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Oct 2007; This Little Piggy Rolled & Crawled to Market, This Little Piggy Walked Home

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FloriaTosca Wed 04-Jun-08 22:08:15

I hope I manage to do this right...I'll kick everything off with a roll call if it does.

LisaLessLumpy Wed 04-Jun-08 22:17:00

Yup, all done

inzidoodle Wed 04-Jun-08 22:27:35

wow there is an echo <<echo>> <<echo>> hee hee grin

Dalrymps Wed 04-Jun-08 22:38:05

Woo hoo, new thread, yeah!grin

FloriaTosca Wed 04-Jun-08 22:50:49

Yippeee! I'm not such a computer dunce after all!!!

Right; Roll Call:

Name: Alex
Age: 8 months 1 week
Weight: 18lbs 13oz (3 weeks ago)
Height: 70cm at 8 month check
*Can Do*: sitting,rolling,standing holding on, cruising, has stood unaided for 15(ish) secs and has taken 4 unaided steps. Says Mama/Momee(when upset)and baba
Teeth: None! despite regular teething behaviours since 3 months!
Personality: Quite a serious little chap but very loving and fun loving. Frighteningly grown up...he put his hand on my mouth tonight to shut me up when I said it was bedtime!Everyone says that he has been on this earth before..several times!
Food: Loves it (usually), will try anything, chews fantastically (a true carnivore). Hates purees, loves finger foods. Favourites; meats, cheeses, avocado, asparagus, potato cakes, crumpets, strawberries and icecream. (Just having a couple of off days this week). Drinks water from a doidy cup.
Milk: BF ...usually 6 times a day...(a lot more since has been off his grub).
Sleep: 8pm - 12 ish, 12-4, 4-6.30ish, 2/3 naps a day rarely more than 45mins.
Anything else: The rest of the time he is on his feet running me ragged. Sings a lot, loves bashing the piano and listens very, very intently to music in all forms. Loves his Jane Car Walker and is like greased lightening after the dog or my bruised ankles in it.

FloriaTosca Wed 04-Jun-08 23:08:16

Ha! blushThat'll teach me for doing the "I can do computers" dance.."can do" should have had ** between hmm

Alice; We would love to come to a BBQ.. calendar allowing of course.

There were loads of other things I was going to say but can't remember it all now...far too knackered sleepy. Alex didnt sleep well last night and has had bouts of tummy ache throughout today (probably why he has been off his solids and upping his bfing) no other signs of illness (apart from a bit of a runny nappy)but I really hope he is over it now and lests me sleep. Night All.

J2O Wed 04-Jun-08 23:50:59

just popping in so i can find you all, another late night for me, oh why do i do it to myself!

J2O Wed 04-Jun-08 23:53:05

oh yes, will roll call tommorrow, but just to mention, i think Shannon is behing the rest of the babies with speach, she doesn't say anything intelligible(sp and is that the right word?!) yet but thats most likely because all i do is grunt in a morning, up untill about dinner time, i'm so not a morning person, night all

inzidoodle Thu 05-Jun-08 09:38:33

no sign of BOB this morning sad or maybe he has flown away smile no sign of mum coming to feed him so maybe he went early this morning hmm I will keep checking, fingers crossed he made it smile

Alice, I think I can get to you in a couple of hours, so if it was daytime BBQ good chance I could make it grin

need to go dh is making breakfast while I play with Jane, its so lovely having him here, weather looks crap though sad am sure we will find something nice to do smile

have a nice day everyone


LisaLessLumpy Thu 05-Jun-08 10:31:44

alicet - we might be able to attend a bbq, very nice of you to offer, its a fair way though, we'll see how the boys are in a car for 8 hours next week on the way to Cornwall (and yes I have checked its the right date wink)

newmama0 Thu 05-Jun-08 10:51:21

hi all

anyone remember me!

the stupid internet service cut me offangry because they said i didnt pay them! even though i pay direct debit evey month!!!!!!!!!!!!

so im finally up and running again and ive got free internet for a yeargrin

will try and catch up later and do a update of george

hope every one is well and enjoying the lovely sunny day.

AnyasMum07 Thu 05-Jun-08 10:52:34

Alice - bbq sounds wonderful!

FT - love the thread name.

