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Feb 08 - Lessons in Dressing An Octopus (Or Cooo-eeeee, We're Overe Here!)

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swottybetty Mon 24-Nov-08 19:16:14

New thread guys grin

swottybetty Mon 24-Nov-08 19:38:30

blush.... typo in the title. not good but speaks volumns about my mental capacity at the moment ...

strab am v sorry to hear about your ds, but glad that the dr's finally cottoned on to whats wrong. not long to xmas - will you get much time off?

egg, it was v interesting to hear you talk about your feelings about having twins. i guess much of it i had picked up from your posts, but still fascinated by what you said. Two of our closest mates have twins who have just turned seven. They are only kids - their mum got really v low for the first year or so but since i have known them (since twins were three) they have always been one of happiest families i know and the twins are --- largely --- great mates.

leesmum, do you know i'm not sure i would have got pregnany the first time if someone had told me there was sewing involved hmm ... you'd think childbirth would be the toughest bit and then it got easier. i get needle-rage. by the time i've spent the best part of half an hour trying unsucessfully to get thread thru a hole, i'm so angry i have to quit. i dont think i've ever even done a button!

sarah those pics are lovely! i do like the boys in stripes and the girls in spots!

more to come, but DH home!

Egg Mon 24-Nov-08 20:28:37

Helloooo Betty grin.

I hate to harp on about being hard done by having twins. I wouldn't have it any other way and they are so very cute bless them, and I like that DS1 is older, so hopefully DD and DS2 will continue to idolise him like they do now so he still feels part of the gang and not left out as he is not a twin.

You feeling any better now with the sickness?

Just realised you said DH is home now so maybe you wont be back til tomorrow.

Gill79 Mon 24-Nov-08 23:05:27


strawberrycornetto Mon 24-Nov-08 23:30:14

Hey, we have a new thread grin I get to be on the first page this time - yay.

Have had a nice day today, but guess its back to the real world tomorrow. Hope everyone is ok tonight and gets a good night's sleep......

hello all, we have been stuck down with the flu virus again, i am feeling pretty awful, xxxx DS had is sat, sun, and yesterday and today seems alot brighter, (he has asked to get dressed so must be feeling better)

i on the other hand feel like i have been hit by a bus!!!!!!!

oh well, i just hope dd doesn't get it, its not nice at all!!!!

Swotty- the spots and stripes were non intentional!!! but think they look lovely, i am really pleased with them.
Egg- i hate to have my photo taken like your DH, but i am so glad that we had the pics taken, we were only in there for about 20 mins and it was so worth it, we are giving some copies to family as xmas pressies too!!!!

love the new thread title, btw, xxx

missnatalie Tue 25-Nov-08 10:35:49

I was panicing then, i thought id lost you all. Will come back and post later smile

ImSallyIHaventAClue Tue 25-Nov-08 20:23:15

New thread title, new name....
do you like it?

Work is still difficult and tiring but I am muddling through somehow. It WILL get better, it WILL...

omy Tue 25-Nov-08 21:41:21

Hi there - just had a sneeky peek at Egg's and Straw's pics - such cute babies and gorgeous mums! Not surprised strawb you are finding work tough - you actually have to THINK to be a lawyer!

What is it with name changes - I can't keep up! Who ARE you sally!

Funny about the love bite and the idea of DD1 snogging generally - I thought I would hate it but actually I'm quite cool about it - in fact pleased that she is experimenting a bit - she has waited till she was 16 after all which is more than I can say for myself! (say no more)

swottybetty Tue 25-Nov-08 21:51:02

you laugh omy...i have just given myself an extra frown line by staring at new name thinking now who on earth is that.... grin. liking it sally!

egg i have seen you on two baby name threads in the last week. broody, i tell ya....

omy Tue 25-Nov-08 22:03:44

by the way egg your son is soo much better looking the eeoughan!

strawberrycornetto Tue 25-Nov-08 23:26:57

Hello. Just back home from a night out shock. DH and I have been to see quantum of solace and had tapas. Feeling like a real adult!!!!

Mum babysat and said DH woke up three times crying and coughing though, so feeling a bit guilty.

Off to see a school for DD tomorrow. She starts next year and I am finding that hard to get my head around, let alone the idea of snogging.... Omy, you seem very chilled about the whole thing, you must be a very cool mum!!

Swotty, if appearing on baby names threads is a sign, I must be in trouble. I still found myself viewing film credits tonight to look for names. Really hope this broody feeling goes away soon blush

gingermumi Wed 26-Nov-08 10:49:30

Strawb, watch lo, as egg says my ds was in hosp for nearly a week with same thing. watch his breathing and temp hun.

