1st set of injections

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Oliviasmum74 Wed 21-May-08 20:41:48

DD has first lot of injections next will i be able to give her calpol afterwards if she needs it?
I think i will be more worried than dd when she has them done

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eddiejo Wed 21-May-08 21:19:20

Yes - get some in. She can have 2.5 ml when she has it done and four hours or so later if she needs it, after that -see gp.

All on label.
Just have formula or breast ready to feed afterwards.

Some babies don't even feel it!!

Oliviasmum74 Wed 21-May-08 22:02:39

thanks eddiejo will get some tomorrow.

I'm sure she will be fine

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bluebell82 Wed 21-May-08 22:10:59

hiya- I gave my dd some calpol before her injection and she was fine then gave her some more after 4hrs and she seemed completely fine, the second batch I did the same and she didn't need the second dose of calpol.. you'll be fine is your partner going with you?? My dh was more of a hinderence than a help!! Also ask the chemist for a squirter to give the calpol- makes it much easier and less messy!! wink

Nursejo Wed 21-May-08 22:20:54

OM74,I agree with Bluebell82,if you give the Calpol before you go it will "kick in" as the injections are given.I have also read research that showed when a baby is breastfed whilst having the injections,it blocks the pain.Helpful if you are BF'ing and happy to do this,useless if not....!Make sure its Paracetamol syrup,nothing else is licensed for under 3 mths,Calpol is a brand name and does contain colourants etc.Paracetamol syrup is cheaper and doesnt contain colours.Some people find "Calpol" aggrevates their child,rather than calms/sedates them.At least with the Baby injections they may give a reactionary scream,but usually once the "sharp pain" has gone,they settle immediately.Those that don't seem to be the ones that show a "temper" from early on,and you see this develop as their little characters become more apparent later on.smile

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