Feb 08 - Never mind my wrinkly tum, look what's come out of my baby's bum!

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Gill79 Sat 09-Aug-08 16:39:22

done it

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beansprout Sat 09-Aug-08 16:42:17

Oooh, it's quite roomy in here!! grin

Gill79 Sat 09-Aug-08 17:11:47

Well I went for Bean's suggestion - seemed to speak to me as I have not only wrinkly tum but fascination with nappy contents.
Anyway - arghh - Malc's got a temperature and since about 7 last night has not slept unless being held shock. The thing is he seems perfectly happy apart from stubborn refusal to go to bed. (Egg just like your DD you can see it is a real treat to be up with mum and dad and the telly late at night!) My boobs are very sore from being chomped on all night as I tried in vain to get him off to sleep. I still managed to go for a decent session at the climbing wall this morning though but DP has disappeared on a suspiciously long trip to Sainsbury's this afternoon - suspect he is sitting slumped in the cafe.

Egg nice to see you made up for your absence by filling up the last thread! Wine box sounds a good idea - your supplies were looking low grin We have a friend staying tonight so I am looking forward to cracking open the cava that I didn't take to yours - although he is more a beer sort of bloke so clearly it's a thinly veiled excuse to indulge myself.

Mark Foster yes I would - remind me is he a diver? I think he's the oldest one in "Team GB" isn't he? Which means we are all old. There was also a nice russian? grey haired man doing the gymnastics today (ancient at 35!)

Oops DP back better stop this older man chat. And Malc has still not been to sleep for more than about 5 minutes all day - it's 5PM!!!!!

Oh BTW after chat at the meet-up about other areas of mumsnet I have explored a bit and don't we inhabit a nice, normal, friendly and not mad section of the MN world?

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beansprout Sat 09-Aug-08 17:24:17

Oh no, sorry to hear that Malc is not too well. It's really hard work when they won't sleep. Fingers well and truly crossed you have a better night tonight. smile

When you have a mo Gill, pur-lease post the recipe for the chocolate stuff you brought to the meet up. I suspect it's at least a class B substance! grin And yes, dh took 2 hours to do a shop I can do in an hour with both boys!! hmm

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, 38 is not old. D'ya hear me? NOT OLD!! grin

Egg Sat 09-Aug-08 17:33:31

Just popping on to get new thread on my list. Hope Malc feels better v soon, his girlfriend is not well either, she has been crying a lot today although has slept for 3 hours in total so not bad there.

Back later for another gazillion posts from meeeeeeee.

Gill79 Sat 09-Aug-08 17:44:55

Hee hee sorry Bean.

Maybe they're lovesick Egg?

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leesmum Sat 09-Aug-08 18:40:45

Hiya all x

Great thread title beany, and from your comments on the other thread i'm presuming that you don't think the picture of Mark Foster with the flag looked a little phalic...fnar fnar

Gill how is Malcolm now? do you think he's teething? it could just be a bit of a cold. And whats this choccy recipe that beany's on about, sounds yummy. And i have to agree with you about other parts of MN, there are some real sh*t stirring nasty bas*@rds on here sometimes angry

Egg well you should be chuffed with yourself for hosting what sounds like a great day. Thanks for comments about photos, my Dp really does come 3rd after the two boys!!! LOL at visions of you sneaking off to watch Mark Foster porn, hmm you've given me ideasblush Do you think Dp would mind if i made him wear Ds1's swimming cap to bed tonight!shock

I'm setting a challenge for you all, lets see who can find the hottest man at the Olympics!

sarahmikeharryandrosie Sat 09-Aug-08 20:48:38

hi all- sorry been away all day- one of those days- i am feeling much better today- although think i may be getting a bug/cold or somrthjing dont quite feel right iykwim-

Great to hear back from u Slacker- your pics are gorge-

Love the thread title very apt!!!!!!!!grin

Slimming world plan seems to be working here for me so far- but thursdays weigh in will prove it or not- theres quite alot to take in in the beggining though!!!

Egg- you are so nice but yeah i am happy with the pic of DH and i at last weeks wedding- and he rather nice!!!!lolgrin

Basingstoke is about 2drive hours from me- but would love to come!!!!!

DD is doing well sitting but today had her first fall- DS was being a tad naughty as i was telling him off she nose dived onto the carpet- really did cry but is uninjured and was giggling at Hary moments later- (who was still be a little sod!!!!!)

