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April 2008 - the one where Scorpio and Millie show us all the 'through the night' trick

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Scampmum Wed 18-Jun-08 14:00:57

Sorry if someone else has already started one - couldn't find it!

Much better night last night, maybe due to gripe water?

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 14:02:07

LOL grin

possibly, Scamp. When did she wake? And you must look for a baby massage class, tutor will help you with movements to reduce wind.

Scampmum Wed 18-Jun-08 14:06:16

1-2 and 4.30-5. I had gone to bed at 9.39 (or so grin) and up at 7 so had 7.5hrs in total and nearly 3.5 in one go which is a record! Must say she's being very crotchety today, though - maybe it's a good night OR a good day hmm?

Still going mental, though - just panicked I hadn't picked up DD1 from nursery (she's upstairs asleep) and yesterday forgot to take house keys to nursery. Was just about to mission it up to Camden to see DH at work and pick his up when nice neighbour invited me in, she then remembered that she had keys to our house from the owners (we are tenants) - slight shock as we've been here 10 months!

Scampmum Wed 18-Jun-08 14:07:54

Oh, and have been doing baby massage - was lucky enough to have 1-1 training last time from a lovely Sure Start midwife who needed to give it for her qualification! I can make her fart on demand when all the wind is in the right place - it's quite a good trick and I might put it on youtube (or at least video it for her wedding...).

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 14:08:19

That sleep does sound OK from what you said the other day

The key is to fgo to bed early yourself - so tempting to use it to see DH, catch-up with cleaning etc but so not worth it.

I have stayed in today, its raining and i havent got anythign to do in town.

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 14:12:30

Mimi needs a new cot. I want a Stokke Sleepi but its confusing me. <<easily done>>

Does she need the mini kit? here

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 14:14:19

OMG look how cute!!

Scampmum Wed 18-Jun-08 14:28:16

That's what DD1 has (generous grandparents)! it is lovely. We will be putting DD2 in it in 4 months' time and DD1 in a bed - we were going to keep it as a bed but realised the other day she only has about 4in spare! All our friends who have seen it have tried to then go and get other cots because it's so expensive but have ended up having to get that one due to liking it so much.

Scampmum Wed 18-Jun-08 14:30:40

and yes, I am going to go to bed now after first feed after DH home (worked out at 9.40ish last two nights). No point in us spending time together when I'm so shattered all I can do is be mean to him!

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 14:34:11

ooh i was hoping someone had one - so does she need mini-kit? it appears to come as a package

mini-cot, cot, 2 mattresses and drape rod for <<cough>> £450.

is that all i need, for Mimi and <<ahem>> dc4?

Scampmum Wed 18-Jun-08 14:39:13

I can give you the drape rod (DH doesn't like it!) if you get the same colour (er, plain?) but prob same cost to get other stuff without it anyway. Depends when you are taking her out of basket, I guess - we used mini-kit as DD was in it from 1 month when she went into her room (and before that in our room come to think of it). A six month old might not be too small for the big one but the mini one is v. cute! and quite easy to move too.

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 14:41:31

she needs something else in the next fortnight, moses basket too small.

Think i will get the package as dc4 will use the mini-one, i expect Mimi will, it looks bigger than a moses basket but smaller than a cot.

So that's all i need?

Now to persuade DH.....

VictorianSqualor Wed 18-Jun-08 16:54:20

You bitch Scampmum, you pinched my sleepshockgrin

It's official Lex is cutting a tooth, took him to baby clinic today and the HV said it's his teeth, back lower left of his jaw, so at least he won't bite with it.
(he's now 14lb 6oz! fatso)

For all of you with crap HV's move heregrin
I overheard the HV championing BLW today!

Scampmum Wed 18-Jun-08 18:07:38

...and I ain't givin' it back. Hell, no. Having said that, E is right now waking up from a THREE HOUR nap shock shock so we'll see how it goes tonight. Naturally DD1 woke up from hers literally the minute E shut her eyes. We have had a really lovely afternoon together, though, the first solid chunk of time I've had to devote solely to her in two months. Let's hope she hasn't got used to it! Oh, and we had a WEE IN THE POTTY!

LadyBee Wed 18-Jun-08 18:26:44

what's BLW?

about the HVA Peachy, can't believe she can be so unprofessional & unsupportive.

Scamp & Sagitta hopethe crying/sleeping is better today (for LOs and mummies both).

Ben had immunisations on Monday, been ok, bit grizzly. He's also dribbling a lot and feeding like demon these last few evenings. Had a couple of 7:30/8pm bedtimes, a coupl of 10:30/11pms but he's now fairly consistently waking at 5;30 which I'm happy with.

Do you wake LOs up at a particular time the in morning or just go with what they're doing?

damn..just remembered i forgot to book car into garage for service

PortAndLemon Wed 18-Jun-08 18:35:14

Baby Led Weaning. See Aitch's site at

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 18:40:06

LadyBee - i sometimes have to wake Mimi to feed her so i can get the boys to school/nursery on time.

If yours is your first; leave baby alone!

PeachyWontLieToYou Wed 18-Jun-08 18:43:47

Are hva's professional? she keeps saying she preferred being a teaching assistant, wish she'd go back to it (for ages she harped on about how she loved asd kids- I think she might actually be jealos of my ds's, stupid bitch!)

We will be doing blw, always done a version anyhow due to extreme laziness grin, i am not allowed a puree machine thingy since the feeding Sam my finger tip incident (!), but a potato ricer is great for getting things you do want mashed up to a baby-scoopable texture.

Bas still wakes several times, but I wont try going through until i am happy with his feeds.

Bas screeched on sight of bottle today! DH a bit sad, me very grin but feeling a trifle mean and expecting hva to tell me off. Trouble is, i am patient and take a lot.... then i lose my temper and people really know!

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 18:51:23

oh yes we will be doing BLW too, im a bit lazy but will also puree some stuff.

fingertip incident? lol grin

VictorianSqualor Wed 18-Jun-08 18:52:46

LadyBee when we hit six months here I guarantee there will be tons of BLW talk so don't fret, we are here to help all the way smile

Don't bother waking the baby either, I don't as DP does the school run.

Peachy, HV's are supposed to be trained nurses that do an extra course afterwards, I looked into doing it. Is she just the HV's assistant? if so she has even less right to try bossing you around, we have a nursery nurse and a HV at our baby clinic each time.

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 18:55:35

Peachy - she could be HVA with minimal qualifications...

oh and you do know now Millie won't sleep tonight, because of the title don't you??

The kittens are going 2 weeks Friday sad

VictorianSqualor Wed 18-Jun-08 18:57:07

Mine should be coming in the next few weeks, Chi got up the duff straight away after the last time. Hope they are ok this time.

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 18:58:33

oh i didn't know you were having some again!!

Your cat must be a slapper grin

Hopefully though they will be fine, maybe the others were a practise if she is young, iyswim?

And remember Joey had hers outside!!

scorpio1 Wed 18-Jun-08 18:59:00

Have you had them before? they really are very easy.

PeachyWontLieToYou Wed 18-Jun-08 19:04:41

yes vs, just the assistant. the hv mentions it, but nothing more really.

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