May 2008 glorious sausage and mustard!!!

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LuckyPumpkin74 Mon 03-Nov-08 08:59:11

New thread as it's Nov so our babies are all hitting 6 months!

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gingerwench Mon 03-Nov-08 10:13:18

DS was late so won't hit 6 months until beginning Dec but at least he'll be ready to have some Christmas dinner!!

notsoseriousanymore Mon 03-Nov-08 10:56:42

Ds is 5 and half months now. [where does the time go? When did I start sounding like my mother!!]

Anyway - thanks Luckypumpkin... No time, just marking the new thread!!! grin


Mocat Mon 03-Nov-08 12:14:23

Just tried DS with his first formula bottle. Wasn't a roaring success but will try again tomorrow. Boobs feel full already with just one missed feed.

Still no poo (from DS) but lots of straining. That, with the upset of starting to give him formula, is making me weepy!!! Tesco's get the thumbs up today though - I kept DS in his car seat and popped it into a shallow trolley. I packed too much shopping around his car seat so that when I got to the checkout I didn't know how I was going to get him and the shopping bags back to the car. The assistant spotted my dilemma and got someone to carry my bags to the car. That lovely lady then took the trolley back for me so that I could just get into the car and drive off. Hooray for Tesco!!! I nearly cried.

LuckyPumpkin74 Mon 03-Nov-08 12:22:50

mocat glad you had a good Tesco experience. My sis works in head office, she will be pleased!

Are you stopping BF now then? Is that why the formula? I was (funnily enough) quite lucky in that by just dropping one feed every few days, I didn't get engorged. I definitely felt 'full' for the first day or so after dropping a feed, but boobs seemed to adjust quite quickly. I hope you experience the same.

I also hope you followed the strict guidelines on making up your formula bottle grin

<<LP is soooo over the formula debate>>

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DeathByMonkey Mon 03-Nov-08 13:14:16

NSSA Good luck with your interview - it sounds like a really good opportunity.

I can't believe we're hitting the 6 month mark already - it's just gone so quickly! With ds1 I was always looking forward to the next stage but with ds2 I was hoping it would go slowly as I wanted to cherish each moment (apologies for sappiness!) Then this afternoon I put ds2 on his mat and when I turned back he'd rolled on to his front, next to the DVD shelf and was merrily pulling DVDs onto the floor!It was a real 'Where has my angelic quiet baby gone?' moment!

Is anyone else doing extended bfing? I'm planning on going up to a year this time as it's going so well. Plus I'd be worried about making bottles up wrong and poisoning my baby if I did formula - how I got ds1 to the ripe old age of 6 I'll never know!wink

Mitchell81 Mon 03-Nov-08 16:48:05

thanks for the new thread, LM

notsoseriousanymore Mon 03-Nov-08 17:39:09

I GOT A JOB!!! grin

It's only part time and freelance, so not bags of money, but I am officially a consultant!!! YEAH!!!

Mocat - Glad TEscos were helpful!

Must go...

Mocat Mon 03-Nov-08 17:54:57

Congratulations nssa!!! Well done to DS too for undergoing his first interview (or did I get that wrong - he was there too, was he not?).

Nearly as exciting grin: DS has pooed!!! I think giving water (boiled & cooled) with his spoon feeds did the trick. I am nearly as relieved as he is. He is in his 'play station' as I type, trying to reach the toys and gumming anything that can be pulled to his mouth. He can only do about 10 mins before he tires. What do the other babies do for independent amusement? Apart from pulling DVDs off shelves, that is!

