January 08 Shiny New-Year Babies, not quite so shiny they are nearly one!!

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Lilyloo Mon 17-Nov-08 23:07:49

is this ok didn't want to loose everyone smile courtesy of Lucky!!

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LuckySalem Mon 17-Nov-08 23:09:41

I found it all on my own! grin So clever!!

Lilyloo Mon 17-Nov-08 23:10:47

yeah Lucky smile good thread title how did they get to one already ?

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simpson Mon 17-Nov-08 23:13:02

Found you!! grin

Can't believe some of our Lo's will be having birthdays soon!!

Whose is first??

LuckySalem Mon 17-Nov-08 23:13:23

I have no idea! Wish I knew I really do! lol
DD was 10 months yesterday shock where the hell did all the time go and how is it christmas already?

LuckySalem Mon 17-Nov-08 23:14:08

Dya wanna do the same as we did when everyone was due and have a list ready?

Lilyloo Mon 17-Nov-08 23:14:48

We should have been the 5th but was the 18th think MM similair Gingeme was quite early if i recall wow seems ages ago Lucky when was dd ?

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LuckySalem Mon 17-Nov-08 23:15:28

DD was 16th - Should have been the 3rd LOL

Lilyloo Mon 17-Nov-08 23:15:33

Lilyloo dd 18th Jan

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simpson Mon 17-Nov-08 23:15:41

Am really excited about Christmas this yr as DS is old enough to understand, he asked me today

"mummy how will Santa carry all the children's presents??!!"

And its DD's first Xmas!!

Lilyloo Mon 17-Nov-08 23:17:23

Lucky dd 16th
Lilyloo dd 18th

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LuckySalem Mon 17-Nov-08 23:18:06

I'm just waiting for DD to get old enough to ask how santa is gonna get the presents into our chimneyless house!! (if we're still here)

LuckySalem DD 16th Jan (Aaliyah)
Lilyloo DD 18th Jan

simpson Mon 17-Nov-08 23:26:03

Ahhhh Lucky - that's why you need a "magic" key like I have bought for DS(he asked the same thing, But doesn't like chimneys in case a wolf - like 3 little pigs gets in)Got it off e bay for £1.70 grin

DD is 29th Jan same as Angechica's Alek and Filly's Tamara smile

Kelix Mon 17-Nov-08 23:40:17

Hi all long time no speak! Hope all are well - we doing OK here DD & me bin suffering from a chest infection and I think another is on the way as we are both sniffly again She was much better are being poorly than me tho

DD is 1 on Jan 15! OMG where has the time gone??!

JustKeepSwimming Tue 18-Nov-08 06:44:20

Love the new thread

well ds2 up at 4 for a feed, didn't resettle
4.45 took him into my bed, he fell asleep right away hmm
have never done that with him but think i will from now on (i know for some it would be a backwards step but if it means more sleep...)
i couldn't sleep though anyway listening to him breathing - he's sooo bunged up at the mo.
then ds1 up at 5.30 <yawn>

did go to bed early last night so not tooo tired.

love the look of wheelybugs simpson - maybe for ds1 next year.

hi kelix

so birthdays, was going to dig up the original birth list?
or should we just go with the regulars on here now?

so far:
Kelix DD 15th Jan (name?)
LuckySalem DD 16th Jan (Aaliyah)
Lilyloo DD 18th Jan (Martha)
JKS DS2 21st Jan (Henry)
Filly DD 29th Jan (Tamara)
Simpson DD 29th Jan (Molly)
Angechica DS 29th Jan (Alek)

Midge DD 29th Jan (name?)

