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October 08 - The Here and Now.

(997 Posts)
CantSleepWontSleep Mon 13-Oct-08 08:31:41

The story so far....

10th Sept (Due 1st Oct) - loulou33 - Boy - Joe Louis David - 6lbs 12oz - Induction due to rhesus sensitivity, G&A.
12th Sept (Due 6th Oct) - iuseantiageingstuff - Boy - Fred William - 8lbs 13.5oz - Induction due to high BP.
14th Sept (Due 14th Oct) - twinklytoes - Boy - Samuel - 7lbs 4.5oz - Em C-Sec due to grade 4 PP.
16th Sept (Due 8th Oct) - Ksal - Girl - Emma Rae - 6lbs - Just beat induction for PE!
20th Sept (Due 8th Oct) - kookiegoddess - Girl - Reya Marie - - Induction due to OC, epidural, 3rd degree tear.
21st Sept (Due 5th Oct) - myjobismum - Girl - Naomi Caitlin - 5lbs 10oz - Fast and furious hospital birth.
22nd Sept (Due 10th Oct) - Lozza70 - Boy - Sander Gene - 7lbs 5oz - Em C-Sec due to raised BP and high ALTs from liver.
27th Sept (Due 1st Oct) - accessorizequeen - Boy twin - Felix - 6lbs 8oz -
27th Sept (Due 1st Oct) - accessorizequeen - Girl twin - Bridget - 7lbs 7oz -
1st Oct (Due 29th Sept) - WombFor1More - Boy - Harvey James - 8lbs 13oz - Homebirth, no pain relief.
2nd Oct (Due 4th Oct) - annwoo - Boy - TBA - 8lbs 7oz - Amazing birth!
2nd Oct (Due 30th Sept) - sambrads - Girl - Brooke - 7lbs 9.5oz -
2nd Oct (Due 12th Oct) - star6 - Boy - Quinlan - 5lbs 15oz - 36hr labour, ventouse and stitches.
2nd Oct (Due 8th Oct) - Alexa808 - Girl - Tienette - - Planned c-sec
3rd Oct (Due 5th Oct) - rosebury - Boy - Austin - 9lbs 2oz - Delivered at home by dh!
3rd Oct (Due 6th Oct) - Bethoo - Girl - Maia - 7lbs -
3rd Oct (Due 6th Oct) - hoff - Boy - Oliver - -
3rd Oct (Due 19th Oct) - MrsTittleMouse - Girl - - -
4th Oct (Due 2nd Oct) - 1sttimer80 - Boy - - -
4th Oct (Due 30th Sept) - Aubergenie - Boy - Stanley - 7lbs 12oz -
5th Oct (Due 29th Sept) - plusonemore - Boy - Alfie Thomas - 8lbs - Induction, epidural
5th Oct (Due 2nd Oct) - MrsBish - Girl - Rachel - 8lbs 8oz -
5th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - hedgepig - Boy - Oliver - 6lbs 3oz -
7th Oct (Due 23rd Oct) - Emmsy1 - Girl - Amy Louise - 5lbs 12oz -
7th Oct (Due 2nd Oct) - snowymum - Boy - Rowan Michael - - Home water birth
8th Oct (Due 6th Oct) - ronshar - Boy - William Dexter - 7lbs 11oz -
8th Oct (Due 20th Oct) - 07mumstheword - Girl - Freya Mae - 7lbs 12oz -
8th Oct (Due 16th Oct) - moodywren - Boy - Hayden - 6lbs 9.5oz - Homebirth
9th Oct (Due 27th Sept) - Pidge - Boy - Arthur - 8lbs 14oz - Homebirth
10th Oct (Due 1st Oct) - CantSleepWontSleep - Boy - Duncan Elliot - 8lbs 4oz - 4 day induction with 1 hour established labour!
11th Oct (Due 3rd Oct) - usuallytooshytochat - Girl - Megan Leah - 8lbs 2oz - Homebirth with ambulance crew!
12th Oct (Due 4th Oct) - pistachio - Boy - Thomas Fraser - 10lbs 2oz - Homebirth.

star6 Mon 13-Oct-08 10:08:16

Thanks for creating this! great to know we wont lose our support group once babies are all born

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 13-Oct-08 14:50:43

We just gave ds his first bath. Heart melting moment.

myjobismum Mon 13-Oct-08 16:49:23

hello - i am here smile lovely that the postnatal thread has begun - thanks CSWS!

