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Toddlers and arrival of new baby

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ChaCha Wed 23-Jul-08 10:46:26

I'm not really worried just curious as to whether anyone else has experienced this really.

DS1 is 2.7yrs and DS2 is 17months - neither has shown any interest in the fact that baby sibling is arriving next week. I obviously don't expect anything from DS2, he pats my bump and says 'baby' as his brother did at a slightly younger age but DS1 doesn't say anything or show any interest.
Just the once he pulled my t-shirt down when i was rubbing my bump and said 'the baby is getting cold mummy' and that was it - I try telling him what is going to happen and talk about it in positive and happy light but he is more interested in dear Thomas and his trains.

Hope they will not be in too much shock next week. I tried!

ChaCha Wed 23-Jul-08 10:59:31

Sorry, have moved this to parenting, meant to post on normal group but got mixed up. Thx

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