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<< lays out tiny nappies and babygros >> For TYG and SKYTV

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largeginandtonic Wed 23-Jul-08 08:26:59


JamInMyWellies Wed 23-Jul-08 08:32:01

Well done LG&T great title.

Where is TYG is she having that babe without telling us?

scootermum Wed 23-Jul-08 08:32:50

I will text her now and see..grin

scootermum Wed 23-Jul-08 08:57:19

No-not in labour..on her way to Heathrow today to drop S off..have warned her against having the boy on the hard shoulder of the M25..grin

Pinkjenny Wed 23-Jul-08 09:26:24

Abby - angry at that doctor. That's bloomin awful, but so glad R is OK. No nightmares about Centerparcs, we went there in Feb and that was fab.

Scoot - how long would it take me to get to a layby on the M25 from Liverpool? I love L, she sounds like my kind of gal. grin

Sky - the blardy pointing is driving me mad too. Although she also says ball, goal, daddy, up, yes (with frantic nod of the head) and no. What wonderful conversations we have! She points with real ferocity though and gets quite cross if I don't obey her request immediately.

largeginandtonic Wed 23-Jul-08 10:07:23

Beau points at stuff and says


Clearly child genuis coming out with words that long.

Are violet and rose creams an acceptable breakfast?

I am visiting TYG tomorrow, am packing my gloves and pinard wink

Pinkjenny Wed 23-Jul-08 10:58:12

I'm going to the Manchester meet-up. So there, all you southerners.

LG&T - hello my sweet, when are we staying at SOH's? I'm eating Minstrels now, so don't feel bad about the violet creams, I'm not even preggers.

AM - I need your address, lovely girl.

scootermum Wed 23-Jul-08 11:16:03

Look will everyone stop planning to come near my house and NOT planning to see me.I know I am widely supposed to be a frizzy haired lunatic (and some of that is to be fair, true), but im not that bad!

Violet and rose creams are a supremely acceptable breakfast, ideal I would say.

M doesnt say much that makes any sense.But she has got a rather endearing hmmhigh pitched scream that she makes full use of.

The cm was concerned about Ms rash so I have come home to get her.L didnt want to come as she was having a lovely time with the other kids so have left her there.Feel a bit bad, but thought it would be nice to have some time with M on her own anyway..and it really is because she is now asleep..nice work for me if you can get it today!smile
Taking her to the docs later but sure nothing serious-looks worse than it is I hope.

Pinkjenny Wed 23-Jul-08 11:26:11

Scoot - you know that fab episode of friends where they are in the Bahamas? Monica's hair? That was me on holiday. I had to scrape it back into a bun most nights and pretend I was a Spanish senorita. Honestly, it was a curl catastrophe.

Poor M - but nice to have mummy to herself when she's a bit under the weather. These bloody rashes. For the love of God.

Have most of the May 07 babas had their MMR?

L is only having her 12mth jabs on 5th August. blush

JamInMyWellies Wed 23-Jul-08 11:40:45

PJ Archie hasnt had his MMR yet either as we have just booked a hol in a few weeks and I dont want a reaction to clash with the holiday.

And on that note gwad knows what my hair will do while away it is wild with frizz today so lets add another 20degrees to it and straighteners not working aaaahhhhgggg

Also I have sweat dripping down me and all I did was sort out the recycling in the garage Turkey in August while 6mth preggo really wasnt a good idea we should have booked to go to the antartic but I dont think they do many cheap last minute package deals there hmm

In terms of pointing talking etc Archies favourite form of communication is to scream blue murder till I figure out what he wants and give it to him immediatly, bring on the terrible 2's. <<Laughs manically at the thought of next few months.>>

scootermum Wed 23-Jul-08 12:32:05

M hasnt had hers was meant to be last Wednesday but Ive only remembered now you've mentioned it blush

Now what to have for luncheon?..I am loving this at home when I shouldnt be business..Im not really cut out for work..ive always known it.

M still sparko..I am a bit worried about her as she doesnt normally sleep like this, but then she was awake alot in the night and up early so will leave her a bit longer I think..and watch Loose Women just for the hell of it grin

elkiedee Wed 23-Jul-08 13:03:46

Hope you're enjoying the chocolates LGT! My main vice is expensive crisps at the moment, though I tend to have to switch what I eat in pregnancy because I go off things, particularly when I have bad experiences with something.

