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APRIL 2008- The One Where We Recite The Weaning Guidelines and Fight Through The Growth Spurts!

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VictorianSqualor Tue 22-Jul-08 10:32:37

07 March: Ashton, a fourth child for gemprincess, 5lb 13oz @ 34+6
09 March: Ted, a second DS for Daftmoo, 7lb 14oz @ 36+0
21 March: George William, a first baby for KnitterintheNW, 7lb 2.5oz @ 37+3
25 March: Olivia, a second baby for TheMaskedPoster, 7lb 2oz @ 38+4
28 March: Pablo, a third baby and first DS for vacaloca, 7lb 14oz @ 39+4
28 March: Matteo Alexander, a first baby for Gangle @ 38+0 (?)
30 March: A baby girl, a second child for PortAndLemon, 8lb 15oz @ 39+5
02 April: Jak, a baby boy for rainbowdays, 9lb @ 39+1
02 April: A baby boy, a second child for bunyanvillas, 6lb 14oz @ 37+5
02April: Struan, a baby boy for Donnabels, 6lbs 15oz
02 April: A baby boy for mummyofaprincess @39 weeks
03 April: A baby girl for PippiCalzelunghe @38+2weeks
03 April: Aeryn Daisy, a baby girl for Denny185, 9lb 8oz @ 39+3
03 April: Benjamin, a baby boy for Micegg, 8lb 3oz @ 39+4
03 April: Roelof Grové, a first DS for Sal22, 7lb 5oz @ 38+5
03 April: A baby boy for siikibam, 6lb 8.5oz @39+1wks
04 April: Matilda, a baby girl for AprilsFoolsBaby 7lb @
06 April: Henry Peter, a baby boy for Sheds, 7lb 130z @ 40+4
07 April: Sebastian George, a fourth DS for Peachy, 8lb 4oz @ 41+1
07 April: Jack, a first baby for ThePFJ, 7lb 5.5oz @ 41+1
07 April: Lexie Bea, a fourth baby for babywhiting, 8lb 1oz @ 39+4
08 April: Alasdair, a second DS for bunnyrabbit, 8lb 5.5oz @ 40+3
08 April: James Samuel, a third baby for honeybee10, 6lb 7oz @ 37+2
09 April: Zara Mia Martin, a first baby for V1KK1M, 7lb 10oz @ 41+0
09 April: Jasmine, a baby gilr for Niceychops
11 April: Kyran for rdk, 7lb 13oz @ 38+3weeks
11 April: Sebastian James, a second baby for Fleecy, 10lb 2oz @ 40+4
11 April: A baby girl, a first baby for CeylonSapphire, 7lb 12oz @ 41+1
11th April: Florence, a baby girl for LouMoose
12 April: Maya Alice, a first baby for egyptianprincess, 8lb 15.5oz @ 40+3
12 April: Sophia Viviana, a second DD for AussieDivaonaBreak, 6lb 12oz @ 39+3
15 April: Alexander Oliver, a third baby for VictorianSqualor, 10lb 3oz @ 41+0
16 April: Ailish, a first baby for Mollyfloss, 6lb 11oz @ 40+3
16 April: A baby girl, a second baby for elfsmummy, 7lb 13oz @ 41+1
16 April: Zoe, a baby girl, a first baby for ToastAddict, 6lb 10oz @ 39+3
16 April: Jasmin, a baby girl, a first baby for Eggandketchup, 9lb 3oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy for paranoidmumy, 8lb 9oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy, a second son for lorisparkle, 7lb 12.5oz @ 41+6
17 April: Benedict, first baby for LadyBee 9 lb 3oz @ 41 +2
18 April: Millie, a baby girl for scorpio1 8lb 9oz @ 41+?
18 April: Cameron, a second baby for munchkinmum @ 39+5
19 April: Oliver Michael, first baby for bashboid, 7 lb 4 oz at 41 +3
20 April: Samuel, a first baby for Velbels. 8lb15oz at 41+1weeks.
20 April: Angharad Mai, 8lb 4oz, 40+6, first for 7monthsplus
20 April: Emilia, 7lb15oz, a first baby for SuzeM, 40+6
21 April: Eve, a second baby for Scampmum, 8lb 4oz @ 39+3
22 April: Sam, a second son for Soph73 @ 40+0
22 April: Molly, a first baby for EllieG, 8lb 8oz? @ 40+5
22 April: Daisy, second baby for AttilaTheHan @ 40 +3
22 April: Zoe Olivia, second daughter for Piccallilli2 7lb 1oz @42+1
23 April: Jessica Elizabeth, first baby for BabyBratt @ 40+1 7lb 12oz.
24 April: A baby girl, a second daughter for christmaspixie, 9lb 2oz @ 40+6/41+5
24 April: Miya Jade, baby girl for ShelleySare at 39+4
25 April: Amelie, a first baby for Dondons, 9lb, 41+3 (i think!)
25 April: Aisha, a second baby for Jaq39 7lb 14oz @ 41+4
26 April: Hope Olivia, a second dd for northeastmummy, 7lb 11oz at 41 .
26 April: Gabriel, a third child for Bainmarie @ 41+5
26 April: Eli Michael, a baby boy for LittleMissTurquoise, 7lb 15.5oz @ 40+5
27 April: a baby girl for Ayomi, 6lb 1oz @ 41+0
28 April: Jacob Andrew, a 2nd DS for Kaybeeand2boys, 8lb 4oz @ 41+5
29 April: Thomas Henry, a 2nd DS for TLSM, 7lb 8oz 40+3
30 April: Harry Samuel, a fourth ds for Chipmonkey, 9lb 5oz @ 39+2
30 April: Ellie, a baby girl for Annamama
01 May: Sophie May, a baby grl for Annieroo, 6lb 5oz @ 41+4
01 May: Euan George, a baby boy for Jenniejennie, 8lb @ 40+4
02 May: Robyn Olivia, a baby girl for soph28, 8lb 1oz @ 42+1
05 May: Nora Martina, a first baby for Eva07, 7lb 8oz @ 41+2
05 May: A baby boy for Beeper, 8lb 10oz @ 41+0
05 May: Gabriella Summer, a first baby for Mum2babyroo, 8lb 4oz @ 40+6
06 May: Wilf, 8lb 60z for bigbadmom @ 41+6
07 May: James Andrew, a second ds for Moominsmummy, 8lb 13oz @ 41+5
08 May: Ellie Isabella, a first baby for Carey87, 7 lb 8oz @ 42+1
08 May: Robin David, a 2nd baby for Woollymummy, 8lb 11 oz @ 41+3
09 May: 4 kittens for scorpio's cat!
10 May: Astrid Mary, a second dd for sagitta, 8lb 8oz @ 42+0

