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April 2007 - Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn, sorry, did somebody say something?!

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PillockOfTheCommunity Mon 28-Jul-08 20:50:04

thought this appropriate given the thread elkie linked to wink

StealthPolarBear Mon 28-Jul-08 20:52:24

So J can yawn?
Eewwww stop showing off

StealthPolarBear Mon 28-Jul-08 20:52:34


PillockOfTheCommunity Mon 28-Jul-08 20:56:35

J can grunt
and run very fast towards food
and eat dirt

but no, yawning a challenge too far for my caveboy grin

Doobydoo Mon 28-Jul-08 20:59:37


CaptainDippy Mon 28-Jul-08 21:07:02


shock @ someone telling lies about KHIN on FB - I would be very upset if it were me sad

Eddas Mon 28-Jul-08 21:09:13

evening, loving the titlegrin

PillockOfTheCommunity Mon 28-Jul-08 21:11:58

I'd hope that it was more someone thinking they were funny but it going horribly wrong? Not nice for her eaither way angry

I'm about to download some photos to facebook that I need opinions on please, can't do anything else with them until I get back on my machine!

CaptainDippy Mon 28-Jul-08 21:13:37

Okey doke POTC smile

Pisha Mon 28-Jul-08 21:23:32

Quick post so I can find you easily in the other window I have open that also has facebook and my emails etc so I dont have half a dozen windows open all at once!

Will post properly once the boy is in bed and isn't constantly asking me a million questions at once! 'Mummy what does 20 add to?' is quite tricky to answer, specially as I have to be very tactful in my replies or he thinks I'm telling him hes wrong and says hes stupid and gets all upset <<sigh>>

Ok maybe not such a quick post hmm

CaptainDippy Mon 28-Jul-08 21:24:11

shock I only just saw from Lexi's profile that her DS is only 7 days older than my DD1 and her DD was born on the same day as P shock

Anyway, bed calls. Night. xx

StealthPolarBear Mon 28-Jul-08 21:26:04

Night Dippy hope you're feeling better tomorrow
Off to bed soon myself, didn't sleep well last night

PillockOfTheCommunity Mon 28-Jul-08 21:34:34

Have set the privacy settings so that only my MN group can see it, which might mean I've missed a few of you off, let me know if that's the case! Hopefully the album is there now... please comment on there rather than on here - for obvious reasons!

Feel free to email them to SPB or anyone else that doesn't have FB

Eddas Mon 28-Jul-08 21:46:40

i'm not sure i can see the ones you mean

PillockOfTheCommunity Mon 28-Jul-08 21:59:55

can you now? they're the only ones added today

Sexonlegs Mon 28-Jul-08 22:17:09

Hello and Good night

Dippy, hope you feel better soon.

SPB, hope you sleep better tonight.

I am exhausted too. Sleeping downstairs last night on a pile of cushions was not a great idea in hindsight! xx

PillockOfTheCommunity Mon 28-Jul-08 22:22:35

fixed it grin

elkiedee Mon 28-Jul-08 22:30:55

Eddas, you need to go to where the albums are, there should be an icon for photos in the section showing which applications POTC has added on Facebook, you won't see if you just look at "photos of potc".

PillockOfTheCommunity Mon 28-Jul-08 22:40:30

it was my fault elkie - hadn't actually set it so you could all see it, had chosen the wrong MN group blush

Eddas Tue 29-Jul-08 07:41:29

thanks elkie, i did do thatsmile

POTC, seen and commentedgrin

<<<<eeeek>>>>> car service today, fingers crossed it doesn't cost too muchhmm

mammyjo Tue 29-Jul-08 11:25:01

POTC, have just made a comment!

Hope everyone ok. Weather here is pants, wet and horrible. Bad thunderstorm yesterday evening too which meant ds would not go to bed hmm. I don't like thunder but have never shown him, so don't know where this phobia has come from.
At least we managed to get to hairdressers and then the bank without getting soaked as there was a small break in the rain.

mammyjo Tue 29-Jul-08 11:26:29

That was a boring post, when I read it back it all sounded very dull! Sorry!

Doobydoo Tue 29-Jul-08 11:29:32

Morning.Raining since yesterday and was boiling hot sunhmm
Have good day.

Bramshott Tue 29-Jul-08 11:45:34


Glad that Dippy and SOL (and IDOC independently) had a good day on Saturday - really sorry not to be able to make it.

All good here, just busy with summer holiday-mahem!

oooggs Tue 29-Jul-08 13:02:22


dts slept 7am - 7.30pm shock and it must have been a fluke

ds1 on the otherhand was up 3 times hmm

usual manic tuesday so I'm off again

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