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April 2007 - Over here please girls, you've been too rude again!

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PillockOfTheCommunity Thu 21-Aug-08 12:46:39

Can someone link this thread to the last one, work have blocked it cos you said too many naughty things!


but I think we were about to need a new one anyway?

PillockOfTheCommunity Thu 21-Aug-08 12:55:08

SPB I have seen you out there!

PillockOfTheCommunity Thu 21-Aug-08 12:58:04

I'm bored............
and talking to myself grin

PillockOfTheCommunity Thu 21-Aug-08 12:58:33

Can't go to lunch til 2ish so talk to me!

PillockOfTheCommunity Thu 21-Aug-08 13:14:20


StealthPolarBear Thu 21-Aug-08 13:16:02


lexilex Thu 21-Aug-08 13:25:26

hello, im here, how are you potc?

Doobydoo Thu 21-Aug-08 13:27:42

Naughty things???I have missed 'emsad

mammyjo Thu 21-Aug-08 13:29:21

Hello smile

Runny, hope swimming was good today, sorry I couldn't make it this week.

Ds has a party this afternoon, so I am taking him to that and F is coming with us too. It is only in his friends house so two minutes up the road from here which is good!

Ange, shock at your dsd swinging the cat by its legs, poor thing. Amazing that it is still child friendly after that!

StealthPolarBear Thu 21-Aug-08 13:31:06

maybe all the pram pron?

elkiedee Thu 21-Aug-08 13:36:21

Hi POTC, enjoy your lunch when you get there.

PillockOfTheCommunity Thu 21-Aug-08 13:40:08

The page filters have a points system, the more naughty words we type, the higher the points, so it blocks it!

might try putting my MN settings to 50 posts per page, we can't hit the filters in 50 posts surely? hmmgrin

even 'pink' has a points score hmm

lexilex Thu 21-Aug-08 13:55:03

just a quick update with me a p, he came home last night and asked me why i was sleeping down stairs. so i just said cos i wanteded to and he asked me if it was because i dont want to be near him, and a didnt say anything, any way he asked me for a cuddle and i say ok, but it was really horrible cos i didnt feel anything for him and he was crying!! i felt like such a bitch but what can you do? he even tried to kiss me but i just couldnt. so now i just have to wait to see what happens next, im past caring about what he does now, just want to be able to get on with my life now,

sorry you all most be bored hearing about this, anyway ill be back on later for a proper catch up with all of you, have a good day. xxx

StealthPolarBear Thu 21-Aug-08 14:05:27

Not at all lexi, this i your place to let off steam (if you want to)
Sounds like a clean break would be for the best for both of you if you are sure of your feelings

AngeG Thu 21-Aug-08 14:16:31

lol at work blocking our threads POTC.

No time to catch up, just at work and checking mew thread had been linked.


Eddas Thu 21-Aug-08 14:18:40

today is too long. DD driving me mad. I need some dc free time. Fat chancesad

oh except work tomorrow of course when I think i'm supposed to feel as if it's day off hmmangry

mammyjo Thu 21-Aug-08 14:27:43

At least in work you can eat lunch in relative peace, have a hot cup of tea, and have a wee without anyone standing in front of you watching grin

StealthPolarBear Thu 21-Aug-08 14:50:36

well to be honest we dont know whre she works
But yes wee without audience is a big attraction of work at the moment!

CaptainDippy Thu 21-Aug-08 15:37:17

Oh Lex sad Please do come here and let off steam if you need to. You are not a bitch - just tired and confused. xx

LOL @ POTC's work's "point system" hmm

Right, REALLY need to Dyson ......

Eddas Thu 21-Aug-08 16:08:43


Eddas Thu 21-Aug-08 16:10:41

<<<<<<<<<<<<<rocks from side to side>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

bedtime in 2 hours. She will be in bed earlyangry ffs she was up at 5.55 so she can be in bed then tooangry

CaptainDippy Thu 21-Aug-08 16:13:51

Quickly, make some dinner and take it to the park - get out of the house - you will feel so much better!! When is DH home? xx

Eddas Thu 21-Aug-08 16:22:30

dinner nearly ready, park will be sopping wet as, naturally, it's been raining!

DS should be home around 4.45, thankfully. They will be in bed by 6. Especially as certain little lady!

Eddas Thu 21-Aug-08 16:24:41

oh and once he's home i'm gonna pop out as I need some space. Going to go and treat us to a new duvet set, woo hoo!! he can eat his dinner with their joyus company and mine will wait til later. It's jacket spud so can wait.

I just need to get out, alone. Just for an hour or so.

Need an earl night but must worksad

Eddas Thu 21-Aug-08 16:30:30

just been on fb, step bil said step sil had the baby, thought he'd said she was 101 lbs 4ozshock then realised it was a mere 10lbs 4ozsgringrin

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