April 2007... Tantrums leading to Toddlerhood... Eeek

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geordieminx Fri 12-Sep-08 20:48:40

Ta da

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oooggs Fri 12-Sep-08 20:50:59

well done wink and oh so true

Doobydoo Fri 12-Sep-08 20:54:34


Sexonlegs Fri 12-Sep-08 21:05:30

Thanks Minx grin

Very true.

K is turning in to a bully as well. We were at soft play today and she was on a rocking horse type-thing. Another little girl came over and K pushed her in the face shock

I was soooo embarrassed.

Having a thrilling evening here. Dh has gone out biking and I am ironing. My life is just riveting!

This time next week though, dh and I will be in Santander minus the girls

StealthPolarBear Fri 12-Sep-08 21:13:29

Hi everyone
Where's Santander?

oooggs Fri 12-Sep-08 21:18:17

Spain katy we have a ferry link Plymouth - Santander

how are you getting there sol?

Sexonlegs Fri 12-Sep-08 21:26:54

We are flying from Gatwick I think. Couldn't face a ferry.

Looking forward to it muchly grin

Hows you Oooggs and SPB?

Sexonlegs Fri 12-Sep-08 21:40:27

Where did you all go???

Am off to bed. Absolutely shattered.

See you all tomorrow my lovelies.xx

MJ, where are you?? Washed away by the rains???

StealthPolarBear Fri 12-Sep-08 21:59:12

ooh lovely
Well DH has just said there's someone on TV who reminds him of me...apparently she's shouting at her husband hmm

geordieminx Fri 12-Sep-08 22:04:39

Its been sunny all day here!

Dp and I have booked a weekend away in edinburgh in 2 weeks - my parents are coming to look after C..... Happy days!!

Oooh there is an open day at the local fire station on Sunday.... I'm taking C so I can oogle have a look round

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Pesha Fri 12-Sep-08 22:28:33


Can't remember how much I said earlier. It his liver alkaline phosphatase levels that were high. Apparently these can quite often be high in children. She said most likely is that he has been fighting an infection, Hes not been ill but that could be because he managed to fight it off but this could still have raised his levels. So they will wait 4 weeks and test again to check it has returned to normal level, if not presumably they will do more tests.

Don't think I said before as I hadnt decided what to do but J's parents have taken M and N to France for a week!! shock They were going anyway as they have a small place out there with a barn they are converting so going out to do some work on it but not much. Offered to take them because we were moving so thought it would make things much easier. I was very unsure about taking them out of school but have discussed it with lots of people and decided I would! But after such an emotional day with Nathan I am feeling very sad now hes gone, I wanted to run after the car and get him back!! I feel blue sad

But I know he will absolutely love it and so will Maia so I just have to suck it up and get over it! Dylan is going to get lots of cuddles this week!! grin

Eddas Sat 13-Sep-08 10:07:42

pesha, what you've said about n and school is so sad i don't have school aged children so can offer no advice really, but it sounds like the teacher isn't very good at dealing with a child that doesn't do just as she said, which must be common in the younger ones. I hope you can get things sorted and N gets back to normal. It must be heartbreaking for yousad. I'm sure that M&N will love Francesmile

envy at all these trips minus childrenenvy

not much going on at my house, apart from workingsad I have come to a few life conclusions thoughgrin I have worked out that I feel depressed and angry alot of the time and that the reason is work. Because of my childcare problems, I have to work 7.5 hours from home each week, which doesn't sound alot but it's hard to fit in. I feel i constantly am working or thinking about when I can work. I basically am being a mum full time apart from one day a week, and then working til 10 a few evenings a weeks, which is meaning sometimes I do a 15/16 hour day, depending when the kids get up. No wonder i'm pissed off and stressed!

So i've decided to change the childcare i've arranged once dd goes to school. I was gonna keep the nursery, but it would mean still doing 5 hours work from home. Now i've decided to find a childminder for 3 days a week, school hours so that I can do 5 hours each day at work, meaning no home working! Yay! I think once I've found someone who can do that for me then i will be happy, and will be able to cope with doing what i'm doing until christmas. Not ideal but at least there'll be an end in sightsmile

We have a new cooker! and nothing's broken so far this week, so things are looking upwinkgrin

StealthPolarBear Sat 13-Sep-08 10:19:06

n1 eddas glad you've managed to sort things out

JellySnakes Sat 13-Sep-08 11:51:54

Hi all smile

Eddas, so glad that things seem to have calmed down for you. I know what you mean about working long days. When I work I do 8am to 6pm, which means I get home around 7pm. But once I get home I still have to sort out the dc's things for the next day and so often don't sit down until late. I work, but have a full time job at home too!

SOL, I haven't been washed away by the rain, although there was a terrible downpour again yesterday!

Pesha, I would definitely speak to the head about that teacher. Her attitude is a disgrace, and if she has no patience for the children then she is clearly in the wrong job. I felt so sad for you and N when I read your post. To have to leave him at school when he was so upset must have been heart breaking for you. At least he will be having a brilliant time away now smile I really hope that you can sort something out.