Deathbymonkey I'm going to keep BFing until DS is one if the boobs will keep supplying it before and after work. Hopefully, DS will only require 2 -3 bottles of formula during the working day. Like you, it is going so well that I am loathe to stop. lm74 I am hoping that dropping a feed every few days will do the trick and avoid discomfort. Hopefully, I will only need to drop two: mid morning and mid afternoon. Presumably the formula will fill him up more than the breast so three to four breast feeds will equate to 2 bottles. Time will tell. I opted for cartons of SMA gold. The great debate put me off mixing powder. Please do tell your sis about the lovely help.

thefortbuilder Mon 03-Nov-08 18:35:53

babylove ds2 has ahd a horrid cough and been retching sometimes - we also have had throwing up from coughing with ds1 when he was small. it may be that there is mucus being swallowed which is leading to secondary reflux (ds1 had this and ds2 now has a bit of it so using gaviscon powders which you can buy over the counter). you know best to see a doctor though iykwim!

well done on the pooing mocat! sounds silly but a good annabel karmel recipe is apples with raisins pureed i nthere - does the trick as well as a spoonful of prune juice in a bottle (again we had a similar things with ds1 when he was small)

well done nssa! vvv proud of you!

not much else to report here so will be away!

LuckyPumpkin74 Mon 03-Nov-08 19:41:21

NSSA congrats on the job...tell us more!

mocat DD2 amuses herself fairly well if she can see us, IYSWIM, but fortunately the layout of our house is great in that we have a big long kitchen which then leads to the girls playroom or 'den'. It was 2 separate rooms but just before DD1 was born (literally days before!) we had a wall knocked down a la Kirsty Allsop, and now we have one big long room, so I can see them and they can see's worked a trat with DD1. She's very independent with her play.

DD2 tends to just like playing with her soft toys (i.e.shoving them in her mouth!). I'm lucky (hee hee!) cos if she starts getting ratty, DD1 will go over and amuse her.

I suppose I should change my name back now it's not Halloween, but I like being a pumpkin. Actually, just remembered one I had this time when DD1 was 6 months old, and after the last few weeks, I think it's quite fitting again, so I think I'll go back to that.....

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LuckyPumpkin74 Mon 03-Nov-08 19:42:06

treat. Not trat. hmm

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LuckymummyBigFatTummy Mon 03-Nov-08 19:44:35



sad but true!

notsoseriousanymore Mon 03-Nov-08 19:47:04

Mocat - Congratulations on the pooing grin!!! As you say, a relief for both of you!! haha!!

Am (sort of) envious of this extended BF'ing... I packed up at 4 months, but I do agree that BF is a lovely feeling.

Thanks for the comments - Yes, DS was with me... I should get all the paperwork sorted out tomorrow. Am feeling quite elated that I actually got the job at the first interview!!! Yippee me!!! Just got to do the work now!!!! Eekk!!

Am also quite excited about the US election tomorrow.. Am rooting for Obama personally... What about the rest of you?

Mocat Mon 03-Nov-08 20:38:28

Obama too!

baiyu Mon 03-Nov-08 21:10:23

Obama-bama-bama-bama-bama-bama-bama-bama! (the now show on radio4 had a song about him months ago that went like that and it always pops back into my head!) I think I'll cry if McCain wins. Sarah Palin aaaaaaaaaaahh!! She scares me. We won't know til Weds with the time difference though.

notsoseriousanymore Mon 03-Nov-08 21:21:15

Baiyu - you are SOOO right. Palin is scary... Hockey mom she is NOT!!!! (well, unless there are some real scary hockey moms out there) McCain reminds me far too much of Bush (AKA UTTERLY CLUELESS)

Have started to wonder what I can possibly get DH for Christmas... I can't think of one possible thing he might want that I can afford. His new car will be here, so am thinking of a silly sign for the jeep saying 'My other car is a Porsche' but not sure if that's a bit naff.. (Be kind to me, that's the best idea I have!!)


notsoseriousanymore Mon 03-Nov-08 22:50:36

babylove - Hope you are OK. I'm just off to bed now, but thinking of you. I hope you and the LO are OK. It's horrid being on your own sometimes.

Anyway, just want you to know we are thinking of you.


macaco Tue 04-Nov-08 09:04:33

aaargh new thread and 18 meassages already..hadn't even finished the old one!

Mocat glad things are on the move grin avoid banana, it bungs them up.

