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January 08 shiny new - year babies , night night sleep tight - yeah right !!

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lilyloo Thu 22-May-08 21:34:03

Thought as there were no objections and we were at 950 i would get us all a new thread smile

LuckySalem Thu 22-May-08 21:38:57

Cheers lilyloo - grin

I know i've been wingeing loads but this talking of TTCing with DP has got me back to thinking about the birth and i'm panicking again. I've started a thread here which if you have any thoughts would be lovely but I am well aware that i've probably used my quota! lol so won't have hard feelings if no-one can think of anything! grin

madmouse Thu 22-May-08 21:50:11

well done lilyloo!

lucky I am having the same pains

I am still awake as nice lady said she may ring just before ten if she has any news. Am pretty knackered. The reason for that is tucked in his cot with arms stretched above head, innocence himself!

LuckySalem Thu 22-May-08 21:57:35

Yeh DD is in her bouncer (where she fell asleep at 7) cuddling onto her ted (Free teddy from aptimel) lol

lilyloo Thu 22-May-08 21:57:37

Lucky i know how awful it was to loose control with your plans for dd so maybe next time have a more flexible birh plan, let's face it not many of us got the birth we wanted.

I think with each subsequent baby you are more prepared for a different outcome.
My first was def my worst and a huge shock as it was nothing like i imagined and ds was a really difficult baby too. I was blessed with dd2 her birth was a dream and she was a brill baby.
As for gap between i would go for what your happy with but don't get too hung up on plans.

MM hope she has some good news !

gingeme Thu 22-May-08 22:05:48

Hello ladies. What are you all doing still up? shock
Love the thread title by the way wink
Lucky not sure what to add that the other ladies havn't alreadt put. Not having had a c section myself I can't comment on that one but having dc close together I think is a great idea smile.

LuckySalem Thu 22-May-08 22:07:59

lily- it wasn't so much losing my plans it wsa just how chaotic my lovely calm birth became, then sitting in my own filth for 24 hours and ultimately not loving DD for so long are the things I think i'm most scared of. I could have coped with the EmCS if things had been explained to me (which I know they couldn't cos of the rush but still....)

Anyone know how long you have to wait after C-section for TTC? Do you think 10 months after DD would be safe?

AngeChica Fri 23-May-08 09:38:02

Just a quick hello to all and to Toomanyshoes - hi!

off to spend day in Newcastle with aunt.

we got our 30 mothercare voucher from opening Alek's child trust fund so could go and blow that on nice things for the Boy.

LO slept from 8 - 2.30 - 5.45 - 7.30 - brilliant - but I couldn't sleep between about 3 and 5am! boo. He's also finally out of swaddling all week, and has had morning nap actually in cot all week too! Loads of breakthroughs ;)!

LuckySalem Fri 23-May-08 09:59:47

Glad things are easier for you now Ange. We've managed to break the swaddling cycle too but haven't managed to get her to have naps in her cot yet which I'm not sure is a good or a bad thing.

Got an Avon lady coming around today to see about doing Avon in the area (would be a nice way to get extra money without having to work)

madmouse Fri 23-May-08 12:18:22

Hi all

Lucky, is being an avon lady not work? lol

Phoned passport office again at 8am and they said it is being delivered today, spoke to courier who confirmed.

managed to rebook channel crossing for tomorrow morning. We wanted a late morning crossing, but choice was between early morning and late afternoon. Just as dh and I were bickering about that I pressed refresh and a late morning crossing that was previously crossed out cropped up. Quickly phoned and another passenger had just cancelled their booking so there was one!! space left. Lucky us.

Now on tenterhooks again waiting hmm

Luckily had a better night, with Nathan feeding 8-10-1-4.45 and then sleeping until 8!I wonder what he will make of tomorrow's journey!

fillybuster Fri 23-May-08 13:31:22

Madmouse, sorry you've had to deal with all that stress...hope nathan's passport comes through today and you have an easy journey over there...

