July 2006 - bring on those tantrums!

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thefortbuilder Sat 09-Aug-08 12:37:49

New thread now we're all mums of 2yr olds!

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ceebee74 Sat 09-Aug-08 13:07:24

Flick - thanks for the new thread - love the title grin

HumphreysCorner Sat 09-Aug-08 15:28:37

Great-just adding myself to this thread. smile Weather is just horrendous here. Our BioTech unit (sewerage disposal system) has broken and DH is delving into the poo trying to sort it. It stinks and has turned my stomach. Bleurgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a lovely day all.


kbaby Sat 09-Aug-08 23:05:55

Spin- We often look back at old Video footage of DD, its quite funny to see her so weeny and dancing and singing. DScan count to 10 and recite a few nursery rhymes so I should try and video him doing them,before the moment passes.
Flick- if you werent so far away I would lend you our cat. I dont know how he manages to atch so many mice, rats or birds. Fed up of seeing dead animals.

Bloss- dont you find it annoying that on a day off and with no kids you spend the day cleaning but if it was a dh who had the day off you wouldnt catch them lifting a finger. I know thats how it is in our house and it really pees me off, of course when I tell DH this he says that I could sit around and watch tv all day too if I wanted too as i am not made to do the cleaning and stuff!!

DD is being a right pain at the moment. HC i now know what you mustve been going through last year with emma. She is being so cheeky. ive had a week off work to spend time with them and im sooooo looking forward to going back to work for a break from the non stop whining/irritating DS and constant demands. Shes like the bloody queen shouting for things from the settee and DS is getting as bad as he has to have whatever it is that DD has or kicks off. The naughty seat has been in demand this week.

Happy belated birthday for yesterday Toby.

kbaby Sat 09-Aug-08 23:13:21


hopefully that will work, there's pictures of DS cake and him on his birthday there.
My laptop is playing up and I cant cick on certain links so cant reate individual links, hopefully youll find the pics ok.

AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Sun 10-Aug-08 15:58:44

Thanks for the new thread, Flick.

Here's some photos of our week away, which will tell you most of the story!

Kbaby, your cake is fab!! Lovely pics. Hope your nights are improving.

Mimi has gone back to sleeping really crap again, she keeps waking and screaming, and won't sleep unless she's wrapped around my neck and keeps pulling my hair. It's driving me nuts. She has started drinking more again too (milk, that is!)... will it ever ever ever end...

Best go ladies. smile

ImpyChica Sun 10-Aug-08 19:12:36

Fab pix Kbaby. You made the cakes didn't you? (I remember you saying that you'd been practising...) They are blummin' brilliant [bows down, not worthy, not worthy!] And your DD looks like butter wouldn't melt... V sweet. V glam pic of you and them both too!

Same goes for yours Annie - ADORABLE!!! You and Mimi look so sweet together, bless. And she doesn't look like she has a problem sleeping, all cuddled up to Joey! Hope it gets better for you...

Well we've got a raving nationalist on our hands... ever time Ry sees a flag (from Spain, Belgium, whatever) he starts chanting "España, España!". Quite scary...

In-laws have gone, DP left for Paris AGAIN this afternoon and my parents don't arrive till tomorrow evening... so feeling v lonesome after such a busy week or so. Have to take tomorrow off work to look after the Ryster (his nursery shuts in August - hence all the grandparents visits).

Love to all. Impy xxx p.s. HC will try and send u some sun over - it's been too damn hot here for weeks...

ceebee74 Sun 10-Aug-08 21:20:39

Annie - those photos are great - it looks like you had a really good time and the weather looks like it was good aswell bearing in mind you are not all wrapped up in scarves and gloves wink

Impy - the nursery shuts for the whole of August shock I don't know what I would do if that happened here!! Glad you are MNing to keep you busy tonight! We are just watching the golf - Sergio is doing really well smile

Kbaby - lovely photos - those cakes really are fab!

