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June 2008- Some are sleeping, others weeping and some are just eating

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poppy34 Sun 07-Sep-08 20:18:54

Thought I'd start the new thread using paro's suggestion

whinegums Sun 07-Sep-08 20:29:36

Reposting from other thread in case it gets missed:

Hey Fungle - how strange that our babies are so similar - something cosmic p'raps?! Let's hope they start to drop the night feeds soon eh?

Thanks for everyone else's comments on sleep/colic. Spoke too soon though I think - the boy is having screaming ab dabs right now. DP trying to calm him down and we've given him more Dentinox. V distressing, but not much else we can do.

Poppy, hope you feel better soon.

Oh, just seen new thread started, might repost this on there too.

spongebrainbigpants Sun 07-Sep-08 20:30:41

Hello new thread! grin

Can't believe how busy the thread was today after being so quiet yesterday - have very unsettled child so can't stop long just wanted to say shock at Luke being too big for his 3-6 mths clothes! Alex is only just moving into his and he's the same age! I'm 5' 9'' and dad is 6' so we're a bit surprised we're not having the same problem - how did we end up with a titch?!!

Hi to everyone else on this cold wet September weekend!

aberdeenhiker Sun 07-Sep-08 21:10:14

Hello to the new thread - I'm way behind on the posts so I'm sorry to everyone who's posts I'm ignoring, you all have talked so much in the past 24 hours! Congrats to Paro though on booking the wedding venue - that's really exciting!

Amberc Sun 07-Sep-08 21:40:02

I don't understand why Luke is so long. He's not chubby at all and all his weight is in his length (oo,er!). I hope he doesn't end up being one of those freakishly tall people you see on channel 5. He's over the 100th centile. 75th for weight. I cut the feet out of his cheap 3-6 month baby grows for night time so they will last a bit longer.

Please all cross your fingers for me for the potential new tenants not changing their minds tomorrow - we so deperately want to move.

Night night to all, am doing the dream and 3/4am feeds tonight and DP is doing the early morning as I forced him to take the day off to take Luke to get his jabs as I refuse!

ThePenguinProject Sun 07-Sep-08 22:11:56

Quick post as I've only skimmed the posts on the previous thread and am off to be in a mo. Just wanted to add this to the "threads I'm on". grin

(Thanks for starting this new thread Poppy.)

debinaustria Sun 07-Sep-08 22:14:46

Thanks for the new thread Poppy, hope you feel better soon

UDC - thankfully the large apartment we have has a small dishwasher and we have no guests at the mo, but we have to cart everything there and our dishwasher is 2 months out of guarantee so dh will have to look at it.

Amber - keeping everything crossed for you for tomorrow and lol at you refusing to take Luke for his jabs!

Have a look at our boys at circus camp last week

when the 3 boys come out ds1 is on the middle and ds2 is on the left.

Parofleurmapu Sun 07-Sep-08 22:32:38

Hehe poppy thanks for thread!! and angel wings cool!!!

TGF- Fleur can be really unsettled in pm before bedtime . i try to get her to have a nice long sleep at bout 4.30 then i find she still sleeps at night(not all through yet though)

I was thinking of intoducing just rice to fleur at 4mths. SHe is really interested in us eating, also HV says it might help her to settle routine. What are your guys views on weaning without causing a debae? darent post on weaning board its scary there!!!!

Hi ernest lol at adele

Thanks to all re wedding wishes ill keep you all posted with my news itll give us something else to talk about!!!lol

Loved your boys at circus DP and I ran something similar last summer here for the village kids, it was fab

going to turn in now, not giving fleur her dream feed tonight cause last few nights ive really had to make her eat just 1 or 2oz so going to see what happens without it SHe has been fast asleep since 8pm so........

bitofadramaqueen Sun 07-Sep-08 22:40:25

I'm back! (What do you you mean you didn't notice I was gone?!?!?) grin

Parofleurmapu Sun 07-Sep-08 22:41:29

By the way.. still wondering how makecakes, rolf,josie and josey g43 are no posts for a while? Hello and hope you and LO are well and hi to any others who are lurking

Parofleurmapu Sun 07-Sep-08 22:52:30

last we heard of you, you said off to check out raincoats in boden and never came back!!!
Winegums was looking for you earlier look on previous thread she had a question for you!

Parofleurmapu Sun 07-Sep-08 22:55:03

previous message for BDQ

ErnestTheBavarian Mon 08-Sep-08 08:14:11

typical drama queen wink

ta for new thread poppy.

fugle - no excuses. I have 4 (that sound more insane the more I say it) and I've managed it.

Do you think I could sell dh on ebay. He's so effing uselesss soetimes. Now ds3 at Kindergarten, we all have to be out by 8. Dh has time for shower, breakfast and shouting, I have no shower (sorry), no breakfast, haven't even got time to brush my teeth, all he does is shout and he doesn't know when to bloody stop. He had ds1 & 2 in tears, and then when they're crying he mimicks them, takes the puss and makes them so angry they're screaming in frustration, then he shouts at them for shouting, then wanders off for a shower while I have to get Adele bf, nappy changed, dressed, packed lunch for 3, all of them dressed & ready. I'm so stressed out.