TMS - lovely to see you again grin

I'm feeling very sorry for myself right now - I had my appointment with my gynae this morning to check out my fanjo as it still hasn't healed properly (17 weeks now) and nookie was very painful. She confirmed that I had some kyloid (sp?) scarring where my stitches were messed up (basically raised scar tissue internally) that was causing the problem.

What came next was a bit of a shock - she said she could either deal with it on the spot, if I could be really brave and deal with the pain or book me in for an operation with a general anaesthetic. From the way she offered it I got the impression that it wouldn't be too bad (hmm perhaps foolish, since a GA was the other option...) so I agreed to go straight ahead with no anaesthetic at all. Suddenly she is using a special cauterising cream to burn through the scar tissue which she removed with some tools....I was in agony as the cauterising burnt (obviously!) and is still burning now, 3 hours later even after loads of painkillers and local anaesthetic which she applied afterwards. I'm completely in shock to be honest...and I had to drive home for 45 mins afterwards which was agony as I can barely sit. Actually, I can't sit, I was sort of perching on one side trying to lean back onto my back and keep my bum in the air whilst driving through central
So apparently I'm going to be in pain for a few days, then sore for about 2 weeks, then we need to try to nookie again before I see her in 3 weeks time. I know I should be pleased that she dealt with it so quickly but I'm in loads of pain and feeling really emotional as I was totally unprepared...oh, and I have 2 children to look after for the rest of the day with no help and 10 people coming for lunch tomorrow and more for tea...thank goodness I've done most of the cooking already.
OK, sorry for whinging, I'm just feeling very sorry for myself and my fanjo is burning which hurts like hell but I know, I know, worse things happen at sea - and hopefully this will be the end of it and it will now get better properly...
Anyway, love to all, hope you all have super weekends...and Gingeme, maybe we can have a meetup in June?

madmouse Fri 23-May-08 15:47:22

filly, I read your story to my dh and he said 'that was in Africa right' shock

still waiting here

I know it can be up to 6pm but I am getting nervous hmm

gingeme Fri 23-May-08 15:48:42

Oh filly Im cringing for you sad Ow ow ow !
Can you not put frozen peas on it or something? In the bag ofcoursehmm
A friend of mine had to have her fanjo operated on after her 3rd baby. Basicaly they sewed her up too much. I know I joked when they were stitching me after ds3 but they realy did it to her shock <<<hugs>>>
Yeah a meet up next month sounds good. Ill have a look at my dh's annual leave dates and see what we can arrange.
George is currently in his door bouncer smiling away. Hes got a bit of peace today as ds3 and ds4 are both having naps smile
Have a good weekend all xxx

susiemj Fri 23-May-08 18:02:02

Cor blimey filly! That sounds awful!

Hello to all! smile

I was talking to a friend with a one year old today about how I feel I use the breast to do everything with the baby (ie. feed her - obviously - and put her to sleep and cheer her up). Apparently they just grow out of it. I was beginning to get a bit worried about what the hell I was going to do when she was no longer bf. Not that that looks likely. She's boobie mad at the moment! grin

So, am I the only one still swaddling? Is there any reason not to swaddle? And how did you break the habit. I certainly gets her off to sleep quickly... Any thoughts?

LuckySalem Fri 23-May-08 18:16:56

Susie - there's no reason not to swaddle, The only reason I stopped was cos she seemed to be too hot in our oven of a house

Filly - OUCH

MM - Glad passport sorted and yes avon is work but its work from home so I wierdly class it different. lol

susiemj Fri 23-May-08 18:57:21

Lucky - she meeps at me to do it when she's tired. Glad I can carry on. Our house seems to be permanently at 18 degrees and we're using a sheet now. And it's so cute when we unwrap her in the morning. She stretches for about 10 minutes!

susiemj Fri 23-May-08 18:57:44

p.s. what did you do to wean her off it?

nicky6 Fri 23-May-08 20:40:02

ow ow ow sounds painful. I still get a few pains but sex not really painful any more grin

i still get a few pains though and in the groin area midwife who is a postnatal sports teacher said it is just the ligaments etc having stretched etc so much take time to go back particularly if you had a tricky birth - yes i think mine counted as that!!!