Ok, roll call:

Name: Anya
Age: 8 months on Saturday
Weight: 16lbs 10oz (has started putting lots of weight on)
Can Do: lots of rolling/shuffling round the floor, crawling (just about). Sitting a bit but she doesn't really get the point of that. Talks a lot but no words - sings daadaadaa when she's happy.
Teeth: None - not a sign. Has had 2 bouts of teething behaviour but nothing has appeared.
Personality: Intense. Either very happy, (giggling at random objects in a rather drugged-up manner), or very industrious (can easily spend 10 mins picking at the screws on the underside of the coffee table, muttering away), or very serious (can stare unblinking at a stranger on the bus to the point where they're shifting uncomfortably in their seat). Loves other people, is such a flirt, and is incredibly nosy.
Food: Loves it, will try anything, but has to feed herself. Particular favourites are raspberries, banana, toast and teacakes. Drinks fruit juice from a cup - need to get her onto water really.
Milk: About 27oz per day over 6 feeds.
Sleep: 8pm to 7am, or there abouts, with a dreamfeed at 10pm. Has 3 45min naps in the day or 2 longer ones.
Anything else: Flits between being a daddy's girl and a mummy's girl - think she's going to try to play us off against each other when she's older! Is fascinated by random things - hair, watches, dvds. Loves books and anything that somebody else has got.

muppetgirl Thu 05-Jun-08 11:45:53

Hi all!
I love roll calls Anyas made me laugh!

I will 'panic yee not' over my boy, I'm sure he's fine really grin Oliver didn't speak till he was just over 2 and now he's got the most amazing vocabulary so if Hen is a little lazy delayed I won't worry. (And if I say that enough times I will eventually believe it!)


Alice - BBQ sounds fab, we'd definitely be up for that. I would love to meet up with you all x

Well, the rain didn’t come last night so we went to school today where Ollie's teacher said that when they all danced across the playground she sand 'singing in the rain' and Oliver said 'Miss M* your singing is dreadful' I am blush at him. She did find it funny though......

Went to see another nursery (Did I mention we're changing Hen's nursery as much as I love where he is it's an 80 mile round trip and that is just a stupid amount of driving to do in one day. I'm looking for somewhere nearer)

This one was purpose built but you have to take all the milk/bottles/nappies in which I don’t like. I think I've been spoilt where we are as they provide everything and even do the lo's washing so you never get a bag of yucky clothes given to you.
Going to see another one this afternoon that I would go past to get to Oliver's school so this does seem favourite at the mo.

I did my run yesterday and came back sweating like an absolute pig as it was quite warm. 5 mins tomorrow!!!! ( 5x run, 1x walk)

Speak soon xxx

J2O Thu 05-Jun-08 16:04:21

rushing out to get dd1 but will you all have a quick look here iff you get chance please

alicet Thu 05-Jun-08 19:59:52

OMG can't believe it's new thread time already but loving the new title!

Impressed at how many of you would be up for bbq in sunny Newcastle - will have to see if I can find a free weekend now! And have a think as to how I could fit you all in my tiny garden!!! Might have to be a picnic in the park instead but thats only a 5 min walk from my house.... Will find a weekend and then see who can make it.

Cooking dinner so will try and roll call while I am doing so but keen to get dinner done so I can watch big brother!!! Have a real love / hate thing with it but have to watch the launch show!!! Any other sad gits here?

Muppet can't believ ehow far you travel for Hen's nursery although it does sound fab!!!

Hello to the rest of you! Wil ltry and check the thread you linked J2O...

On call tomorrow night so might not make it - depends how busy I am as I can come home if it's all quiet....

AnyasMum07 Thu 05-Jun-08 20:25:43

Muppet - hope you get the nursery sorted - 80 miles is a very long way!

Alice - no, don't watch bb - gave up after about the 3rd series.

J2O - will check your thread in a minute.

Well I've accepted a job offer!!! (At least I will be doing first thing in morning.) It's 3 days a week, only about 20mins away, although I can work from home once I know what I'm doing and have got to know the clients/other staff. I can also split the 3 days however I want once I've got my own client bank so it's very flexible. The partners are just lovely and the job is exactly what I wanted, so I'm dead chuffed! grin Won't be starting just yet - they want me to start at the same time as somebody else, which is mid-July. That's ok, think my finances will stretch until then. I shall be having some wine with a pizza tonight to celebrate. Speaking of which... poo there is no white wine in the fridge. Excuse me while I sort out my alcohol situation....