I too am a bit jealous of this extended Bfing sad. I mixed fed til 2 months then it all fell apart. I think looking back I did really well to even manage that, it was soooo hard. I think cos he was 4 weeks early and really jaundiced and bruised from the ventouse and the shock of it all it was hard for him. He took about a week to even latch at all (hence formula as birth weight only 4lb 12) and then he only managed about a minute before falling asleep. I think the effort of feeding tired him too much. Then he started doing this twisting/pulling thing without letting the nipple go and i got sore boobs and it all got a bit too much. I was FFing as well anyway and I just couldn't hack it. sad I'd really like to give it another go with another baby and hope it would go better.

Well done NSSA what is your field of work?
I'm plugging away at the teaching 2 evenings a week (Tefl) once the year's over in June going to try my hand at translation so I can work from home. My hours are shit; 4pm til 10pm.
You know how stay at home mum is SAHM and work out of home mum is WOHM? What would I become then if I translate? What's a work from home mum? WFHM?

I'm sooooooooooooo excited about the election but at the same time really scared robocop McCain and nutjob Palin will somehow swipe it from under Obama's nose. Read a thing on the guardian about biggest participation in history.

Right better get organised, going to visit 2 friends and their babies later. My little pickle is now past the 7 month mark!!!

oooh....seen the xmas outfits in mothercare (buying nearer the time) have my eye on the reindeer one! Baiyu your DS looks gorgeous in the halloween photos!

wastingmyeducation Tue 04-Nov-08 09:30:56

Hello! I didn't join an Ante or post natal thread, as I was new to MN and it was all quite overwhelming to start with. But I think it would be very nice to chat with people whose babies are the same age.
Anyway, DS was born May 12th, 9lb 7oz, 12 days overdue, by emergency CS, as he was facing forward with his big head and we didn't progress quick enough. He had slow weight gain for the first two months, never stayed the same or lost, but lost 12% of his birth weight in the first week and took 7 weeks to get back to it. Nothing wrong with him though, just finding his natural weight, long and thin like his Daddy! We are exclusively bf, and will be starting blw on Saturday and don't sleep!


thefortbuilder Tue 04-Nov-08 11:00:14

hey WME welcome!

really really really hope obama gets it - palin is not only hideously scary, she is a terrible example of women in politics and pretty useless as well... and mcCain.....

not much else to say here - just trying to get marketing materials ready to try and get into a trade show and some more stock has arrived so i can sesnd off my 2 waiting orders!

also if you can, get a look at december's vogue - we ahve a small peice of coverage in the santa baby shopping bit towards the back - we got free but some others were paid for so pretty pleased we were covered free!

and I'm also doing a MN competition at the start of december!

Wolverina Tue 04-Nov-08 13:04:50

Welcome wme! Your ds is a week older than mine, also exclusively bf and looking forward to blw in 2 weeks!

macaco, I'm sorry to hear of your problems with bf, it must have been really upsetting but at least you did it for 2 months so he did benefit from it.

OK, I have been brave (or stupidhmm) enough to start a thread in AIBU for the first time and would be sooo grateful for any moral support from the May Mafia! It's called something like "my dad isn't safe to do this any more" and is under the name Wolverina as DBM has my personal details page and apparently my mum comes on MN sometimes..Any input, even brutally honest, is welcomed smile

Oh bugger, just realised I forgot to change back to DBM for this one - having 2 names is so confusing!

Denny185 Tue 04-Nov-08 13:27:45

LM, I know someone with a bigger tummy than u wink

Mitchell81 Tue 04-Nov-08 13:54:15

Welcome Wastingmyeducation My DS was also born on the 12th May.

Deathbymonkey Have posted on your thread, not very helpful though

NSSA Well done on getting the job, that is brilliant news.

Macaco hope you had a nice day with the other babies

Mocat well done on the pooing!!!

Mocat Tue 04-Nov-08 15:42:04

Hello, wastingmyeducation. Nice to hear from you.

DS had an x-ray taken of his pelvis today becuase he doesn't have the same number of skin creases on the back of his legs. We'll get the results in about 10 days - there is not going to be a problem though!!!

Mouse traps set up in the loft. Eeek!!

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