot!

CM you are not a misery - and I think you have been v calm about the kitchen!

Without wishing to be morbid it is not a bad idea to tell one's DH (or whoever) what you want to happen if something does happen to you....takes the pressure off in that situation - and talking about it does not make it happen...My Grandad had the whole lot planned when he died and I think my parents have done the same.

OK enough of this - DH and I are having an evening of sorting out Xmas presents tonight - I am feeling all smug that it is all under control and I have a horrid feeling that I will now find that I need a second mortgage to get all the things I havent got!

JamInMyWellies Tue 25-Nov-08 20:03:26

hello all,

Scoot am uber envy at your time to yourself. But I bet your glad to have the girls back now.

Charley my lovely hows things?

MrsJB if I could I would get your DH over here have a list as long as my arm that he could do.

AM I saw you passed oyur assignment well done lovey.

LG&T hows things? Is mini G&T staying put?

TMAM I had a quick squizz at that thread please dont flounce.

MKG what a clever Mateo.

Anneme yuck I have had enough vom in the last few wks to last a life time.

PJ how goes it?

Not much happening am still pregnant. But apologies for a bit TMI had the major trots this arvo and now have piles on top of piles blush and have been getting random fookin sore crampy type pains all arvo. But bubs cant come tonight still have far to much to crack on with.

Lupins71 Tue 25-Nov-08 20:03:28

Hello Hello Hello

What the heck has everyone been up to!

Life is same ol same ol here - well if you can ever call my life same ol!

Can someone pls give me an update on who has new babies, who is expecting new babies, who wants new babies blah blah!

I still only have my lovely - ermm yes lovely two little darlings, dp is still a manic depressive but thankfully on the mend, the dog still stinks and I have had my hours cut just like everyone else in the country, so apart from the kids having now reached the age where it is love/ hate things are ok I just have lots of new grey hairs

Off for a hot bath now as we have had no heating for what seems like forever and finally got a new burner yesterday and new oil is arriving tomorrow - yes country life is still as idillic as ever!

pls pls pls update me I miss you all and need news!!

hugs to all

TheGreatScootini Tue 25-Nov-08 20:47:04 know that having the squits is a sign of impending labour dontcha?Was with L anyway..grinShall I start boiling the water and that? grin

You can keep yer hands off Mr JB as well..he's mine till

LUPS!Nice to see you.We have been worried..Did dp get to the Dr or get any counselling then?Glad to hear you sounding a bit more chipper anyway..forget the grey hairs..I found one the other day.Am pretending I did

envy at your xmas organisation anemne.I have bought the girls main gifts,DH's,my sisters, my cousins.And thats it.Ive got a long way to go and god knows how much I have spent already blush(Including present to self today, nice frock for Christmas wedding we are going to, obligatory hmm)

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JamInMyWellies Wed 26-Nov-08 08:48:26

Still here, just annoying random preggo pains.

Lups lovely to see you.

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 26-Nov-08 08:51:08

Found you all !!

3 days to go ....... grin

<<Tilly rushes off to get on with a million things she's got left to do, despite thinking she was really organised shock)

MmeJaffa1ofyour5aday Wed 26-Nov-08 09:27:19

OMG Jam is this it???????? Jumps up and down in excitement. Early labour? Is it a little early? Excuse crap memory of due date.

MmeJaffa1ofyour5aday Wed 26-Nov-08 09:29:43

Wow tilly, 3 days, I'd be shiteing it. Can't wait to see some photys. It's always the bits that you can't do til the last minute that make things a rush at the end. I remember being really organised but rushed off my feet in the last few days.

JamInMyWellies Wed 26-Nov-08 11:54:05

No not due until 9th Dec but am getting increasingly fed up of being preggers. Especially as everything is ready now.

How exciting Tilly lots of love and luck to you both.

MKG Wed 26-Nov-08 12:20:24

Hello all. Today I am absolutely knackered. I spent all day yesterday running around and getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I can't wait for December to come and go, I'm so stressed about everything.

largeginandtonic Thu 27-Nov-08 09:14:49

<< holds weary head up >>

The sick...the poo... i can't cope.

3 more went down with the bug (so far) ds#4's seems to have reignited itself in the last 24hrs. I have been wiping poo bottoms in the middle of the night and been listening to endless whinging.

I have not been out the house. Beau terrorifes ds#4 all the time. He turns the TV off, hits him and climbs on him. I am at the end of my rag.

I think i am on 4 nights barely any sleep now. Moan, moan.

TMAM i got your email, will reply today smile

Jam do you think this is it or is it wishful thinking? Not long now is it. Was A late? I can't remember.

I have heard via FB from SOH smile She is fine, just has v temperamental tinternet access atm.

How is everyone else?

Pinkjenny Thu 27-Nov-08 09:22:02

Right, I will catch up in a mo. I have to admit that I have been in bed with McDreamy. Yes ladies, I am obsessed with Greys Anatomy. I am considering flying to America to try and break up Patrick Dempsey's marriage.


largeginandtonic Thu 27-Nov-08 09:44:01

Patrick Dempsey?? As in Dallas Dempsey? Good lord how old is he now?

largeginandtonic Thu 27-Nov-08 09:44:40


Pinkjenny Thu 27-Nov-08 09:45:43

No love. That's Patrick Duffy. grin

Happy Thanksgiving MKG!

largeginandtonic Thu 27-Nov-08 09:49:08

Doh!!! << sleep deprived weak excuse >>

largeginandtonic Thu 27-Nov-08 09:49:33

Link a pic please.

largeginandtonic Thu 27-Nov-08 09:50:46

Where the feck is everyone? I have been gone for days and have barely anything to catch up on.

Welcome back Lups!!! I thought of you the other day smile Which buggy is A in now wink

Pinkjenny Thu 27-Nov-08 09:52:34


He's my new number one. My administrator has gotten me into Greys Anatomy. I am obsessed. My BF has just said I'm the same now as I was when I was twelve when it comes to obsessing over boys!

largeginandtonic Thu 27-Nov-08 10:04:05

Good grief he is holding twins! That would make me run a mile grin Are they his?

He is quite cute though, could do with a haircut though.

Who got kicked out of X factor on Saturday?

Pinkjenny Thu 27-Nov-08 10:05:14

Rachel. Thank God. She was scaring me.

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