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Chocolatedays!!!!??? Anyone seen or heard from her??

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Ready Wed 13-Aug-08 19:12:27

I have been thinking lots about Chocolatedays, keep doing searches for her posts, but nothing... Due in June, so I expect she is very busy, but I am really hoping to hear something from her soon.


Chocolatedays Wed 20-Aug-08 17:40:10

Hello! So sweet of you to look for me. I found your posts about me as I was searching for posts from you!!!- How are you doing?

Oh my god - I AM A MUM!!!!

I still can't believe it - it is usual to get weepy a few days post birth - and all my tears were of enormous joy - such a miracle - and so many people have been so happy for us (I'm welling up now!).

4am on 6th July, the day before my due date, I went into labour. I laboured at home until 2pm. At the hospital they said I had a way to go & suggested I had a bath - which I did for 2hrs! I then had 2 hrs on dry land before going to the birthing pool (we hoped we'd get to go to the birthing pool but as there is only one you never know until the time comes).
As soon as I got into the pool I had an overwhelming urge to push and within 30mins the midwife shouted at me PICK UP YOUR BABY (surreal!). I reached below me and lifted up a 7lb 5.5oz warm wriggly thing. Everyone (solicited or not) had told me we were having a boy so it was with amazement I told my dh “It’s a girl”! (I had to check twice!)

Ready - she is simply wonderful. The first night I just held her tiny naked body against me, although she wanted to sleep I just wanted to play! She is a very placid, content beauty with a mop of dark hair. She is now 6 weeks and is busy learning to smile (which makes me a dh’s heart flip each time she does). So much joy.

I have been thinking of posting on the conception thread but and very aware of the pain of TTC – and don’t want to upset people – if you think my story will be well received and give hope then respond to this post and I’ll write it.

So - Ready – what’s happening with you? IVF is ok…. Hard when it doesn’t work but incredible when it does!!

Love Choc & Mini-Choc

Ready Tue 23-Sep-08 20:04:38

I've had a break from MN for a little while, but someone said you were looking for me on the conception threads.

I am soooo thrilled for you Choc, truly wonderful news, and I definitely think you should pop your head in the door of the ttc#1 forever thread - those girls could definitely use some inspiration.

Not really anything new to tell you, dh and I are still trying, but we have hit the 2 year mark, and it stings a bit. We have moved back down south, and in this area you are not considered for ivf until 3 years trying, so we have a way to go before we even need to consider that. Of course it would be lovely to do it on our own, and not have to wrangle with my ivf phobia, but as with most things in life - we shall cross that bridge if we come to it.

Minichoc must be 11 weeks now? I am sure you are loving every minute.

So lovely to hear from you.


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