June 07 PN - it's nearly the first anniversary of the June 2007 post natal thread. And how the LOs have grown

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RiaButterflew Fri 23-May-08 22:32:48

this do?

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lackaDAISYcal Fri 23-May-08 22:46:12

lurvely Ria.

Can't remember who asked, but it;s DSs 6th birthday.

Izzybel Fri 23-May-08 22:48:28

Good title Ria smile. Wished I'd have been here last year!

RiaButterflew Fri 23-May-08 22:54:30

'twas me. one of ds's friends is 8/9 and still wetting regularly, he goes to a clininc now. I would keep lifting him out at night, limited drinks after a certain time?

JBM - it seems to taste just like breadmaker bread, though is still too warm really I think. Looks pretty impressive though!

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Izzybel Fri 23-May-08 23:05:57

Oh I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday!" to Ellen for tomorrow, in case I don't get chance to pop in. Where is Natty anyway? Don't seem to have seen her for a bit.

HollyPutTheKettleOn Fri 23-May-08 23:07:10

Evening chicks!

Did anyone else watch American Idol? Was fab! George Michael did a performance and it was amazing...made me cry! Watch it here.

Hope everyone is ok, I've not read through the last few posts on the other thread as I was on my BlackBerry and it won't load such large threads!

I'll catch up tomorrow, off to bed now.

Laters xx

HollyPutTheKettleOn Fri 23-May-08 23:08:40

Oh, on the bedwetting front I shall not even mention dp's 13 year old!

Happy birthday to ds daisy, hope you've had a fabtastic day!

Izzybel Fri 23-May-08 23:09:18

Hi Holly, bye Holly smile
I'm off to bed too! Got a busy day tomorrow. Goodnight xx

Izzybel Fri 23-May-08 23:10:48

Sorry, Happy Birthday to your DS, Daisy! I missed that blush

JammyQueenOfTheSewers Sat 24-May-08 07:28:10

Morning all.

Daisy, sorry I never offered birthday congrats yesterday. Glad the party went well.

I have no idea if these things still exist or if it'd be recommended these days but I am told that my sister had problems with night wetting, and they used a pad thing in the bed that was linked to a bell or something (she's a fair bit older than me so was all before my time). At the slightest bit of wetting the bell would go off and wake her up, and after a little while her brain got used to waking up when she needed a wee, so that she would wake and get up for the toilet instead of just going in her sleep.

Still not sure what we are doing for the jamlet's birthday party. And am a bit reading about how other LOs are talking, walking etc. The jamlet only says Da (used whenever she's pleased about something) regularly. And still no more than an inch or two of "crawling", she's mainly content to just sit and play. And only two tiny stubs of front bottom teeth showing. I know it's NOT a competition but despite my best intentions I can't help feeling a little envy when it feels like everyone else is progressing quicker.

JammyQueenOfTheSewers Sat 24-May-08 07:38:43

Aw bless her, she's having a great time with her new "game", putting the empty teething gel box in and out of DH's shoe

BumperliciousNeedsToSleep Sat 24-May-08 07:47:44

Jammy, it tough not to feel a bit miffed, even though you know it doesn't mean anything. I feel the same sometimes. She is just content, and believe me the sooner she starts crawling, the harder things get!

RiaButterflew Sat 24-May-08 10:21:19

I know this is silly, but I wouldn't mind baggins being a bit slower at these things. When DS1 was a baby we wanted him to get to the "milestones" for development quickly and be a "clever baby", but with DS2 it all came too quickly and he wasn't a "baby baby" for long - same with baggins.

Parents are strange beingshmm

So, DH has PARTIES today. tee hee. Lets see how happy and relaxed he is tonightgrin

I have decided I am dreading the holidays.

DS1 says the bread is delicious jbm.

Must clean my house...

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HollyPutTheKettleOn Sat 24-May-08 11:47:54


I definately agree with you ria. When dd was a baby I really wanted her to reach her milestones quickly and was always trying to help her to walk and encouraging her to do more things. Ds has been left to his own devices much more and unfortunately has learnt things on his own (probably from watching his big sis). I really didn't want him to be walking so early, I just want him to still be a baby, but he's not sad!

And yes, the sooner they are up and about the more stressful and chaotic your life! If I were you jammy I would revel in the babiness of your dd for as long as possible.

I am doing some product testing for JojoMamanBebe and one of these has just arrived. It is really pretty and doesn't look like a bfing top at all. If they weren't so bloody expensive I would buy some more!

