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Dec 2007: Gummy grins give way to teething tyrants

(912 Posts)
claraquitetirednow Tue 20-May-08 20:42:14

How about this?

cazzybabs Tue 20-May-08 20:47:27

very good....

macdoodle Tue 20-May-08 20:48:28

cool like it

fifisworld Tue 20-May-08 20:57:10

Very good..i can never think of things like that grin

suey2 Wed 21-May-08 07:59:48

morning all,
any recommendations, skid? i haven't ben before. hoping to eat lots, mainly

Caz10 Wed 21-May-08 09:00:24

Ooh helloooo!

Now need to go back and catch up on the old one!!

Hope everyone well!

BouncingTurtle Wed 21-May-08 09:03:51

I like it too

BTW have now lost a total of 11.5lbs grin
Taking ds swimming today with two other babies and their mummies.

fifisworld Wed 21-May-08 10:59:25

Well done BT grin
Im hoping to get some excercise done done, DS1 is going out with his grandma for a few hours this afternoon so i'm going to try and do some then, plus dp is at football tonight straight from work so ds1 will be in bed then so might get to do a bit more...

Pablop Wed 21-May-08 11:02:21

Hello everybody, I need to catch up with the old thread too.
Well done BouncingTurtle! I haven't lost anything, I have no willpower!

claireybee Wed 21-May-08 13:33:46

Fick their gums look different before the tooth comes through? DD was one before she got teeth and was able to run away if I tried to look in her mouth so I have no idea! DS is showing all the signs of teething but I can't believe he is getting teeth already...

Caz10 Wed 21-May-08 13:53:03


clairey this is the NON expert answer as this is my 1st, but dd's gums are very rough/bumpy and there are wee white dots visible now...I looked in her wee friend's mouth the other day (as you do) and he has not been showing any signs of teething at all, and his gums were pink and smooth just like when they were born.

suey we have gone for a tripp trapp too I am very excited about it, it was our "treat" purchase as I got money as a leaving pressie from old job, and I think it will be an investment! Has millie been in hers yet? what styles did you go for? We have cherry with "art stripes"! Have a great hol by the way!

awen come back!! grin i'm quite sure you weren't p1ssing anyone off! anyway i think the great thing about this place is that we are all doing this a wee bit differently and we can all swap and share ideas!

OK I am meant to be doing some work...sigh...

Amani Wed 21-May-08 14:58:22

arrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- DD1 driving me up the wall today - not settling for her afternoon nap and has learnt the art of SCREAMING and is doing that every 5 seconds and won't let DD2 settle for her afternoon nap.....BUT am smiling (and eating my way through a bag of 5 Morrisons cookies)....
ooohhh and now she had tipped the entire contents of her STARS cereal on the kitchen floor.....

well done clara for the new thread

Amani Wed 21-May-08 15:11:01

Just discovered a Hansel and Gretal trail of breadcrumbs leading upstrais now... I give up, will tidy it all up at the end of the day (she say's while sitting on her hands itching to get the Dyson out...)

fifisworld Wed 21-May-08 15:23:04

I had one of them days last week amani, luckily today MIL has took ds1 out for a few hours, although he's due back anytime now so ive been able to have a bit of peace, apart from everytime i get in the bath Ethan decides that he wants to wake up, or want a feed or just have a shout at something hmm

Amani Wed 21-May-08 15:24:57

am I awful in wanting to scream?

Amani Wed 21-May-08 15:25:39

bad english (hence a degree in maths) - i awful by wanting to scream'??

Louise76 Wed 21-May-08 15:26:44


Awen - don't worry, I can't remember you p**sing anyone off either. Everyone on this thread is always really lovely!

Skid - snap! a treat for dh and me is to watch something off the sky plus box! It's been invaluable since having dd

clara - I hadn't realised you were moving so soon. I hope you get an internet connection set up quickly once you are there so you don't miss out on mn

suey - enjoy your hols!

re diets - I'm trying to eat normally/healthily now that I have given up bf. Strangely I lost loads of weight as soon as dd was born and weigh less now than I ever have. While I was bf I was eating whatever I wanted and was still losing weight so it would be a bit embarrassing if I piled it on now!!

DD is doing well but is waking up early this week (around 5 am) but is sleeping from 6.30pm. We are thinking of trying her with some baby rice this weekend as she seems hungry after some feeds. She will be 24 wks tomorrow.

