will my joey ever go?!

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waiting4bambino Sat 17-May-08 19:22:47

Hi all, its been 11 weeks since my c section, i just wondered those of you who had been through it a few months ago - if you exercise, when does the overhang that you have over the scar go?!! Does anyone even have an overhang? We call it a joey (as in kangaroo pouch!!) Help me get rid of it!!!!

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NotABanana Sat 17-May-08 19:23:31

me csection baby is 7 and it is still there.

waiting4bambino Sat 17-May-08 19:27:05

Don't tell me that!! I have relatives who still have it, but admittedly, they don't exercise and they drink quite a lot!! I've bought a pilates dvd in the hope that i can stretch it away, without sweating!! I don't think exercise is that enjoyable, especially when you've been awake half the night!!

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