I have just made baked tomatoes, onions and garlic in balsamic vinegar for dinner this evening. I was being organised and getting things done in advance, but now I can't stop eating them and there will be none left for later! Darn it!

lackaDAISYcal Sat 24-May-08 12:01:39

Jammy, try not to worry or even be envy. tis no fun when you have a screaming whinging tantrumming baby who is like that because you won't let them climb the stairs/loose in the garden to pull up your plants/upend the cat's water dish for the tenth time today/climb on the sofa and so on and so forth. I sometimes wish DD was happy to sit and play as it drives me potty that I can't get anything done without her under my feet. Can't even use the baby walker anymore as she screams and screams when put in it.

andiem Sat 24-May-08 12:10:21

morning all quick pop in from me

jammy don't be envy ds1 was definitely slower to do things than ds2 having someone to copy definitely helps

have a great week everyone will 'see' you when we get back grin

lackaDAISYcal Sat 24-May-08 12:22:47

and morning by the way...or should I say afternoon!

DSs brthday not actually til tomorrow. with the party yesterday, some more presents and cards from family in the post today and his actual birthday tomorrow, it's turning into a bit of a three day event.

lackaDAISYcal Sat 24-May-08 12:23:24

Here is the birthday list for information.

Happy Birthday to Ellen grin

Natty's DD - 24/05/06
Lilkel's DD - 25/05/07
Norty's DD - 02/06/07
Izzybel's DD - 02/06/07
Daisy's DD - 05/06/07
Derlor's DD - 08/06/07
FairyFay's DS - 10/06/07
Trace's DD - 11/06/07
BadZelda's DD - 12/06/07
Jammy's DD - 13/06/07
SeansGirl's DS - 14/06/07
Motherhurdicure's DS - 14/06/07
Sputnik's DS - 15/06/07
Tallulabelle's DD - 16/06/07
Ria's DS - 19/06/07
Bumper's DD - 20/06/07
Fury's DS - 21/06/07
Andiem's DS - 21/06/06
Holly's DS - 23/06/07
DKMA's DS - 01/07/07
Justbeme's DD 10/07/07
Annobal's DS - 10/07/07
Foxy's DD - 12/07/07

JammyQueenOfTheSewers Sat 24-May-08 13:12:40

Thanks for that Daisy, I was wondering about that list last night.

Yes, happy birthday Ellen

RiaButterflew Sat 24-May-08 13:31:59

happy birthday to ellen for today, and baby lilkel for tomorrow, in case I'm not abouthmm

Must go and have some lunch and finish cleaning the kitchem cupboards out (why, when my house looks like a pigsty, and upstairs looks like a pigsty that's had an explosion, do I choose to clean where no-one will notice? Apart from the amusement factor when DH can't find the plateswink)

I have a headache and no motivation, and baggins won't nap. I won't get into the garden again sad

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lackaDAISYcal Sat 24-May-08 16:12:56

I've been planting again. swiss chard, radishes, oriental cut and come again spinach and spring onions. DH is digging out some more old crap so we can get more tatties in, and DS is having his own little veg bed where he's planning on peas, climbing french beans, baby carrots and pink fir apple potatoes. The Good Life here we come grin

foxythesnowfox Sat 24-May-08 16:24:36

LOL Daisy, it'll be pigs next grin

Happy birthday Ellen smile

Hope you are feeling better Jammy, and hi Ria!

BTW, Lidl flour (at 49p a bag) is the best.

lackaDAISYcal Sat 24-May-08 16:36:28

We have considered chickens wink, but there is a clause in our title deeds that prevents us from "keeping as livestock pigs, sheep and rabbits". Not sure if it extends to rabbits as pets.

DD has slept for three hours this afternoon...and she still looks tired.

JammyQueenOfTheSewers Sat 24-May-08 17:21:10

This may be more of interest to those of you with older children who might enjoy some baking, but I was just going through my email inbox and found this recipe which my mum sent me in 2001 and I haven't got round to printing out yet (blush!). But I have made it and it is good. Always amazes me though, you just whisk everything together, pour into a dish and bake and it separates into layers - a pie base, a custardy filling and a coconut topping. Sorry about the American (cup) units.

Impossible Pie

4 eggs
half cup self raising flour
half cup margarine
1 cup granulated sugar
quarter teaspoon salt
half teaspoon baking powder
2 cups milk
1 cup dessicated coconut
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
Use an 8oz measuring cup for the ingredients. Preheat oven to 350F/180C/gas 4. Mix all ingredients together and place in a 10 inch pie dish. Bake for 1 hour.

lackaDAISYcal Sat 24-May-08 19:49:20


that cake sounds intriguing jammy, and am tempted to make it, even though I won't be able to eat the bloody thing!

Is anyone around?

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