WOuld anyone have him? angry

Anyway, hope everyone has nice weather and a nice day

katyjo Mon 08-Sep-08 08:49:16

Morning all!

Hope jabs go well Amberc wish I had got dh to take mine, I thought I'd be fine with Mia this time but it reminded me of the ordeal when she was in hospital and I got a bit upset and quickly ran out before hv noticed!

Glad ur back BDQ*!

We don't get much chance for shagging either, although Dh doesn't seem to understand we can't just nip of to bedroom at lunchtime and leave ds watching tv. I have visions of his first memory being walking in on his mum and dad at it blush

debs Cicus camp looks like fun!

Ernest Let me know if you manage to get rid of your dh on ebay, I might put mine on there too, sounds quite similar, although he usually shouts at me to hurry up, I get both kids ready and myself and pack everything we need, he just walks to the car....angry!!

aberdeenhiker Mon 08-Sep-08 08:58:02

I'm completely fogged up with sleep deprivation that I spent 20 minutes trying to straighten my hair without my straighteners turned on - not very effective! I'm so insanely jealous of all the talk of sleeping babies that I can't even read this thread without tears threatening so I might take a mumsnet holiday and return when things are a bit smoother for us. But I'll definitely be back... take care everyone.

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 08-Sep-08 08:59:37

I am very sorry for my outburst and embarrassed

I think what I was trying to say that it is impossible to reply to every post but if you ask for advice and someone gives it then it woiuld be nice to make an effort to say thank you but it didn't come out that way, I wasn't being articulate at the time.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

It was lovely to meet you Laura and your DH and your georgeous daughter Charlotte and hope you got home safely.

spongebrainbigpants Mon 08-Sep-08 09:21:19

fungle, we only have one child and we've only managed it once! Dh still thinks we can have our weekend morning shags, but quite how we do that with a crying baby needing food I'm not sure!

deb, the circus video is so cool - although for one horrible moment I thought they were going to do fire eating!! How did he jump on glass without hurting himself - please tell me it wasn't real glass!! shock

paro, advice here is to wean at 6 mths but I do mums who have weaned earlier but usually only by a couple of weeks or so. I think this is because babies digestive system is so much more developed by then but I'm sure someone else knows much more than me! My advice would be to go with your instinct - only you know your baby.

Ernest, I think you're going to have to work on your marketing if you want to sell your dh on ebay - I wouldn't pay you a penny for him on the strength of that description!! wink grin

AH, sorry to hear about your sleep deprivation sad. Don't stay away too long.

5gomad, don't worry.

katyjo Mon 08-Sep-08 09:25:02

Aberdeen LOL at straightners, I spent 20 mins waiting for kettle to boil the other day then realised I hadn't switched it on. Sleep is a funny thing, don't feel jealous it will sort itself out. Ds started sleeping through and then stopped I was distraught, but he soon started sleeping again. I was so pleased Mia had started sleeping well, but the last week ds (2) has been waking at least Once a night and getting up at 6am so I'm more knackered than I was. I heard someone say 3 months is the worst time as sleep dep kicks in and I would def agree, we will all start feeling better soon, is your dh back home soon? It must be really difficult with him away, I know when dh is away even for a night I really struggle, its the lack of adult company as much a anything. Big hugs for you XXX

Five Glad to see you back. grin

ErnestTheBavarian Mon 08-Sep-08 09:30:46

spongebrain - how about 'free to a good home (hopeful)?
Sophie. So pleased to see you. brilliant. Don't be embarassed. anyway, everyone's allowed to be stroppy/sensitive/delicat or anything - it ain't easy and it can be annoying if you've taken the time to help & you don't get recognition for your efforts, but it's almost always just got lost in the pace of this group's natterings. Anywa, glad you're back

AH sounds like hell really. sleep deprivation can really get to you, Hope you turn a corner soon. We'll have a cuppa ready for you when you feel up to it xx

poppy34 Mon 08-Sep-08 09:43:39

5gomad welcome back and if you can't strop at your mates who can you? can see that it is galling when it feels you're ignored

ernest how about putting house trained in your dh ad - he does at least shower/use bathroom...

bdq nice to see you bac

aberdeensorry to hear your suffering with sdep - a few friends said they did turn corner after 3 months so here is hoping it does.
deb that camp looks great - bet the boys loved it

paro -I don't know that much about weaning but I do know that dh said my older dsd was weaned at abotu same time as fleur for same reasons -he said she loved her baby rice and the long sleep returned after....m/w also said soemthing similar about doing same for her dc who were older. Also what I'm confused about is why advice was changed from 4 months... as far as I know its still 4 months elsewhere (I know when we go to france that lots of the fruit purees etc are for 4 months on which seems to indicate they are on 4 month rule) from that I'm guessing its like anything else being a mummy - go with your judgement within reason.