Not much to report here, worked Weds, training day Thurs and work again Friday.
Have been into M&S this morning to take advantage of their dinner for two for a tenner deal. Have picked up some nice food, and a bottle of wine too, bargain!

JellySnakes Sat 13-Sep-08 18:08:17

It is so quiet here today hmmwink
I logged back in expecting to have at least a couple of posts to read, and found mine was the last one!

Hope you are all out having lovely days smile

We are going to West Midlands Safari Park tomorrow with the dc's. Ds doesn't know about it yet, he only knows that he has to go to bed on time rather than a late night which he often gets on a weekend grin

Runny, it was so lovely to bump into you today as I haven't seen you for ages. We really must organise coffee soon smile

Eddas Sat 13-Sep-08 18:17:27

hi js, didn't want to leave you talking alonegrin

how are you? had your m&s dinner yet? or maybe just the winegrin

oooggs Sat 13-Sep-08 19:45:29

evening all smile had a manic but lovely family day

train at 8.25am to Falmouth via Truro to see the Tall Ships & Pendennis Castle - weather lovely and mum and dad joined us.

But dad left his rucksack on the branch line train with full purse, car and house keys so a bit stressful on the way back, ds1 was devastated.

But they have it back now and we went into the local chinese resturant for tea. Jack loved the seaweed! lovey (yet expensive) day smile

it is like summer here, too bloody late really angry

hope you are all well, eddas - not suprised you are tired and pissed off - hope the new routine wourks in January when G starts school

pesha - envy&sad the M&N have gone to France - I'm sure they will enjoy it even if you don't

mammyjo - your day tomorrow sounds fun

gm - I love Edinburgh (oh the days before dcs)

Sexonlegs Sat 13-Sep-08 20:19:52

Evening all.

Pesha, hope you are ok this evening. Not sure if you do hugs, but I am sending one your way. [hug]

Eddas, really hope things settle and you don't feel so down. It is so incredibly hard trying to juggle everything isn't it? Glad your oven is working well .x

Oooggs, sounds like you have had a hectic day. Did have a small giggle re your dad leaving his rucksack on the train - just the sort of thing my mum would do, and my dad would blow a fuse at!!

MJ, hope you have a fab day tomorrow. Sounds like a journey and a half though?

Hi everyone else. Hope you have all had/are having a good weekend.

We have had a lovely family day too. We spent the day at a farm feeding the animals etc. Got home, had tea and then went blackberry picking. Going to be making blackberry and apple crumble with B tomorrow.

Doobydoo Sat 13-Sep-08 20:27:50

Pesha,so glad your 2 are on hols.Could be just what is needed.OOOggs seaweed eh?FAB
SOL.Sounds like a lovely day.
We are looking at options re Uk moving.I will prob do a back to nursing course.DP may do a computer thing.There is no point going back to do what we did before it dosen't work in uk or over here ...we have tried for 10+ years.
So wish us luck!
Dp wants to live back in Suffolk or Chelseagrinand as we prob won't win lottery will be Suffolk Enjoy rest of weekend all.xx.

cazboldy Sat 13-Sep-08 20:28:04

Hi all smile

sounds like the kind of day I have Oooggs grin

glad you have it sorted Eddas smile

Pesha hope M and N (and you and D) have a lovely week smile

JS hope you have a lovely day tomorrow x

SOL - Molly is like that - a little boy tried to take a spade from the sandpit away from her at playgroup last week and she whacked him with it! blush

We have had a lovely but busy day building horse paddocks!

The new bosses mum had Caitlin and Harry over for tea as she is babysitting her granchildren tonight, and James has gone greyhound racing with my Dad, so andrew and me and the little 2 had chips for tea!

cazboldy Sat 13-Sep-08 20:28:59

Yay to suffolk Dooby! grin

Sexonlegs Sat 13-Sep-08 20:36:25

Wow Dooby, how exciting to be moving back Would you carry on home eding?

StealthPolarBear Sat 13-Sep-08 20:40:35


Doobydoo Sat 13-Sep-08 20:41:31

grinYou 2.Re Home ed..yes for abit.Then if we can earn enough we will send him to school,where he can do 11+ or 13+ or Summerhill.We are a nightmare...Both ends of Spectrumgrin

Bramshott Sat 13-Sep-08 21:40:02


Just read your post about N Pesha - very angry for you. I know that with some children all they need is just a brisk breezy "okay we're going in now", but it doesn't sound like N is like that, as any experienced teacher would know. I definitely agree that all this "you're Year 1 now" is NOT what they need whey they're feeling wobbly - if anything the opposite! On her first day back I said to N after school "let me carry you upstairs because you're still my little girl even though you're in Year 1 now" and since then every day she has said "can we do what we did yesterday, because I'm still your little girl"! <<Bramshott straightens her back out stiffly>> - but it's obviously very important to her that she is still a little one when so many big things are changing IYSWIM! <<I have had some wine, so you may not!>> It sounds like a lovely week in France with grandparents is just what N needs.

We've had my grandparents here today (my mum's parents, with my mum who brought them over). We had a really lovely day and they dote on the girls so much, which is quite bittersweet in some ways given that they are in their mid-80s.

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