Charlie back to sleeping from dream feed to 8.30 so beginning to feel like a human.

I dont think i am going to wean charlie early either as she barely eats 4- 6oz each feed (only 5 including dream feed) so she cant be that hungry.
Toomany shoes nice to hear from you.

Gingeme meet up next month would be great - me with bad cold sniffle sniffle.

Naetha Fri 23-May-08 21:52:10

Anyone else getting stress from their DHs for not being in the mood for nookie? hmm

lilyloo Fri 23-May-08 22:21:51

Naetha we 3 dc's down down the line , yes grin

Filly poor poor you i am in shock they would do that just like that hoping the pain subsiding , hope you have got a sitter for when you try nookie next as can't imagine it's going to be too easy.

Madm i sooohope you have Nathns passport with you now. Good luck for the trip tom.

Nicky dream feed to 8.30 envy enough said!

Well i am having a nightmare trying to pack 5 peoples things for 2 weeks in two suitcases! It's not helped by dp constantly telling me what our allowance is, how can babies not get an allowance hmm her stuff is taking up at least half a case!

If i don't get back on tom much love to you all if i have net access i may catch up in between sunning myself wink if only! If not see you all in two weeks and will need a round up so any volunteers smile

alright Fri 23-May-08 22:23:30

fillybuster, im new on this thread but i had my baby in jan 08 and going to have the same thing done, apparantly its quite common, i opted for general tho. mine never even healed enough to try sex. sad

LuckySalem Fri 23-May-08 23:30:39

Susie - I didn't wean her off it. I was abit mean. I tried the one arm thing and she just kept rubbing her face. I just waited till she was really tired and put her down half asleep with her arms free. The first couple of times she woke herself up from it but after I think it was 3 gos of cuddling her till she was sleepy she just went to sleep and after that I didn't swaddle her.
I know Ange used the one arm free then both arms but body wrapped.

Our upstairs is constantly around the 24 degree mark so I had to leave her free. In the morning she was sweating and didn't seem fair.

Naetha - I'm not getting stress as such just the odd hint here and there (quite vulgar ones too, lol) Things like (excuse any young eyes at this point) "my balls are huge" and "I haven't seen your boobs in ages" lol

susiemj Sat 24-May-08 12:36:08

Thanks Lucky.

Personally, I couldn't feel less like sex. And it's not helped by the fact that I've got something painful just inside me. I don't know why as I had a c-section, but even for me to touch it it hurts. No ideas from doctor yet butI'm going again soon. DH is being nice, saying cuddles etc is enough for now but I feel terribly guilty and I wish I did fancy it. I used to!

LuckySalem Sat 24-May-08 15:00:58

We're ok with sex this end. Although I was never a sex person really. Am trying to be more so for DP lately but I'm so tired all the time. Babies eh? lol

Naetha Sat 24-May-08 20:17:39

Sorry about the slightly personal nature of that question, I was just getting pee'd off by DH practically nagging me to have sex!

After about three hours' arguing discussion, we finally worked at least some of the problems out, and I went through a bit of cause and effect with him (e.g. if I have to clear up after dinner, unload and load the dishwasher, clean and sterilise all the bottles, give the kitchen and front room a once-over, get all the cats inside and lock the front door while he's in bed reading, then I'm likely to be too tired to do anything intimate, regardless of the fact that I'm going to be up in 3 hours to feed our pride and joy). I think we're a bit better about it now - I've put out, and he put some washing away...hmm

Ben has been going mad today - he's learned how to caterpillar himself backwards (i.e. pushes himself up with his hands, then slides backwards) and roll over front to back today, so he is much more mobile than he was before! We have a mattress on the floor in our spare room, and he was rolling from one side to the other. I honestly believe he will be crawling before he is 6 months.

Right, I should be doing some more pureeing, but I'm gonna play some computer games

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