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January 08 shiny new - year babies, " Food, glorious food...there's nothing quite like it!"

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lilyloo Wed 09-Jul-08 20:15:53

Well done Filly grin

betterhalf Wed 09-Jul-08 20:21:28

Ooooh new thread. Love the title. Sorry I haven't been on for ages. I do try and read the posts but never really have anything amazing to post. I just find myself nodding in agreement with you

Good to hear that weaning is going well for some of you, and those of you still breastfeeding... I take my hat off to you. Well Done.

Toby is doing great. I think he's teething. Dribbling everywhere, and ramming anything and everything into his mouth for a good old chew.

Been slowly introducing solids for a number of weeks now and its going great. He will eat most things. Still a total smiler and charms everyone he meets.

Anyway, thought I'd drop in and say Hi on the new thread, and will try and post again sooner than I have in the past.

Amani Wed 09-Jul-08 20:36:20

well done - looks like i was the only one who liked D though!

Betterhalf - lots of dribbles here too and chewing everything here too...

AngeChica Wed 09-Jul-08 20:38:41

Hello! Crikey a new thread - lots of chat on here lately!

Been busy out and about with DS lots. Mission at the moment is to find new places suitable to walk both dog and buggy. We have found once nice place, a local country park with a walk by a lake which is a cycle track so buggy friendly, & there is also a pub with a soft play area. Very handy!

Just been to pick up my Maclaren buggy I got off Ebay, it's a bit battered but we should get good use out of it for our hols (2 weeks to go ). Also I know of a place up here that is like a Maclaren hospital where you can get them reconditioned so might do that when we get back if it is worth it.

We went to a Tinytalk class yesterday. I think DS a bit little yet for signing. Does anyone else do this? I'm not sure what to make of it. I keep thinking of the baby in "Meet the Fockers" so can't take it entirely seriously. ;)

simpson Wed 09-Jul-08 20:41:27

Just getting myself on new thread!!

Well DS decided he doesn't want me to take him up to bed anymore!! After his episode of In the Night Garden finished I was about to take him up and he said "No, I do it by myself!" Went up 10 mins later he is curled up in bed asleep with lamp on,slippers neatly at bottom of bed etc.At least he didn't attempt to put the blackout blind down!!

susiemj Wed 09-Jul-08 20:53:41

Me too! See you tomorrow!

simpson Wed 09-Jul-08 21:33:44

Anyone watching the programme on free birthing?

madmouse Wed 09-Jul-08 21:42:58

well done new thread! smile

nicky6 Wed 09-Jul-08 21:50:58

sorry for all non sleepers. Charlie sleeping really well goes down at 7.30 and going through til about 8 the next day.

Just started bit of food seems to be going well

metanim is working wonders for bottom and it looks like charlie has 2 teeth trying to break through gums i think

mixed mama i went to look at local childrens centre too and think we are going to go with it although there is a swanky one which i really like but its the difference of 300 and 175 a week so big difference.

well done bluebell really good you are getting some help will soon be sorted

gingeme Wed 09-Jul-08 22:20:27

Glad little ones bottom is better now nicky6. Metanium is brill stuff smile
Bless your ds simpson. Sounds like youve got a real little grown up there.
Love the new title. Seems about right in our house at the moment. Didn't realise teens ate so much shock
well off to bed after the news.
Night all xx

fillybuster Wed 09-Jul-08 23:18:02

<Filly brushes down soapbox, climbs on, clears throat and signals for silence as she prepares to launch into victory jig speech...>

Nice thread Lilyloo wink....thanks everyone grin....!!! Oh dear, I'm terribly sad for caring, arn't I? hmm

Ok, fishcakes have been made, laundry pile has been assaulted, grown-ups have been fed with healthy low-fat tofu and veg stir fry (diet still not working even tho I'm being good..grumble...grumble...) and I've had an hour long soak in the bath with candles, herbal tea and the papers. Am finally recovering from a challenging afternoon - Tamara has well and truly caught my total stinker of a cold and is coughing and spluttering and sneezing and snotting all over the place. Poor little thing, her eyes are running and she looks awful - and she keeps waking herself up coughing I've put her to bed with vicks on her chest, carvol on a muslin and given her a dose of calpol but I suspect it may not be the best night to come....