Am having a nightmare trying to buy a double buggy at the mo - everytime I find one that I like it is either too long to fit in my boot or gets bad reviews!! I only want a cheap one as I think I will only really use it to take Josh to nursery but it is proving really hard!!

kbaby Sun 10-Aug-08 21:50:55

Annie- weve got DS sleep sort of sorted now. He will only go to sleep in 'mammy's bed' and then once hes asleep we move him to his bed. Ive put a bed guard on so he cant get out and so far if he has woken in the night ive been able to get him settled again by telling him I have to go and have a wee and ill be back in a minute to cwtch him. Then I go to bed and he forgets and falls asleep. Fingers crossed it keeps working. DD on the other hand is a nightmare, shes not going to sleep until 10pm and then I have to wake her every morning. BTW The pic of them both sleeping is fab.

Thinking of going on a cake making course, I really enjoyed making the cakes but find the icing part really difficult and just cant seem to get it smooth wth no creases, so I think a course may help. Plus it will be interesting. DH thinks im being too ambitious.
Impy- i cant remember if youve said b4, how did you end up living in madrid? are you from england originally?
ceebee- you looked at mamas and papas aria twin?

TheGoddessBlossom Mon 11-Aug-08 09:32:09

Great cakes KBaby. What's wrong with a bit of ambition? Why do DH's always state the negatives? Really gets on my wick. You go for it if you want to and it interests you. You obviously have a natural aptitude.

Lovely photos Annie, the one of them asleep
is adorable. Fancy joining me in a dry week? I've been pissed 10 days in a row, can't be healthy. Good fun though, but got to try and cut down on the old vinos.

Just been swimming, today's jobs are:

Watching Medium and Eastenders

Making the most of the last month the boys are in nursery. I think they are really going to miss going, almost as much as I will be miss my cushy days home alone..... sad

CB I bought the Mothercare "One in front of other" double buggy for £130. Would that fit in your boot?

AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Mon 11-Aug-08 11:00:45

Bloss I've been dry since Saturday, and will carry on til Thursday when my 'bezzie' is over from Ireland. She would just disown me if I didn't drink.
I was drinking every day while we were away though, so I do need it too.
Til Thursday then!? Can anyone else take over then please!??! We can do it Bloss. Easy.

CB I found the Phil and Ted excellent, though Joey was only 15 months, not 2.4 (?)like your Josh. It is a bit cumbersome in the boot of the car though. It's fab when going to the pub though, as we walk until they are both fast asleep and then enjoy the pint in peace. It's getting much more difficult now though...

Had a bit of a turnaround last night!!! Mimi went to sleep in her cot, as usual, after a lot of faffing and 'I want some water' 'I done a wee wee' etc ploys to get out of there. Then she slept nicely til sometime in the early hours, when DH went to get her, and she came in our bed, as per. Woke a couple of times, as per, scratching, and screaming when I put cream on her, as per.
Then I started getting p-eed off, as did DH, so I said threateningly, 'Right, you are going back in your cot right now, if you don't stop crying'. To which she screamed further and louder, which I took to be an objection to such a threat. Then as she kept repeating through the sobs, I eventually worked out that she was actually saying 'I wanna go in my cot'. Of course I didn't believe it so I said things like, but Mammy can't fit in your cot, but wouldn't you want to stay here with Mammy, etc. The screaming got louder, then 'I WANNA GO IN MY COT ALL NIGHT LONG'!! So, I sceptically carried her in there, expecting to be carrying her straight back but she lay there, guzzled a bit of milk, rolled over to face me while I was sitting on the floor, and held my hand and stroked my arm, and dozed off!!! I would still be sitting there with my mouth open if I hadn't felt a bit chilly!! That was 3.50am. She slept there til 6.15am, when she was up for the day!

I also didn't mention that she (kinda) slept though one night on holiday, me and DH were out, and the in-laws were getting them to bed, so it was about 11pm when we got back, she was still up - I put her to bed and she slept til 6am.

So, hedge your bets ladies. We may be onto a winner. A slow-cooked one, but we'll get there eventually!

Right so! Best go and do some work. Such that it is in this place!

Laters x

spinspinsugar Mon 11-Aug-08 11:14:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HumphreysCorner Mon 11-Aug-08 12:00:50

Morning all

Am just letting the girls play upstairs, the mess is horrendous but the will tidy it up yes? hmm

kbaby-your cakes are fab. smile Lovely pics and your DD looks so sweet. Emma has improved so much since last year-school has its advantages and some disadvanatges of course.

