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May 04 babies - number NINE

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Bozza Sat 22-Jan-05 20:52:53

Here's a new thread especially for Kate79.

(she couldn't access the old one).

Casmie Sat 22-Jan-05 21:08:51

Hello Kate79

egypt Sat 22-Jan-05 21:26:29

hellllllllllooooooooooooo kate79??????????

Libb Sat 22-Jan-05 21:32:55

ding dang doo. I still have my mardy ass on but DP hs gone out so all is calm.

egypt Sat 22-Jan-05 21:35:04

wos up libb?

Casmie Sat 22-Jan-05 21:35:50

dh and I are currently listening to ds2 snoring really loudly over the monitor and giggling

Libb Sat 22-Jan-05 21:40:39

Just the usual Egypt - currently laughing at some daft programme on telly so not feeling quite so mardy

egypt Sat 22-Jan-05 21:43:58

goooooooood. glad u are cheered up a bit.

casmie, he is laughing or you!

dd has already woken once tonight, 8 ish. blimey. she did this last night, then it was 9, 1,2,3 .....hope i'm not in for another night. bless her, must be her teeth. she shrieks out then as soon as i go in she waves her arms about like a little beetle stuck on its back. i pick her up and she is instantly asleep. bless

egypt Sat 22-Jan-05 21:44:12

what are u watchinglibb?

Libb Sat 22-Jan-05 21:46:30

some daft programme about Brits on holiday . . . have posted a thread about it - so silly.

How is your Dad? I hope that all is well for you xxx

egypt Sat 22-Jan-05 21:47:39

he's fine thanks. no probs, and back at work on monday. much to his delight!

Casmie Sat 22-Jan-05 21:49:55

Um... we're giggling he's just snoring Should feel sorry for him really, but never mind. Went to bed like a dream tonight, so I really do think he's on the mend. Hopefully there'll be a new tooth tomorrow!

Watching Pride & Prejudice on DVD again... felt like swooning over Colin Firth...

Libb Sat 22-Jan-05 21:52:03

I seem to recall you watching that just 4 days ago . . .

Casmie Sat 22-Jan-05 21:53:45

Noooo.... watched Love Actually recently - does that count?!

Might dig out Bridget Jones tomorrow...

Libb Sat 22-Jan-05 22:05:42

Good grief. I wouldn't say no though. Is your DH okay with your manic fandom?

helsy Sat 22-Jan-05 22:13:30

Looks like we're still waiting for the guest of honour to arrive...
Dd2 is downstairs with dh. She doesn't want to go to sleep. REALLY hope this means she will sleep all night as she has had about 10 minutes all day. Have a monk on with dh at the moment - it's on another thread.

Libb Sat 22-Jan-05 22:18:11

Helsy, I see your monk on and raise you a cob . . .

Casmie Sat 22-Jan-05 22:30:44

Oh I shall have manic fandom over Michael Vaughn in Alias next week. Dh will survive I'm sure

spots Sat 22-Jan-05 22:43:44

hi all, had enough of tax returns for this saturday night and am trying to express milk as #I type. it's like patting your head and rubbing youer tummy th o i never got milk out that way

spots Sat 22-Jan-05 22:44:11

love the noise it makes skshshshshsh skshasshshsh

Prufrock Sat 22-Jan-05 22:49:55

Well I am currently trying to work out finances. Dh pissed me off today - I am trying very hard to not spend more than his salary each month on our day to day living, we do have bonuses for extra spending but it's become a bit of a thing for me - I had £95 left and he came home with a receipt for lunch for £100! Grrrrrrrr. We are looking for a new house and have got a mortgage offer (they will lend us an amazing 10 times basic salary) but it would mean paying 67% of his take home just on mortgage costs, and his company have just closed the best fund they have, so no guarantee of such great bonuses in the future. So I'm a bit scared of going to the max on borrowing. But at the same time I don't see the point in moving now to a smaller house, and then moving again in 5 years to my dream house which we can definately afford when his share options expire. Oh well - can't actually find my dream house for sale so you could all be putting up with my property woes for a while yet.
Ds has a stinker of a cold - I had to catch horrid mucoussy sick in my hands at 3am whilst holding him, then dh grumbled because I got him out of bed to take ds whilst I emptied my hands - what did he expect, for me to just pour theexpertly caught sick all over the carpet whilst I put ds down? He is better tonght though.

Recipe for you cat - fry 2 onions, 2 courgettes, 1 aubergine and pack of mince. Add garlic and oregano. Make white sauce, cube some potatoes and boil. Layer all 3 in a disha nd shove in oven. Add salt to yoru portion and mash the babies.

kate79 Sat 22-Jan-05 22:56:01

i'm touched, thanks girls. how are you all.
got myself into a bit of a situation with the dummy at bed time !!! i know i know tut tut, but he won't sleep without it now.

Prufrock Sat 22-Jan-05 22:58:25

And that's a problem because......?

kate79 Sat 22-Jan-05 23:04:02

because it falls out and then he screams !! at least 4 times in the night.

I'm feeling the property woes reading you last post is like a window into my world. it's so hard to know what to borrow.

Prufrock Sat 22-Jan-05 23:09:41

Ah OK. But look on the bright side - in only , oh 6 months or so he'll be able to put it back in himself

It's difficult isn't it? We are renting atm and whilst I really want to buy a house that I can make a home, I also still think there is a correction due at the top of the market, and don't want to buy somewhere and find its value drops by 100k in the next year.

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