Am v busy here at mo but have bookd a private scan for next week, will be almost 8 weeks, just want to see that lo (is just one) and is ok.

Go on strawb....join me and swotty!!!

rozzyraspberry Wed 26-Nov-08 10:59:37

Your mum was babysitting your dh strawbwink.

Am shattered at mo - lo is waking through the night and not settling for ages - not sure what's wrong with him.

Have to go and rescue sky box from him because tv is doing something funny (although it is keeping him quiet whilst I mumsnet so maybe I should just leave him - just don't tell dh!)

alkar Wed 26-Nov-08 11:38:15

I thought I'd missed loads but it was just egg making sure she had the last post grin

Sarah your pictures are gorgeous. Sorry you're feeling unwell.

We are hoping to go and see james bond on sunday strawberry, been meaning to go for weeks. We went on the same day the last one was released - how things change when you have a baby!

Hope the scan goes well ginger, I had an early scan with DS, I dont think I could've waited til 12 weeks, I'm far too impatient.

Been to get DS weighed this morning and he's not put much on again. I've now been told to give him lots of chips, cheese and butter etc to get his weight up. TBH I dont think he looks underweight at all I just think he's a very active baby. He's always on his feet, not keen on sitting still and he has swimming lessons once a week.

Going to the dentist for a root canal filling later sad

gingermumi Wed 26-Nov-08 15:17:15

poor you alkar

lljkk Wed 26-Nov-08 17:03:35

Hi gals!! I feel quite flattered you chose my thread title, although around here I think we're moving onto another stage, so a title that was used already, about doing the hokey kokey to shake a toddler off -- that's my current reality!

Egg, I am just so impressed that you find TIME to post on here.

I am getting quite down at times, must admit, things are just so relentless with my mob. Clingy baby, screaming rows over computer games, I hid from all 4 DC in the garage for a few minutes the other afternoon. I think I'm fighting exhaustion. Baby waking 3-4x/night doesn't help.

(Boohoo, somebody play a violin for me... ).

Oh, and fishing baby out from under furniture where they get stuck, that's another good thread title.

rozzyraspberry Wed 26-Nov-08 17:56:06

Ah yes lljkk - ds3 keeps getting stuck under things because he can only go backwards.

Alkar - am a bit shocked at your hv advice re chips and butter!!! I would have thought milky things would be as fattening and a bit healthier. My sil was told to replace a solid meal with milky porrige when her lo wasn't gaining much weight. If your lo seems fine I wouldn't worry if I were you. Ds3 hasn't put on much weight since around 6 months but is absolutely fine. Hope dentist went ok.

Have to go lo is raking in lego box - eeekk I knew things would be difficult once he was mobile.

alkar Wed 26-Nov-08 18:34:14

Dentist was horrible but its done now.

Must admit I was suprised at the HV advice re chips etc, thought I'd give it a go though. Tried DS with some cheese and a chip - he hated both and he usually eats everything! HV was older than my usual one so I was wondering if times had changed and she hadn't grin It does seem strange to feed a baby all that fat

strawberrycornetto Wed 26-Nov-08 23:36:31

Just a quicky to say, Ginger was right. DS's temp shot up and now we are in hospital because he has pneumonia. Poor poor little man sad looks like he'll be in 48 hours at least, lucky I can mn on my blackberry!!

Egg Thu 27-Nov-08 10:00:13

Shit strawb, lots of love to the little man. I am terrified of bronchiolitis. Have only heard of hospital stories about it. I think your GP should have warned you though hmm that it can get quite serious. You sound quite upbeat so I am hoping that means he is not in any danger poor baby sad.

gingermumi Thu 27-Nov-08 10:15:03

big big hugs strawb, know what you're going through, it takes months for them to get over it too. DS still v tired and chesty. Take care.

mummy2t Thu 27-Nov-08 11:47:10

ok i am thick!! is this thread for mummy's who had bubba's in feb 08?? if so i am in the right place!!

Egg Thu 27-Nov-08 12:01:09

Hello mummytot yes we are the feb 08 ladies (although lots with Jan and March too smile.

So tell us about yourself and your baby!

mummy2t Thu 27-Nov-08 12:10:16

Hi, Well have a DH of 6 years, Ds1 who is 4 and ds2 who is 9 1/2 months and am currently in 2WW.
Had a touch of post natal depression after ds1 but after afew months of meds it went. think i have been ok since ds2 was born. pretty happy most of the time but i a aware it could creep back. from time to time have a mixed bag of feelings and emotions but it never comes to anything. Both Bubba's are happy and healthy usually but at the mo they are both full of cold and coughs!
nice to meet you all xxx

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