OK, off to bed...still bright pink from bath grin...night all xxx

PS Gingeme - thanks for the heads up on the Ella's kitchen sachets - now that I'm past the initial paranoid 'one fruit/veg per 3 days' introductory phase they're absolutely brilliant and (like the beechnut brand) have no added ingredients at all...totally fab grin!!

justkeepswimming Thu 10-Jul-08 07:04:03

grr nicky, lucky you with such a brill sleeper envy

well ds2 up at 4 for a feed, wasn't sleepy but i put him back down, he chuntered until 5 when he got a bit loud, fed him again, this time he went to sleep, then ds1 up at 5.45

so day has effectively started at 4am.....

dh back in time for bedtime tonight i hope. sometimes feels like i try to just get through the days he's away, and then as soon as he's back i stress about when he's going away again.
ignore me just sleep-deprived.
and i had an early night, light off before 9.30!

gingeme - you must be having such a good time with your big boys there too. do they enjoy being with their little brothers? will be even better when all the little ones are a bit bigger.
tho your food bill will just keep growing!! my brothers used to eat everything in sight and have finally slowed down (now in their twenties!).

filly - hope tamara better today?
still coughing here but it is getting better. and neither of the boys really suffered with it. would have been weird to hear tom losing his voice!

right, a beebies morning here, while i drink strong tea and try to wake up!
we are off to try a new gym thing this morning, jumping beans i think it's called. not sure how it will work with ds2, just hope he doesn't need feeding just as ds1 needs help to climb something or other!

back later, hi all

LuckySalem Thu 10-Jul-08 08:40:51

Just saying hello on new thread!!

mixedmama Thu 10-Jul-08 08:52:12

Hello new thread....

Congratulations to Filly.

Simpson - when we go on holiday I have decided to take a few of the jar type foods that I have seen Filly suggesting as am keen to keep it as fresh as possible altho a few wont hurt. My dad is getting me a microwave (for my steriliser) and a blender when he flies out on monday and being in turkey we have loads of fresh fruit and veg available and loads of stuff in the garden too so will continue to make stuff as we are away for a long time. Bless him he is busy getting lists from me abotu how to childproof the house, we have steep marble steps and things and DS1 does like to be independant and walk up and down so we need a gate and stuff...

Hello to everyone... gingeme... must be lovly to have the boys down. have they finished school already.

lilyloo Thu 10-Jul-08 09:37:25

Morning all well can i say a massive thanks to all who helped r/e sleep esp Lucky / Susie for tips. (sorry if missed anyone else)
Massive hugs JKS i know how your feeling so sorry for this but................

DD slept from 7 - 7 with only a 5 min feed at 11/3 i am so happy and feel brill today smile
I can't beleieve we have had such a change in a short time. She stirred a couple of times before i went to bed at 11 but i didn't even need to go in to her shock

grin Filly! Hope lo feeling better today bless her!

Gingeme bet they eating you out of house and home i only have one ds 6 and he eats as much as dp already!

Mm i am really envy of your hol. We took dd1 away when she was 5 mths and we just continued mushing fruit/veg for her and she was fine.

LOL at Ange with 'meet the fockers' i have never done it but might have a go with dd as need something to replace baby massage as now she is moving more it's not as much fun for her or me!

Well am off to blitz house as dd at nursery and ds at school can't believe a week util hols when i will have them all at home.

Any good/cheap ideas for hols ladies ?
Also any nice recipe ideas as dd is ready to move from individual fruit/veg and start mixing her food i think ?

gingeme Thu 10-Jul-08 10:09:45

Morning. Your welcome filly smile
Yes mixedmumma theyre holidays all different in Scotland.
Oh no don't say that justkeepswimming theyve already been through 6 pints of milk in two days !! Mind you ds3 does like a milkshake after nursery.
George has his jabs this afternoon. Got ds3's parents evening this afternoon too.
Oh well better get yet more washing in the machine.
Have a good day all. xxx

perapera Thu 10-Jul-08 10:21:30

morning everyone

well I am also feeling good today as we had the second night in a row when I didn't feed her! and I didn't even get up! She woke up at 10.30 (had to rock her back to sleep), then dream feed around 11.30, then woke up at 2 and 6 but only for a few minutes each time and got herself back off to sleep. So maybe the mad 90 minute rocking of two nights ago actually worked... although I don't want to say that yet - two days is not really a pattern is it...