Egg- BTW its been great to have you posting so much its far too quiet without u!!!!lolgrin

beansprout Sat 09-Aug-08 20:54:06

My brother phoned earlier to say that his ex wife (my SIL) died suddenly this afternoon. She was in her early 30's. He has now has to tell his 8yo dd that her mummy has died. She has been with him today as they have the usual every other weekend type arrangements.
He is also expecting twins any day with someone else (who chucked him mid-pregnancy) and he has huge financial problems. I'm not sure how he or my niece are going to cope with it all. It's all a bit overwhelming at the moment.

Sorry to tell you lot but dh is not here and my head is a bit of a mess. Bugger.

sarahmikeharryandrosie Sat 09-Aug-08 20:59:18

Ohh Beany-

Dont really know what to say tio you but om my goodness are u ok?

Really feeling for your brother- how terrible for him and DD,

dont know what to write without sounding stupid-

Egg Sat 09-Aug-08 22:23:45

shit beany am having quick read of thread using mobile phone before bed and saw your post. Am so sorry. How awful for your brother and your niece. Hope your dh is home now to give you a shoulder to cry on. Did not realise when you said about him having twins due that he was not with his partner. That in itself would be hard enough. Are your family around to help support your brother? Sorry cannot do paragraphs on phone... Thinking of you and your family tonight.

alkar Sat 09-Aug-08 22:36:27

Loving the new title

Really lovely pics slacker, nice to hear from you again. As far as thinking about more babie goes I don't think I would be as lucky again. DS is so good and I think I would get a horror next time!

If you find any good suction bowls ginger, let me know. We went to an italian restaurant tonight, I was letting DS eat the crusts from our garlic bread which he was loving but then he tried to grab more from the plate but missed and smashed the plate on the floor instead blush luckily it was a very child friendly place.

Hope slimming world works for you Sarah, my weight loss seems to have stalled lately...

Gonna have to watch the olympics more, need to find out who mark foster is grin

alkar Sat 09-Aug-08 22:37:30

So sorry for you and your brother beany and your poor poor niece {{{hugs}}}

MERLYPUSS Sat 09-Aug-08 23:26:40

Found You!!
Beany - oh that is crap. Hugs to you and brother.

Isaac tried fish yesterday for the first time and I ended up wearing it. He was/is a reflux baby but this was the most impressive puke I have ever seen. We will be leaving fish for the moment hmm
They both chow down on most thing ATM. Pear and porridge, Banana and Avocado (frog) mashed together and toast being their fave brekky. Want to try scrambled egg soon, which I hate but can't transfer my dislikes to them.
Great to hear you slept in til 11am. I thought I was doing well with 9.30.

wrinklytum Sat 09-Aug-08 23:35:12

Sorry to crash your thread,ladies,but your thread title made me dash of to examine the contents of dd's nappies

Then I realised it was a post natal thread and I hadn't posted this in a tired inebriated moment.LOL.

(It was just wee in her nappy,you'll be pleased to know....)

Hope all your little uns are well.

leesmum Sun 10-Aug-08 08:07:00

Hi wrinklytum smile

Oh Beany love how are you? Sorry for your brother and niece, what a tragic thing to happen. Did you have someone to talk to last night before your Dh came home. I don't like to think you were on your own when you got this horrible news. Thinking of you x

Merlypuss will your boys actually eat the toast, my lo has chew'd on toast and ricecakes but spits little bits out, i suppose it just takes a while for them to get used to it.

Alkar at the moment we are using bowls but with Ds1 we just used to put a lot of his food straight onto the high chair tray and let him get it with his hands, a good idea is to buy a cheapo shower curtain and have it under the high chair to catch most of the food.

NO MORE BABIES HERE! god nosmile i'm done!

Sarah how is your poor DD today? they are a lot stronger than we give them credit for, And think positive about dietingsmile i think if you can cut out snacking and eating late it'll soon drop off x (well that was my downfall anyway!)