JustKeepSwimming Tue 18-Nov-08 06:51:22

Well just for interest/nostalgia's sake, here's the latest list i could find on our first PN thread:

LouiseSJ - Ffion Aurelia 07/12 5,3
Fruitful - Theodore 11/12 4,4
tripletsandtwins - Elena-Rose Grace & Alexander James 21/12 6lb & 5,14
Amani - Aliya 22/12 7lb 3
Toomanyshoes - Charlie Jack 22/12 8,10
Awen - Samuel Owen 27/12 8,14
McDoodle - Baby Girl 28/12 - details?
Bettymamma - Lola Dottie 28/12 7,12
Moominmum – Magnus 29/12 5,6.5
Beller - George John details?
Susiemj - Sabela Maria Goni Jordan 6,6
Sabinar - Baby Boy 3/01 details?
Housemum - Amelie Rose 03/01 9,1
Ledodgy - Thomas William 03/01 8,9.5
Rockdoctor - Francesca Isobel 02/01
Naetha - Benjamin Llewellyn 4/01 00:22 8,10
Spud01 - Brendan James 04/01 6,10
BWMum - Hannah Maria 05/01 8lb
Angelcake - Natasha Caitlin 07/01 8,8
Momto2under2 – Zahra 08/01
Gingeme - George Graham Michael 10/01 8,2
Fragolina - Tana Naqwa 11/01 7,6
Barristermum – Cerys details?
mixedmama - Ediz 11/01 8,12
LuckySalem - Aaliyah Robyn 16/01 6,2.3
Martha200 – Jonathan Michael 16/01 ?
Letsgo – Oliver 18/01 ?
mum2sam - Alex Joseph 18/01 7,13
lilyloo - Martha Neve 18/01 6,1
katyt – Henry John 21/01 8,6 {JKS}
Babato – Chloe Louise 23/01 8,10
Nicky6 – Charlotte Elsie-May 23/01 7,4
Mummyto2littleprincess – Kaci Summer Leigh 23/01 8,2
BeckyAu – Lucy 24/01 8,6
Bluebell82 – Ruby 24/01 ?
Mum2sons – Toby 25/01 7,6
Betterhalf – boy 25/01 9,1
Puppydogeyes - boy? 25/01 6,10
MrsBiscuit – Honor Emilia 7,11
Fluffymummy - Tamara Lucy 29/01 8,9 {Filly}
Angechica – Aleksander 29/01 10,14 (!)
Efmc – Ethan Andrew 30/01 8,1
Madmouse – Nathan Isaiah 1 /02 7,4
Scaryhairycat – Nayasha Rura 5/02 ?
Dotsie – Patrick
Seasidemama - Molly Linda Ann 13/01 3.8kg

LaTrucha Tue 18-Nov-08 08:40:48

May be easier to do a new list?

I've added myself

LaTrucha - DD 1st JAn (Sabela)
Kelix DD 15th Jan (name?)
LuckySalem DD 16th Jan (Aaliyah)
Lilyloo DD 18th Jan (Martha)
JKS DS2 21st Jan (Henry)
Filly DD 29th Jan (Tamara)
Simpson DD 29th Jan (Molly)
Angechica DS 29th Jan (Alek)

Midge DD 29th Jan (name?)

Ahhh..it's been nice looking at the names of old friends. smile

OK guys., Now I'm concerned. I though you were all going to tell me I was bonkers. hmm. We were all 'ooo another baby! yayy!' for a day, and then I realised what a really bad idea it was to get pg so soon. I'm going to wait another three weeks to test though.

madmouse Tue 18-Nov-08 09:29:20

LaTrucha - DD 1st JAn (Sabela)
Kelix DD 15th Jan (name?)
LuckySalem DD 16th Jan (Aaliyah)
Lilyloo DD 18th Jan (Martha)
JKS DS2 21st Jan (Henry)
Filly DD 29th Jan (Tamara)
Simpson DD 29th Jan (Molly)
Angechica DS 29th Jan (Alek)
Madmouse DS 1st Feb (Nathan)

What a rubbish night sad up and down like a yoyo. Might be the kind of chili con carne I made for him (he seemed to struggle with that IYSWIM hmm) or teethig, but he was just getting better! Hesitant to do anything like cc, as I am going to work in two weeks and that will be yet another big change for him.