CSWS - how sweet about bathing DS for the first time grin is a lovely moment isnt it (even though Naomi screamed through the entire first bath i gave here, further attempts however have been much more successful and she now loves it!!)

Star - glad the feeding is settling down a little now, it will just get better and better and before long you will forget all the troubles you had with it and it will all seems so easy and natural, you just have to learn together and get through the soreness is all - sounds like you are doing just great smile

All is going well here, tired but happy and starting to feel more "myself" again - breasts less sore, though still heavy and achey from all that milk grin seem to drown the poor girl with every feed!!! Can finally sit down without squealing, so am assuming 3 weeks on, the stitches are healed - and my tummy has been feeling normal for a week or more thank goodness!

DS is being fab (he is still a handful but always has been so isnt anything new, only difference is i now seem to have to be able to go in about 6 different directions at once) he loves his sister very much and so far we havent had a moment of jealousy thank goodness! We are all happy and healthy which i am grateful for.

Naomi's hearing test and weight check has been changed to thursday morning now, will be interesting to see how much weight she has gained, she seems to have grown so much from the tiny newborn she was which is great but also a tiny bit sad all at once!!

I still have to pinch myself as seems to good to be true, is hard work of course but just fab to have 2 children - and to be blessed with a son and a daughter - life is good.

Lozza70 Mon 13-Oct-08 17:06:20

Hi and thanks for the thread CSWS

Sander's first bath was a full family experience. We had my Mum and Dad in attendance and given how much Sander hates being naked it all went pretty well. The yelling was kept to a minimum and I think he quite liked it in the end. It did make his hair all fluffy though, very cute blond hair sticking out from his head for the rest of the day grin

I'm 3 weeks in from the CS and healing up alright but still a bit delicate and very frustrated that I cannot do as much as usual including driving!!! Getting out of the house for walks but cannot just head off as usual.

My Mum and Dad went home today and that has made me a bit sad as it will be the end of the year until they see Sander again.

star6 Mon 13-Oct-08 17:18:34

ds gained 3/4 of a pound in just 5 days and exclusively bf!! hv was here today. feel like bringing it to nasty mw who thought i'd need to supplement. mw today told me since i could only express 20-25ml/1oz in 10-15 min then i;m not making enough milk for him and will need to eat more cakes or supplement with formula. had lots of support on bf thread though. thanks for that suggestion.
awwww to first baths.

rosebury Mon 13-Oct-08 17:21:06

Evening ladies just loffing on so that I will find the thread again, thanks csws to setting it up and keeping us all organisedl

All well here Austin doing fab mw will call one more time and then I am finished thank goodness.

be back later oh and baby poos are now more solidno longer runny yellow that stains everything it touches.

back later.

CantSleepWontSleep Mon 13-Oct-08 17:55:06

What a stupid mw star. I've never been able to get much from expressing, but clearly have no problem feeding my children (is weird to say children!). Milk in much more today, although I've had a fair amount since the word go thanks to dd feeding throughout.

Are you all managing to get your dc sleeping in a cot/crib/basket already? Ds will pretty much only sleep on me or sometimes dh at the moment, so I'm only managing a couple of hours a night myself. <yawn>

We've seen off the last of the meconium now, so have just moved on to the mustardy stuff.

The hardest thing chez csws is currently dealing with dd. Although she's lovely with ds in many ways, she's not happy about sharing her 'boo-boos'. Hopefully she'll be more accepting soon.

pistachio Tue 14-Oct-08 00:39:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

star6 Tue 14-Oct-08 08:07:23

DH always wants to help with baby, which is lovely, but when he cries, I just want to hold him myself. He often needs to feed so I have to anyway, but for some reason it just breaks my heart when I'm not comforting him when he cries... I know this is really selfish, and poor DH just wants to cuddle ds, too. so hard to share!!

pistachio Tue 14-Oct-08 10:58:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

myjobismum Tue 14-Oct-08 11:09:44

morning ladies

shush wink have finally managed to get DD to sleep after crying all morning!

star - fab news about weight gain smile bet all the pain is seeming more than worth it now!

csws - dd has slept in her crib since first night, she wakes obviously, but so far seems to sleep there ok overnight - hope you get it sorted soon, DS was a "sleep on me" baby and after a fortnight i was a wreck!

anyone else using thier cotton nappies yet??

hope everyone is enjoying thier babies!