Annie-love your pics especially the one of them sleeping. Aw factor. smile

Bloss and Annie-had Tues, Weds and Thurs dry last week but by Fri was desperate and caved in. blush Best of luck to you both as it is a struggle for me to stay away from the BH.

PIL came round with our anniversary card last night (7 years today) and MIL appears to have the same hairstyle as me now. shock Anyway, DH was telling his dad about the BioTec unit and his dad said 'I could fix that, easy, what are you messing around at'. angry No amount of telling him that it is a massive job made it sink in. Don't know how I kept quiet. Bully! angry They are going away same day as us (Saturday) but going to Bristol and Cornwall so hoping that is poles apart from Wales.

Must get some lunch ready and check on the monsters banging around upstairs.

Love to all


AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Mon 11-Aug-08 12:44:04

Happy Anniversary HC!!!! Hope you do something special smile

Spin, LOL at Roshi!! 'I godda Fanjo'!!!
Is that what you've decided to call it?!??!
I don't think I've ever used that word before in RL!!!
I thought it was a little blush for me when I came out of the loo in a pub last week, with the two in tow of course (they always come with me now, the mysteries of public loos, eh) and Joey announced to a lady who was on her way in that 'Mammy just did a wee wee in there'.


spinspinsugar Mon 11-Aug-08 13:39:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thefortbuilder Mon 11-Aug-08 14:20:09

happy anniversary HC.

I will be dry till friday i think - we were supposed to go out for dinner friday night and i've gone to the trouble of booking nobu in 2 different places at 2 different times so it suits dh and he's just said "i will probably cancel dinner anyway" - and then proceed to have drinks out after work as per usual angry, and my friend who is pg has cancelled saturday night dinner party as she's feeling rotten with morning sickness - so not sure what we're up to this weekend!

jacob now announces "nap" when he is tired at lunchtime. and wants to go to his bed which is brilliant - came in with us really early last night though so the nights are getting worse again. sam is waking a lot more i nthe night this last few days as well as we all have colds and i think he's generally feeling grotty.

it's horrid weather here today - cold and grey, i'm nearly thinking of putting the heating on!

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ImpyChica Mon 11-Aug-08 14:34:01

Happy Anniversary HC! Hope you and DH do something special to celebrate.

LOL at LOs announcing bodily functions/body parts to the general public!!! Tee hee. I must be careful around Ry - I can't blame any English swear words he picks up on anyone else but me and DP!

I'm from the same county as HC, Kbaby - right proper yellowbelly Lincoln lass! I met DP at Liverpool Uni while we were studying Latin American studies and we lived a year together in Chile in '95. Then had four miserable years in London (it's great there if you have money... but we didn't). So we jacked it all in and headed to Madrid eight years ago! So there's my story - thanks for asking!

Don't have any energy to entertain Ry today... Had a nice morning in the park but now it's too hot to go out so have just stuck the telly on blush - despite vowing to cut right back on the tv. Oh well. Cross with him on toilet training front - sat him on potty to do a wee (which he didn't do), he got right off and did a wee on the floor 2 minutes later - argh! I don't think he's ready unfort...

Laters, Impy x

thefortbuilder Mon 11-Aug-08 16:19:42

am rather depressed - have just been told by our insurance company that they won't cover us as an overseas landlord, on the buildings side, and we will have real problems moving as there is a history of subsidence on the property - meant we had to stay with them when we bought the place as pretty much no one else would insure us angry and all josh could say when he called me to talk about it (when i picked up the phone o nthe 4th ring) was "you can't send me an email telling me that and then not be available when i call" angry angry what does he think i f*ing do all day - wait for his precious call???

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kbaby Mon 11-Aug-08 21:17:55

Annie- I hope mimi continues to improve and you finally get some sleep. I on the other hand have jinxed it because tonight I cant gets ds to bed at all and have been up now 7 times.

****Small rant alert***
I never want to hear the words 'I DO IT' ever again. I am fed up of ds tantrums over everything because he wants to do it. Tonight ive had it because he wants to get in his car seat on his own, choose his pj's, dress himself and get out of the bath.