PJ, D still has to have MMR - we managed the 12 month jabs at about 13 months in early June. You'll need to get hers in September, as I was assured that even though we were late we should keep a 4 week gap.

Hope babies come soon but in the right place, not on a motorway or anything.

I'm fretting over my combined test results at the moment, I had a phone call last Thursday to say my risk is 1:120 - it's mostly my old age but they came back low risk first time even at the old end of 37, so it's been an awful shock. I'm going for a CVS test tomorrow and should have initial results on Monday.

JamInMyWellies Wed 23-Jul-08 13:09:33

Oh elkie good luck really hope its all ok for you.

largeginandtonic Wed 23-Jul-08 13:11:44

I wondered what you were going to do Elkie, wise move. All will be ok and you can relax for the rest of the pregnancy smile

Now what does it all entail and how long till you get results?

B should have had his jab on Monday, ooops.

MKG Wed 23-Jul-08 13:29:04

Morning all.

I'm sending Mateo away tomorrow WAH WAH sad

I bought him a little back pack from work and am going to put his favorite things in it for the plane. We're going for a haircut and then he'll be ready.

I'm going to put Cruz in his first shoes today. I'm a firm believer in no shoes until they walk well, and crawling is officially minimal in my house now. He doesn't talk. He tries to sing his song "Good ship lollipop" except we changed it to "On the Cruz ship lollipop" But all he does is babble. He's much more interested in moving around than talking though.

MKG Wed 23-Jul-08 13:29:42

Oh elkie--I hope everything is ok, odds are it will be though.

scootermum Wed 23-Jul-08 13:33:05

Will be thinking of you Elkie..

Where is Mateo going MKG?

M is awake and seems fine TBH..Rash has visibly reduced.We are going for a walk in a minute, weather is very nice need to walk off the Caramel and Doritos have just had for lunch..

(not at the same time obv)

MKG Wed 23-Jul-08 13:42:42

Mateo is going to see my sister with my mom tomorrow . . . . for a whole week . . . on an airplane!

scootermum Wed 23-Jul-08 13:53:00

Brave Mateo!(brave your Mum if he behaves anything like L on a plane)
You will miss him I bet, but nice to have the break?Even just this one afternoon with just M is feeling like a day off!

MKG Wed 23-Jul-08 13:56:31

I don't know how I feel. I'm happy to have the time alone with Cruz (he needs time to heal). I hope he's good on the plane he's been on a plane before. Once to see my sister and another to Mexico but he was less than a year old for those, so I don't know how he'll react. I told my mom to give him a window seat so he can see the clouds, but I'm so sad he's going to go. Luckily they are two- 1 hour flights so it won't be too much torture for him if he hates it.

AbbyLou Wed 23-Jul-08 13:59:39

Hi all - I'm finished, hurray!!! Six lovely weeks with my kids coming up! I feel quite sad as I've loved the class I've had this year and we have had a great relationship. Lots of them (and me) were in tears yesterday at the Y2 Leaver's Service. So much for my diet, I got 11 boxes of chocolates yesterday!! Dh and ds thinkj it is brilliant as they have to eat them all!

scootermum Wed 23-Jul-08 14:40:54

I will help you out with them Abby, pass them over..Have you any Black Magic?Do they even sell them anymore?

TillyScoutsmum Wed 23-Jul-08 14:44:46

Hi all

Nothing much to say but hope all is ok with the cvs Elkie and M enjoys his trip

Pinkjenny Wed 23-Jul-08 14:56:47

I bought a box of cereal bars on the way to work this morning and I have eaten all 4 of the bars.

Isn't that disgusting?

scootermum Wed 23-Jul-08 15:39:15

What kind were they?If they were Special K its acceptable as they are v nice and moreish..Also those go ahead yoghurt topped thingamies..
I MUST get off here now..have been on for hours.M has been playing with L's farm animals and is loving it as L is not here to shoo her away.

Off to Dr's now-spect we will wait for a year to be told M is fine but needs must..

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