VictorianSqualor Tue 22-Jul-08 10:34:08

Added the people who hadn't added themselves so a couple of you may need to add your baby's weights.

I'm hoping that as Soph and Paranoidmummy have come back it'll be done in threes and we'll hear from The PFJ soon too.

PeachyBAHons Tue 22-Jul-08 10:36:19


dh afament (with HV) that bas will receive solids at 17 weks <,sigh>>

will hold off as long as poss but I know he is convinced it's what Bas needs as the others thrived on them.

At least he held out thus far- he has Sam on 3 meals a ay 12 weeks!
Sam now allergic to many foods of course <<sigh>>

anyway how is everyone? I have to try to pack stuff for the kids for a fortnigt camping later, into those small kids cases (one each)


scorpio1 Tue 22-Jul-08 10:36:36

hi just getting myself on here...

scorpio1 Tue 22-Jul-08 10:37:18

i am crappy

had posted on last thread. vs, sal needed you on there too

VictorianSqualor Tue 22-Jul-08 10:47:56

I've answered her Scorpio and linked this smile

VictorianSqualor Tue 22-Jul-08 11:14:31

vote for Bliss the prem babies charity, top 4 voted for receive a donation.

Sal22 Tue 22-Jul-08 12:08:51

Thanks so much for your help, VS and Scorpio. I'm sitting here crying like a baby. You're really some of the kindest people I've ever "met" - feels like I've known you for years.

Ok - plan of action - I'll withhold the bottle completely for a day or two. He's quite chubby (my genes apparently ), so I guess it can't do too much harm if he doesn't eat as much as usual. Might try and give him some water with a spoon if in doubt about liquids though. And will continue with the skin-to-skin as suggested.

Oh, and Scorpio - I called the centre, but could only get admin assistant. I have hoewever arranged to go in on Friday to the breast feeding clinic, and will see what else I can arrange in the meantime.

Thanks so much, you're the best.

scorpio1 Tue 22-Jul-08 12:12:06

just try to make your focus feeding him - make sure you eat but forget about everything else. Good excuse to go to bed, watch a film etc.

our bf people have mobiles too...

Sal22 Tue 22-Jul-08 12:14:48

Bloody hell, I'm rude. For what it's worth, I mean to do something and then it completely skips my mind 5 seconds later... Meant to say - Peachy, sounds like your powers of persuasion works just fine! Oh, and are you actually going camping with bas as well, or just the other kids??? I somehow want to think no, surely not, but then I remember you already had a great camping trip when he was much younger! You're such a cool parent - I suspect poor Roelof is going to be so embarrassed of his boring accountant parents once he realises there's fun to be had... (Would locking him in be wrong? wink)

Sal22 Tue 22-Jul-08 12:16:21

Sounds like a plan, thanks Scorpio.

scorpio1 Tue 22-Jul-08 12:19:06

im off out to babyclub later, at least i can see other adults, yay!!

dh is stressed about work sad, i feel overtired....all will be ok gonna test a week saturday i think if nothing.

is the bleed after coming off the pill a 'period'? how regular are periods whilst bf-ing?

VictorianSqualor Tue 22-Jul-08 12:19:36

Any more luck with the BFC?

All the numbers for the ABM/LLL/BfN/NCT are on my profile.

One of them is bound to have someone who can come round.