Another mean mummy too. DD was 26 months when DS was born and I wouldnt buy a double buggy so it was either walking or I did get a buggy board or when her legs got tired.
HC- Happy anniversary. Where too in wales are you going to?
Impy- what made you decide on Madrid? I always assumed you were from spain.
Sorry about the bd news flick, I hope something gets sorted.

ceebee74 Mon 11-Aug-08 21:29:22

Evening all

Annie - glad Mimi's sleep seems to be improving - maybe you should just go for the 'putting in cot' from now on?

Kbaby - trust me, I am completely with you on the 'I'll do it' front! It does get very tiresome after a while!! Josh had a complete tantrum on Saturday as we were going to a party and I refused to let him wear a friggin Thomas t-shirt - I wanted him to look nice in a party outfit blush so I refused to back down but I won in the end hehe!!

Thanks for the advice about the double buggy - Kbaby, the M&P would be my preference but part of the walk to Josh's nursery (which is what I want it for) has a very narrow pavement, I need to get a front/back one. I know a buggy board would be easier but I am too soft - so I only want a cheap one. Bloss - I think it may have to be the Mothercare one as it is cheap smile. Can't afford Phil & Ted unfotunately grin

HumphreysCorner Tue 12-Aug-08 08:24:30

Oh flick-rotten news and you are right in the fact it will be extremely difficult to sell. Oh dear. angry

kbaby-we are going to Wrexham, right on the border near Chester so only just in Wales. Sure it will be wet!

Have got to start packing the caravan today but it is sluicing it down. <sigh>

Have a great day ladeez. On the upside I lost another 3.5 lb of the 7 lb I put on so going on hols 1.5 under goal-phewee as I will be well above when I come back!


thefortbuilder Tue 12-Aug-08 09:13:50

we are currently haranging the insurance company - what would be the situation if we were simply going abroad, not renting it out and just shutting the house up - we are keeping it as my primary residence i nthe UK after all... we'll get round it! i think they are just wanting an out so they don't have to cover the subsidence...

feeling much better about it today - another day and all that! jacob woke at 1130 and i managed to get him to stay in his room, with the nightlight and some milk... (1/3 milk the rest water though) and he then woke up finally at 430 and came down ,so a massive improvement. and sam only woke once at 230! yay a good nights sleep for me!!!

anyway, off to put some more things on freecycle - it's my new favourite thing and gets rid of stuff to other local people who seem to want it!!!

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AnnieAreYouOkAreYouOkAnnie Tue 12-Aug-08 10:57:29

Morning girls!

Well I spoke too soon, din't I!? Last night was back to the ususal. Well, actually, she only woke once I think, once she was in our bed, but there was no persuading/threatening her to go back in her cot. Try again tonight I guess.
Flick, sounds like Jacob is getting there too. I guess it just doesn't happen in one night. Bummer about the insurance though. Do you know a broker or an accountant who would know the ins and outs? The company themselves aren't going to do you any favours by the sounds of it.

Kbaby, I've had the I DO IT MAMMY too, from both. Very tiresome. But it passes. One mistake though! Or one touch of that fecking fridge door!!

Spin, LOL at me doing a stinker. I've had them both doing running commentaries before as well, while the three of us are in a cubicle;
Are you doing a wee wee mammy,
yes, mimi
Are you doing a poo poo mammy,
no, mimi,
did you do a pump?
no, joey
What's that noise!?
can I wipe your bum please mammy?

Bloss, Flick, how're the livers?! Temptation came my way last night, DH wanted some wine (he reckons we've gone a week without already... no dear, a week is not three days...) but I refused, thanks to you Bloss!! He also resisted thanks to me!

HC, hope the weather improves for your hols. Don't forget your wellies, you can all go jumping in muddy puddles!!


thefortbuilder Tue 12-Aug-08 11:15:46

still dry here annie!

we have a great ins broker who is trying to sort it out now - next drama is the mortgage.....

in our house it is I WANT IT..... you can imagine my love of that one


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thefortbuilder Tue 12-Aug-08 14:42:11

where are you all?????? it's crap weather so you can't all be out enjoying yourselves!

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