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Birth story

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imoscarsmum Sun 28-Sep-08 23:56:41

we didn't quite get the birth we wanted.....

Monday 15th arrived in ante natal clinic for 39 wk check up. Just about to get bp taken when mw says if it's high, you'll be admitted. Gee thanks for keeping me calm. BP is then 170 over 113.....
Sent to labour ward and monitored all afternoon. BP drops to 150 over 85 - perfectly normal for me. they want to admit me anyway to induce me tomorrow. i get very upset and insist I want to go home and come back tomorrow to see day clinic. Mw gives me a sweep to see if i'm near to starting - nothing doing. I sit there until 6pm (we've eaten nothing all day by this time). I sign self-discharge forms, feel a slight pop and stand up to leave, agreing to return tomorrow. As i stand up, my waters break!

I have strep B so we are given one hour to go home, get back and return. Stop off at Asda to grab sandwiches and magazines.

return to hospital and settle in for the night - realise i've forgotten Tens machine!

Given pessary at 9pm and have shower. DP leaves for the night. I get another pessary at 3am. in the meantime, i am being given IV antibiotics for Strep B. Line blocks once and i end up on the ceiling.

Waters still flowing but no contractions. DP comes back at 8am and we go for a walk aroung the hospital to get things going. Spend all day in assessment, waiting for labour room as they want to get me on the drip.

Tuesday 16th at 7pm get into labour room. Is great - large, private, has a bath etc etc. only downside is the screaming and wailing from other rooms - I beg DP to help me not make noises like that!
They put me on Syncotin (can't spell) drip and insist on constant monitoring. this is a serious pain in the arse as it means I am flat on back, stuck on bed unable to move. Contractions start - feel like mild period pain.
Contractions build up. Am very disappointed that can't use tens or move around the room to help me cope. DP is great, he strokes hair and wipes my face and brings me drinks. Eventually, contractions last about 45s and seem to arrive and then fade but then have a final painful 'blip' at the end. tell DP I can't talk to him (he starts to talk as soon as a contraction starts, bless).
Ask for gas and air about 9pm and am told it's too soon. Say I need it as I can't move about to cope. given G&A - FAB. Makes me feel drunk and takes focus off pain, although I can still feel it.
Examined again - only 2cm. Bah.

Decide that as pethidine is out (hate feeling sick), if i can't move about to cope with pain, then I need an epidural. Anethitist (once again, can't spell) is around and pops in to see me. decides to give it a go (I have high BMI) and asks DP to hold me still. It takes a good 20mins to get it in and there is some pain. but then, starts to work, i can still move legs and feel contractions but no pain. need loo - have to use bedpan, assisted by DP and mw.

They turn drip up to 60cm and Charlotte's heartrate goes off scale. they consult and decide if she cannot cope with contractions, i have to have a c-section. this is the only time I have regrets about as i ask what my options are and they say i could continue but it's likely she won't cope with full labour. i have since discovered that she might have, if labour had been alowed to progress more slowly and naturally. I caved in and reluctantly agreed to c-section. I did tell everyone in room just HOW PISSED OFF I WAS about it!

DP go into scrubs, i was wheeled into theatre and Charlotte was born at 3.11am weighing 7lb 15oz. She came out, cried and they showed her to me. i said she is a boy as i was convinced she was!
The rest of the op is a blur, but they stiched me up and sent me back to labour room where DP and Charlotte were waiting. MW managed to get 1.7oz of colostrum out of my breast and then they let us all sleep for 2 hours - bliss!

Charlotte then had to go to neo natal as she needed 48 hrs of antibiotics to make sure she hadn;t got strp B. Upside was i was placed into transitional care so I had a mw and she had her own neo natal nurse.
I was in the shower by 3pm and catheter was out. Charlotte came back and I spent the next few hours crying. We spent the next 5 days in hospital - she got the all clear from strep b and we came home on Sunday 21st (I had to self-discharge as my bp was still a bit high but I just had to go home). it's now fine.
Thursday night was the worst - I had 90mins of sleep and she would not go to the breast and screamed and screamed. feeling awful, she is now formula fed with one feed per day of EBM. But she is happy and putting on weight, so i'm trying not to beat myself up.

DP is the best - i am so in love with him and he is a fab dad. i am gradually bonding with her and she is a very good sleeper due to ff. I look to the future with a bit of fear but mainly with great optimism. we spent today (Sunday 28th) curled up in bed with our arms around each other while she slept until 11am.

bellabelly Mon 29-Sep-08 00:09:22

Ahhhh, congratulations! Charlotte was my favourite name if we'd had a girl. smile

MunkiMom Mon 29-Sep-08 09:07:49

Congrats again IOM!!!
thanks for posting the story.
i can't believe how long it seemed to go on for. but in the end, you had your baby girl in your arms, csection or not! so glad you are settling in divinely with her and the family!

ninja Mon 29-Sep-08 09:40:45

Wow imoscarsmum what a story! You mussn't feel bad about making a decision that you thought was in the best interests of your DD. If you'd gone any further labour you could have ended up with an even more emergency CS that would have left all shattered.

Well done for managing to express a feed a day - that'll make a difference even if for a few weeks.

I hope that you're managing to get some rest and enjoy your little girl.

Charlotte's a beautiful name - it's my sister's name and I've always loved it.

Take care x

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 29-Sep-08 09:49:17

Thanks for sharing your story IOM.

Don't beat yourself up about the cesection. You made the best decision you could with the information you were given at the time.

biglips Mon 29-Sep-08 10:15:11

Many congrats grin

Yes you must'nt beat yourself up on having a c-section as you had no choice but to give birth safely. i ended up with a emergency c-section with DD and for months i was beating myself up till i learnt to accepted it that there was nothing more i could do but to have the section. The recovery was brill and took me about 9 months to start feeling back to normal.

You have got yourself a lovely daughter and a fab Dp too.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 29-Sep-08 15:55:28

Message withdrawn

imoscarsmum Mon 13-Oct-08 08:42:00

kagey I had a c-section about 3 weeks ago and I have a hard lump just above the middle bit of the wound. It has ben getting smaller and smaller over time and the mw says it is a lump of pooled blood that will gradually go away and is just due to the op (internal stiches). If you're worried, I'd pop to see your GP though.

Does anyone think their LO is growing too fast?? DD is only 3 weeks old but already it feels like the pregnancy was a life away (I find it hard to remember what the kicking felt like), my memories of labour are fading and someone mentioned looking into a newborns eyes - that makes me quite broody aready!! It's fab seeing DD progress but I wish she'd do it at a slower pace!

imoscarsmum Mon 13-Oct-08 08:42:29

Oops - posted on wrong thread LOL!

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