Also I'm hoping we're as supportive on weaning as you all were on ff/bf - I really appreciated the virtual hugs and support I got when I was struggling.

libralady Mon 08-Sep-08 09:45:39

Ernest I can sympathise with you on the DH front Saturday was particularly bad for me. I think I've only just calmed down.

When we went to bed on Friday night I asked if he was going to do the dream feed, he said no, I'll do the early morning one as your medication makes it difficult for you to hear L. So when my alarm went off Sat morning (we were going out for the day) I was up and went downstairs to get things sorted. L was stirring so I though DH would get up and feed him. DS1 came downstairs and I got him breakfast. Went up to check on DH and he was fast asleep in bed so I fed L. Then DS1 needed prompting to get dressed. DH went downstairs and made a coffee and washed the bottles. (Didn't make me one angry) Then I dressed L, got myself dressed, L was sick, got him and myself changed, went downstairs and packed the munchies, did the bottles, packed the car, put L in his car seat and all DH did was go outside and have a cigarette!
Then when we got home, I put DS1 to bed, fed L (again)and put him to bed, put on a load of washing (we got extremely muddy at a local agricultural show) and ordered the takeaway. Once it arrived, L needed feeding again so I went up and fed him whilst DH ate his Pizza, then I thought he'd come and take over from me, but when I'd eventually got L settled (3/4 hr later), I went downstairs and he was playing on the computer angryangry
So I though sod it and went to bed as my dinner was cold by then (I had a chicken sandwich and chips) and just couldn't face it cold. I was fuming. Dodn't even bother telling DH I was going to bed.

I spent all day yesterday getting DS1 ready for big school today. DH did manage to hose off the pushchair, but little else and nothing with DS1. But when his cricket club mate came around in the afternoon (Luke's Godfather) he looked the doting Dad by feeding him and changing his nappy.

Then I had to cook the Sunday Roast after doing 6 loads of washing and ironing, it's surprising how much washing accumulates with bedding, pushchair, car seat, coats, baby. (We did get extremely muddy on Saturday and the DS1 went a pearler in the mud).

Eventually sat down at 9.30 last night and DS1 was up extra early today as he's excited about going to big school. Caught him trying to put his uniform on at 5.30 this morning and he's not due to go until 12.30 this afternoon. DH's comment was I've got to go to work in a few hours - Grrrrgh.

Oh I feel so much better for getting that off my chest

Good to see you back 5gomad

Right snack time looms for DS1 (healthy apple and milk) and then I must get L up - he's still asleep in in cot.

ErnestTheBavarian Mon 08-Sep-08 09:49:02

LL angry for you. sounds like My dh, except as well as leaving me to get everything ready, he'll also moan I'm taking too long.

hope ds enjoys big school

poppy34 Mon 08-Sep-08 09:51:31

ll..shock you're husband sounds a prince among men based on that performance.. hope ds has good day at school

libralady Mon 08-Sep-08 09:52:57

Re the weaning, I know when DS1 was a baby, the guidelines were 16 weeks at the earliest as their little stomachs can't digest before that, however, early weaning can be a cause of some allergies/food intolerances.
I think DS1 was about 17 weeks as he tried to swipe a cream scone I was eating one day. He was definitely looking longingly at it. He didn't like the baby rice, so I introduced some mashed banana and some baby danone fromage frais as his first foods. Even now I have no problem getting fruit and yogurts into him. And he has no food allergies/intolerances thankfully.
I'm looking forward to buying some Farleys Rusks again. I loved them as a child and I think I ate as many as DS1 did. Can't wait!

ThePenguinProject Mon 08-Sep-08 10:03:01

Amber - LOL at your shopping, I used exactly the same reasoning on DH on Saturday "well, it's not like I'll be buying any clothes for myself for a while..." and bought this. M&S has some really cute stuff ATM. Fingers crossed re: your tenants. If you move, will you still be able to make London meet ups?

Good news, I've been eating normally but healthily (3 meals a day, lots of fruit and veg, no crap), I've lost 5lb since last Monday. Really great for me because I'm a manic dieter/binger and now I'm doing it the right way. gringringrin

Ernest - re: your rumpy pumpy reply to Fungle, that dedication is why you have 4! grin Not sure your DH deserves any this morning though.... After a bit of a crappy weekend with my DH, he looked after Ryder when he woke at 2am this morning. Fed him a bottle of ebm and made me go back to bed. He's always good about this kind of stuff when asked, but he did this completely unprompted. grin

Fungle - After jumping back on the horse (so to speak), things have slowed down here too. Awful to admit, but there's always so many other things that need to be done other than DH! grin We've actually implemented a day system (eg: Mondays and Thursdays = sex), so that we make a real effort. So sad I know, I can't believe it's come to this... BTW they aren't the days, there's no way I'm telling you guys the actual days, the pi55taking would take up a whole thread by itself. blush

AH - Hon, that sounds horrid, I'm sorry. Sleep deprivation really is a cruel and unusual punishment. It will get better, I promise.

BDQ/Sophie - Glad to see you back. smile BDQ, did you get your mac? Amber, did you have any luck finding your raincoat?

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