Lilyloo - that's great that your sleeping is getting better too

JKS - I'm assuming you have blackout blinds? We have a massive blanket pinned over the windows and it definitely made a huge difference

hi to everyone else

LuckySalem Thu 10-Jul-08 10:23:20

Oh Lilly - That's brilliant!! I'm so glad things are abit better for you!

gingeme Thu 10-Jul-08 11:02:39

perapera envy at your baby sleeping through.
George still wakes at 4am. I have tried a couple of times just rocking him and trying to settle him back with a dummy but to no avail plus he drains a whole bottle when he wakes so its definately hunger and not just wakefulness.

simpson Thu 10-Jul-08 11:28:29

Mixed mama - do you mean the ella's kitchen ones, bought a couple of them yesterday.

Well, have had a very bad night. DS woke up sobbing at 11pm, went in gave him drink, he woke again at midnight sobbing went in put another blanket on him thinking he was cold, he woke up at 1.30am, 4.00am also. Was nothing wrong with him and realised he was trying it on when he demanded to go downstairs and watch TV at 4.00am!! Then DD woke at 5am as usual for bottle.

Sorry can't do personals, have to dash to pick DS up from playgroup...

mixedmama Thu 10-Jul-08 12:10:00

I think Ellas Kitchen and Beechnut was it??

mixedmama Thu 10-Jul-08 12:10:01

I think Ellas Kitchen and Beechnut was it??

justkeepswimming Thu 10-Jul-08 12:43:44

so far today i have taken boys to jumping beans at a gym half hour drive away - and ds2 cried/wanted holding/feeding the whole time & ds1 wouldn't join in anything and was always the kid playing with the plugs/fire extinguisher/doors/cd player angry blush
i leaked bm onto my top blush

have now burnt quiche for lunch
ds2 has exploded poo all over his first-time on lovely boden (from the sale!) trousers, which leaked onto my only (previously) clean pair of trousers that fit.
ds1 refuses to nap and was trying to climb over his door gate, arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh.

am eating burnt quiche and ignoring 2 children who should both be asleep.....

dh is meant to be home for bathtime......

oh and i thought the curtains had blackout lining but my MIL says it's just normal lining so i will consider trying to sort that out at some point, thanks.

simpson Thu 10-Jul-08 12:47:19

Mixed mama - bought 3 different flavoured pouches: Spinach, apple & swede and peaches & banana and squash, carrot, apple & prunes. They look fab have no extra crap in them.

Well, VERY tired today and for some reason DD is very unsettled lots of wingeing, crying etc. Hope it doesn't go on all day.

Am meeting friend for lunch, have to dash..

Perapera - well done on getting LO through the night!

susiemj Thu 10-Jul-08 14:44:02

Hi all,

Just popping in - guests still here.

Sleeping things -
Well done Pera - let's hope it lasts.
JKS - what can I say. Chin up and a hot bath if poss?
Lilyloo - whoo whoo! WHat do you think it was that made the difference?

Sabela slept after only 15 minutes of bedtime stuff last night, woe at 12.40 and fed for 20 minutes, woke at 4 and fed for 5 minutes, went back to sleep until 5 - and all of this in her cot. She then came into bed with me until 7.30. SO not bad. I can cope withthat and hopefully when we come back from the trip I'll take the next step.

Just had potato spat all over me. Well she was making very definite 'I don't want any more of that' faces, so I guess I had it coming. grin

I bought some Hipp jars today. I thought they might be good for the journeybut NO DICE. Sabela really hated the one I tried (thank god I did try instead of having problems on the train). It did smell pretty manky even though it was only banana porridge. It went down the sink. Have no ideas what to do with the others - there was an offer and I bought 5!

An eventful lunch...

Enjoy your boys Gingeme and power up that bread machine!

Sorry about bad night SImpson
Waves to filly, mixed mama and the others (Baby screaming and smiling at the same time. Must benap time! grin)

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