Take care all x

sarahmikeharryandrosie Sun 10-Aug-08 09:50:30

beany how was your nite- hope you got some sleep-

Lees mum dd id fine today, she doesn't seem to have any ill efects from her fall yesterday!!!!

i think u r right about eating late- when i get in from work just after 9pm i could eat a scabby dog!!!!!!! try to go to bed so i wont eat!!!!!!!grin

More babies- I WOULD LOVE ONE MORE!!!!!dh said im not aloud though!¬!!!!! hmm who knows i am happy i have both a boy and a girl so i should probably agree with DH- we shall see!!!!lol

Welcome wrinkly tum- feel free top pop in as you wish xxxx

Gill79 Sun 10-Aug-08 10:03:32

Oh Bean - fk. How awful. Doesn't bear thinking about. <<<Hugs>>>

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beansprout Sun 10-Aug-08 10:10:06

Thanks for all your good wishes. My brother has to tell his dd this morning, and no-one should have to do that. She lived with her mum so even basic stuff like where she lives and goes to school is suddenly very complicated. It's all just at the too awful for words stage. Egg - He is in Dorset, I am in London and our mum and dad are in Sussex so we are not too near each other which is especially crap at times like this. sad

Didn't sleep too well. Ds2 woke up 3 times and Ds1 managed to walk up the hall to our room while vomiting so the carpet needed some swift attention! Spent the time inbetween fretting, but at least it is Sunday and dh is here. Did say to ds1 that it would be good if he could maybe vom in the toilet if he feels sick again, to which he replied, "yuck mum, the toilet is just for wee and poo." Sigh.

Sarah - glad dd is ok. We agreed at the meet up that falls are compulsory! grin
Merly - lol at wearing the fish. ds2 is a vegetable refusnik atm but he can't keep chomping on bread so am going to leave it for a few days.
Slacker - great to hear from you, fab pics smile

Hope you all have a good Sunday. smile

DartmoorMama Sun 10-Aug-08 10:26:00

HI all
I had forgotten how early they get mobile, have to keep an eye on all the roly polys now, DS seems to migrate so fast, and he managed to pull himself up on all fours then do a comedy leap/wobble forwards and land on his nose, Think I am going to have to rearrange the house back to baby safe mode.

Scarey how fast they stop being little babies!!
Am convinced I didn't want any more babies but maybe I do.

tyaca Sun 10-Aug-08 12:22:39

just checking in. and whispering that basingstoke was a joke! i did grinning emoticions and everything wink

tyaca Sun 10-Aug-08 12:24:30

wtf bean. that is nuts and so awful.

Slacker Sun 10-Aug-08 12:41:49

EWWW yuck to new thread title!

Beany, so sorry about your dreadful news, I hope everyone concerned pulls together in the difficult times to come, to make things as bearable as possible for your poor niece.

Egg - you flatter me quite unjustly! When I manage to get a pic of all my (mostly) lovely children together I'll upload it. You're right I have 5 altogether, 4 ds (13, 11, 8 and baby) and 1 dd (5). I don't find babies difficult, but my first 2 were definitely the biggest challenge. Thankfully they're old enough to be helpful now - DS1 made it his summer holiday project to carefully pick off all DS4's cradle cap!

LOL to meeting up in Basingstoke - of all the places! Make it Bicester Village or Gunwharf Quays and I'd be there though!

Had a look through some of your profiles at pics of cute babies (just a teeny bit broody now AF has just returned...DH mentioned contraception though, bugger!) - Leesmum your boys are so sweet together, Gill your pics have put me off the idea of weaning for as long as possible! Egg yours are gorgeous, I know it's hard work but there's something very special about twins. Beansprout - more photos please! Your DS2 looks just like my DS3 (whose name he shares IIRC) at the same age.

Rearranged our bedroom yesterday so that we could fit the cot in - then found it's 2 inches too wide for the gap, arghh! Can you get narrow cots? Otherwise I'll have to get the longest widest crib I can find, or put him in with DS3...

gingermumi Sun 10-Aug-08 16:47:51

Oh beaney so sorry, what an awful time for you and your family. Take care hun.

Erm ....think babies might have given each other something, Toby up all night gurgling snot which arrived from nowhere at about 1am. Lovely. Gave in early am and took him into our bed, if he wakes all the time tonight its straight in with us, i can't survive on no sleep anymore (obviously the lie in friday nightwas was a complete fluke )

phew to basingstoke! Egg, can't we come to yours again? ! wink

Am still trying to upload blardy pics but dh is helping dd1 sort out some stuff for her hols atm.

gingermumi Sun 10-Aug-08 16:47:52

Oh beaney so sorry, what an awful time for you and your family. Take care hun.

Erm ....think babies might have given each other something, Toby up all night gurgling snot which arrived from nowhere at about 1am. Lovely. Gave in early am and took him into our bed, if he wakes all the time tonight its straight in with us, i can't survive on no sleep anymore (obviously the lie in friday nightwas was a complete fluke )

phew to basingstoke! Egg, can't we come to yours again? ! wink

Am still trying to upload blardy pics but dh is helping dd1 sort out some stuff for her hols atm.

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