If you're worried about fluids, could you cup feed him some ebm?

sagitta Tue 22-Jul-08 12:42:05

Sal - sorry its all going a bit wrong. I hope you can get the help you need. Wish I could help, nut i know nothing about BFing theory,,,

Soph! Welcome back. I've searched for you a couple of times on MN, as I was wondering how you were doing. Pleased to hear that Sam is adorable, and good, and that ds1 is enjoying it. Don't feel guilty about work - it has to happen, and Sam will forgive you for it!

Forgot to say that at dd1s hospital appointment last week, we found out she is no longer allergic to dairy! They said to take it slowly though - and I gave her two petit filous yesterday and she went as red as a london bus, all over blush. But no other reactions, and at least she enjoyed it! Still no eggs though.

Can I ask - have you all stopped swaddling yet, and when did you do it? Sleep is still patchy, but on Sunday night A went 7-2 and 3-7. Which is fantastic for us (although rather an annoying hour in between). So I was wondering whether I can risk no swaddle yet? Thanks

Sal22 Tue 22-Jul-08 12:58:18

I've got through to someone just now, and she said to work on increasing my milk supply first by constant expressing for the next 2 days. While not much "comes out" (only about 2 oz after ages and just before I worry my nipple will fall off...), she said it'll stimulate supply anyway. She said that it might be that he won't take the breast ever again, but that I could then always express and just feed that via bottle. However, I'm going to try my absolute best to try and persuade him back on. Little mister shouldn't think his mom is that easily defeated (or at least not with so much support!) I don't get much out when I express, but I guess I could give him regular topups of ebm from a cup. I'll try that.

I still haven't been able to find someone local to actually see in person, but will try the other Health Centre this afternoon (only answer machine earlier).

To top this day, my period (second one, but I still hate them) started again this morning. Urgh.

VictorianSqualor Tue 22-Jul-08 13:10:21

Hmm, did she not say get him to the breast as much as possible?
Who was it you called?

Sal22 Tue 22-Jul-08 13:19:25

LaLeche (also tried National Breastfeeding helpline, but couldn't get through, I guess everyone's busy). She did say to let him suck, but then I said that he won't suck my nipple at all the last couple of days. So she said that sometimes, once a baby learns not to latch on, some will never learn how to do it correctly again. But while I accept some babies won't, I don't want to believe it's all over just yet. Or not without trying out everything else first. But I guess increasing supply can only help anyway, so I'll do the expressing thing anyway.

VictorianSqualor Tue 22-Jul-08 13:26:08

How often are you going to express?
Even if he doesn't latch putting the nipple in/near his mouth can help supply.
I really hope you can get this

Sal22 Tue 22-Jul-08 13:37:25

Oh really? Well, he seems to detest my nipple at the moment, so will try for in, but if not, will hold him as close as possible to. I'll try to express every 2 to 3 hours during the day, holding him against me while doing so (that's if he'll go for it).

eva07 Tue 22-Jul-08 14:45:11

hi sal, we finger fed nora for 2 days with ebm when she didn't want to latch on after 3 days of bottle feeding. was exhausting and annoying but worked (during week 2, had to give my nipples a rest as they were bleeding and I couldn't stand the pain anymore)
we let nora suck on a finger and put a syringe next to it into her mouth. everytime she sucked, we 'injected' her a few drops, and the more she sucked the more we gave her.
hope it works out for you and roelof!!

sagitta, we are still swaddling nora. and she sleeps 8-2, 3-5, 6-8. lucky you wink

Soph73 Tue 22-Jul-08 14:56:13

Hi sagitta. Neither of my 2 were swaddled because they hate being covered up. If you try and put anything on Sam he just kicks it off. DS1 was exactly the same. Thanks for the comment about work as well
Sal - hope you get it sorted soon - big hug.
Scorpio - big hug for you too

Must feed LO now as making his presence well and truly known. Speak later.

Sal22 Tue 22-Jul-08 15:46:00

Thanks everyone! I have to share, as I'm smiling from ear to ear: Just got him to drink again - if low in his sling, with my left hand on his head, my right one under him bum!!! (Heaven knows - can you imagine him being a teenager?!) Still refuse point blank any other way, but at least I have found a way where he'll drink something! I've stopped all bottles now, will try the finger trick or cup if I need to top up. I wonder why he's fine this way? (Not that I'm complaining at all!) grin grin grin

Sagitta - we stopped swaddling Roelof about 3 weeks ago (mainly because his swaddling blanket got a bit warm for this weather). He went to sleep easier while swaddled though - I think it was quite clear that it was time for a long sleep. Now if he's a bit overtired we hold his arms still for a couple of minutes (as if swaddled), or else he keeps himself awake.

sagitta Tue 22-Jul-08 15:53:37

Congratulations Sal! That's great. It is a bit hot to swaddle, which is also why Id ike to stop but a bit scared of losing more sleep over it!
I might keep going for a bit then.

Soph - I can understand why you don't - it must be pretty hot there!

sagitta Tue 22-Jul-08 15:55:19

Just lost our double bed sheet - it blew off the washing line into the river, where, no doubt, it will meet up with DH's suit trousers, lost a while ago, the same way grin

Sal22 Tue 22-Jul-08 16:04:22

Hahahaha Sagitta. Hmm, sorry, I know I should sympathise, but I've got this vision of the runaway laundry setting up home downstream - one happy family! grin

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