Lovely to be thinking of new baby names. LaT is Sabela really so exotic? At least it has a sensible spelling. DH insists on biblical names, which is fine as long as we have boys. I do not find the bible quite as good for girls names hmm. Nathan's consultant is called Eleri, which is a Welsh name I really love. Might put my foot down for a biblical middle name if we have a lady next grin

Off to have coffee with the childminder. Time to come out of denial shock

Gingeme Tue 18-Nov-08 10:25:45

Morning ladies. Love the new title name. Yes it has simply flown past but I am realy looking forward to Christmas especialy without the heartburn!
Wow thats a big list. I wonder hoe everyone is doing now?
Had a rubbish night. Not only with ds5 but ds3 was poorly and had a high temp so up and down too so waking ds4 up sometimes too hmm
Have seen the wheelybugs in Mothercare World. We have 2 ride on cars ata home so don;t think well have the room. Though we did buy a playschool walker for George that clips down flat into a car for when he is a bit more stable.
I hope Midge finds the new thread.

Gingeme Tue 18-Nov-08 10:41:52

Ive updated my pics if anyones interested!!

Lilyloo Tue 18-Nov-08 11:10:45

ahh semms so long ago now doesn't it makes me feel quite emotional seeing that list smile

So Sabela first has anyone got the birthday pressies ?
I have booked dd1 party at local gym so will celebrate Martha's too as having it on 18th! Have got her a mamas and papas rocker for her birthday. DD1 i am going to keep back some of the baby annabell things i have got her for xmas i think.

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countessofmontecristo Tue 18-Nov-08 11:22:31

Just popped in quickly to say hello. I've name changed. Was known as 'Betterhalf' but got sick of the name.grin

I don't seem to get much chance to pop on and chat much lately, especially now Toby is on the move constantly. He's into everything!
So, I feel a bit of a fraud for popping in every once in a blue moon and I miss out on all the chat and then find it's impossible to catch up.

I gather some of you are pregnant again. Congrats to those that are and good luck to those who are 'trying'.

MM I always love to read of Nathan's progress. What a fab little boy he is.

Gingeme, those new photo's are so cute.

To everyone else, hello and I cannot believe our gorgeous LO's are going to be 1 soon. Amazing.

fillybuster Tue 18-Nov-08 12:58:44

ooh, well done, a lovely new thread! hurrah! but a bit that this is the 2nd one in a row where we've run out of space before getting to take a vote on the name for the new thread....<filly sadly dusts down soapbox and campaign leaflets and stores them away at the back of the cupboard for another week>

umm...still catching up from the last thread but for the time being:

1. Blows rasperrry at Lilyloo....but I'll put it down to the cerazette. And yes, I bled too and it made me deeply grumpy and hormonal but things improved once I stopped bf-ing and moved over to dianette

2. MM - you too? Gosh, well, fingers crossed for you!

3. Amanda - because I can grin wink and I've got a good memory. Have you heard from Lolo at all?

4. Simpson - isn't the dd/ds bond brilliant? Our ds also gets all the best chuckles from dd - he's totally her hero and is so responsible for her....really lovely!

5. Midge - welcome! Another 29th Jan baby here too!

6. Ange - I did something similar a few weeks ago...left my phone and housekeys inside the house when taking ds to nursery...not quite as bad as the netto carpark with a baby in the car though! was really amused at the shoplifting from Netto comment

uhg. brain just ran out...off to read new thread, catch up again soon...

Gingeme Tue 18-Nov-08 12:59:43

Hi countess hope your keeping well.
I am going to be boring for ds5's birthday and ask people for money for him to put in his trust fubd, He will have so many pressies for Christmas. You can only fit so many toys in a 2 bed flat you know smile. Luckily I have 2 playgroups to distribute any old and unwanted toys too.
Just looking through the list again. Many different weights and names. So lovely to think of all those beautiful babys all arriving into the world in the same month, well more or less smile

fillybuster Tue 18-Nov-08 13:07:07

So lovely seeing that list again...

I've been getting really broody, but dh has told me (and he's probably right!) that its probably partly connected to being back at work grin. Anyway, same thing happened when ds was 9/10mo - but I think its also that its at this stage that they start being quite independant and I start missing the new baby stage....aaanywaaaay, no, not going there, not for at least another 12 months or so...

Gingeme - are you up for a London meetup on a Weds morning sometime?

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