J2O Thu 05-Jun-08 20:32:45

Name: Shannon
Age: 8 months today
Weight: 18lb 9oz on Tuesday
*Can do:* crawling, sitting, pulls herself up to stand, launches herself off peoples laps, beds, the sofa, wriggles into arkward positions, not doing much speaking, apart from copying the cats meow when she sees them
Teeth: None - not a sign. Had terrible teething a while ago, but nothing too bad lately.
Personality: Nosy flirt. She'll bend herself all sort of ways to see whats going on, she flirts with people by putting her head on a side, and giving a coy smile, very dangerous, trying to put the end of the laptop charger in her mouth, pulling cds and shelves onto herself and climbing up the radiators and very noisy which her arghhs and ughs, a little sensitive too if i shout loudly (at dd1) or tell her off, hates the word 'no' when aimed at her.
Food: Loves it, will try anything,but hates beans, prefers to feed herself and wants what ecveryone else has got, especially ice cream. Drinks water or juice from a beaker, but can't be bothered to hold it herself
Milk: About 22oz over 3 feeds.
Sleep: 8pm to 7am, or there abouts, with 1-2 hrs nap in a morning, and up to 1 hr in the afternoon, often falls asleep at about 6.45-7pm, in which case i feed her while shes asleep and then just put her to bed.
*Anything else:* although she is a flirt, she doesn't like being held by strangers and cries for her mummy, or the next best person she knows if mummy isn't available, loves remotes, watches, cds, cats, her big sister and most of all, herself in the mirror!

J2O Thu 05-Jun-08 21:58:17

oh and *happy birthdday* for tommorrow Dal, am off to hide in my bedroom till i get some curtains for downstairs!

hope you all have a nice weekend, and will be on on Sat to let you know how fri went xxx

alicet Thu 05-Jun-08 22:04:36

Yes nearly forgot - happy birthday tomorrow Dal!

And congrats Anyasmum - fantastic news!!!

What a bunch of f*cking misfits! Excellent!!!! That's the new BB housemates by the way - not you lot! grin

inzidoodle Thu 05-Jun-08 22:32:27

hahahahahahaha sorry J20 I genuinely read your post as ----Drinks water or juice from a beer can -----!!!!!!!!!!! LOL dont know what was on my mind grin!!!!!!!!!! hope you got something sorted with the prowler, keep door locked !!

happy birthday for tomorrow Dal

LOL at BB contestants so far, have it on record am at crazy cross dressing blind man at the moment hmm

well done anyasmum smile

ok away to watch BB misfits!


FloriaTosca Thu 05-Jun-08 22:57:20

Anyasmum; FANTASTIC news! I'm really chuffed for you...plenty of time for a couple of meet ups before you start too wink.

J20; I have responded to your post and am concerned, I hope the local bobbies take you more seriously.Have a lovely time tomorrow but(at the risk of sounding like a kill joy)be careful there too.

Muppet; I cant believe you do an 80 mile round trip to nursery no matter how good! Good luck with finding a new one. Well done with the running.And LOL at Ollie!grin

Alice;sorry I have never watched BB blush What sort of social misfit does that make me?blush

Well Alex did the "suddenly run off into space" thing on Mum twice today...sadly too quickly on one of the occasions so he fell and is now sporting a red bump on his forehead...Mum fell trying to catch him and she is sporting a support bandage on her knee(she has rheumatoid arthritis) was hard to know who to tend to first!!! Methinks a set of reins is going to be a priority buy this weekend! hmm

LisaLessLumpy Fri 06-Jun-08 08:03:49

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dal. Hope you have a fab day

strawberrylace Fri 06-Jun-08 11:09:07

hello everyone!
Dal - happy birthday - hope you have a good one
Anyasmum - congrats on the new job - must be a weight of your mind
J20 - hope the peeping tom doesn't come back...
Muppet - good luck on finding a new nursery
Floria - hope the wounded are feeling better
Alicet - always watch BB - went to friends for pizza and profiteroles last night to watch the launch, as so much more fun when there are many to wonder at the misfits. loving the 'couple' secret mission....

I should be tidying up the house at the moment as my mum is coming to stay later, and DS is asleep upstairs - but i can't be bothered! He can crawl forwards properly now and get to things he shouldn't (xbox, wireless network hub) so we are babyproofing this weekend!

Hope you are all ok

alicet Fri 06-Jun-08 20:41:21

Happy Birthday Dal!

J2O hope you're enjoying your hot date grin

Strawberry good luck with the baby proofing! And agree BB better with company - dh just sits and moans about how crap it is all the while watching intently grin

Floria very impressed at Alex walking! Agree reins probaly a good buy! Good luck keeping up with him!

Well (touch wood) so far not that busy on call. Nothing much going on at work to bother me overnight unless someone is admitted who needs more than keeping an eye on overnight (which the other docs in the team who have to stay in on shifts are more than capable to do). Was involved this am though in a road traffic accident in which a girl in her 20's got a horrendous head injury. Really put all my moaning about work and being tired in perspective....

alicet Fri 06-Jun-08 20:42:14

Should just say that when I say I was involved in the road traffic accident I don't mean I was crashing my car but that I was treating her... Sure you would work that one out but read it back and it wasn't exactly clear

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