Lozza70 Tue 14-Oct-08 12:29:43

myjob I've just had a morning of crying but I am sitting here now watching him sleep in his rocker chair. Sander has slept in his moses basket or rocker chair since we got home but sometimes you need to hold him to get him off to sleep and then put him down. I'm trying not to encourage it but it is tough not to let him drift off lying on your chest.

star6 Tue 14-Oct-08 12:31:23

ok... my baby has two... spots??? baby acne? where did we go wrong? what is this? please someone say its normal!!!
myjob wehave a drawer full of small cotton nappies... cant even bear the thought of them yet...given how many disposables he goes through each day!! when does runny poo end?

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 14-Oct-08 12:41:16

Yes, quite normal star.

Not using cloth yet - want to wait until building works finished, so hopefully just a few more weeks to go.

I am feeling really good physically, except for the fact that I seem to have developed a whole series of things resembling cysts or boils on the upper inside of one of my thighs, and they are agonising. Worst when I go from sitiing to standing or vice versa, and make it very hard to change position in night. Can't get GP appt for today, and labour ward had no ideas, but said to get mw to look tomorrow when she comes. I just want to get out and about and can't . Can't even take ds for a walk to try and get some light to ease his touch of jaundice.

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 14-Oct-08 12:42:13

My comment was re your dh star, but yes, spots in a newborn are common too.

myjobismum Tue 14-Oct-08 12:48:45

star - spots are normal, often known as milk spots (am assuming they are on the face and look like smallish pimples??) DD had a few, one right in the middle of her chin, lol! as for the runny poo, with BF babies it lasts a long time - was a bit worried about this, but so far so good with the cotton, the disposables were leaking poo everywhere she has such an explosive bum, but since using the cotton 5 days ago i havent had a single poo leak (thank goodness!)

CSWS - ouch, hope it feels better soon!

Lozza - glad things are quite settled at your end, DD hates her bouncy rocker chair - everytime we put her in it she just screams like mad - she will fall asleep on her own but mostly she falls asleep after a feed and then gets put down (not the ideal but dont think it would be a good idea to wake her up just so i can put her down awake - lol!)

enjoying the cuddles though! just picked DS up from pre-school and DD has fallen asleep in the pushchair, just grabbing a bit of lunch before it all starts over again <phew!>

star6 Tue 14-Oct-08 13:08:00

Thanks for that, myjob and csws*
ouch!! cant someone come to you today? surely a mw can stop in? sounds a bit too much to leave overnight with new baby and DD...

Lozza70 Tue 14-Oct-08 13:10:08

CSWS That sounds painful! Have you any tea tree oil in the house to dab on them until you get your GP appt? I find tea tree oil good at bringing down inflamation.

star I was really worried about the little milk spots Sander developed within a day or 2 but the MW put my mind at ease. He still has the odd one or 2 now.

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 14-Oct-08 13:16:40

I have a full bottle of tea tree somewhere, but no idea where . Just been reading about boils on NHS site, and sounds like that. Have bowl of warm salty water that I'm going to put on them as soon as it cools down enough. Suspect I may need antibiotics though.

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 14-Oct-08 14:36:06

Found a tea tree spray and got a cancellation appt with GP at 5:30 today.

star6 Tue 14-Oct-08 14:49:10

Great news csws I hope they can sort it out for you!!

star6 Tue 14-Oct-08 16:30:10

DH just knocked ds' head on the side of our coffee table when lifting him from the floor after wrapping him in a blanket!!! Should I call the doctor? no noticeable bruise at the moment...

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 14-Oct-08 16:39:46

Babies get lots of knocks and bumps star. Don't be too hard on dh. Only call doctor IMO if ds lost consciousness or had a fit.

Lozza70 Tue 14-Oct-08 16:41:58

star babies are a lot more resiliant than we give them credit for, just think how he got into this world and few days ago. Keep an eye out for the baby behaving very differently than before, maybe crying incessantly or being very quiet. Go with your gut feeling though and phone the doctor if you think there is anything wrong. Hope all is okay.

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