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getting into buggy

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treehugga Mon 22-Sep-08 13:37:57

My DD now 3 weeks, but still complains a lot in buggy and won't stay in baby bjorn for long either. Even if sleepy at start of trip, her eyes are pined wide open within seconds (looks like she is on ride at Alton Towers) and non stop crying starts soon after. Can calm her down and send to sleep in pouch sling, but really want to get her into buggy so can get out of house more. Am still stuck on 15 minute radius form front door, which is only half way to the park! Is she just too young for buggy rides? Any tips on how to get her used to baby bjorn and/or buggy?

takingitasitcomes Mon 22-Sep-08 19:12:44

IME Baby bjorn can be too stimulating for one so little. Maybe look into buying a different type of sling (like the closer baby?) which is more comfortable as it keeps baby's weight closer to your body and is less scary for LO. Having said that, I've used several types of sling and always give DS really short rides in it a few times a day until he's used to it before trying longer walks. My LO didn't like being in the buggy until he was about 2 months old so I've no suggestions there. Sorry.

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