Does anyone else's lo have sharp nails? We are always trying to file dd's nails but she has given herself a massive scratch on her cheek. It is about half an inch long and looks awful. It was there when I got her up on Mon morning so she must have done it in her sleep!

fifisworld Wed 21-May-08 15:29:54

amani - Scream away...i just had a good cry the other day when my two were like that, i felt so much better...also let some anger of by ranting at dp blush

claraquitetirednow Wed 21-May-08 16:05:52

Amani - yes I had a cry and wanted to scream today. DD2 just won't do anything but roll around screeching and I am stuck in the house with nothing to do. At least we got out this morning to Tumbletots but this afternoon has been dreadful and I have finally resorted to Cbeebies for my very patient dd1. I would love to take them out but dd2 just won't sit happily in her pushchair anymore, so she would nap for about 20-30 mins then wake up and want to get out! I just think she wants to be able to move around and is getting really frustrated.

I just keep telling myself that this phase, like every other, will pass quickly. However then I think what next? She'll be crawling and then I'll have even less peace!!!

Btw, the screeching, is anyone else getting this? It is like a high pitched "waaaagh" a little like singing.I keep thinking she is about to cry but actually I think she's just exercising her lungs and learning some new noises!

claireybee Wed 21-May-08 16:17:29

Must be something in the air at the moment. DD also refused her nap and this afternoon she climbed up onto the sideboard and opened the birthday presents and cards I'd put there (her birthday is on Friday). She also weed on the carpet once and wet herself another-this is after several days of no accidents so is a bit annoying. I know she's young yet to be trained but she did it herself really and I just wish she'd be consistent!

DS is experimenting with noises too Clara, yesterday he was screaming then stopped and just went waaaah waaaah waaaah really loudly-he wasn't actually crying anymore, just liked the sound of his voice!

He won't let me out of his sight at the moment, cries as soon as I put him down or leave the room.

He is getting much better at his daytime naps now though, I think because he is able to stay up for longer between them so has a better sleep when he does go down rather than 45 minutes up 10 mins asleep like he used to do! Soon he'll be self settling and sleeping well at night too hmm

Thanks for the gums info Caz, no white bumps here but the bottom front looks generally a bit white (like the gum itself is white rather than being able to see teeth) so I wondered if that was the teeth pushing up

insywinsyspider Wed 21-May-08 19:43:01

amani - sounds like you had a day like I did the other day! dd2 has learnt to roll v efficiently but now on solids so he rolls on stomach, seems to have forgotton how to get back and then gets all cross and is sick - fed up of cleaning up sick! especially now its food sick, yuck! caught ds1 trying to roll him back over (very roughly!) which was sweet

clairey - also think my ds deliberably wees for attention, latest is anytime I put him on time out he asks for potty, sometimes I ignore him but he has then weed, really frustrating - anything planned for dd's bday? it was ds's on Monday, made huge mistake of having toddlers over in afternoon, only 3 others but I didn't sit down once and they trashed my house and garden hmm

caz - we had tripp trapp as present from inlaws for ds1, its fab, was a bit rubbish to start as he didn't sit up till 7 months and we weaned him at 21 weeks but was fab after that - also looks lovely as we have a joint lounge dinning room so goes well with table!

hi to everyone else - afraid not enough time to catch up with all messages (think I say that all time!) but nice to know am not only one tearing my hair out with 2! my mum says it gets better when no 2 hits about 9 months, looking forward to that but don't want to wish any time away

cazzybabs Wed 21-May-08 19:50:40

caz- we have a trip trap...its done 2 children and still looks fab.

claraquitetirednow Wed 21-May-08 19:57:33

Right, thick question of the day from me: I would like to have a Wii and a Wii Fit. Do I have to buy a Wii and then a Wii Fit or if I get the Wii Fit does that include everything I need to play it and other Wii games? I have not a clue about these things!

Sorry irrelevant I know but loads of people here seem to have Wii and you seem like nice chappesses so thought I would ask!

Oh and Claireybee in answer to your fick question about teeth - I think you can usually see the teeth through the gums from the side if that makes sense, as they are coming through.

BouncingTurtle Wed 21-May-08 20:09:01

You need to buy a Wii and a Wii Fit - the Wii Fit contains the game and balance board, but you still need to buy the console.
I believe Amazon have some in stock, but when I checked, they were selling it for £90 - £20 more than Game, and £25 more than Tesco!
So am waiting for more to come in, I believe it might not be until July though.

macdoodle Wed 21-May-08 20:09:02

No you need a Wii (console and controller) and then the Wiifit game - but I think some stores are doing a "bundle" so you get the wii and the wiifit together - so saying they are in very short supply I have still not been able to find one other than ebay/amazon where they are at least £30 more than retail price of £69 angry

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