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I'm getting woken up 5-10 times to replace dummy. Any advice???

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redybrek Mon 03-Nov-08 14:57:29

DS is 9 months old and I am now pg again so I need to get this sorted asap. I'm scared to death of going cold turkey with him but I've heard it's the only way

Advice, anyone??

RiojaLover75 Mon 03-Nov-08 15:07:03

Get a dummy clip, clip it to grobag/ night clothes.

MrsNormanMaine Mon 03-Nov-08 15:24:05

My sister in law has just gone cold turkey with her DD's dummy - she is 2. It hasn't been too bad and she wishes she'd done it a long time ago. Not advice exactly - but hope you get some sleep one way or another soon!

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